Before we get to throwing our hands in the air and wondering why the fuck the Jays can’t seem to ever find a way to succeed against National League clubs, or whatever trivial stuff we’re about to talk about, I’d like to say that our thoughts are with one of our favourite all-time Jays, John McDonald, and his family, after his father passed away yesterday. Johnny Mac had been away from the team for several games to be at his side, and is scheduled to return on the weekend.

And, seeing as there really isn’t an appropriate segue after something like that, in other news, Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun reports that Travis Snider and his wonky wrist have began throwing, playing catch yesterday in Dunedin. So, it’s not all doom and gloom—though… well… Dustin McGowan, Elliott also reports, is headed to see the dreaded Dr. James Andrews after the latest setback on his throwing shoulder, and the labrum that was surgically repaired in July 2008.

So yeah… there’s all that. And there’s afternoon baseball! (Well, for you west coasties, that is.)

For us here in the east, it means that the Jays and Padres will begin the final game of this three game set only a half hour earlier than when a Jays game normally starts—6:30 PM.

Today RR Cool Jay (5-3, 3.29) takes the hill against the intimidating force that is Kevin “North” Correia (5-4, 4.98) in what’s sure to be a veritable Correian War of a matchup.

Fuck, I don’t know…

After the loss last night the Jays find themselves seven games out of a Wild Card spot, settling comfortably into the middle of the pack in the American League—which is still quite impressive given the (read: our) talk of “tank nation” at the start of the year. And fortunately—which I mean in the kindest way possible—it’s beginning to look like we can stop worrying about management blowing up their long term plan in order to roll the dice on this year’s club… an idea I’ve certainly been rolling the dice on, if you know what I mean. (Also: one that we probably shouldn’t have been too worried about anyway.)

The Jays return home to face the San Francisco Giants this weekend, who unfortunately—at least in my view—don’t appear as though they’ll be starting young Wiley Wiggins, who pitched today against Baltimore, allowing two earned runs and striking out ten over six innings. If my counting is correct, his next start will be the first game of the Giants’ next series, in Houston. Horse apples!!!!

The Lineups

Toronto Blue Jays

F. Lewis RF
A. Hill 2B
A. Lind LF
V. Wells CF
A. Gonzalez SS
L. Overbay 1B
J. Buck C
E. Encarnacion 3B
R. Romero LHP

San Diego Padres of San Diego

D. Eckstein 2B
C. Headley 3B
A. Gonzalez 1B
S. Hairston LF
N. Hundley C
C. Denorfia CF
A. Cunningham RF
L. Zawadzki SS
K. Correia RHP

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  1. I went there thinking they’d have instant info on the Buck HR but no luck. Anyone know a boxscore that shows HR footage?

  2. shit… the FAN feed just dropped…. welp, back to Buck I go

  3. typical dumb ass play by gonzalez…not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  4. Burnett already out of yanks/phills game.

  5. Congrats A-Gone, you just got doubled off on the gayest throw you’ll ever see in MLB courtsey of Ecks.

  6. whose stronger eckstein or johnny mac?

  7. Comment on Wilner’s blog:

    So Mike, how do you explain referring to the team as “your Toronto Blue Jays” but then you go loony when anyone dares to says we/our/us?
    - Howard

    Didn’t someone post the exact same thing here?

  8. HA great comment

  9. J-Mac. Eckstein has to charge up his arm for even the most routine throws to first. J-Mac can be rolling over and flick a perfect throw with ease.

  10. give fdot something to hit!!!

