Sunday morning funnies

Hey folks. Not going to lie to you, didn’t watch last night’s game either. But was still pissed as fuck when I checked the results drunkenly before bedtime. But let’s look at the positives. Um, Billy Tallet kinda was not so nails. But Brett Cecil should be good for next game! And Scott Downs is going to start throwing again! And Aaron Hill hits home run 28! For-ty! For-ty! For-ty! For-ty! And then we only got one run off bases loaded with no outs in the 7th! Awesome! … Why is Carl Crawford so awesome? … Alright, I got nothing. Thankfully, we have another one of Matt English’s Blue Jays comics to save us/me.

Thank God for softball on Sundays. But might try to catch a bit of this one with my brother before as it’ll be his last glimpse of baseball for a while as he heads back to England. I think he’s kinda looking forward to a break from the Jays as well.

Sorry guys, lineups aren’t up yet and I gotta get going but Rzepcynski takes the mound to start what is likely to be 49-game winning streak.

Thanks again for the comic, Matt. Keep up the good work.

Go Jays.

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