The Jays return home tonight for a matchup with the San Francisco Giants and the surprising Barry Zito (7-2, 3.10) tonight, after a thoroughly uninspiring road trip that saw them play with absolutely no chemistry or urgency in their hilarious nil-nil draw with Algeria.

Taking the hill for the home side will be Brandon Morrow (4-5, 5.14), who has been sometimes spectacular—as in his four hit, one walk, eight strikeout no-decision against Tampa at the end of April—and sometimes completely fuckawful—as in his inex-fucking-plicably moronic decision to call back a goal that would have seen the Americans pull off a 3-2 come from behind victory against Slovenia.

Joining the club will be the newly-signed utility infielder Nick Green. He replaces Mike McCoy, who the Jays have said—via @LottOnBaseball—will go to Las Vegas, as they have questions about him that can only be answered with playing time.

Tonight’s match should be an interesting one, since, you’ll remember, the Giants dominated play in the first half of a friendly at Enschede last September, before the Dutch pulled out three goals in the last twenty minutes to win it 3-0. Of course, this match will be quite different from a friendly, and the lesser known Japanese players should prove to be a good test in a different way than Monday’s cagey match against a Denmark side who were very familiar with the Netherlands.

Whoa. Wait… what? Uh… I think my head’s somewhere else at the moment. Enjoy the game…

The Lineups

Toronto Blue Jays

F. Lewis CF
A. Hill 2B
A. Lind LF
V. Wells DH
A. Gonzalez SS
J. Bautista RF
L. Overbay 1B
E. Encarnacion 3B
J. Molina C

B. Morrow RHP

San Francisco Giants

A. Torres RF
F. Sanchez 2B
A. Huff LF
J. Uribe SS
P. Burrell DH
P. Sandoval 3B
B. Posey 1B
B. Molina C
A. Rowand CF

B. Zito LHP

*Non slap in the face to baseball fans who don’t give a shit about the World Cup note: Holy shit balls, Aaron Rowand hitting ninth? You are a fucking wizard, Sabean. A FUCKING WIZARD!

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  1. Yes there are bigger things to worry about but when you factor in his other many examples of showing lack of effort or hustle it just frustrates fans who expect at least that much and can appreciate a player doing things like a pro even when they’re struggling. But fuck it, yeah, once Snider comes back Cito better sit his fat lazy ass on the bench.
    Fuckin E5 with the error. Lyle can’t save you everything dickhead.

  2. i mean with hill 3rd

  3. Dude, every player on the Jays has walked back to the dugout at least once this year on a strikeout. It happens, get over it.

  4. i agree. encarnacion never runs out his grounders with any hustle.

  5. Charity is always a good thing but their act is growing old. It’s kinda annoying seeing them back there actually.

  6. I said against righties. It’s his horrid approach against lefties that has killed his numbers.

    And no, Alex Gonzalez should not be the Jays’ 3 hitter.

  7. E5 will be on the bench when Snider returns…that I’m sure about. He’s brought nothing to this team for the entire season. I just can’t get all up in arms about not running out a strikeout (in which he would have been tagged anyway). The fact that he’s frustrated about striking out at least shows you that he does care.

  8. well, i actually think gonzalez should be in the 2 spot, hill the 3 with lind 6

  9. the only thing more annoying would be if they had brought a vuvuzuala

  10. Can’t say I agree. Gonzalez’s OBP is too poor, he doesn’t walk nearly enough to hit high in the order. I would actually have him hit behind Overbay if I had my way.

  11. Marcum’s been battling with his stuff all game…I do hope the stranded runners don’t come back to hurt his chances at the win.

  12. like i was saying, lind is looking great at the plate

  13. He looks a lot better against righties.

  14. Santana struggling against the Yankees again…somehow I think his career would have went a bit differently if he was pitching in the AL East instead of the AL Central a few years back.

  15. well for what it’s worth, gonzalez has a higher OBP than both hill and lind

  16. Career stats matter far more to me than what somebody has done in 200+ AB.

  17. With Cito you never know … and with Baustita struggling with the bat yet playing ridiculously good defense in the outfield I can see a platoon situation with the three.

  18. Anyone else dumbfounded that this is only a one run game?

  19. fair enough, but lind really only has one full season under his belt. hard to base much of anything on his career numbers

  20. nice job by marcum to get out of that shit jam

  21. BOO yeah! he better come out for the 6th

  22. Lind has 1517 AB at the major league level.

  23. Buckner is definitely a hitter’s umpire. Just too bad neither team is swinging the bat.

  24. tallet isnt being impressive so far.

  25. Questionable decision to put Tallet into a one run game. I guess he has more faith in him than Frasor or Janssen…not sure why.

