Baseball Day in Canada

The only thing better than watching Adam Lind’s two-out, 9th-inning heroics yesterday would’ve been seeing it with a frosty beverage in hand and a group of like-minded Jays fans in a state of losing their fucking mind collective bliss. That, and maybe with a side of pulled pork, beans and garlic bread.

But that’s impossible, right? We’re in the middle of playoffs in a city where people make affinities with teams they normally don’t give a fuck about all year just to justify still watching a sport that takes place on ice even though spring is in bloom. …

OK, I have to admit, it’s been kinda inspiring watching the Habs’ playoff run so far. So if you’d be forgiven for tuning in to game 4 tonight if you’re so inclined. However, that series still has at least two games to go. But a chance to watch the Jays on TV at a bar with the sound on is truly a rare occurrence. One that the good people at Opera Bob’s are kind enough to grace us with from time to time in addition to good eats and brews. Speaking of which, if Mill Street is your drink of choice (or even if it isn’t) you might want to consider tanking up on it large as there’s a potential Jays jersey to be won (that doesn’t have Towers on the back or anything. Heyo!).

Seriously, the get-togethers at Opera Bob’s have been pretty awesome. I was describing the experience of watching the season opener there to my brother and started getting a bit misty-eyed about the baseball-televised-with-sound-in-a-Toronto-bar mini revolution that’s happening. He proceeded to inform my parents that I might be gay. But seriously, if we can reach just a handful of people and show them that you can enjoy something other than hockey in a bar, well, a handful of people will have had a good time.

Let’s get behind this mutherfuckin’ winning streak and support Dana Eveland when he takes the mound tonight. Game starts at 8:10 p.m. Drinking starts whenever you like. Hope to see you there.

Go Jays.

P.S. Stoeten, that picture in the post below looks pretty good. If I’m not careful you’re totally going to surpass my MS Paint skills.

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  1. I’m not sure whether or not to come AGHHH

  2. slug% has a higher correlation with runs scored than obp%

  3. I haven’t read your article but I’m pretty sure you have that backwards

  4. Dudes, what’s up with the lack of podcasts?

  5. I am only coming if i get to sit in between JB and his mom

  6. The comment sections needs a dislike button too!!!

  7. Im all for that. Nothing would be sweeter than being able to give some random dude who pisses you off (JB) negative points!

  8. Oh JB would cry if he had negative points!!!! hahaha

  9. You sitting on JB’s lap and his mom on your lap? That’s kinky, you should change your handle to ‘Lucky Pierre’!

  10. When I look at that picture of Eveland and the expression on his face…..It makes me wonder where his hands are?

  11. Explain this to us out of provincers:

    “the baseball-televised-with-sound-in-a-Toronto-bar mini revolution”

    so you’re saying that pretty much no place in TO plays the game with sound on a regular basis? That’s sad…

  12. … on the shoulders of your dad?

    Can’t do today but I should sometime actually make it out to one of these nights since Opera Bob’s is around the corner and pulled pork, brews, & baseball are difficult to pass up.

  13. It’s not exactly that. But you will have trouble if there is a big hockey playoff game in the same time slot.

    I was at a Boston Pizza for one of the games against the A’s and they had it on about a 3rd of their tvs.

  14. you know it, but then JB wouldnt know who i was. But i guess his family will after tonight. ahahaha

  15. I am pretty sure I would know who you were if we bumped into each other, Rudd. You would know who I am right away, given all of my clout and clout points (which can be applied to discounts and other savings at Opera Bob’s).

    But what I would really like you to do before you post your next hilarious post is to go back to the previous thread and read what Henkeglasses just wrote. He nails it and perhaps you will understand why Overbay is a better hitter than Joe Carter in certain situations.

    Have a nice day champ!

  16. Glad you find me funny, will you be the one wearing the eye-liner and skin tight jeans? I also have a feeling you are a 55 year old loner who doesnt need to wait in line at the gay bars because your so pretty.

  17. Sounds like we got a nerd rumble in the works!

  18. Any see Bobby Cox’s cake from the Senate?

  19. There’s a diner just east of Yonge on King (?) that is loaded with baseball memorabilia. Anyone know the name/the deal with this place?

  20. SP – Dan Patrick was mentioning Bobby’s cake this morning on his show. Hilarious.

  21. pretty sure i’m going to end up missing this one. sorry, gang!

  22. Doc vs. Pujols right now. Batter before lined an infield hit off his side. Doc induces another weak hit up the middle for a double play.

  23. I’d say it’s pretty rare for a Toronto bar not to have a Jays game on at least some of their TVs. But yeah, no sound. And playoff hockey definitely takes serious precedence. I think the Raptors probably have more trouble in that department.

