Jesus fuck. You’d think the Jays would be kind enough to stop doing shit while the World Cup is on, so that when I’m done reading up on Nic Anelka telling Raymond Domenech to go fuck himself, England’s comically shitty performances, Italy’s comically shitty performances (words I’ll probably end up eating next Monday, FYI), and the latest Arjen Robben injury news—aaand after I’m finished telling the complete fucking retard who emails me shit like “Just another great fucking blog..keep your deep throating, soccer loving comments on a soccer site…fuck me that is disgusting……” after any time I mention soccer on here, as though I’ve put a gun to his pea-brained head, or that I fucking owe it to this clown to meet his expectations of what can and can’t be talked about on my own goddamned blog—I don’t have to worry about keeping up with whateverthefuck is going on with the local baseball team.

Wow. Really? One sentence? What a clusterfuck…

Anywho, apparently the Jays won’t take my needs into consideration, since they keep doing shit.

Examples: today they announced that Buck Martinez will no longer be required to butcher Edwin Encarnacion’s name twelve times a game, as the lazy fuckhead has been designated for assignment, and they announced that Dr. James Andrews will be performing arthroscopic surgery on Dustin McGowan’s severely wonked shoulder tomorrow, hoping to increase his range of motion, and Scott Richmond has been activated from the 60-day DL, and optioned to single-A Dunedin, and everybody’s still talking about that whole incredibly poignant moment during yesterday’s Father’s Day game, when John McDonald homered in his first at-bat after his father’s recent passing. (Fortunately Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star has that one covered perfectly.)

That the Encarnacion thing is by far the most interesting might say more about the utter hopelessness of the McGowan situation than it does anything about E5. Encarnacion was first demoted to Las Vegas to “work on his swing” after Sunday’s game. Jarrett Hoffpauir—who Mike Wilner points out had a fantastic .328/.378/.532 line in Las Vegas, though away from Cashman field his numbers dropped precipitously—was called up to take over at third until Jose Bautista moves there on Travis Snider’s return.

Today Encarnacion’s status was changed to “Designated For Assignment,” meaning the Jays have 10 days to either trade him or send him through waivers. “If he clears – and no one claims him on the waiver wire – he can report to class AAA Las Vegas,” explains the Toronto Star. “But that doesn’t appear to be an option.”

His days with the club are almost certainly over, and on this one I’m going to do something I feel like I rarely do, and join the chorus in saying: good fucking riddance you lazy, useless twat.

I really don’t think I have to spell any of this out. And while I do completely understand the idea, which the Jays have now deviated from, that he’s a decent bat, and might still somehow unlock the key to make him not a complete fucking butcher in the field, I’ve got to admit that—obviously—I don’t much care that they’ve cut bait on him. It was reasonable-enough experiment, and while I personally would have let it continue at least until Travis Snider is ready to return, it hardly seemed as though anything—his value to either this club or any other—was going to change .

Maybe that’s unfair—after all, E5’s BABIP is a vomit-inducing .167, and he’s bound to hit better—but if the team wants to evaluate and get plate appearances for potentially useful pieces going forward, I’m pleased as a fucking pig in shit that the Jays have decided those should be Snider, Fred Lewis and Jose Bautista, instead of shuffling one of those three in and out of the lineup to keep getting at-bats for Encarnacion. The butchery in the field and the pathetic attitude on the base paths were, for me, just the gravy on the shit sandwich.

Now, all that isn’t exactly to say I don’t wish him well—I still think that with his bat he can be a somewhat useful piece for somebody—it’s just that it’s probably in the interest of both parties that he’s gone. And ultimately, especially thanks to the apparent (for now) success of the Fred Lewis deal, it’s a move of little consequence… except in that Anthopoulos actually had the balls to do it (which maybe doesn’t quite put him into the fifteen tonne steel-balled league of Pierre Gauthier, but is impressive nonetheless).

Update: As the esteemed Brad Fullmer Fan notes in the comments, Anthopoulos told reporters this afternoon that he expects Encarnacion to clear waivers, “and at that point, Encarnacion is required to report to AAA to keep receiving paychecks.”

