Okay, I’m trying to calm down right now, but I’m honestly in shock. There are so many factors that scream this is the worst possible time to increase ticket prices that it’s almost humorous that Rogers Baseball Operations is actually going through with it.

I realize that this only affects a small number of season ticket holders, but that’s no excuse to start rezoning price structures for this team’s games at this time.

It’s not so much the actual increased cost as it is that this decision was actually decided on.

In what meeting was this possibly discussed and considered a good idea? Even when everything is roses and handjobs, announcing ticket price increases is never met with good will from fans, but this is being announced after:

i) More than 15 years of no post-season baseball.
ii) A lost season in which a lame duck GM was kept around by an indecisive President, ultimately leading to a moratorium on major roster moves that would’ve improved the team.
iii) A massive reduction in payroll.
iv) A new GM being hired who is committed to rebuilding the entire system, which translates into a couple more seasons of asking fans to be patient.
v) Back-to-back years of massive front office layoffs.
vi) Overall fan interest is in decline.
vii) Even the most ardent supporters are beginning to lose faith in this team.
viii) Just coming out of a recession and still in the middle of economic hard times.

Again, in what meeting did the group of clowns that make decisions for this team sit around and come up with this idea?

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