The calming effects of Dwayne Murphy

As I was prepping the noose after last night’s heartbreaking shitshow, I had come to the conclusion that all was lost (well, I was prepping a noose). But I happened to catch Mike Wilner’s post-game chat with Jays hitting coach Dwayne Murphy and I gotta say, it had quite the calming effect.

Like many Jays fans, I become idiotically hysterical with the outcome of such games as last night’s (to be fair, last night’s game was enough to drive even the most rational ball fan insane). I tend to get terminally depressed, start yelling and the TV and convince myself that this one game is going to be the difference for the whole season. That this kick to the team’s collective nuts will take all the drive out of the Jays and that we can expect a full-on implosion from which we’ll never recover. It is, granted, kinda exhausting and totally stupid. (I’m starting to think that this frustration could also be the result of committing about three hours of my life every day to these games when I could be exploring different avenues that might actually expand my mind and make a positive difference towards a brighter future instead of sitting on my ass and getting fatter and pinning all my hopes and dreams on the success of a professional sports team that frankly, really won’t do anything for my status in life apart from the fact that I can maybe one day drunkenly relate to my hopefully not inbred grandchildren how the Jays came close to making the playoffs in 2010.)

Anyway, yeah, Murphy kinda put this all into a bit more of a calm perspective. I’m not going to say there was anything mindblowing there that went beyond the usual PR “We just gotta go out tomorrow and give 110%,” but there was a calm confidence in response to a heartbreaking loss that wasn’t there last year. Of course, last year’s paralysis didn’t come till a bit later and, who am I kidding, last season’s a total drunken blur that I can’t cite exact dates of to save my life, but it just feels different now.

On that note, after Lind struck out in the bottom of the ninth last night, Buck Martinez threw to Sam Cosentino and before I could yell “Go fuck yourself Sam Cosentino, I really don’t give a flying fuck about who’s sitting in the fat-ass green chairs right now,” he gave a quick update that all the Jays were on the edge of their seats in the dugout fully expecting a comeback. And you gotta admit, Wells’ following hit was pretty boneriffic even if it did fall short of tying the game. For some reason, I take comfort in Murphy’s comments regarding where the Jays go from here:

Murphy: Right now this team’s pretty confident. … If you’re going to win, you’re going to lose some tough games, some games you know you should’ve won. If you’re going to compete and you’re going to be a good team you gotta bounce back the next day. So as soon as they walk out of this clubhouse I expect them to forget about today’s game, come in there tomorrow, be ready to hit, be ready to swing and produce some runs.

Wilner: And no better guy to have on the mound than Shaun Marcum.

Murphy: Fuckin’ right.

So maybe it’s because I thought Murphy wanted to end the interview like that. And maybe it’s because Murphy’s voice kinda sounds like that of a friendly veteran wrestler. And maybe it’s because I’m brainwashed after listening to the interview close to 100 times while writing this post. But I feel better. Recommended listening. … Although you might want to cut it off afterwards, Jays Talk nearly had me tying the noose all over again. Heyo!

Go Jays.

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  1. Bergkamp’s alive?

  2. Yeah this happened to me too. Though instead of stopping me from kicking a TV, it stopped me from starting a pileup on the Gardiner.

  3. I think most of us can all agree that if we get out of this 9 game gauntlet with a 5-4 record, we would be pretty satisfied with that. We can still manage to get 5 wins, and a win today will certainly ease the rowdy crowd. Taking 2 of 3 at home against the best… and we wont have to face Sabathia for the series against the Yanks… I like our chances and I really do think we can muster 5 wins here…

    We have lost the first game in April, May, and now June lol

    What would you all say is our June goal? I think if we finish 13-12, Id be pretty damn happy with that result considering the competition we will be facing… I would like to see 16-9… but our ‘pen needs to be nails

  4. Well, if nothing else I think we have proven that we can compete with the Rays. And tonight with Marcum on the bump, I feel pretty confident we can take the series. Of course I would like to lay the smack down on Price (maybe a 6 or 7 spot) let them go to the airport scared, battered, and bruised.

