Seeing as though I’m an enormous fan of rumours, especially ones that aren’t involving Fleetwood Mac, I thought we could spend a little bit of time talking about Shaun Marcum and his recent demotion to Triple A.

As Justin explained earlier, the rumour mill is in full force today spinning out of control, suggesting that next year’s likely number two starter (not of the Ex-lax variety) is in need of an altitude adjustment.

Well, the thing is that Toronto currently sits on average around 115 metres above sea level, while parts of Syracuse are as high as 207 metres above sea level. Hopefully, this change of scenery will be enough to correct Marcum’s unusually inconsistent outings since coming off the Disabled List after an injury in June.

However, what the Jays haven’t stopped to consider is that as a Major League Baseball player, Marcum will be expected to play in numerous cities across the United States, all of which could potentially have different altitudes. Talk about egg on your face.

While the Jays worry about the futures of Casey Janssen and Dustin McGowan, this could be an enormous issue moving forward that must be taken care of.

Your Investigative Reporter,
Dustin Parkes

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