Free Wilner!

Hey folks. Happy Saturday. I know Stoeten and Parkes are going to have plenty to say about this but I was thinking this week how I should try to get off my lazy ass and get to doing some weekend posts again. Only to start with this shitshow news that Mike Wilner has been suspended for the weekend following his altercation with Cito Gaston.

You guys have had plenty to say about it already in the comments from yesterday’s game and some of you are calling it a welcome dose of humility for him while others are crying absolute horseshit.

I gotta say, I probably side with the latter. And that’s not just a DJF-sucks-Wilner’s-cock deal. In fact, I’ve frequently called Wilner out on his comments (well, back when I used to write. Fuck, 2007? Who was this Josh Towers guy I kept mentioning in posts back then?) and I’ve found Jays Talk to become increasingly unlistenable as he does seem to pounce on the first opportunity to take a shot at a caller regarding the pettiest of details. That said, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with him on the podcast and via email and found he’s of the complete opposite demeanour. It’s not like he’s angrily taking calls at Jays Talk wishing for it to end. After he’s done, he’s fucking writing some epic post on his blog. The guy eats, drinks, shits and sleeps baseball. It’s his life and he loves it.

Now, we don’t know exactly what went down during that fateful media scrum on Wednesday. Was Wilner rabidly taunting Gaston about his bullpen strategy? Was Gaston unjustly acting as if he was being attacked in this situation? As some of you have noted, Wilner’s comments regarding Gaston’s management do seem to be getting increasingly personal (“There’s not one other manager in baseball that does that”) but at the same time, a baseball manager isn’t supposed to like the questions or comments made about him necessarily. Gaston, you’re a big boy, stick up for yourself. Answer the man’s questions. If Wilner now has a history of going after Gaston, Gaston most certainly has a history of abusing his status to make himself out to be a victim (“If you aren’t a racist I apologize. If you are, I don’t”).

I really think this goes beyond whether you like Wilner or not. Throughout our numerous Richard Griffin shitstorms, we’ve always said the one thing we could all admire is his courage to write what he does and then be right back in the clubhouse the next day to ask the questions other reporters don’t want to. It shouldn’t be surprising that Griffin is the one who’s been vocal about Wilner’s suspension. As chapter president of The Toronto Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America, Griffin sent Paul Beeston a letter yesterday stating:

“The baseball writers association would like to officially voice its support of the right of Mr. Wilner or any other reporter to ask challenging questions. … Similar lines of questioning in the wake of difficult losses are not uncommon in all pro sports. The concern of the BBWAA is that this amounts to an attempt to either censor or intimidate the media coverage that the Jays receive on a daily basis in all four newspapers and the wire services.”

And it’s hard not to support that. Without commenting on the matter, the Fan 590 is basically saying it doesn’t support reporting that goes contrary to the interests of Blue Jays management. And that kinda takes out a big component of what reporting is supposed to be. I mean, it might still be journalism, but more of the kind you find on The Shopping Channel. I don’t want to get into some overblown-false-Utopia-”1984″-”Brave New World”-type analogy here but I do think it’s pretty telling that Wilner’s only comment in response to this has been: “My only comment is that I have the weekend off.”

Now, if he’s too steamed to say anything, that’s one thing. I’m just more worried that he might not be allowed to say what he wants to. And, you know, that’s pretty fucking scary. Jays Talk could always be worse:

“Hey there Blue Jays fans. Well, despite the 17-0 loss, Cito sure did manage a heck of a game didn’t he?”

Game Threat to follow.

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  1. Good Post.

    I’m kinda torn/neutral on this. Should Mike be able to ask the questions he wants and report it how he wants to? Yes. I’m a surprised he got told to take the weekend off? Absolutely not.

  2. Great story. Clearly this is a mistake by some idiot at Rogers. But this is the same Rogers Media doofuses who raise ticket prices (get rid of a key field level ($32) ticket category, and introduce a $2 service charge to all tickets bought at the box office. It’s the same idiots who have the stupid marketing commercials to have the Jays come to the games. It’s the same idiots who removed all of the promotions and giveaways, the $2 Tuesdays, making all weekend games “premium games” while putting a more inferior team on the field than last year. On the books, it’s a team who has shed about $30 million in payroll only to bolster Rogers Media’s bottom line to impress its shareholders and to give its president larger performance bonuses.

