Whatever your feelings about the Wilner incident, it sure was nice to see the Jays kick some Yankee ass last night. I gotta admit, I thought I’d be writing a “June is the cruelest month” post this morning. I know the Rays are higher in the standings but there is something about the Yankees lineup that just makes you shit your shorts after not having seen them play in such a long time (might have something to do with 2/3 of ‘em hitting over .300). And seeing how many pitches Cecil had to go through to get through the top of the 1st, I was prepared for the worst. But then of course, the guy fucking nails it. And the bats come through. All against AJ Burnett. It doesn’t get much better than that. It’s a great day for baseball.

Today, some douche called Andy Pettitte is going for a milestone of notching a 200th win. I really hope he doesn’t reach it. Ever. Fuck you Yankees. Go Jays.

Toronto Blue Jays

Lewis – LF
Hill – 2B
Lind – DH
Wells – CF
Bautista – RF
Gonzalez – SS
Overbay – 1B
Buck – C
Encarnacion – 3B

Romero – P

New York Shitheads

Jeter – SS
Swisher – RF
Teixeira – 1B
Rodriguez – 3B
Cano – 2B
Posada – DH
Thames – LF
Cervelli – C
Gardner – CF


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  1. Hey Casey Janssen’s 4 and 0. Didn’t they call him ‘The Vulture’ last season for just this reason? He was always pitching when the team got the go-ahead/winning run.

  2. Good win and a great pitched game. But does Cito not have any kind of consistent strategy? Why sac bunt in the 14th if you aren’t going to do it in the 11th? It’s just dumbfounding to me.

  3. I just prefer reading the opposing team’s blogs, especially if it’s the Sox or Yankees. You have to relish in the victories while they’re winning.

  4. Would it have made more sense for him to also not do it in the 14th? At least he made an adjustment, for once.

  5. What makes Chad Gaudin different than David Robertson? Two mediocre right-handed relievers with control problems.

  6. BFF – can you share the funny Yankees in game thread? I love that too..

  7. No, certainly not. But you’d like your manager to at least have some consistency in his decision making.

    I honestly think the only reason he didn’t have Gonzalez bunt is because AGon hit a HR earlier in the game and has been designated a “slugger” in his mind.

  8. This is no Sons of Sam Horn, but it will do.


  9. These Yankee comments are hilarious…

    This offense was an absolute disgrace today in every sense of the word

    Teix is killing the team the yanks need more from there number 3 hitter

    This offense is pathetic. What is our record against teams above .500?

    Seriously? We couldn’t do any better than this POS? Really? How about next time we just wheel the pitching machine out there, same results but at least we won’t have to look at his ugly face while he blows another game.


  10. Was at the game. It was awesome, but the Jays did their absolute best to get Andy Pettitte his 200th win tonight. Fucking Lind was making Pettitte look like Sandy Koufax. Someone needs to get inside his skull and figure out what’s wrong with him immediately.

  11. A good day at the office by MarKKKKK Teixeira

  12. Let’s see how the “this team is fine” argument works out when the Yankees are 15 games out in August.


  14. This guy is the NYY version of johnnypickle:

    Tampa will feast on the Yankees with late inning comebacks, Yankees in 4th place within days,
    bank on it.

  15. What a pessimistic fuck – funny though. I’m enjoying these Yankee blogs

    Texas scores another run… 6-1

  16. This doesn’t get old:

    Thankfully we play the Baltimores and Houston after this. We face Arizona pretty soon too. Games are so much more watchable when we are playing bad teams we can beat, rather than look hopeless against good pitchig

    When will MLB start testing for HGH? Beat if they did the Blow Jays would be looking a lot different.

    Somebody’s worried and looking to reassure himself:
    no matter how this game or series turns out, F the blue jays. every year it’s the same story with them. they get off to a decent start the first half of the year then they fizzle out. when it’s all said and done this season they’ll be on the outside looking in again. things even out in a 162 game schedule. guys like jose bautista and alex gonzalez and people like that are not going to play like this all year. it’s all good. let them play well over their heads now. the yanks will be in the playoffs at the end and the jays won’t.

  17. Aaron Hill’s last 10 games: 12-39 4BB 3HR .308/.372/.538

  18. June 5, 2008 we were 32-30
    June 5, 2009 we were 31-26
    June 5, 2010 we are 33-24

    I love this team…

  19. Lyle Overbay’s last 10 games 13-37 3 BB 3 HR 4 2B .351/.400/.703

    Not going to do Mr. Lind’s last 10 games.

  20. LMFAO – our pitchers have had a lot of growing pains, they better wake up and realize that

  21. I called for a 15-10 June. We should be 4-0, But are 2-2. But fuck me ,I get much more satisfaction out of beating the Yankees than the Rays. Going for the sweep tomorrow. I hope Morrow has his A game. And that our bullpen has some gas in its tank after the long game today. And Cheers to Ricky for pitching a great game today.

  22. And Tampa loses

  23. That can’t be real. A Yankees fan wants the Blue Jays all tested for HGH, immediately. His team won championships because Clemens, A-Rod, Pettitte, Knoblauch were all roiding out, with Giambi taking whatever he could get his hands on in between the WS victories…. and he wants other teams tested.

    Christ. There isn’t a single person who has ever posted here that’s even remotely as mind-bogglingly stupid as the average Yanks fan.

  24. Listening to Kyle Drabek and the Fisher Cats


  25. Drabek not looking good at all tonight

  26. I think he didn’t bunt in the 11th because he wasn’t confident that Overbay and Buck could score him from 2nd with one out. Whereas in the 14th he felt more confident with a runner on 2nd, one out with Hill and Lind coming up so he bunted. (I don’t know if thats it or not but I felt this way, despite of recent struggles)

  27. Lester just walked the bases loaded with 1 out in a 1-0 Boston lead.

  28. Fuck do the Orioles ever suck

  29. Haha, Yankees fans have short memories I guess.

  30. Fisty Martinez must be ecstatic that he doesn’t have to cover that orange clad shitshow anymore.

  31. The four best teams in the American league are all in the AL East

  32. Nice comeback win by the Fisher Cats

  33. That’s it, you fathead. Keep giving up hits. Oh look over there, some midges are coming.

  34. Thanks to Fulmer for providing the links to the Yankee blogs. I liked this post:

    “I said in ST the Jays were good – and they are. They’ve got terrific young pitching and very good hitting. Soon enough, the Yanks might find themselves behind them”

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