  5. Im calling for a 15-10 June record. Write it down folks.

  6. i think you’re being generous, but i’ll take it, if indeed it comes to fruition.

  7. That was pretty frustrating last night. You get a start like that from Tallett, good offense, and don’t win? I was losing my shit on Angel Hernandez from my seats but it is clear that those pitches were not over the plate according to both gameday and pitch f/x.

    Gameday link:

    The Kevin Gregg magic show is quickly turning into the Kevin Gregg shitshow.

  8. Isn’t it shocking how having Jo-Bau as your last hope in the bottom of the ninth is probably the best situation you could have? Even his flyout was crushed.

  9. He’s not as good as he was in April/most of May and he’s not as bad as he’s been over the last couple weeks. He’s somewhere shittily in between.

  10. Wilner’s right. Downs should have closed the game.

    In other news, why do we care so much about who the closer is? We know it’s a useless title and I feel stupid for even thinking about it. I can’t imagine how Wilner feels about this non-issue.

  11. there you go liking your own comments again. its pretty easy to figure out when nothing you said hasn’t already been stated, and that you’re just taking the title of ‘Captain Obvious’ once more.

  12. Cito puts way too much trust in to his veterans, any other manager pulls Gregg before he blows it but Cito just sits on his fat ass and chews bubblegum.

  13. he’s not nearly as fat as he was back in the day

    but you’re right, except who does he go to? Rommie Lewis? David Purcey? That’d be like spitting in Gregg’s face, and while I’m not one to care about ego’s and disrespecting the capital C Closer, Cito does care. and Gregg does care. And, to a certain extent, some of the other guys may have cared as well. AND, if you bring in Lewis or Purcival, and they give it up, then Gregg is really sour. I know, i know, boohoo for Gregg. But i guess what i’m saying is managing a baseball team also involves managing those egos and you don’t want to lose gregg’s faith and the confidence you have in him, so you let him implode, and come back tomorrow.
    Hell, the jays still had another chance to tie or win it, and if Erin Hill (erin because hes hitting like a little girl) or Lind score FdotLew then Vernon’s off-the-wall-nearly-dinger scores one of them and ties the game, and there are still two outs for JoBau and AGonz to work with.

    I don’t know, i just don’t have a problem with letting Gregg fuck it up because the alternatives were snubbing him for rookies who aren’t fantastic, and now there is good reason (if there wasn’t already) to allow some of the other guys to close out games.

    having said all that, let Scott fucking Downsyndrome have the four-out save when there are lefties to deal with in the ninth…bra.

  14. I am really to stop trying to humour these trolls (who post with mulitiple accounts), but I have to ask the question because I really am this stupid:

    a: how do I like my own posts considering I have own account?
    b: what is the advantage for me?
    c: why do these trolls care so much about me? I know and it is pretty clear.
    d: why is it “Captain Obvious” to discuss last night’s game on a blog where Blue Jays fans typically talk about last nights game? I think the umpiring and Gregg’s ability/inability is pretty timely topic.

  15. Suh, i say Suh,

    a timely topic perhaps, if you know, you weren’t simply repeating whats been said.

    Let’s examine the factoids, shall we?
    a: I’m going to skip this one because, well, are you serious?
    b: the advantage i’m going to say, while unknown to me, appears for your sake, to be the same self-congratulating, egomaniacal, obsessive compulsive, (need i go on?) behaviour that you demonstrate regularly by constantly repeating your points (which, let’s be honest, anyone who follows the TO BJ blog scene knows of your philandering about and saying the same shit in every blog) that assuredly gets you off, or else, why would you keep doing it?
    d: and finally, you are the captain of the the great ship Obvious because i think that there is a blog named Drunk Jays Fans, on which we are currently holding a discussion, where a certain author (if its fair to name him as such) who goes by the very inventive internet handle of Stoeten, who, as you acknowledged, provided the pitch f/x link to all those who couldn’t tell that Gregg was nibbling.