    The only bad experience I had with that kind of thing was at Paupers one time. There was about 7 TVs there, all on playoff hockey. I asked the straight out of Peteborough bartender if he could switch one of them to the baseball game and he looked at me like I was from another planet.

    I think maybe that was just that particular bartender though. In the times I’ve been back they’ve had the Jays on somewhere.

  24. See Rudd, I would appreciate your comedy if you even a little clever with it. Using gay innuendos is pretty lazy, don’t you think?

    I guess you are frustrated because you have never been able to answer any questions I put out there in good faith to you. For example, you said that Overbay only had two good years — yet I asked you why is it that if he had four seasons with an OPS over .800?

    You get frustrated and reply: So what you are gay and I want to sit next to your mom.

    I guess the debate is over.

  25. You just stole my waiver claim on Carlos Lee!

  26. hey come on gang let’s show up that joe COWARDley to-night with some good hits and shits

  27. yeah man we’ll show them what baseball in chicago is like

    those fucks

  28. Why is it so hard to find baseball streams online? Every other sport is way easier. Halladay vs Pujols is on RIGHT NOW.

  29. oh man i don’t even need a stream anymore i just creamed my pants

  30. I found one. Yay.

  31. The problem with Overbay is that he is, like you said, a budget player compared to his peers at first base. He has no business starting for a contender team; any contending team will be willing to spend the big dollars on a quality first baseman. Therefore he is not a quality player in the league.

    Carter was a much better player because, compared to his peers at his position (OF) at that time, he was a top 5 player in the league.

    On the other hand…



  32. Link please??? HELP!

  33. It’s not Gabby’s is it? I haven’t actually stepped in the place. Or The Patrician Grill?

  34. Still can’t find a stream.

  35. try the link in the post just below yours, bro

  36. He walks Pooholes on strike 3 to load the bases

  37. Nice comeback JB, i know your a momma’s boy and probably have not been layed since you were in band camp…. Sorry JB i have to stop debating your right, because someone is using a fake Rudd now! I dont want to be in your lame category

  38. I would be there today guys but I’m preparing for my trip to Chicago to see the Jays play twice, the Canucks and Hawks and the Cubs and Marlin. But I’ll be thinking of you.

  39. …but then he K’s Holiday

  40. Doc yucking it up with the umpire after the inning.

  41. SHK66, thanks for the link…the K’s and double plays bring back some fond memories!

  42. Since when does Halladay walk 3 batters in a single game….sounds like the umpire is squeezing him.

  43. I wasnt frustrated i was serious, i would like to sit in between YOU AND YOUR MOM, because i know your not allowed out, without her

  44. It’s like watching two retards throw their mashed potatoes at each other. I guess JB wins because he appears to know when to use “you’re” and when to use “your”.

    Overbay is alright. He could be great if he could hit lefties better, cut out half of his GIDPs and flatten out his streaks a bit.

    Joe Carter was great, because he converted a lot of RISP situations into RBIs.

    The only statistic that matters is team wins.

  45. My definition of “great” doesn’t include Joe Carter.

    Good player, certainly, but not great.

  46. The Patrician doesn’t have TV’s in it, if I recall correctly, it might be Gabby’s.

  47. Albert Assholes RBI single

  48. …and Doc is pulled. I’m turning the game off now. I no longer give a fuck.

  49. Was Brad Fullmer great?

  50. I love mashed potatoes!.. Sorry i type really fast and dont bother to proof read anything

  51. Not at all. Do you have a point?

  52. Not at all. Do you have a girlfriend?

  53. Yeah.

    Unfortunately, I guess the new format didn’t kick discourage all the morons from posting here.

  54. I think he’s hitting on you.

  55. If I were him, I’d continue focusing on JB instead.

  56. Joe Carter was great because of one big hit we will all remember.

    Other than that his RBI mean shit in the grand scheme of things. He made a lot of outs that hurt the team.

  57. So would that make Rudd ( or fake Rudd) ( wait for it)

    a BradFullmerFan Fan?

  58. I know ….groan.

  59. @JB

    In 1992, Carter’s SLG was .498, good for sixth in the AL. In 2010, Miguel Cabrera was sixth in the AL with .547. Basically, you’re penalizing Carter for playing in an era that didn’t understand OBP and not being Frank Thomas. Carter was better than a lot of people give him credit for, yet he’s still overrated.

  60. Make that 2009.

  61. Wow what a useless debate. And please don;t ruin my wonderful memories of Joe Carter being a Demi-God. Its one of the few things that keep me attached to this team.
    So guys question for debate what the hell are we gonna do with all these arms?
    When Rzep gets back, Litsch gets back, IF Chops gets back and you consider that Drabek, Stewart and Perez are only a stone throw away This team is seriously loaded for the present and the future. So does anyone see a trade in the works or do we think AA is just gonna collect these guys and horde for as long as he can?

