The Jays return home tonight for a matchup with the San Francisco Giants and the surprising Barry Zito (7-2, 3.10) tonight, after a thoroughly uninspiring road trip that saw them play with absolutely no chemistry or urgency in their hilarious nil-nil draw with Algeria.

Taking the hill for the home side will be Brandon Morrow (4-5, 5.14), who has been sometimes spectacular—as in his four hit, one walk, eight strikeout no-decision against Tampa at the end of April—and sometimes completely fuckawful—as in his inex-fucking-plicably moronic decision to call back a goal that would have seen the Americans pull off a 3-2 come from behind victory against Slovenia.

Joining the club will be the newly-signed utility infielder Nick Green. He replaces Mike McCoy, who the Jays have said—via @LottOnBaseball—will go to Las Vegas, as they have questions about him that can only be answered with playing time.

Tonight’s match should be an interesting one, since, you’ll remember, the Giants dominated play in the first half of a friendly at Enschede last September, before the Dutch pulled out three goals in the last twenty minutes to win it 3-0. Of course, this match will be quite different from a friendly, and the lesser known Japanese players should prove to be a good test in a different way than Monday’s cagey match against a Denmark side who were very familiar with the Netherlands.

Whoa. Wait… what? Uh… I think my head’s somewhere else at the moment. Enjoy the game…

The Lineups

Toronto Blue Jays

F. Lewis CF
A. Hill 2B
A. Lind LF
V. Wells DH
A. Gonzalez SS
J. Bautista RF
L. Overbay 1B
E. Encarnacion 3B
J. Molina C

B. Morrow RHP

San Francisco Giants

A. Torres RF
F. Sanchez 2B
A. Huff LF
J. Uribe SS
P. Burrell DH
P. Sandoval 3B
B. Posey 1B
B. Molina C
A. Rowand CF

B. Zito LHP

*Non slap in the face to baseball fans who don’t give a shit about the World Cup note: Holy shit balls, Aaron Rowand hitting ninth? You are a fucking wizard, Sabean. A FUCKING WIZARD!

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  1. Litsch just lowered hi era by 5 runs in one inning. Lol

  2. Can a ball really be “popped up” and go 300+ ft?

  3. Everything hit in the air is popped up according to Buck. Which is funny because everything hit in the air was an imminent homer as far as Ginger Campbell was concerned.

  4. fgsdfg

  5. Looks like another no show game for the Jays offense. I dont think I can remember an above 500 team with as many low 200 hitters as the jays. for christs sake, we dont have anyone in the 290′.

  6. Litsch has good tilt on his breaking pitches today..more than i remember in the passed.

  7. litsch showing good command today… nice to see him rebound from that nightmare last week

  8. Marcus Knecht goes to Auburn but not Jake Marisnick? I guess it doesnt matter since they are both very young, but I thought Marisnick would for sure start in Auburn

  9. You know how you can tell soccer is a gay sport? When a team can play with one less player than the other team and it doesnt make a difference.

  10. Not to be a dick, but what do you mean “good tilt”?

  11. I am tired of all the Hill pop ups

  12. Hill + Lind + Wells = 3 popups


  13. i mean the downward action on his breaking pitches. he’s always had good one plane movement (side to side) but today it appears he has two plane acction.

  14. wow…another web gem by gonzo

  15. man, how shitty can this team’s offense be? it seems as though more than 2/3 of games are 2 runs or less.

  16. Getting real tired of the pop ups

  17. For the last 2 weeks we’ve been facing some of the best pitchers in the league, and many of them for the first time ever, people need to stop acting like its some massive clusterfuck that the runs aren’t as plentiful as when we were beating up scrubs fresh out of spring training.

  18. Hill is a pop-up machine… pretty incredible

  19. That was pathetic. Hill needs to sit.

  20. I’m going to get my dictionary, drive to Rogers Centre, find Buck Martinez, open the dictionary to the page that has the word “literally” defined on it, and shove it in his big stupid face.