    So, Rogers bans Wilner for a weekend. Strong opinions or not, there has got to be freedom of the press even if you are not telling the story that the Jays or Rogers Media wants to hear. Now, if that’s the simple story, that Wilner was benched for the media scrum with Gaston and then writing about it, that’s completely wrong. If Wilner then flipped the bird to his boss over a disagreement over his writing, then he crossed a line. Perhaps there is more to this story than the Post article states, but if it isn’t, then Wilner and the sports media has something really to complain about.

  3. I’m surprised it took Rogers this long to suspend Wilner…

    the Fan 590 is basically saying it doesn’t support reporting that goes contrary to the interests of Blue Jays management.

    Of course they don’t – Why would they? If I owned the Blue Jays or any other professional team for that matter, I would try my damndest to keep away negativity. This is a business after all and as an owner, I’m trying to sell my product. An aspect of Wilners job is to sell the team to those who listen to him or read his entries. Now this doesn’t mean that he has to sit there and stroke Cito’s dick, but for god sakes, don’t get on a callers ass when he/she says “we” or “our” or “us

  4. good to have you back bergkamp….the blog needs you back…desperately …As for Wilner, I hope he and Mccowan have a pair of white drapes and burning crosses ready…show that cunt cito what a real racist could do

  5. Perhaps there is more to this story than the Post article states

    I wonder that myself…

    there’s always 3 sides to a story, and in this case its Cito’s side, Wilner’s side, and the truth

  6. There is nothing good about any of this. Whether you like Wilner or not, this is pathetic and reflects badly on TheFan590/Rogers/Toronto Blue Jays.

  7. the question is whether these things are rogers decisions, or Paul Beeston…we know the Beest has had a 2 decades long hard-on for cito, and even fought Gillick over him..and Beest is likely responsible for those ticket hikes (he and his `ticket pricing integrity bullshit)

  8. So I don’t get it. Wilner generally supports Ricciardi and fans call him out for rah rahing the team. He questions Gaston gets suspended for doing so and fans say that he should be more rah rah for the team?

  9. I sent a message to both the Blue Jays program and Prime Time Sports on the Fan 590 “contact us” page saying that I won’t be listening to Blue Jays Baseball or Prime Time Sports until Mike Wilner is issued a public apology. This is a matter of free speech. I mean, didn’t Allan Ashby get fired in Houston for a similar reason? This is insane.

  10. As per the Sun:
    Jay Stenhouse, the Jays’ vice-president of communications, said there was no complaint to the station from their end.

    The Fan 590 is owned by Rogers Communications Inc., which also owns the Blue Jays. So, either someone with the Jays complained to Rogers or someone within Rogers and The Fan 590 believed that Wilner has been too critical of Gaston and his style of managing.

  11. what happened with ashby? Also, did any of you listen to the fan last night..what was said about the incident?

  12. From Ashby’s wikipedia page:

    “He served in that capacity until the 2006 season when the Astros let him go. Speculation suggests that his forthright broadcasting style may have found disfavor with ownership.”

  13. I think the issue doesn’t have anything to do with the actual spat in the scrum (that sounds filthy by the way), but rather the fact that Wilner found it necessary to “report” the entire incident on his blog. Wilner bitched that he couldn’t have a conversation about strategy with the skipper – even going so far as quoting himself (which is disgusting and petty). Isn’t Wilner the same journalist that bashes and complains when commenters and callers make typo’s or fail to argue rationally or reasonably? It’s such an incredible double standard.

  14. Don’t worry jamiedew, when you get to high school they’ll explain the concept of free speech and you can think back on this and laugh at how ignorant you were.

  15. The only way, *maybe*, that I could defend the actions of the FAN were if this team were buried in the division and playing Baltimore Oriole style baseball. If this had turned out to be as shitty of a season as a lot of us thought it would be, because of the lack of talent, and Mike was railing on Cito non stop every day, I could perhaps see the validity in the argument of “the season’s lost anyway. Cito’s gone in 4 months. Just let him leave with dignity.”