So, maybe it’s premature to say that we’ve seen the last of him. Maybe an injury will end up forcing his recall. Maybe they’ll realize that, as BFF also points out, Jarrett Hofpauir is not any fucking better. Maybe the Jays will refuse to eat his salary in a deal and will just let him rot in Vegas. I wouldn’t bet on any of it (well… except for the part about Hoffpauir sucking), but sure… maybe…

In Other News…

Dullards who don’t understand how they’re fighting against their own interests don’t like it when this blog makes brief forays away from the apolitical, so I’ll refrain from making any sort of comment on this photo except this: Fuck yes, Obama! Fuck the fucking wave!!!

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  1. No way! Is that Obama photo for real?! It’s DA BOMB!

  2. Hah. Fuck the wave

  3. I’m pretty sure the Star jumped the gun with that comment about AAA not being an option for Encarnacion.

    Anthopoulos has already told the media he expects E5 to clear waivers, and at that point, Encarnacion is required to report to AAA to keep receiving paychecks. The Jays aren’t going to accommodate him with a trade unless somebody takes on his salary.

    As for whether this is a good move, well I’m not a big fan of E5 (nobody is, I’m sure), but he’s a better hitter than Hoffpauir. It seems like a downgrade until Snider returns.

  4. More like Edwin EncarnaciGONE, AMIRIGHT?

    Please validate me.

  5. Nicely done, Luciano.

    And this was a classic Stoeten post. Loved it. But, really, why oh why did no one tell Buck Martinez how to pronounce EE’s goddamn last name? That was fucked up.

    Most of all, I’m thankful for the DJF commenter who posted that Encarnacion song. I enjoyed the fuck out of it the last little while. Long live the Monkey Army.

  6. Oh, hey, by the way gang…IS anyone going to Philly this weekend? Or did that whole thing sort of fizzle out?

  7. I was wondering about that myself. Kind of thought Parkes was going to follow up and organize some shit, but then I guess the World Cup happened.

    I’m going for all 3 games, and will be driving down. If somebody needs a ride, or even wants to coordinate some tailgating or something, now would be a good time to mention that.

    Back on topic, I was at the game yesterday and glad I wasn’t the only one to notice/comment on E5′s completely fuckawful lack of effort and generally shitty play. Not running out that strikeout was bush league. He was in no way rushed on that throwing error (maybe that was the problem) and could have taken another half second to get in position. And overall he is hitting like shit. I understand what people say about BABIP, regression to the mean, etc., but let’s be fucking serious: when practically everything that comes off your bat is a sky-high popup, of COURSE you will have a low BABIP. (See also: Hill, Aaron.)

    I have to confess, I was thinking “dump this asshole,” but didn’t think they’d actually do it. Would have preferred that they just option him as originally planned, but I guess if he does clear waivers then it ends up being the same thing. If there is trade interest, I would prefer to see the Jays eat his salary and try to get a prospect, as opposed to just dumping the salary. It’s not like that money is going back into the pot for next year and maybe we’d get somebody who could turn into a player (not likely, but possible).

  8. You all obviously aren’t as familiar with Parkes’s organizational skills as I am. Pretty sure that idea has achieved it’s only possible outcome.

  9. I’ve got tickets to Saturday’s game, which, if all goes according to plan, should be Halladay vs. Marcum. Definitely need to coordinate some tailgating. I forget which lots are which. I’ll just have to keep my eyes open for Jays jerseys and Canadian flags.

  10. You know who’s not going to miss Edwin? Lyle Overbay. I’m sure he likes showing off by constantly taking throws on short-hops, but at the same time, I’m sure he’d like a couple throws from third,you know, at his chest.

    Now, I have no idea how good Hoffpauir is/isn’t (the best I’ve read is “not great”), but even seeing someone else skip balls to first will be a welcome sight for me.

  11. Nice shout out to Griffin here Stoeten. He has his moments where he actually earns his salary, and he did with that piece on Johnny Mac and his Dad.

