I went to the cottage this weekend, swam in a lake, played wiffle ball with the mosquitos, and you better fucking believe that, despite a sun burn, I left feeling a shit ton better than when I first arrived.

I don’t know if some of that cottage air is still in my lungs, I swallowed too much lake water, or one of those mosquitos transferred a China Man flu into my blood stream and I’ve grown delirious, but I actually have something positive to say about a Rogers Blue Jays promotion.

Tonight marks the final Messin’ With The Recession game at the Rogers Centre for the season. I’m talking $5 dollar seats, $1 dollar hot dogs and a guaranteed-to-be-open roof. If you’re in the Toronto area, and you like baseball, the sun, fresh air or feeling good, there is absolutely no excuse not to head down to the Dome for tonight’s clash against the Cincinnati Reds.

We give the Rogers Jays a lot of pieces of dump for their self-serving promotions and complete lack of interest in pleasing their fans, but even an infinite number of monkeys on broken typewriters will eventually be right about the time twice a day.

Take advantage of the monkeys down at Rogers Centre finally getting their shit straight for once while you can. First pitch is at 7:07 p.m.

Hey! Just in case you needed more of a reason to head to the game, local boy Joey Votto has been taken off the Disabled List and is expected to play tonight for the Reds.

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