  11. FUCK

  12. I hope RR had a high pitch count because otherwise why the fuck would we PH Wise?

  13. Yes. The consensus was that Wilner is capable of such hypocrisy because he is a massive douche.

  14. 108

  15. Thanks, I will grudgingly accept the decision now.

  16. believe me, i wish he had gone another inning or 2… i need some scoreless innings for my fantasy team lol – then i realized he was at 108… poop

  17. good to see downsie looking a bit better

  18. with that fly out… that makes Lind 6-45 so far in June with 3 RBIs, 4 BBs, and 0 HRs… OBP is lowest ever this season

  19. I guess the #4 spot isn’t the only thing that can fuck him in the head eh??

    But in all seriousness… he’s had a bad season but part of that has to be not getting as many pitches to hit. No excuse, but I get the sense he gets in his own head pretty easily.

  20. Has anyone heard from JB? I have not seen him on here. And he hasnt posted on his twitter in over a week.

  21. Jays feed here:

  22. another throw in the dirt by E5

    the faster Moonraker comes back… the better

  23. Overgay having a good night

  24. lets get fdot up one more time

  25. buck futter!

  26. Fdot with a grand slam for the cycle would be awesome

  27. Does it piss anyone else off when the players don’t leg out the ground ball?

  28. Are they seriously pitching around Reed? This can’t be intentional.

  29. Haha! Jerry is hot on E5: “If that’s the best you can run, then you better get off the field and let someone else do it!” And he’s still going!!

  30. Fdot swing for the fences son

  31. FDOT!

  32. come on fdot…. get this fucking cycle

  33. FDOT

  34. E5 gets out of the box like he doesn’t give a shit. How the fuck does he not beat that out, especially with Eckstein throwing. Fucking useless piece of shit.

  35. That is surprising that Jerry would say that. He waited until Rios was gone before he bashed him

  36. HERE WE GO

  37. Why do we call Lewis FDot?

  38. Because of his (ex) Twitter account FdotLew

  39. 2 RBI single works too lol

  40. bahahahha oh well fuckin’ huge game for freddy

  41. No cycle but a fourth hit and two RBI. Plus he’s already hit for the cycle once in his career. Atta boy!

  42. Fuck yes. I need to get a Lewis jersey.

  43. I think E5 has answered the big question. When Snider returns he plays everyday in the field, J-Bau goes to third, and E5 rides the pine.

  44. The best thing about this inning is that we inflated Bells era. He and Gregg are the 2 best available closers at the trade deadline.

  45. I just used the word smegma on the comments section of an article on the Jays official website. Do you think that will fly under the moderators radar or will it get pulled?

  46. I wouldnt worry about it. The Jays brass likes cock cheese. I mean they did hire JP once.

  47. Off topic but….when did TSN start showing movies? Tin cup with Kevin Costner is on

  48. First time I’ve ever seen them show a movie. I’m guessing it was between this or a rerun of some celebrity poker tournament that happened a month ago. In that case it’s not a bad call with the movie, I must say.


    good game vegas 51′s

    I like this Brad Emaus

  50. So the security fence for the G20 has been moved to now surround the Rogers Centre.

    Now you know why the games were moved to Philly at such a late date.

  51. Jays outright Dopirak. only 39 men on 40 man roster. Who takes the spot? Wallace? Drabek? Emaus? JPA?

  52. Drabek!

  53. Hoffpauir continues his assault on the PCL – why cant we just make him a third basemen

  54. Anyone see this retard comment?

    “Q: Greetings Richard,

    By all accounts, Vernon Wells is one of the classier men in baseball and clearly blessed with talent. Why then, does he chronically and egregiously ground out to short on a first pitch with runners on, killing yet another potential rally Every twelve year old pitcher in Canada knows you get Wells out pitching him a high one outside or similarly off his shoe tops. Is he just not intelligent enough to learn pitch selection, even after all these years? And why, on a team of mediocre hitters, has Dewayne Wise been brought back? At age 32, this fellow can’t hit water falling from a boat? Does he have something on someone? A guy like this is only to be used when management is promoting ” Guaranteed Loss Night.” Your valued insight, please!