  21. Thanks for the 7 scoreless Litsch .. too bad this pathetic team can’t get you a (useless counting stat) win.

  22. Cain at 95 pitches. God I hope he gets pulled soon.

  23. You go get’em Douch. That’ll learn him.
    It’ll have him quakin’ in his boots for years.

  24. Bautista is going to win this one in the 9th.

  25. id almost rather see someone bunt just so that I wont have to see a pop-up – but with our luck, we would pop-up a bunt to lol

  26. Your mom quakes in her boots when I shove my German sausage up her yam.


  27. Downs and Gregg warming, but if we can score at least 5 in the bottom of the eighth here, I still think we got this.

  28. Steal it, you pussy

  29. Only problem with Lewis stealing is if he gets caught, Hill has to bat again in the 9th, and he’s an automatic out at this point.

  30. Ok, so clearly I’m a retard.


  32. HILLY!

  33. Awesome.

    Chance to win another one we have no business winning.

    Another 123 ninth would be heaven.

  34. its about fucking time… the pop-up machine finally gets one to leave


  36. Finally

  37. I like Henry Aaron Hill better than regular Aaron Hill.

  38. It’s nice to see the other team get fucked by poor bullpen management for once. Cain was gassed this inning. Just don’t get why managers insist on leaving a guy in for more than 110 pitches at the ABSOLUTE most. For any pitcher not named Halladay it’s almost guaranteed not to end well.

  39. As far back as he can remember, Hill always wanted to be a masher

  40. haha, wilner just read aloud my comment about ashby being a genius on the radio.

  41. Awesome

  42. nice battle at the plate

  43. Here comes Gregg … strap in

  44. 3 runs should be good enough for Gregg (gulp)

  45. Diaper strapped on

  46. 4 outs in a row lol… can we make it 6 today?

  47. 5 outs in a row…

  48. NICE

    I’m liking this

  49. Gregg has been good in his last few outings. Double A needs to trade this guy asap.

  50. fan-fucking-tastic!

    back-to-back saves for Gregg going 1-2-3

  51. Cito’s a genius! What a manager!

  52. Should all pitchers get tommy john surgery if they need it or not? They always seem to come back so much better after. Hope this is the case with Litsch.
    McGowan is seeing dr. andrews on monday and the results of the MRI dont show anything that they didnt already know, so here is hoping, it was only soreness and nothing else.

  53. Should all pitchers get tommy john surgery if they need it or not?

    absolutely not

  54. WTF is Wilner talking about? Litsh was never close to being as good as Doc? This guy is on crack.

  55. It was a tongue in cheeck comment. you would never want someone out of commision for well over 18 months.
    But is it just my anecdotal evidence, or do most pitchers actually come back better after tommy john surgery?

  56. Lots of pitchers NEVER comeback…not too sure where your getting your info from..

  57. Thats why i am asking.
    Anecdotal evidence means, unscientific and seeing from your own experience.
    I have seen a number of pitchers come back much better, i think its from the tightening up of ligaments or something. Remember hearing some announcers explain it a couple years ago.
    or it could be the case that i am totally on crack.

  58. Umpire douches spotted at Fenway by Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

  59. Yes you’re right in what you’re saying. Those that do make it back are often in better shape then before because a) the tendons transplanted are stronger than those normally found in the elbow and b) the tendons are relatively unused so its like starting over whereas before the pitcher could have had a decades worth of strain on a good tendon. But yes, obviously its far from guaranteed that you’ll ever get back to that place because the surgery is so far from perfectible. Of course you have to be a good pitcher to begin with for it to even matter, a stronger tendon on a shitty pitcher is still a shitty pitcher.

  60. This is complete BS. James Andrews himself has stated many times that the surgery does not make one stronger or able to throw with more velocity than before the surgery, by itself. What happens is those effected by the injury, who go on to have the surgery, do so much arm elbow and arm strengthening during rehab that they MAY actually throw harder than before.

  61. Here is a good article from 2007 that I read some time ago regarding TJS. A lot of kids think its magic and want go forward with the procedure. These young kids seriously think that getting TJS will make them a better stronger pitcher

  62. Thanks, good article. Nice to know i am not on crack.

    Lets just hope that Litsch is one of those pitchers that comes back better. He seemed good today, easing back in with 94 efficient pitches.
    This starting rotation may be absolutely dominant in all of the majors in a couple years.
    Go Marlins.