    In closing, we knew everything you said before you said it without even having to use our vastly inferior brains, and so Captain Obvious, you continue to show why the title befits no one but yourself with such blinding righteousness.

    If this sounds a bit harsh, please don’t take it as such, I probably would have left it had you not givin me an a,b,c and d to address.

  16. I would never like my own post. I have clout. People just agree with what I say, see ^

  17. JB does not know how to multiple-like his own post, but it’s possible.

  18. yea, looks like his large internet following who clearly know baseball and recognize the great prophet Captain Obvious as the second coming are conspiring against me.

  19. I go against the conventional grain of thinking all the time around here. I stick my neck out because I feel strongly about an issue no matter what “captain obvious” thinks.

    Again, why do you care so much? It is “obvious” to me that you care a hell of a lot more than you should. You’ve made three posts (and counting) about me. You are not alone though. People want to talk about me, post like they were me, talk about my mother, talk about the number of clout points I have, and even speculate about who I am at the game. There is a reason for all of this.

  20. For all I know it could be you liking my posts so you could just bring up this non-issue just for an opportunity to talk about *me*.

  21. JB, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

    There is a reason for all of this. You are an easy target for quick trolling with your oft-retarded opinions. It has nothing to do with wanting to pick your brain, sharing a beer with you, or showing even the slightest amount of interest in anything you say. It is solely to fuck with you. Sadly, while hoping it would bring you down to earth, the trolling has masturbated your ego to the point where it spews all over this forum, several times a thread and it’s hilarious (and sticky) as all hell.

  22. “Murphy: Fuckin’ right.”


  23. Evryone knows JB’s wacky theories on on base percentage are patently wrong . He just has a hard time admiting that Cito is doing a great job leading this team into contention with a well hitting team that agressively swings at pitches and hits them out of the park instead of standing up there with a bat on the shoulder trying to work a walk.

    Look at how both Bautista and Wells are amongst the league leaders in home runs and RBIs and how Hill and Overbay are doing well with the walks but arent hitting their weight

  24. Easy there. What is needed for truly successful hitting is CERTAIN players looking only at getting on base and CERTAIN players looking to destroy the first pitch they see. We were excellent in 1992-1993 (especially 1993) because we had the right mix of approach. Carter would have been useless if Alomar and Molitor didn’t get on base, and Alomar and Molitor would be useless if Carter wasn’t aggressive. If Molitor and Alomar were slow, Carter would have been neutralized. As much as pitching is about throwing the hitter off, hitting is very much the same. Since every player can make contact with a pitch, the more you can mess with a pitcher’s timing, the better.

    Asking Hill to take walks isn’t his most comfortable approach, which is why I believe he’s struggling. Overbay is the exact opposite. He’s too patient a hitter to come in expecting to hit a first pitch fastball.

  25. …c’mon now…that post was just a little bait for JB to back up your point

    I didn’t expect you to take it

  26. since hitting rock bottom on may 24th… aaron hills batting average is up 30 points… hope this is a long term trend… definitely need his bat

  27. Nailed it.

  28. Damnit.

    Either way, I half-expect JB to call me a moron for saying Joe Carter was integral offensively, with his .312OBP and all.

  29. JB would rather have had Joe Carter take a walk instead of hitting the bomb to win the WS

  30. Overbay on the FAN for those that want to listen…

  31. If Cito is our black Daddy then Murph is our black Uncle.

  32. So far there are 12 posts that mention me in this thread. Is it my huge clout points? Is it my awesome twitter feed? The fact that I am leading the Drunk Jays Fans fantasy baseball league? I already know I am a star commentator, and a lot of people say it. Someone even said I should start my own blog. If you are new here you should be aware that I am kind of a big deal.

    Apparently I make “controversial” statements about OBP, you know, the stat that shows often a player avoids getting out? Yeah, controversial in Blue Jays land where Joe Carter is seen as a great player.