    Kind Regards

    Selby Martin, Toronto

  55. Wilner’s always gone ape-shit about ‘us’ vs ‘the team’. I don’t agree with him but I figure it’s his blog and he gets to run it whichever way he likes. (By the way, Mike, if you’re reading this, you continue to use ‘hopefully’ in a completely inappropriate way. I know you said that you’ll use it the way you wanna use it. But if you care about syntax at all, you’ll drop that. It’s wrong and it belongs with other crap words like ‘irregardless’ that people use to sound thoughtful and they just end up sounding ignorant.)

  56. So here’s my conspiracy theory for the day:

    The Jays are rebuilding. They aren’t going to contend seriously before 2012. Their fan base is way down and it’s not going to improve as we watch the baby pitchers get their experience and the position players sort themselves out. So how to get butts in seats? Why here’s an idea! Make them into aggressive hitters. Go for the long ball. OBP is for wusses. It’s a lot more fun to watch a team that hits it out the field on a regular basis than watch a team that finishes fourth only because they’re not as bad as the team that finishes fifth and happens to be the worst team in the league. Gaston started this with his comments out of Spring Training. It’s true that he has a bunch of guys who can hit, but I’m sure some of them could up their OBP and their BA if they weren’t jumping all over the first fastball they see. However that’s not what’s required this season…

  57. yea, I did a day or two ago, although i think i used the term apeshit, not loony. I’m not howard either.

  58. this is the first time i noticed that the LCBO and Mike’s Hard Lemonade are advertising on a website with drunk in the domain name.

  59. Not that i expect the Jays to make the wildcard, but what are peoples guesses as to the win percentage of the team that makes the wild card? Both tampa and the Yankees are at .631 right now, i cant see wild card being more than .600, so even though the jays are 6 games out, i look at it more from a win percentage viewpoint. Jays sit at .537. If you can hover around .550 all year, all it takes is a hot september to get to .586, which got in last year. just saying….its fun to hope, dont judge me….

  60. I just farted, and it kinda felt like a little bit of shit might have creeped out of my ass and leaked through my undies. It was a real wet shit, and I am not quite sure what the protocol on this is. Do I just grab a kleenex and try to clean it up? Or do I go home and change my gitches? Because if I change my underwear my mom would see them in the laundry hamper. I guess I could just throw them in the garbage. What do you guy’s think I should do?

  61. Little more draft news on guys who should sign:

    Griffin Murphy (should sign):

    Kellen Sweeney (should sign):

    Justin Nicolino (should sign):

    Sam Dyson (may sign):

    Logan Ehlers (may sign):

  62. test

  63. Tonight is sleepover night at JB’s house, so I’ll probably be a little late with the Game Threat (ha,ha! Isn’t that just drole!. Get it? Game ThreaT. I hope you guys think I’m funny.)

    Anyway, JB’s dad gets home late tonight because it’s Friday and there’s lots of traffic to work at the Union Station and Greyhound Bus Station washrooms. It’s fishnet stocking night, so sometimes he’s in a bad mood ’cause he has runs in his stockings. JB’s dad’s getting older now, so he’s hitting largely on the handicapped stall, but like he says, ‘When you love the cock, you love the cock, and it don’t matter what’s attached.’

    If his stockings have runs in them, we’ll all cuddle up on the bed and cheer him up by talking about Lyle Overbay and how good he is, and how crummy Gaston’s doing with this team. Then we’ll have what we call ‘the tasty part’ before JB and I head downstairs to the pc and jump onto the website for some more of my clever ‘game threat’ comments and JB’s insights about obp.

    So see ya’s all later folks, and remember to click on our banner ad as many times as you can because I’m hoping someday we’ll get paid for these ads instead of running free ones. That’s not for you young’uns though, so if you’re underaged, don’t click just post.

  64. According to Barry Davis, Jays have signed Nick Green for some reason

  65. I wanted to laugh, but that’s insane. You need help.

  66. Actually it’s called a game threat because the first ever game thread here was misspelled as a “threat”. Then they just ran with it.

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