    But that’s obviously not the case. Whether or not we think this is going to last, we’re in a race as of this moment. If the manager is making decisions that are questionable and he’s failing to put his team in the best position to win game-in game-out, then the media has to keep him accountable. Mike had a legitimate beef regarding how Cito used his bullpen on Tuesday and he had a responsibility to ask the tough questions.
    Now we don’t know the full story, but unless he was being patently rude or disrespectful (and asking tough questions doesn’t constitute either of those, fyi) then suspending him was complete and utter bullshit.

  16. Unless he was fabricating the whole event to make Cito look bad, this shouldn’t lead to a suspension either.

  17. Free Speech is kinda myth these days.

  18. umm…you might be retarded…I gather youve been one of the incoherent callers that he`s had to dismiss or hang up on, havent you?

  19. Wilner is free – free to go peddle his ‘services’ (which don’t seem to amount to much except vitriolic insults to Gaston and contradicting radio callers) wherever he chooses. Here’s what I posted last night on this:


    No surprise to see Wilner given the weekend off. Actually, I’m surprised he still has a job.

    Wilner showed how this job is over his head earlier in the year, when he pretended to know that Cito Gaston was playing Lyle Overbay only to humiliate him(??) Not because Cito hoped he’d break out of a slump, not because they hoped to showcase him for a trade, none of that, it was only to ‘humiliate him’. That was so stupid that even Stupid JB had never thought of accusing Cito Gaston of that.

    Wilner’s clientele is a small number of internet goofs who like to pretend they’re knowledgeable about baseball by belittling Cito Gaston. That’s a career you can have if you’re able to be self-employed, but Wilner tried to pull off that gig while working for Rogers. This isn’t an issue of ‘censorship’ – Wilner is free to work wherever else he wants. I don’t think the Jays are going to pay him though, to cater to a small number of internet clowns. His live ‘blog’ has degenerated to a handful of guys who mimic Wilner.

    Most adult men would feel pretty stupid right now having argued with callers that Jose Bautista should be benched by Cito so that Randy Ruiz could play everyday. They’d probably say something like ‘boy, was I wrong on that one.’ Instead, Wilner went looking for a confrontation with Cito Gaston in a low-key press briefing, so that he could write something demeaning to his small gaggle of fans. Which shows that in addition to being rather low-character, he’s also low-intelligence. Kind of reminds me of JP Ricciardi lying to the media about Adam Dunn calling him and when asked for the number saying ‘Oh, I deleted it’.

    Most Jays fans won’t miss Mike Wilner one bit. Let’s see him try to peddle his act elsewhere – I doubt there’ll be a stampede of buyers.

  20. Can anyone see any actual words in the above post from fake JB? All I see is a bunch of garbage characters.

  21. I would only add to the above that I will be surprised (and disappointed) if Wilner continues to be employed by Rogers.

  22. snbk

    Thanks for telling us. I’ll contact them too to say that most Jay fans over the age of 25 want Wilner fired.

  23. Hey Rogers:
    If Wilner is suspended for the weekend for calling out the manager, shouldn’t McCown be suspended EVERY weekend? He doesn’t even bother with stats, he just flat out calls Cito an idiot! He called Tuesday’s game the worst managing job he had seen in fifty years of following baseball, and said he would have fired Cito’s ass by 10:30 that night! Get him off the air!

    Love him or hate him (or both), when the team sucks (say, like most of last year), Wilner can be more entertaining than the games.

  24. Free speech in the workplace is a lot different then the free speech you and I are use to. Rogers could have internal company policies that we most certainly do not know about that could have led to Wilners suspension. The company I work for has a number of policies where employees don’t have the right to correspond concerns in ways that are unsettling, defiant or that otherwise violate sensible company policies. I’m certain that most major companies have similar policies. I’m not saying that this is the case with Wilner, but it’s just something to ponder

  25. waah…are you mad cause wilner doesnt post your comments on his blog..its okay…does jb want some biddy…yes he likes the biddy doesn’t he?