  26. Its the senility.

  27. And that’s probably game. Sucks for Marcum.

  28. well this game changed quickly…..

  29. Bri-an Tal-let! clap-clap-clapclapclap!

  30. well this fucking sucks

  31. Tallet, you gargantuan piece of fuck.

  32. Tallet was the right choice, stop second guessing every minor thing Cito does after it backfires. You need multiple innings, Frasor can’t give you that today, Jannsen has shit numbers and was rocked last 2 appearances whereas Tallet has been effective last few appearances. Simple decision, didn’t work out, sucks for Marcum.

  33. Geez, and this guy isn’t still starting? I wonder why…

  34. Just got here, did Marcum struggle today? He didn’t last all that long.

  35. tallet was the wrong choice. the right choice was letting marcm throw another 15 pitches in the 6th

  36. The right choice would have been to utilize one of his righties against a team full of them.

    Janssen has a 3.84 FIP and a 3.76 xFIP. His numbers are more than fine if you know what to look for. He’s also a guy that can go multiple innings.

  37. Oh, and I questioned the decision before it backfired, not after.

  38. As soon as he was warming up.

  39. looks like Doc is gonna get another loss… 8-6 for the season unless the Phils find their bats in the 9th

  40. The problem with the Phillies is that even at full strength I don’t think they are better than the Braves.

  41. If I had a dollar for every pop up this series I’d be rich, just pop up city, and Vernon start earning that contract you overpaid piece of shit.

  42. Oh God, the mascot is now with the nitwit umpires.

    I stuck up for them last year. I cannot maintain my position anymore. Anyone care to wager $20 Internet dollars that Rogers has somehow “sponsored” these guys?

  43. so, we have defensive holes at third and left field. and we have noone that can hit even 280..a shitty bullpenn…one of the lowest batting averages and obp in all of baseball…and yet are 38-31. something doesnt add up.

  44. The Phillies have played bad baseball for almost a month. That’s a red flag no matter how much talent you have.

    And this Giants team sucks dick. I can’t believe they’re several games over .500. Juan Uribe hitting cleanup the other night?

  45. It’s strange right after the Phillies were accused of stealing signs from other clubs they just bombed and got shutout like 5 or 6 times, have to believe their was some truth to that.

  46. Are you accounting for the great starting pitching and the fact that the team leads the majors in HRs?

    I think that more than explains their record.

  47. It would be fun to play in the NL West with the Giants…no doubt about it. Playoffs every year!

  48. Wainwright, Carpenter, and Halladay in a row this coming week. Tough break.

    Plus we have to play a home series in a sold-out road ballpark…thanks Beeston and the city of Toronto.

  49. The starting pitching is the only reason the Jays aren’t 10 games below .500, I guess it doesn’t matter though when they also have one of the worst bullpens in baseball.

  50. Wow, JMac hits a HR on Father’s Day. Good for him.

  51. Good for JMac! Happy for him

  52. Tough last ab there for Overpay, swinging at junk.

  53. Junk? Wilson is one of the top closers in the game, throws a 98 MPH fastball, and Overbay battled for 6 pitches.

    Stop fucking whining.

  54. Great moment for Johnny Mac. I’m blubbering like a baby over here.

  55. Overbay was also down 0-2 in the count even though it should’ve been 1-1. CB Bucknor at his finest.

  56. The pitch he swung at was way out of the strike zone that’s what I meant by junk. You can see on gameday.

  57. Wow. E5 optioned to vegas immediately after the game. See how hard he tries now!

  58. EE to Vegas, replacement will be a 3B… looks like either Emaus or Hoffpauir. Neato!

  59. He threw him a high 98 MPH fastball out of the zone and got him to strike out on his pitch. It’s nothing to be pissed off at Overbay for after he battled to even get 2-2.

  60. I didn’t see the game, did EE do something specifically today to get sent down? Seems like odd timing after he had a good game the other night but I guess overall shittiness warrants it.

  61. I remember when this site was updated.

    Good times.

  62. Wow. Johnny Mac’s dad should die more often.

  63. he didn’t run out a dropped third strike. and on saturday he didn’t hustle his run out to first after a couple grounders. it has to be his overall lack of effort (which was discussed way up in the comments above)

  64. wow. i know you were trying to be funny, but you weren’t.


    I’d start my own blog, but I have nothing better to offer.

  66. YOU should probably die more often. Well, at least once. Thanks!

  67. I don’t… when was this site ever updated?

  68. Great job by those running this blog. The careful attention and commitment to updates is truly a world leading inspiration and a shining example to all.

