Folks, it’s another beautiful day for baseball. Despite the dreary weather and the sourness surrounding a certain incident this weekend, the Jays have brought on the sunshine. Other than wasting over four hours of my life, yesterday’s 14-inning game was pretty fucking inspiring. A bullpen-that-was-supposed-to-a-sure-bet-but-then-kinda-sucked-it totally stepped it up beyond expectations. Remember, we lose in extra innings. It’s almost not even an intangible statistic when it comes to the Jays. But then we get two confident, stellar innings from Dirty Janssen, two from the always-excellent Shawn Camp and, hey, Kevin Gregg found the strike zone! Nails all around.

Brandon Morrow and the Jays look to sweep the Evil Empire and continue to embarrass the fuck out of Teixeira.
Go Jays.

Toronto Blue Jays

Lewis – LF
Hill – 2B
Lind – DH
Wells – CF
Bautista – 3B
Gonzalez – SS
Overbay – 1B
Reed – RF
Molina – C

Morrow – P

New York Shitfucks

Jeter – SS
Swisher – RF
Teixeira – 1B
Rodriguez – 3B
Cano – 2B
Posada – DH
Granderson – CF
Cervelli – C
Gardner – LF

Vazquez – P

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  1. Getting blown out is better than losing a close game? No. They are equivalent ultimately. My point is there is no “confidence building” in “playing with the big boys” if you dont beat them. If it were football and you play the saints tough on the road and barely lose, that is something where one can draw value from. But this isnt football. its baseball..and losing 4-3 to the yankees or 4-3 to the o’s is the same. the jays know they can “play with the big boys”…they need to win these games cause god knows there will be many games coming up where they get lambasted by these teams.

  2. They aren’t equivalent at all. A team that loses in blowouts (like Baltimore) is indicative of a team much worse than the Jays (who rarely have lost in blowouts).

    Speaking of Baltimore, I can’t believe Will Ohman is their fucking closer right now. The guy is a lefty specialist.

  3. I can’t believe people here think it’s good that Cito had them bring in Marte instead of Rivera. Lind was batting .103 vs lefties before that at-bat. You really want him facing Marte in that situation?

  4. Matchups and pitching to guys who are hot/cold can be second guessed, but little league managers know (even if they don’t totally know why) that you never walk the winning or tying run on base. Other managers do NOT make that kind of completely amateurish blunder. Cito loves the move, does it all the time; he clearly thinks that the double whammy of setting up the DP and the force at home is worth the baserunner. There is no tweaking of the situation that is remotely close to the value of a free and incredibly important baserunner. Stunning, just stunning. It’s not even stats – most ballplayers know that as one of the commandments of baseball strategy. I absolutely guarantee clubhouses across the league are laughing/completely incredulous at that move and there are some seriously ticked Jays as well. It’s one of the things that started the mess last year: even in a rebuilding year, it is insanely frustrating to play for a manager that doesn’t know the ABC’s of baseball strategy.

  5. That was a mistake by Cito, too. Even if it didn’t mean much. He should know about Lind’s struggle’s vs. lefties.

  6. Is this Baltimore’s third closer of the season?

  7. How did it not mean much? It was a one-run game in the bottom of the 8th. Lind’s our best left-handed hitter. I know Rivera is Rivera but Lind’s OPS is 500 POINTS higher against RHP. His OPS is below 300 against lefties. It just made zero sense to me.

  8. Simply because you say baseball is different doesn’t make it so. Fact is, some of these guys don’t know they can “play with the big boys”. Morrow certainly didn’t know. After today, even though they lost, he does.

    Also, you can’t possibly tell me that blowing a lead to the O’s is the same as the Yanks. One is far more demoralizing. In one case you can say “we lost to a great team, take it as a learning lesson, we can’t let these goods team off the hook.” in the other you say “man, we blew it tonight, we can’t be losing games like that to teams that are below us in the standings.” I guess both can be seen as learning lessons, but those are lessons you aren’t going to get from a blow out loss.

  9. Exactly right. It was inexplicable moves like this that drove the Jays into their mutiny last year.

  10. It didn’t mean much compared to his blunders in the top of the 8th. That’s all I mean.

  11. Hey! Welcome back man. Where were you.

  12. That we can agree on. I also have no idea why he didn’t pinch hit or pinch run for Molina in the 8th.

  13. Nice 6-3 homestand. Sucks massive ass that in the 3 losses the Jays had leads going into the 8th and 9th innings. But like others have said, in some ways, that’s actually a positive sign. A few balls dropping in differently, and Kevin Gregg not being a complete piece of shit, and the Jays sweep two very good teams back to back.

  14. Great discussion, indeed. Thanks for having it.

    I’m guilty of letting the Arnsberg escape, uh, escape my mind. Chacin’s 1.45 WHIP? Get right outta town.

  15. 2-3 for June… last week I mentioned that I think June would be a success if we went 13-12… still looking like we will

  16. And I called 15-10. And we should be 5-0

  17. Orioles won. Yes.

  18. love the intentional walk scoring…why put the fourth run out there..its like you are saying…if the yanks score three..we lose.