  63. Fucking Marlins are coming back against the Rays. Go Marlins. 5-5 in the ninth

  64. And i thought we had a bad bullpen………….
    Even though it looks like Tampa might win this game, it looks like they are coming back down to earth a little bit.

  65. Marlins are coming back……ECHO
    I guess its not just the Jays that collapse late in the game sometimes.


  67. The Jays can’t catch a break with some of the pitching matchups. We got both Carpenter and Wainwright in the Cardinals series. This whole month is ridiculous.

  68. Morrow is a diabetic. Can’t help but wonder if he’s better suited for the pen just on the basis of that.

  69. Don Kollins is a wanker. Does he think the whole Wilner thing will just blow over?

  70. Who the fuck is Don Kollins?

  71. So Andrew, I figured you got paid something to write a blog for me to read everyday. If so write a blog for me to read everyday goddamnit!

  72. Can somebody please pull the cucumber out of their ass at least long enough to start a Sunday GDT today? ….Didn’t think so.

  73. I’m not certain, but I am guessing he is Wilner’s supervisor and the one that gave him the ‘weekend off’.

  74. What are the odds we do anything against Sanchez? We suck against crappy lefties and this guy is a stud.

  75. How the fuck do you walk Juan Uribe?

  76. Fake umps are back, doing a four-game stint for charity. Apparently the real umps asked them to do it. Respectable.

  77. The Bang Bang Bang girl is back with another Jays vid

  78. another recycled game threat huh lol…..

  79. Blowing anyone else’s mind that on a day where Bengie is on the bench, Posey STILL isn’t catching?

  80. They warned us about this. During the World Cup, they completely neglect this blog. If your a soccer fan, that’s understandable.

  81. need to capitalize here

  82. I’m definitely a soccer fan, but I mean it doesn’t take any more than a minute or so to copy/paste the line-ups and say “here you go… enjoy”

    ah well, as long as we win today i don’t give a fuck :)

  83. Not even an attempt to run to 1b Edwin? You miserable fuck. I hope Cito puts his foot up your ass.

  84. patience my friend… Snider will show him the pine when he returns lol

  85. come on aaron

  86. Who the hell cares? He was going to be tagged anyway.

  87. Can’t come soon enough. That, and Lind finally realizing that every pitcher for the last month has started him with a fastball down the pipe and he should probably start mashing them.

  88. Actually if he started out of the box right away, he would have avoided the tag. He most likely would have been thrown out at first, but I’ve seen catchers throw the ball away, or the 1B bobble the ball, etc.

    For at least the outside chance of an extra out, it’s not much effort to invest to run 90 feet.

  89. lind needs to be batting down the order already. i can’t remember seeing someone looking that lost at the plate.

  90. Isn’t all the soccer in the morning? Is it that hard to throw up a game thread?

  91. No, he would have been tagged by Whiteside who grabbed the ball almost immediately. I doubt that thought even entered his mind, though, because just struck out terribly on 3 pitches and walked out of the box like many frustrated hitters do.

    There are far bigger things to worry about than E5 showing “effort.”

  92. BUCK> ALL

  93. attaboy BUCK!

  94. Lind has a .274 OPS vs. lefties this season. His numbers against righties are almost respectable.

  95. what if overbay had a decent lead off third and made a dash for home as soon as whiteside threw to first. any chance he scores, sorta like runners on the corner and the guy at third takes home as the ball is thrown to second to get the runner on first trying to steal?

  96. and yeah, i know the distance from home to second is farther than home to first. so maybe i should just forget it…

  97. This is Overbay we’re talking about, right? There’s no chance.

  98. I’m not getting into this with you Fullmer Fag.

    You strikeout on a ball in the dirt, you run to first, or at very least try and sell it to the ump that you tipped the ball, instead of staggering back to the dugout like a jackass.

    And when you’re not hitting or playing good defence, the least you could do is pretend like you’re actually interested in your team winning. That’s why the effort matters.

  99. Yeah, it’s defensive errors that you should be concerned with about E5.

  100. his numbers on the year might be respectable, but he looks absolutely lost at the plate today and yesterday. i mean, his swings aren’t even close, and are half hearted. i think gonzalez should be hitting 3rd (or 2nd, with lind 3rd).

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