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If you’re like me, it only took about five minutes into last night’s official 2010 season opener before I’d used just about every bad word in the book to describe my feeling for the Red Sox, their fans and the city of Boston. It was the kind of drunken rant that’s only made more acute rather than impaired by alcohol. The season has truly started.

If you’re at work it’s still not too late to pretend to go to your boss and tell him you’ve got the runs and join us at Opera Bob’s to watch Shaun Marcum and your Toronto Blue Jays beatthe living fuck out of Scott Feldman and the Texas Rangers, and indulge in some beverages, fried bologna sandwiches and some boner jokes.

Game starts at 2 p.m. We plan to be there at 12:30 p.m. (um, if Opera Bob’s is even open that early). Not sure if we’ll be live blogging this bitch or if Parkes will or if we’ll just pass out by the second inning. Go Jays.

*** Special Josh Towers update! ***

It’s been a long time since we checked in with everyone’s favourite ex-Jay and that’s probably because no one but me gives a fuck. But it wouldn’t be a start of the season post by me if it didn’t have to do with something completely irrelevant.

- Towers on what it’s like to get a World Series ring that he had nothing to do with.

- Mop Up Duty has some downright frightening evidence over Towers’ dark years.

- And finally, in trying to make the fifth spot in the LA Dodgers’ rotation, Towers had just a slightly less than impressive last start in Spring Training. Nine runs in 10 innings. That hurts. But considering his acting career has been picking up as of late in the world of musical theatre, who needs to be on a baseball team’s roster anyway?

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