  69. Johnny Mac is on the front page of Yahoo! right now… fucking awesome


  71. ” Asked what he was thinking as he rounded the bases, McDonald was painfully honest. ‘Probably the fact that I couldn’t call my dad after the game to tell him.’ “

    man, that breaks your heart. i hope he stays a jay for the rest of career.

  72. image if baseball was played like soccer – get ALMOST hit by a pitch, you scream like a bitch, fall to the ground, and roll around like you’ve just been shot. then the ump throws the pitcher out of the game, and your team is forced to play with only 8 players in the field for the rest of the game.

    oh, and if you fall behind by 2 runs early in the game, don’t expect to come back and tie it up

  73. Overbay “battling” to even up a count is like having your kid bring home six Ds and one A- in physical education and trying to argue to his teacher that he’s not retarded.

  74. You forgot the best part of soccer- you can play for a tie and some teams even make this an ongoing gameplan!

    Soccer- a sport for those who can’t win and are fine with just doing okay. Makes sense that the “get Toronto out of the AL East” contingent that runs this blog follow soccer religiously.

  75. The blog has been run like shit recently so I don’t even know why I am writing this, but in Parkes defense he does cheer for the Nederlands and they always play with the intent to win.

  76. True.

  77. E5 got DFA’d

  78. Thanks Tips…

  79. From the Jays Twitter;

    “RHP DUSTIN McGOWAN will have arthroscopic surgery June 22 to increase the range of motion in his right shoulder. Dr. Andrews to perform.”

    So, did they tighten his shoulder up too much?

  80. Somebody on MLBTR is floating a rumour that the Jays are interested in Mark Reynolds. Can anyone confirm or is this horseshit?

  81. As long as the Jays keep inexplicably giving him $1.5M every year to play baseball (or get 50 AB a season), he’ll be here.

  82. Fullmer Fan you are a complete fucking asshole, do everyone a favor and kill yourself you fucking tool. 1.5 m to Rogers is fuck all, and the guy just lost his father so fuck you and your precious roster spot. Sit in front of your computer for another 17 years jerking off to fangraphs while this team fails miserably, fuckwad.

  83. Shit My Dad Says: Soccer is for fags.

  84. Nobody who runs this blog is of the “get Toronto out of the AL East” contingent, you fucking moron.

    And FYI, while it’s hilarious to watch dumb fucks try to find ways to shit on soccer, most people who don’t like something don’t bother with this pathetic attempt to shit it out of existence. And nobody actually “hates” something as abstract as the specific rules or style of a sport. What you hate is something deeper about it– the fact that you don’t understand it or its appeal, or have any connection to it, and you don’t like right now, in particular, how everybody’s talking about this thing that “others” you. But the thing is, it’s fine if you don’t like it. No one cares. So could you maybe just accept that instead of being an asshole about it and raging against it as though someone’s going to take your retard opinions seriously? And don’t pretend you’re actually moron enough to think less of someone because they like a sport you don’t like– it’s completely transparent and pathetic. Just don’t like it and move on.

  85. I disagree with Fullmer about the contract– because the money is so completely insignificant– but… um… how the fuck does one thing here have anything to do with the other?

  86. You’ve mentioned repeatedly that you want the Jays playing under a more balanced (read: easier) schedule. You know this, otherwise it wouldn’t have struck a note with you.

    An argument in support of soccer is the only thing less interesting than the game itself. I’d fuck off and all, but I actually like your blog when more than half of an ass is involved.

  87. I rather enjoy them kicking the shit out of the ALC. If it’s going to remain imbalanced then I just wish the games against those shitty teams would be better distributed. The structure of last year’s schedule was a fucking joke — even a contending Jays team would have had trouble with that.

  88. I question your taste and low entertainment threshold for liking soccer, nothing more than that.

  89. You’ve mentioned repeatedly that you want the Jays playing under a more balanced (read: easier) schedule. You know this, otherwise it wouldn’t have struck a note with you.

    Um… fuckface, a balanced schedule does not equal leaving the division. Yes, there should be a balanced schedule, but not because it’s better for the Jays but because it’s… what’s the word? Fair.

    And here is yet another thing I’m pretty sure you’re not dumb enough to actually believe, but you said it anyway to a) be an asshole, and b) hide the fact that you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. It’s like the soccer thing again– what are you so afraid of, pussy?

    An argument in support of soccer is the only thing less interesting than the game itself.

    Oh, good, so then we should just drop it and not have you respond to how I called you out for being both a moron and a scared little piece of shit. Did I hurt your widdle feewings by pointing out that your objections to soccer are so far over the top that it’s obvious you feel, for some reason, threatened by it?

  90. Holy shit. Evidently I was an angry drunk this evening.

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