    I love Joe Carter, make no mistake about it. He was good, but not great. If you can live with his .306 OBP you have to also know that he slugged over .500 just twice with the Blue Jays. Not great but solid. That’s how I like to describe Joe. Joe also manages to kill the recent theory thrown around here that power hitters get walked routinely and that is why their OBP goes up.

    The greatness about those teams were found in the bats (and gloves) of Roberto Alomar, Paul Molitor, and of course John Olerud. Joe Carter would never hit third in today’s game (unless Cito was managing) because making outs do matter. Baseball does not have a clock because it is a game of outs.

    The greatness found on this blog continues to be me with my comments but I am not bigger than the game nor this blog. Even if I am the straw that stirs the drink, it is a team effort here.

    Now watch people continue to talk about me.


    Has anyone seen my son?

    He was supposed to soothe the corns on my feet! And here he is again with this rubbish on this site! If any of you young men see my son, will you ask him to call his mother and get home immediately?

  34. Obvious troll is obvious.

  35. …rolls eyes and LOL

  36. “Joe also manages to kill the recent theory thrown around here that power hitters get walked routinely and that is why their OBP goes up.”

    Actually what I said was that the *good/great* power hitters get walked routinely and that is why they have a high OBP. Pujols is a good example, with a current slash line of .318/.430/.569 and BB% of 16.6. Note the over 100 points difference between BA and OBP. As you know, the reason for this is because he walks so often.

    Compare that to Adam Lind in 2009, for instance–a great hitter, but not in Pujols’ class–with a slash line of .305/.370/.562 and a BB% of 8.9. Almost identical lines except for the walks–BUT over a full year Lind ends up making about 50 more outs than Pujols does, solely on the extra ~7.5% of the time that Pujols walks.

    They both mash when they are given a good pitch to hit. The difference is that Pujols has the discipline to lay off and take the walk when the pitcher decides to throw him nothing but crap. Lind, though not horribly undisciplined, is not in that class (yet). Look at his at-bats last night and the night before against Choate. Both times fishing at crappy sliders that were a foot and a half outside, trying to be the hero. Doesn’t help himself or the team doing that–particularly not when the guys behind him are more than capable of driving in runs. If it were Johnny Mac and Jeremy Reed coming up next, that might be a different story, but with VW, Bautista and Gonzalez following there is no excuse for Lind not taking a walk whenever he doesn’t get something to hit.

    Then on the other end of the spectrum you have extremely mediocre power hitters like Joe Carter who are still more undisciplined and basically hardly ever walk at all. They swing at everything, including a lot of pitcher’s pitches, and usually either fail to make contact or make crappy contact. This results not only in a low OBP but low BA as well.

    There’s no direct correlation between power and walks. There IS a direct correlation between power and getting pitched around. No smart pitcher is going to lay one right across the plate to a guy who is known to mash. The difference is that the great power hitter will wait for his pitch (either a mistake, or a favourable count where the pitcher needs to give him something good), or, if his pitch never comes, he’ll take a walk.

  37. Jays doing very well in TV ratings:

    Over half a million people are watching a May Jays/Orioles game on TV, and only 11,000 are showing up at the park. That is very strange.

  38. YES! You’re back!

  39. “The greatness found on this blog continues to be me with my comments”

    Yes, because the comments may be controversial , just plain wrong ,might have a shred of truth and even sometimes correct.Your ego and conviction, in your belief that you are always right, creates the attention that you crave.Similiar to Stoeten and Parkes creating attention with controversial positions to create interest.

    “If you are new here you should be aware that I am kind of a big deal. “

    I come here to read viewpoints from all people who comment,including you. I consider DJF a gathering point for Jays related things across the web.I definitely learn from the debate and point-counterpoint. Being a little more open minded to others such as BFF, SP, Garafarx,Stoeten,Parkes, Douchen, might educate you also.

    Don’t let your ego cash cheques your precieved knowledge can’t pay for.A little humility please.If you’ve been around baseball long enough, you’ll know there is always somebody around who is more knowledgable and can make you look very foolish.Be careful.

    I purposely haven’t been commenting as much so that I can digest some of the newer commenters opinions.Let them be heard.I know I’m listening.