    I think Johnny Mac’s homerun was something I’ll never forget… you couldn’t write the script any better (aside from the fact his Dad passed away, of course).

  12. I have a couple friends going down to Philly this weekend. I emailed Dusty about the trip but he has yet to respond. Have you guys booked a hotel or anything? There is a Holiday Inn pretty close to the Park. Let me know what you guys are planning on doing.

  13. Does anyone think Brad Emaus will be in the majors at some point this year?

  14. It seems to me that the move was made to try to wake Encarnacion up to his struggles, not to completely get rid of him. Though I’m sure if somebody claimed him (and his contract) off waivers, the Jays would be more than fine with that.

    If anything, this indicates that E5 almost certainly won’t be offered a contract by the team next year. I guess they figure Bautista, Emaus, or a free agent/trade acquisition can play the position in 2011.

  15. I sang the Encarnacion song last Friday night from my seat at the game. Thanks for the opportunity E5

  16. I used Hotwire and got a room at the Aloft. It’s right across from the airport and a few miles from the park. There are a bunch of other hotels (Hilton, Sheraton, etc.) on the same block. Wondering if anybody else is in the same area. If not, I might look into taking public transport to the park as I’m sure parking is rather expensive.

  17. I’ll be at the Holiday Inn…it’s just steps to the park, so we’ll be walking over our lawn chairs/beer for the tailgating.

  18. I heard that Halladay and Hamels are swapping places in the rotation, so Halladay goes Friday and Hamels on Saturday.

  19. Hmm, looks like the Holiday Inn has free parking … they won’t notice one extra car, right?

  20. JP arencebia is just raking. Just nailed his 15th homer. Hitting almost .290 on the year. Can we say he is a prospect again?

  21. He’s definitely a prospect, one of this team’s better ones actually.

  22. I don’t hate soccer. I’m sure as hell not going to make time for it, but I’m also not going to waste energy hating it. It is amusing though the way you soccer evangelists whine and cry whenever someone dares call it shitty and boring. It’s great fun to see the socceristas get cranky and nasty — certainly more fun than watching or playing the sport.

  23. I have to disagree with a previous commenter who suggested that Overbay would be happy to see E5 go.

    On the contrary, the only positive thing that Overbay did for about two months of this season was flag down Edwin’s errant throws. It was really the only logical reason Overbay was in the starting lineup. (I know… Logic + Cito = ?, but still.)

    Now that we don’t have E5 maybe that hack Overbay is the next piece of fat to be trimmed…

    Oh, and I can’t wait until the World Cup is over. I can’t stand reading anything you write about it. Makes me want to vom.

  24. Overbay has been this team’s best hitter since mid-May.

  25. soccer is lame, stop watching it and get back to work

  26. First, fuck off, Stoeten. As an American, I hate that I’m interested in soccer. I hate even more than your twitter account has me set for a huge disappointment from the Dutch. Also, fuck Algeria.

    Two other things – E5 sucks on the bases. One of my favorite things about Bautista (seriously, join Blue Jays Hunter’s JBau Appreciation) is how he always distracts pitchers when he is at first. No, he doesn’t have great stolen base stats. But his ability to take aggressive leads without getting thrown out makes him that much better of an option than E5 when Snider comes back.

    And jesus, I miss Dusty. By far one of the best parts of retreating to the virtual world of video games is playing MLB 10 The Show, where McGowin is healthy and fucking nails. I really hope the club stays with him until he’s healthy – he is too damn good when he’s on.

  27. Yea, the extent of Parkes’ organizational skills seemed to be “Here is a link and a promotional code”, which was kind of fucking pointless because the site had the fucking code in CAPS right on the page.

    But hey, I will be at Friday and Saturdays game sitting the Jays friendly section, so who am I to complain? If any one asks I am a season’s tickets holder.

  28. Also, I could deal with the crap average and the odd bad throw (in the short term with Overbay to pick up his shitty arm). But the fucking lazy ass base running and 80% effort has got to go. If he does go to AAA I hope they fix his attitude or else good riddance.

