Here are some quick hits to tie you over until game time:

The deal with Joey Votto’s recent stay on the DL: It had a lot less to do with an ear infection and a whole lot more to do with last year’s passing of his father.

Roy Halladay threw from a mound today, and if all went well, he could get the start on Sunday or Monday, depending on who you believe.

Micah Owings is 1-1 with a 2.60 ERA in his last three outings. In his last start he helped out his own cause with a three run dinger.

Brian Tallet is going on only three days rest tonight. If you were watching on Friday night, he wasn’t exactly pleased to be getting the hook in favour of a pinch hitter after only 5 innings.

On the 6-game road trip that the Jays just finished, Cito Gaston made 26 pitching changes.

Brad Mills will replace Scott Richmond in getting skipped over for his next start because of the off day Monday. He’ll wear the Hello Kitty backpack in the bullpen in the meantime.

Enjoy the game tonight, but you really should be at the ballpark and not refreshing the comments section.

The Lineups:

Shitty City Reds

Willy Taveras CF
Jerry Hairston SS
Joey Votto 1B
Brandon Phillips 2B
Jonny Gomes DH
Ramon Hernandez C
Jay Bruce LF
Adam Rosales 3B
Chris Dickerson RF

Micah Owings P

Hmm. Would you go with Gomes over Owings in this situation?

Toronto Blue Jays

Marco Scutaro SS
Aaron Hill 2B
Vernon Wells CF
Scott Rolen 3B
Adam Lind DH
Alex Rios RF
Lyle Overbay 1B
Rod Barajas C
Russ Adams LF

Brian Tallet P

Stoeten Hijack Threat: Completely missed this from the other day– but caught it thanks to the always-outstanding Mockingbird. In a quick poll of Major Leaguers , and one Hall-of-Famer, by ESPN, it seems clear that the must-see hitter-pitcher matchup in all of baseball would be Roy Halladay against Albert Pujols. That’s great and all, but it’s what the Hall-of-Famer, Jim Palmer, said that really gave me a boner:

“It would be Halladay against anyone; that’s how good he is. I saw [Rangers pitching coach] Mike Maddux the other day. He ran up to me and said, ‘I just saw Halladay for the first time! He’s unbelievable!’”

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