    I see another contraction – its = it is. Might want to get your sub-processors a level-2 diagnostic.

    what did cito do that was so great?

    1: He turned Adam Lind around, with Gene Tenace.. not that it shows.
    2: More importantly, he got John Gibbons the fuck outta town.

    anyone noticing how completely shitty wallace has been in AAA since Overbay has been heating up?

    To be honest, I’d rather watch this kid do horribly in the MLB and learn, rather than watch Overbay heat up for 3 weeks, then shit the bed for the rest of his career.

    If anyone thinks the playoffs are possible this year, maybe someone should tell you that drunken spin the bottle game to see who gets a lobotomy wasn’t such a good idea.

  19. Tongue-in-cheek

    Go learn something new for the day.

  20. 46-32 would be pretty incredible

    Hope you’re right

  21. Fuck Downs.

  22. I was at the game. This is a really good team. I don’t think I’ve seen a better version of the Jays this decade, maybe not since 1994. The problem is the bullpen and they clearly need some help there. But this is supposed to be a ‘rebuilding’ year. On the one hand I want them to stay the course and wait for the off-season. Being a little bit in the race has always hurt us. It meant we were neither buyers nor sellers at the deadline. Maybe we should sit pat and load up next winter. On the other hand, I doubt we’ll get this kind of magic-in-a-bottle power next season so maybe we should rethink the rebuild and go for broke now. It’s clear that no one pitcher has emerged as ‘the closer’. Any way we can get such a guy without depleting a newly-stocked farm system?

  23. Hechavarria 1-6 today… not doing so well in June thus far

  24. Meh, subtle… you threw me with that one logical sentence.

  25. It seems that a lot of us (myself especially) are living the moment a bit too much and not looking ahead. If we are 3 games back of the wild-card by the All-Star break, should we really be buyers? I for one say no and look to move Frasor and Downs (not because of their performances today) for some prospects. I have always been a believer of Pat Gillicks philosophy, and AA seems to be taking the same approach. We have a 33-25 record and our Silver Sluggers are looking like pure shit at the plate. Some of the pitches that Lind swung at during this Yankee series just had to make a Jays fan shake their head. How much further could we honestly go with those two struggling? I seem to believe… not very far.

    Our starting pitching is great now, but Cecil never pitched in September and it was 2008 when Marcum last did. The big question behind that is… will their arms dwindle like Romero’s did? As you may remember, Ricky was awful last September… now I don’t know if that was arm fatigue or what… but I’m guessing that it was. On top of that, the 5th spot is still up for grabs…

  26. fuck downs

  27. I think this team is right there with the 98 edition managed by that Vietnam vet guy…whatever happened to him?

    IMO the constant drivel in this comment section on Gaston is ranking right up there with late 80′s TV show references, the Media Nazi and Action Makes. Why not call out OCD on this Stoeten?

    This is a team that has far surpassed expectations and I am with BFF…take a step back and judge the season as whole not on a single pitch or pitching change or even a fucking entire game.

    The usual folks need to take the blinders off.

    Radar…you are bang on.

    As for Wilner…douchebag needs to remember who signs the cheques, fuck integrity, fuck what’s right and what’s wrong, fuck clout points with…that shit dont pay the bills, feed the kids and keep the wife happy. Wilner needs to STFU and remember he is an adjuct for the team, nothing more, nothing less no matter how much he wants to get stroked for his baseball knowledge. Bottom line in any pro sport, if your not in the game, your not in the game and you ain’t never gonna be let in…no matter how superior you think you are. Cito has 40 years in. Wilner has zero. That counts for everything as much as The Usuals don’t want to hear it

  28. I would agree with comments here that say that we should enjoy the season and the exceeding of expectations. I also agree that there are alot of good signs and things to look forward to.
    What i look forward to is these same players plus a few pick ups, being even better next year.
    Imagine this team with a decent manager?
    The Jays cannot compete this year, but next year with a new manager and another year of maturity this will be a good team.
    A game here and there isnt the end of the world but I can see people getting mad about the way Cito does things. He should be tested for dementia because he has cost this team some wins. If the jays had a decent manager they would be in the wild card spot at this moment.
    Like i said, next year cant come soon enough.

  29. I think this team is right there with the 98 edition managed by that Vietnam vet guy…whatever happened to him?

    Tim fucking Johnson LOL… he did a hell of a job though… right now, he is managing Independent Ball… the Tucson Toros

    take a step back and judge the season as whole not on a single pitch or pitching change or even a fucking entire game.

    ^^ agree

  30. There are only a handful of managers that make a difference that I have seen in my lifetime…the rest are retreads…think NHL were the same 10-15 coaches play musical chairs for a decade until the next wave comes

    IMO, difference makers…over the long haul…in no order are Howser, Weaver, LaSorda, LaRussa (asshole that he is), Leyland, Cox, Kelly, Herzog, Scoscia, Maddon, Torre,

    I put Cito a notch below with the likes of Martin, Pinella, Baker, Bochy, Sparky Anderson and Francona (jury still out on if he is amonst this generations elite)

    Guys, you really need to start viewing Cito in a different context and compare what he does to other managers rather than bitch on each in game move

    Again, take step back…take 50 steps back…as baseball should be viewed…and make a judgement

  31. This is one thing that really perplexes me. I can’t think of any pitcher that would choose to intentionally walk someone. I thought the role of manager was to make these decisions and tell the pitchers what to do.