  29. I don’t hate soccer. I’m sure as hell not going to make time for it, but I’m also not going to waste energy hating it. It is amusing though the way you soccer evangelists whine and cry whenever someone dares call it shitty and boring. It’s great fun to see the socceristas get cranky and nasty — certainly more fun than watching or playing the sport.

    Except, you’re just making that up. Please, go ahead and don’t like soccer. I completely understand that it can seem boring– though I would say the exact same thing about baseball– if you don’t get into it. Fine. But if you don’t like me talking about it, or if you don’t like me shitting on the fucking morons who go out of their way to shit on it, sorry, I guess you’re on the wrong site.

    But please, don’t call me an evangelist. I love it, but I could care less what anybody thinks about soccer, as long as they’re not trying to tell me not to talk about it on my own goddamn blog. And really, the issue isn’t that these retards call it shitty and boring, it’s that they’d call any sport shitty and boring, as though we don’t fucking understand that some people like some things, and some people like other things. Great, you don’t like it. And guess what? If you see us talking about something you don’t like, how about you go the fuck away instead of pretending like you’re going to cause an epiphany in us where we’re like, oh fuck, this complete fucking piece of shit is right, soccer is boring! These dumb cunts know that’s never going to happen, and yet they do it anyway because they think it’s cool to be assholes. Sorry, boys, it’s cooler to not be a fucking retard.

  30. You just proved my point.
    You know what I do with people who think baseball sucks? I tune them out completely. And I don’t oblige them with a response. They aren`t worth the time.
    Have an orange slice and cheer up. There’s soccer on tomorrow.

  31. You know what I do with people who think baseball sucks? I tune them out completely. And I don’t oblige them with a response. They aren`t worth the time.


  32. Hahah fuck the wave indeed.


    Waiit ! So we traded rolen for encarnancion and now were letting him go for nothing? teh jays only care about money fuckig rodgers just takes our money!! when will jay fans wake up and realise


    Oh my! excuse me. Go Jays.

  33. Hah, look at Stoeten taking the bait.

  34. Actually, they traded Rolen for Stewart and Roenicke, and the Reds threw in EE in order to dump his salary on the Jays. So the situation was actually the complete opposite of what you were implying, more or less.

  35. well, it could have been a walk off home run. you know, if tallet hadn’t of sucked as much as he had

  36. soccer is for fruity men with shrunken testes. that is all.

  37. it’s pronounced hall-a-day, not holiday

    ; )

  38. Got tickets for the Saturday game but no hotel yet. Anyone with Philly knowledge who can suggest a bar for post-game toasting when we win or lose 1-0 (pretty inevitable considering the offenses and pitchers involved)?

  39. this world cup wouldn’t be so bad if the outcome of so many of the games wasn’t decided by arbitrary, inexplicable calls by the refs. and if there wasn’t so much diving and feigning of injury. and if teams could muster more than 3 shots on goal. and if the goalies, i mean keepers, didn’t wear those hamburger helper gloves. and if every other rush wasn’t blown off sides. and if the ball actually bent instead of out of flying out of the stadium. and if you could actually hear fans chanting instead of those annoying as fuck white noise makers. but the vuvuzuala is part of s.african culture? so is rape, aids and female genital mutilation. calling soccer the beautiful games is like calling two hockey teams playing the trap “beautiful and artistic”

    but who ever doesn’t watch the brazil portugal match probably hates sports in general. that one will be a cracker. oh it shall be glorious. i always cheer for the former colonizer!

  40. Bold Prediction of the day

    Yankees miss playoffs. Take away games against Bal. and Hou. which they are 13-2 and they are rather pedestrian

    I giggle when I look at Burnett’s and Vazquez’s line, nevermind the bullpen lead by Joba’s 5.50 ERA. One injury to the rotation and they stumble. Big Time.

  41. the goal is the size of a fucking two-car garage and these tools still can’t score

    fuck the sport, it’s broken, there is no rationalizing to make for its lack of action/excitement


    LOL stupid fucking phillies fans

  43. Hey Stoeten, dont talk about Soccer on your blog.

  44. Great Photoshop skills.

    Anyone know of any Butchers’ Picnics in Toronto?

