The Man With The Plan

Tim Kurkjian’s piece on Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos in the latest ESPN Magazine is more glowing than a bioluminescent condom.

We’ve heard all of the praise from the usual suspects before, but there were a few interesting claims and confirmations.

To date, the Jays have added 39 scouts, which has allowed front office to shrink the areas that each scout is responsible for and reduce their work schedules.

Paul Beeston confirms that the Jays have a tremendous amount of money allotted for this year’s draft. Once Rod Barajas signs, the team will have seven picks in the first two rounds and nine picks in the first three rounds.

Beeston also claims he won’t hesitate to pony up for a free agent, as the Jays play in the fourth or fifth largest market in the Majors, but he knows that in order to lure players to Toronto, they have to win.

Jeremy Sandler of The National Post also collected some quotes from Anthopoulos with regard to losing Brian Bocock off waivers.

“We felt like we were going to need to potentially start clearing up some 40-man [roster] spots. We liked him, but he was [only] good depth for us at the minor league level.”

Anthopoulos said Toronto’s need to clear roster space does not mean any moves are imminent, though the GM said he is still combing over the remaining free agents to bolster the team’s pitching staff and bench.

He also said some moves might reignite interest in a free agent or two.

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