  26. That’s why I complained to Prime Time Sports, too. Allan Ashby (considering his past with Houston) and McCowan should be coming out in support of Wilner.

  27. As I said last night, you are not only and idiot but also an asshole who continues to be ignorant about the greater issues here.

    As a fan, I want the manager to be held accountable every game. But this petty old fuck, Cito Gaston, doesn’t think he deserves to be accountable. I liken this to the use of state media in third world countries. It is like the government owned CBC controlling the editorial content of its reporters when it comes to criticize the government.

    Wilner is going to come back from this even stronger, I hope.

  28. this isnt a case of insubordination; atleast, it shouldnt be..hes a fucking reporter and commentator..its his job to critique the team

  29. Aquamelli, the letter of support from Baseball Writers Association kind of invalidates what you’re saying.

    Besides, company policy should be that Jerry, Allan & Mike should be able to say whatever they want about Cito’s managing. We should be telling Fan 590 that we don’t support this move. We’re the customers.

  30. From Wilner’s blog (which is hosted by Rogers):
    I mentioned at the beginning of tonight’s Miked Up LIVE! that I had had a lovely discussion with the manager before the game, and that it was probably the last time we’ll talk, and some of you wanted details. Here you go:
    Before the game, I had a discussion with Cito Gaston about the things I pointed out in last night’s blog post – about how he’d painted himself into a corner by not holding Shawn Camp and Scott Downs back. In the pre-game media scrum, Cito mentioned that taking Gregg out for Rommie Lewis or David Purcey wasn’t an option, but that if he’d still had Downs or Camp or Frasor available, he would have made a move before the Rays had taken the lead. So I asked him why he had removed Camp after having him only throw six pitches, with the ninth hitter at the plate, two out and nobody on in the 8th. Cito’s answer was “Have you looked at the stats?”. I said no, but that I couldn’t have imagined that Brignac could have more than three at-bats against either Downs or Camp, so it wouldn’t matter. His answer, again, was “you should look at the stats.” So I did, and they showed that Brignac had never faced Camp, and that going into last night’s game, he had faced Downs once and struck out. Obviously, one at-bat means less than nothing. It’s the same as having had no history against him, like Camp had. Cito asked a few minutes later if I’d seen the stats, and I told him the numbers and he said “that’s right”. Still wanting a real answer, I said “but you trust Camp, right? You’ve used him against lefties.” At which point I was interrupted by the Jays’ communications staff, saying that a question had been asked and answered. I explained that I was just trying to point out that he could have had Downs for the 9th had he left Camp in, and then Cito told me to look at Downs’ stats against the Rays (I’m sure the Crawford slam only adds to that argument).
    Downs stats against the Rays as a whole were irrelevant to the discussion, since Cito had already said that if he had had Downs available in the 9th, he’d have used him to bail out Gregg. But I didn’t get to make that point, because Cito went on to tell me that it’s a lot tougher in his seat and that he can’t just sit there and blurt out anything that comes into his head. That was enough of the discussion for me. I think he also suggested I should come down and try managing, and I’m regretting that I didn’t take him up on the offer. I’d say that I’ll say yes the next time he offers, but I doubt it will come up again.
    It’s unfortunate that I can’t have a legitimate discussion about strategy with the manager without him feeling as though he’s being attacked (or at least reacting as though he’s being attacked – I don’t know what he was feeling), but such is life. I don’t need to be belittled by the skipper in front of the entire assemblage when I’m asking legitimate, rational questions about a situation that he brought up earlier in a conversation.
    It was definitely a rough day for me at the ballpark, and then a rough day for the Blue Jays. I’m very much looking forward to the day off.

  31. Thanks Damo but I’m pretty sure we all read that. We’ve been talking about it all morning.

  32. stole my comment

  33. You are over 25?

    A guy who can’t find his own handle and made fake posts pretending to be me?

    A guy who spammed this blog for years with mindless drivel?

    A guy who doesn’t understand the importance of free speech and free press?

    A guy who is cheering on the firing of a reporter who tried to bring you the entire story to fans like me?

    Are you a drop out?