  40. I see Jerry Crasnick has written us off:

    Steven (Toronto)

    Will the AL East come down to which of the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox have the better record vs the Jays this season?
    Jerry Crasnick (12:42 PM)

    Steven, Good point. The team that does the best job of flogging both the Jays and Orioles probably gets the edge. I suspect they’ll all do it as the season progresses.

  41. JB, have you ever been diagnosed with Asperger’s, by any chance ?

  42. No. He suffers from hubris

  43. Gregg’s a fucken asshole. He ruined a beautiful, fat- ass, lazy, drunken, gorgeous evening in my back yard. Gregg can go straight to Fuck as far as I’m concerned with his Shitshow.

  44. Gregg can go straight to Fuck

    LMFAO… i got a good laugh outta that

  45. Gotta love your passion.

    @ cock robin and Garafrax

    Assholes made look up Asperger’s and hubris. Fuck I’m not that bright.Made me laugh though.

  46. OK, Gregg blew a save. Spectacularly. He closed a few games well and a few games not-so-well. And the great Mariano Rivera coughed up at least one save a couple of weeks ago. (I seem to remember back-to-back blown saves but that might just be wishful thinking.) We’re not gonna win every game we should win and them’s the breaks. The team is playing well above expectations. Cito Gaston could well decide to go back to closer-by-committee and we certainly have the arms to do that, The sky is not falling.

  47. I got basketball tonight, and every time I check the fucking Jays score from my phone… those fuckers lose. Not doing that shit tonight, I’ll gladly wait till i get home…

    superstitious? maybe

    go jays

  48. I used to think that insulting JB would result in somewhat more educated opinions and somewhat less hubris as you so eloquently put it. I now see the error of my ways and will go about ignoring whatever bullshit spews from the useless twat’s mouth.
    PS that means a name change unfortunately
    Sincerely the former jbisadouche

  49. Buck is on the radio making a fucking ass of himself

  50. Buck and McCowan are getting heated

  51. Gah this is driving me crazy cause bobcat can’t back up his argument when there are sooooo many points he can make.

  52. ugh you are fucking painful to listen to Buck, shut the fuck up, you are dumb as a fucking rock

  53. Bring back Jaimie Cambell

  54. I hate how Buck and Cito and all these other managers keep talking about coaching for the “long term”.

    If Kevin Gregg is such a fucking cry baby that he can’t handle being pulled/told he is a piece of shit when he walks 5 guys then get rid of him. These are professional athletes, they should be able to own up to a bad (or multiple bad) performances and not whine like a fucking child.

  55. So true.

    Kevin Gregg is in no way a part of any “long-term” plans the Jays might have anyway. AT BEST he would be a useful bullpen piece this season, and someone who might return some value either at the deadline or in the offseason when he signs elsewhere. (For the record, I believe he is neither of these things.) That’s why he should be released so that the Jays can focus on those who are, or at least may be, a useful part of the future.

    The fact that he acted like an absolute idiot last night, blaming the ump for *his* five walks, is just the icing on the cake. I can kind of tolerate douchebags if they’re productive, but that was an embarrassing display. It brought us down to the level of classlessness Pena and Maddon had already displayed and there was no reason to go there. Gregg’s pitching sucked, that was 100% on him, and he should have been the first to stand up and admit it.

  56. I agree with you except for calling Maddon and Pena classless. Maddon was defending Pena and Pena had a right to be pissed.

    And prior to yesterday’s blowup, Gregg had a serviceable WHIP and ERA. I don’t think he should be released, he just shouldn’t be the 9th inning guy everytime the Jays have a lead of 3 or less runs.

  57. “Pfft. Ass-burgers. If they wanted people to take it seriously, they should have called it meningitis.”

  58. That post is almost too good to be true. You continue to outdo yourself.

  59. right, because when it comes to baseball, some dumb fuck posting from obscurity on the internet knows more than buck martinez

  60. Yup

  61. E5 used up his usefulness in 3 games.

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