Fuck This Team

You stupid motherfucking morons. All faith I was willing to give Alex Anthopoulos and Paul Beeston has been completely destroyed by one move.

It has just been announced, according to Sportsnet, that Cito Gaston will be back coaching this team in 2010—after which he will retire. Brad Arnsberg has moved on to the Houston Astros organization, where he will be pitching coach. Bullpen coach Bruce Walton has been promoted to pitching coach, and Gene Tenace has retired from baseball.

Seriously, fuck this team.

How can anybody have the slightest fucking faith in Anthopolous and Beeston now? They watched Gaston’s bumbling fucking shitshow of an attempt at managing a baseball team all year, and have now fucking endorsed it? I’m sorry, but this is flat out retarded. There is no excuse for this, and no reason to have the slightest faith in this management team to not be complete fucking idiots.

Sorry guys, but you fucked up. Large. I don’t care if you’re throwing away a season. Throw away a season with a manager that won’t frustrate the living fuck out of anybody watching who isn’t a nostalgia-consumed twat. I’m sure Cito is a great dude and everything, I’m sure it would have taken a lot of balls to do the right thing and ask him to quietly shuffle into some bullshit front office position, but seriously… fuck you.

I imagine that at some point I’ll calm down and actually be able to stomach the thought of watching another season of this absolute fucking horseshit, but good fucking christ… what a disaster. Just so fucking stupid, words cannot describe.

I guess it’s good to know it’s only one more year, but for a team with a consumer confidence problem, this is a hell of a fucking kick in the balls to anybody who actually pays attention to the team. Will it really mean anything to the casual fans they’re courting? I fucking doubt it. But shit, I guess sometimes loyalty is more important than making decisions with a semblance of making an ounce of fucking sense.

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  1. hahahaha what an idiot.

    Gaston’s 2nd twirl with the jays was the best management the team has had since……the first time Gaston was managing them….

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