    Thanks for answering these questions.

  34. I’ll answer for him because I think I know what he’ll say.

    1) (drool)

    2) (drool)

    3) (giggle)

    4) (drool)

    5) Yes.

  35. From Lott’s twitter feed:

    I do not see this as a tale of martyrdom. The issue is independence. When a company owns a team & radio station and pays the announcers, there can be no independence in reporting for the station’s employee. Rogers is always the elephant in the room. This elephant apparently wants a reporter to cover the Jays in an entertaining way and boost ratings, but leaves the ground rules murky.

  36. JB, your comparing this to state-controlled media is beyond retarded. This is private enterprise.

  37. Again, you’re the customer. Is this how you want it run?

  38. You left this part out, so I’ll go ahead and help you here…

    Some thoughts on the Wilner situation: Your reactions cover a wide range. As in all stories, the whole truth is unknowable. Naturally, some like him, some don’t. His style and opinions impress some, rankle others. Such is life for one in his job.

  39. One of the reasons that Stupid JB is stupid, is that he doesn’t understand some basic concepts. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech relate to actions of the state – neither the Fan, the Globe and Mail, the Sun or the Star are obligated to provide soap boxes for Mike Wilner. As far as I know, no level of government has taken any action to restrain Wilner’s speech or restrict the press. Glad you got that HS diploma JB, but you’re over your head when you leave the kiddies.

    One thing we agree on though, is that Wilner reports for you. You are his target audience and his constituency. However Rogers wants people who report for the grown-ups.

  40. Not so fast. I assume you are University educated and can keep up.

    Rogers has many divisions with different responsibilities. They should be independent of each other especially when it comes to freedom of press. The press should have a right to report on divisions within Rogers, much like state media (such as the CBC).

    This situation doesn’t exist yet (but try to play along as a thought experiment). Rogers phones somehow become dangerous. Rogers, owning print/tv/radio conglomerates decide to hush this little problem up and threaten reporters to suppress this information. How would you feel about that? Furthermore, could you even trust this news source when reporting that the phones are actually quite safe and reports to the contrary are false?

    There are larger issues here beyond Blue Jays baseball and Mike Wilner regarding Rogers practices.

  41. No, as I said in last night’s thread. I have never liked the conflict of interest in having a Media company own the team. However, its not like this is a new situation, everything we’ve received from Sportsnet/Fan 590 has been tainted from the moment everything was put under the same umbrella, I’ve had no illusions about this so i’m not going to pretend like this incident has shattered the landscape because its the first time an internal policy has become publicized. If anyone here actually believed that people in employ of Rogers were able to give them unfettered journalism than thats their own naivety.

    As a customer, my only problem here is the lack of transparency. Stenhouse’s claim that the complaint did not come from the organization is a start, but 590 should be clearly spelling out who/where/why the reprimand came from. If I were Wilner’s boss, Rogers ownership or not, I would have reprimanded him for his conduct in this situation. He went beyond his usual level of obnoxious reporting and inserted himself in to the story while compromising his clubhouse access by being overly antagonistic with the manager he’s clearly got a vendetta against. He jeopardized the stations relationship with the clubhouse with the team for his own personal ego; I would punish that. However, I would invoke complete transparency in that punishment.

    But despite my distaste for how this is being handled, I’m not going to sit here and over blow this issue of private enterprise and ignorantly try to relate it to issues of political misconduct and legitimate free speech attacks. That is silly and an insult to any person that has been subject to the consequences of opposing totalitarian statess

  42. As a fan, I want the manager to be held accountable every game.

    Why can’t players be held accountable?

    Also, enough with the state-media controlled scenario – its really silly to be honest. If the CBC was state-ran, would Canada be a democratically elected government? Not likely – which means no Wilner and no Blue Jays… and no DJF.

  43. Thanks for answering the question that you are indeed a high-school drop out.

    You don’t understand the concept of critical thinking and will take “Dear Leader” Cito Gaston on his word. You would do well in North Korea.

  44. the letter of support from Baseball Writers Association kind of invalidates what you’re saying.

    I disagree.

