I realize I’m late to the game in voicing outrage over the success of the Gaston: One More Year campaign, and I know that the majority of the outragers have already apologized for their immediate reactions to news that Cito Gaston will stay on as manager for the next season.

But why?

It remains a completely awful idea worthy of the scorn and dismay that it originally garnered.

Fuck this “Alex Anthopoulos has to pick his battles” bullshit.

Was it not this same mentality that led to the Vernon Wells contract disaster?

What future battles does this justification anticipate, anyway? Was Anthopoulos not hand-picked by Paul Beeston? Was he not one of the reasons that Beeston signed a three-year contract?

Am I actually agreeing with Richard Griffin when he says that bringing back Gaston means “there’s a lame-duck manager, an unproven GM and bad word of mouth regarding the clubhouse atmosphere.”

Ugh. I don’t feel well.

The team is now officially fucked no matter what miracle strategy and direction that Anthopoulos has decided upon.

Reloading just got a whole lot more difficult. What free agent is going to want to come into the situation described above? Even Gaston has said he doesn’t see a reason for Roy Halladay to want to stick around. What hope do we have in attracting other players who don’t have a history with the team?

Rebuilding, which is the most likely option considering this move, makes absolutely no fucking sense at all with Gaston at the helm. In last season’s mean nothing year, he was batting Kevin Fucking Millar in the clean up spot and not giving time for Travis Snider to hit against left handed pitchers. What the fuck?

Is this really the guy you want making decisions when the overall objective is to improve a young team?

With one decion, the future for this team right now reads to me like yet another lost year, even more disheartening than the last.

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