  32. You’re right, and I don’t suggest blowing the budget or raiding the farm.

  33. I don’t hate what he did in the eighth (starting with IBB), probably shouldn’t have let Morrow go out there.. Yeah Teixeira is struggling but by walking him you set up the double play. With Cano up its not as important loading the bases because they only needed the one out, walking Cano really puts the pressure on him to get Posada with no where to put him. Frasor said he could get Cano and Cito believed him.

  34. What suprises me is the Jays XW-L is only 34-24. Shit, if they won all the games that they should have won on this home stand [9-0] they’d be 36-22 and 1.5GB of Tampa, leading the WC no less. Thems the breaks when yer bullpen is too busy polishing each others nails.

    I still say the playoffs is a very narrow pipedream, but it’s fun to see the Jays overacheive compared to expectations.

  35. Now my 2 cents. This season is the opposite of what I thought it was going to be. I thought we would suck ass, and that Downs, Frasor, and Gregg would be awesome, and we would trade them for sweet prospects. Now we sit within reach of a playoff spot (mind you it is early) and what I felt would be our strength is actually our weakness. I have 4 games in my head, that if managed in an appropriate manner would have us in first place by a fair margin. 1 game in Seattle where Gregg shit the bed, The 2 games vs the Rays, and today’s game. This team leaves me confussed if not entertained. What to do…..Do we think of this year? or the future? I say future. I love this team, it has exceeded all the expectations I could have put on it, but it is no where near a team that can win a world series. All things considered id rather wait and build a team that can compete on a yearly basis. If it is just about getting your dick wet, then by all means hump that fat chick in the corner. But id rather build up my team and fuck the shit out of the prom queen.

  36. Totally agree with you. Imagine this team next year, young guys with an extra year of development. Presumabbly will nto have a dip shit for a manager and mabey Rogers will spend a bit more to land a couple free agents, then already, within only a year the Jays could be a legitimate contender.
    The question for this year is, how long can this young, enthusiastic team put up with Cito’s shit before they quit on him like they did last year?? How many games can they see mis managed and slip through their fingers before they say fuck this?
    What kind of letdown is it to be Morrow and throw 7 shut out innings to see the game lost? It has to have an effect on you.
    Can only hope Wilner keeps nailing Cito. Fucking Bobcat better not be a pussy tommorow either.

  37. Cecil interview with WFAN in NYC talking about his great night on Friday and (AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH) growing up a HUGE Stankee fan. And, he has a signed Petitte jersey (his hero) from last year and they were supposed to meet for the first time today. Be strong Brett, resist the Dark Side.

  38. Marc Carig Yankees Beat Writer: Guess that’s why they stay away from the games up there in Toronto.

    I love how every single person in NY that follows or writes about baseball is an enormously retarded piece of shit that gets everything wrong. Actually, shitstain, we “stay away” because the game is fucking rigged for you and Boston each year (and they still took 2 out of 3). And Toronto is still averaging better numbers in their playoff drought than NY did during the Mattingly years.

    I would love to see Girardi try to manage this team this year. The Jays wouldn’t win 50 games.

  39. Parkes or Stoeten:

    How about a Draft Threat for tomorrow (7 pm start) since it is an off day? First and compensation rounds done tomorrow night (so Jays at 11, 34, 38 and 41) and then second round starts at noon on Tuesday(and they should be doing at least 60 picks an hour) so should be into seventh or eighth round by game time Tuesday.

  40. And, finally, on the subject of replay and technology in baseball, I am so in support of this. I wish it started tomorrow.

    Hitting the strike zone is something pitcher’s try to learn from an early age with precise release points, etc. And, batters the same but with different disciplines. Why in the fuck should they have to adjust from day to day or even during a game to the ocular vagaries of some middle-aged, usually obese fucktard. A human’s ability to be on watch for 2.5 to 3.5 hours has to be susceptible to some misses. The argument that the umpires are just part of the human element of the game is ridiculous. Yes, players make mistakes, managers make mistakes, but they are the ones undertaking that risk and the teams just have to live with those results and we all understand that. We will not live with or understand mistakes from non-competitors when the correct decisions can be made (albeit by bits and bytes).

    And, this comment from Joe Girardi has to be the capper:

    Joe Girardi also said he doesn’t want expanded replay because “the rhythm of the game is extremely important.” (yes, yes, the Yanks and Red Sox respect the “rhythm” so much they love to drag games out to the four hour mark and . AARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

  41. I never thought I would ever come hate Cito Gaston. I mean, that’s like hating Beaver Cleaver, but fuck. I can’t stomach the guy anymore. Two seasons of what I believe is Cito holding this team down, and I’m just about ready to go completely fucking insane. If I never see the man nor hear his name mentioned ever again, it’ll be too soon for me. I still just can’t believe his incompetence. I dunno. I wish Cito would just fuck off. Is that too much for a longsuffering Jays fan to hope for?

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