    BBWAA does not work for Rogers – Mike Wilner does. BBWAA has no say in what Rogers can and cannot do with their employees. This is assuming of course that Rogers made this decision, and not Beeston – unless he was made sacrificial lamb by Rogers to give that news to Wilner. We don’t know…. yet

  45. True, he is a reporter and a commentator and yes critiquing the team is part of his job – but so is selling the Blue Jay product. I don’t think we’ll see eye-to-eye on this, so we’ll agree to disagree

  46. Well said and fair enough. We disagree about whether or not he should have been reprimanded but I’m not going to argue a difference of opinion.

    You’re right, this hasn’t shattered the landscape but it has confirmed to me that this organization is in a very confused state.

  47. Freedom of the press protects the press from state intervention in to its reporting, not its ownership.

    For example, lets say my name is Bonrad Clack and I own a bunch of newspapers. It is not a violation of the freedom of the press to now allow my reporters to publish liberal-slanted pieces. That is my right as the papers ownership; to produce the content I choose. It is your right as a customer to choose whether or not to consume that product.

    There is a legitimate complaint here for Fan 590 customers if they feel that the content they’re being provided is inferior. Trying to allegorise it beyond an issue of private enterprise is disingenuous.

  48. Good post man… +1

  49. Fucking typos.

    Obviously that should have red “NOT allow my reports”

  50. If you know that story well, you would know that the editors of Black’s newspaper defied him right to the very end because the importance of free speech. No reporters or editors were ever suspended despite the threats.

  51. I don’t think his job is to sell the Blue Jays’ product. I don’t see how it can be since it clearly conflicts with his ability to operate as a reporter. He’s a fan of the Jays, so he’s optimistic about the team and his listeners get that impression from hearing him on the radio. I guess in a sense that’s “selling the Blue Jay product”, but I don’t think anybody, Rogers included, expects him to outright shill for the team.

    And I’d hope most of you (I’m not directing this at you Aquamelli) defending the actions of the FAN are able to separate your dislike of Wilner’s style from your argument.

  52. Yes, I am aware. It was just as you used before, a thought experiment, to prove what he could have done had he chosen. In reality despite its conservative slant the the Post actually had several liberal op-ed writers. Nonetheless, in no way is internal ownerships influence over the content constitute a violation of the freedom of the press. Just as me telling you on the street to shut up isn’t a violation of your freedom of speech. People that misunderstand the purpose and scope of these concepts do their importance and existence disservice.

  53. Jeff Blair’s tweet: Today’s lesson: If you really want an answer, ask the manager one on one. Don’t show him up in a group. Basic reporting: it’s not about u.

  54. Black didn’t just own the Post. He owned the majority of newspapers in Canada. Around the world he owned the Chicago Sun-Times, Jerusalem Post, and Daily Telegraph among others. He rarely interfered with editorial content despite what some claim. Despite this, the major issue at Universities around the world was the question of free speech. So yes, this is an issue of that nature.

    Let’s watch the game now, but I have to say that I have lost a lot of respect for Rogers over this one. A lot.

  55. was that umm that you started with, your way of thinking out loud or were you gargling wilners balls?

  56. Wilner’s suspension is not due to one incident or asking Cito tough questions. It’s not a question of freedom of the press but of an ego maniac gone over the edge.He’s no doubt been warned about keeping his journalistic objectivity but doesn’t want to listen.

    Leading up to this he’s:

    Accused Cito of keeping Overbay in the lineup to humiliate him ( later retracted) WTF?
    Continues to berate commenters on his blog about punctuation.
    Continues to be condescending to Jays Talk callers about refering to the Jays as “our team”
    Writes on his blog how Cito wouldn’t answer his ( probing?) questions.Going beyond any reasonable boundary and making it personal.

    McCowan has been much more critical of Cito and the Jays . Don’t see him disciplined.

    If you were his employer how would you handle him, after you’ve probably talked to him about this already?

    I’d suspend him. He needed to be taken down a notch.

  57. I understand your point-of-view and respect it – I think we are having different ideas of what it’s meant by “selling the product”.