  62. Just talked to Opera Bob’s. “Fisted” shots are go.

  63. Ohhhhhhh shit!

  64. That’s an important point that everyone misses. Many players in the swing-happy era played like that because that was what they were supposed to do. They shouldn’t be demonized because we’ve come to realize recently that getting on-base matters. Who knows how many in that era would have higher OBPs if there simply was a premium on it. It’s the same with steals in the HR era. Who knows how many guys would have been base-stealers. These days, we’re seeing even everyone steal because there’s a premium on speed now. Everyone from Crawford and Ellsbury to power hitters like Braun, Reynolds, Wright, Cruz, etc.

  65. Vernon Wells’ contract ranked #2 on Untradeable list:

    Also, a scout’s view on Romero/Marcum/Cecil/Morrow.

  66. I would say that a Marcum trade would make sense in the offseason, if not sooner (provided he actually has a good year).

  67. I dunno SP. It’s just as likely (and I personally believe more likely) that players who DID have high OBPs were overlooked for promotion through organizations because of their lack of power and especially high batting average, which is why there were more hackers up in the big leagues. We have seen many times that it’s quite difficult for guys to develop alot of patience as their careers progress. Certain players such as Vernon Wells – and I suspect Aaron Hill – will always be free swingers, despite concerted efforts to encourage them to take more pitches. I doubt that taking 80 walks a year is a switch you can just turn on and off.

    Speed is a bit different. You are, for the most part, either fast or you are not. At baseball try-outs for kids they time your speed right away, believing it will be the hardest baseball skill to teach. Speed helps your game no matter what, whether you are running the bases or fielding your position. Since players usually need the green light from the manager to be allowed to steal, stolen base prowess really is a “switch” that is turned on or off by the manager (at least to an extent – I’m not discounting base stealing instincts). Sure, the same could be true of plate discipline for some players, but personally I don’t think so for the most part. I think it’s that patient hitters make it to the majors now that the skill is valued.

  68. That’s what I meant to say. Didn’t mean to imply that the existing players could have flipped the on/off switch but rather that those players were brought to the majors to swing. With basestealing today, a power-speed guy probably gets preference over just a power guy.

  69. I hate this arguement that OBP only mattered recently. OBP (or OBA) has been measured for decades and even made it to the back of baseball cards along with SLG. There is nothing new about it. Bill James was mainstream in 1993 and was publishing his players ratings book.

    If Joe Carter didn’t know that getting on base was important, that is his problem. How come every other great player knew it? Andre Dawson recently became the player with the lowest OBP in the HOF at .323. Joe Carter sits at .306. Most HOFers are sitting above .400.

    The greatest OBP guys were in order (post 1900): Ted Williams (.482), Babe Ruth (.474) , Lou Gehrig (.447), Barry Bonds (.444) , Roger Hornsby (.434) and Ty Cobb (.433). There is no question that these are the greatest hitters of all time.

    Don’t make excuses for low OBP guys because “they didn’t know” getting on base significantly increased their chances of winning.

  70. Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but its Bruce Drennan the Indians announcer after yesterdays game, he sure is a fan of a lot of players right now.

    THe link is through Deadspin, probably can find it elsewhere. Its hilarious

  71. … yep.

  72. Stop “liking” your own posts.


  73. and then along came Joe. sweet swinging Joe. Moving to T.O. (Hope it doesn’t snow)

    best album everrr. major points for Joe Carterzz


  74. maybe i got a little excited….. probably not the best album ever…

  75. “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts…for support rather than illumination.”

    Andrew Lang (1844-1912)

    Dennis Eckersley (HoF) career OBP: .133. Some people are asked to fill other roles than to be a high OBP man. Joe Carter should not be compared to Ty Cobb. It’s not even close.

  76. I love that guy’s Russell Branyan impression.

  77. Why can’t Wilner be funny and dicky instead of just dicky?

  78. That’s an important point that everyone misses. Many players in the swing-happy era played like that because that was what they were supposed to do. They shouldn’t be demonized because we’ve come to realize recently that getting on-base matters.

    This is the worst argument ever. They didn’t realize that it was bad to get out?

  79. Facing John Danks would be the perfect time to get Ruiz in the lineup at the expense of Overbay.

    But yeah, not happening. At least Snider gets to hit 9th…?

  80. It can’t be looked at this way.

    If high OBP translates into more runs and batting leadoff translates into more at bats, why isn’t Adam Lind hitting there? In Toronto, we can call Cito an idiot, but what does every other team have to say?

  81. I know we all like to shit on Cito around here, but Rios is batting 4th tonight. Maybe we can spare a ration of shit for the great and mystical Oz.

  82. Rios is on one of his streaks, so it seems reasonable to me.

  83. Rios better fucking be on today for fantasy purposes. Or I might have to finally consider his career to be the footnote to what should have been a much larger story.

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