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As Jays fans, granted, we have pathetically little to cheer for these days. Fuck, I’m fucking rooting for the fucking Phillies. Does it get any worse? Still, the baseball gods have been pretty kind to us in the post-season, first with the infamous Papelbon clusterfuck and then Burnett’s gem of a two-innings-plus implosion tonight. You know, you can’t shit on the dude too much. He has been pretty fucking nails in the playoffs. But still, it would’ve hurt too much for us if he didn’t muff it at least once right? Sure, Girardi, take faith in the fact that Burnett’s proven in the past he can pitch on short rest. He’s also proven he can totally shit the bed. Gloriously. Right on. And yeah AJ, way to stare down the home plate umpire after your shitty outing. Sure, it was a picky strike zone but at least it was pretty consistent. Still, totally his fault. I’m with you on that. Thanks for the memories AJ.

And fuck, Phillies, what’s with your fucking bullpen? Jesus! Are they going to have to send Lee out there for the next two games to pitch fucking complete nine innings in order to have a chance at winning this fucking thing?

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