  58. Free speech doesn’t mean your employer has to put up with you criticizing the organization or bad mouthing other employees. You want to do that you have to accept the consequences. The freedom of speech only means the government can’t crack down on your speech. But with the “human rights” commissions here in Canada that right is not guaranteed either.

  59. Continues to be condescending to Jays Talk callers about refering to the Jays as “our team”

    This is one that I will never understand.

  60. i agree with you that he shouldn’t have been suspended over having the debate with Cito and trying to keep him accountable. I don’t, however, think that is the case. If it were there would be a tonne of suspensions at Rogers Media: McCown is a name that has come up a couple of times. What I think Wilner did wrong here, was go to his blog and “report” the incident. Listen: if John Lott or Blair or anybody else had reported the story that Wilner had been banished from the scrum for asking the tough question, I wouldn’t be breaking Mikes balls here, but this guy (Wilner) is playing the victim in this case. I just happen to think it’s funny because he is always so hard on callers and commentors for petty things and clearly he can’t take that kind of bashing himself.

  61. If this free speech you are talking about is the same free speech that gets comments edited from your boyfriends blog than I am good without it.

  62. JB, that’s an issue of corporate monopoly which is a legislative issue, not a constitutional issue. You’re still stretching to try and relate this incident to anything more than a flawed corporate policy.

  63. I’m pretty sure there is something else on this issue we don’t know anything about. Rogers can’t be that dumb to think this wouldn’t be news and would have terrible optics regarding a free press (I think anyway, lol) – maybe its been building and this was a third strike – but if it is a first-time sort of ‘dont do that because you’re a Rogers employee’ then, that’s pretty shameful.

  64. Maybe Rogers is tired of being embarrassed by Wilner’s public boorishness, in print and on their airwaves.

    This is the disciplining of an employee who needed disciplining. It’s not complex.

  65. My best guess is that you’re all completely wrong. (Actually, fake JB being wrong isn’t a guess. That guy’s a fucking moron.)

    I would think the biggest issue is preserving access. If he’s cut off from Cito, there’s an aspect of his job that Wilner can’t do. That hurts the station. And if the situation gets worse, and Cito gets so pissed at Wilner he cuts off other people from the Fan, or if other coaches and members of the organization stand in solidarity with Cito and cut of Wilner or his Fan colleagues, they obviously have a serious problem. Kind of an extreme, but I can see the station being afraid enough of those kind of issues to make a show to the Jays/Cito that they still want to have a cordial relationship.

    This discussion about the Fan being upset about his ego or objectivity or tendencies with some callers is obvious nonsense. It’s not like that stuff is coming from out of nowhere. The people here who he rubs the wrong way are just using this as an excuse to jump on him for the fact that they don’t like his radio personality– “See! He’s an ass just like I’ve been saying!” Not only is that lame as shit, I’m pretty sure it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Oh, but go ahead and feel good about yourself by saying garbage like “This is the disciplining of an employee who needed disciplining. It’s not complex,” moron.

  66. wrong thread….but as I stated in the previous thread, this suspension was total bullshit.

  67. Fake JB, I would just like to add, please stop talking out your fucking ass. I don’t know if there’s a single sentence in your large post here that isn’t completely full of shit.

  68. Stoeten, I would hope you could refute my assertion without calling me a moron. Very weak gruel.

    I have not been rude to you, but I have no problem getting down in the muck and shit with you. No more than you’re willing to give.

    Would you agree his conduct has at times been objectionable? Maybe they should have put the zaps to him another time. But something like this was coming.

  69. We all know that it’s not a classic “Free Speech” issue, with the government locking down an independent journalist’s ability to do his job. Every fucking time something like this comes up, the sniveling fascist-lappers come out from the woodwork. Literally, every time a corporation silences one of their employees that work in “journalism,” a piece of shit like yourself makes the same fucking point.

    What you, and thousands of people like you don’t understand is that it’s not right and the attitude that it IS okay is disgusting to see. Be a good corporate soldier, Fake JB! Man, it’s rough running a complete monopoly for telecommunication services in a first-world nation. They’ve got it so rough as it is, and there’s Wilner adding to the stress! They might not make their bonuses this quarter! No wonder we got a game threat today: we’re all concerned for Rogers’ bottom line and NOBODY CAN SLEEP.

    You really are a piece of human fucking garbage. I mean, it’s one thing to do your best to completely destroy average comment quality here with your tired act, but you’re really a reprehensible, mindless faggot.

    Anyway, Rogers loves the idea that can have a division that pretends to be the press, because in giving access to themselves, they grow the brand. What they fail to realize is that power comes with a responsibility to not silence the guys they willing chose to employ when he asks a tou– no, Wilner’s question cannot be considered ‘tough.’ Gaston’s a goddamn baby for being offended by it. Rogers either needs to dump all their services there, or let Wilner ask questions that get asked every single day here. You’re willing, vocally, passionately supporting the status quo, which makes you as big of a joke as Rogers is.

  70. Mike Wilner has favourites and non-favourites. He and I have argued about Ricciardi for a couple of years. He liked him. I hated him. We’ve argued about Gaston as well. Wilner never liked him. I did. Mike does get personal with the Cito comments. I suspect what we just heard about was just the loudest of a couple of years of a bad reporter/subject relationship. That having been said, Wilner was asking reasonable questions in a reasonable way and too bad if they were tough. Gaston is the manager and he should be prepared to answer any and all questions of in-game management. Period. End of story. This suspension is complete bullshit and it’s also a complete disgrace. 590 should be ashamed.

  71. McCown’s protected because of his previous encounters with Cito, he has a nice discrimination case lined up. And, as someone who was watching the game, I can tell you that Cito should have been canned after his performance. It was embarassing to watch.

  72. and so should Girardi after pulling Pettite, if we’re using Peters logic.

  73. Most people who don’t like Wilner are simply angry and frustrated that he makes them feel stupid on a regular basis.

  74. i’m surprised more people haven’t taken the opportunity to say hi the old Wilner in the comments section. you know he has spent the day furiously refreshing every Jays blog reporting on this story.

    hi Mike — you have the personality of a toilet brush but you are 100% in the right for asking the question and not backing down when Clarence tried to bully you. the FAN’s decision to suspend you is embarrassing for them as a sports station as it completely undermines their entire reporting staff, as well as their show hosts. I hope McCown buys you a beer.

  75. Stoeten, I would hope you could refute my assertion without calling me a moron. Very weak gruel.

    I have not been rude to you, but I have no problem getting down in the muck and shit with you. No more than you’re willing to give.

    Would you agree his conduct has at times been objectionable? Maybe they should have put the zaps to him another time. But something like this was coming.

    Something like this was coming? You’re just pulling a statement like that out of your ass to make the point that you think he’s rude. Way to go. Unfortunately, since he’s been doing the show his way for a long time and obviously the Fan likes him enough to keep him around, I’m pretty sure you’re completely full of shit. Have you never listened to talk radio? To act like he’s some crazy ultra-rude anomaly is beyond bullshit.

  76. Wilner is a pro in his trade. Is he sometimes rude? Of course. His Jays Talk feature is shaped by his personality, but you won’t find much better in depth discussion of a team anywhere in North America, and that’s because Wilner tells it like it is. Sure, he gets on someone for asking how he is, but that’s just part of his personality, and quite frankly, the AM radio broadcasts are pretty dry without him.

  77. suspending Wilner discredits anything that is ever said about the blue jays on The Fan 590. Good or bad. Now we will never actually be able to even come close to believing anyone from Rogers, The Fan, or Sportsnet. We’ll have to assume that everything is sensored.
    What an absolute joke this is. Rogers should be ashamed of themselves. It’s all just sugar coating now. I’m tuning out and I’m going elsewhere for my Baseball analysis. DJF aside.

  78. I liked when Stoeten didnt care about his blog and just didnt post

    The I am right, therefore you are wrong argument is very lame and weak minded

    Stop defending your buddy, we know you have a quasi-relationship with Wilner that exists outside this blog

  79. In the grand scale of things at both Rogers and Blue Jays Way, Wilner is a complete nobody……sounds to me like he needed this supension to remind him of that fact

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