  45. Article by Ken Fidlin in the Toronto Sun, what a tool. I cant beleive he made this stupid ass comment.

    “As much as this season is about laying a foundation for the future, there is the very real possibility that this franchise might not be any closer to a playoff spot than they are right now, for several years to come.”

    Oh really? This team is a serious contender 2 years from now, with by far the best starting rotation in the majors. Pitching wins championships.
    Does Findlin know anything about baseball? Cetainly not like Griffin at the Star.

  46. Hatred of Soccer aside, driving around with a flag on your car then honking your horn when you see someone at the intersection with the same flag, well that’s just grounds for sterilization.

  47. It’s hilarious how certain you are of your predictions.

  48. He said there’s a possibility that things aren’t going to work out exactly as planned. I don’t know how anyone can reasonably disagree with that statement.

  49. Apart from that, nobody gives a shit where your people come from

  50. Well there is a possibility that anything could happen. so then why write it? there is a possibility that the Jays could win the world series this year. is it going to happen? No, so why bother writing it?
    BTW he said a very real posibility, which can be interpruted to mean, a high possibility.

    “It’s hilarious how certain you are of your predictions.”
    Ya it fucking cracks me right up too.

  51. Tailgaiting is permitted in the following lots: A-H, J,K,L,M & N at Citizen’s Bank.

    Your move, Jays fans.

  52. He wasn’t just noting that the possibility exists, he was suggesting that they go for it this year because there certainly is a chance that everything falls apart and this is the closest they’ll be to contention for a while. I disagree with him too, I just think your reasoning was flawed. Specifically, you said:

    Oh really? This team is a serious contender 2 years from now, with by far the best starting rotation in the majors.

    Which is completely ridiculous. Unless you’ve already forgotten that we were all saying the same thing a few years ago before Marcum/Litsch needed Tommy John surgery and McGowan’s arm fell off?

    Anyways, like I said, I disagree with Fidlin and I am optimistic about this team’s chances in the future, but it’s hardly a sure thing, and it’s not really fair to call him an idiot for not being able to see the future with the same incredible clarity and precision that you apparently have.

  53. Did anybody else here the Manager on the Fan this morning? He said that E5 had some leg problems that he was dealing with, and also that the reports of the DFA were inaccurate. Cito said without a shaddow of a doubt that he was sent down on his remaining option. Can I get a big WTF?

  54. By the way, I forgot to point out what happened on the weekend that kept JB and I from posting our insights in the Game Threat. (Get it? Game ThreaT? Hope you think I’m funny.)

    I was over at JB’s for my Friday night sleepover, and JB’s Dad didn’t turn up on time. Turned out he got arrested at Union Station in the bathroom when he came onto a cop. JB’s Dad says it’s a classic case of profiling – just because he was wearing fishnet stockings, leather hot pants and black leather cap, and was looking under the stall doors, the cop arrested him for soliciting. Anyway, JB and I were in our pajamas and neither one of us wanted to admit we were getting scared so we talked about how Cito Gaston is screwing up the season and how Lyle Overbay’s great and the morons are too stupid to realize that because they don’t know about obp and neither does Cito and how Mike Wilner’s great too.

    Next morning when JB’s Dad got released he came home and took us to a ballgame at Christie Pits and we didn’t even have to get dressed and he still had his fishnets on with his leather hotpants and gay cap and we were there in our pajamas and we talked about how batters shouldn’t swing at pitches they should just stand there and hope for a walk and that’s what we’d do ’cause we’re smart like Mike Wilner and not stupid like Cito. It was a great time but those players were morons and wouldn’t just stand there when they were up.

    So anyway, glad you all enjoyed my post about E5 and how he got DFA’d and keep clicking my ads because I’m hoping that enough clicks might mean I get paid for having them up.

  55. Halladay will make his next start on Friday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.
    The Phillies are flip-flopping Halladay with Cole Hamels in order to keep Halladay pitching on five days rest.
    [Breaking News]
    Mon, Jun 21

    God. Dammit.

  56. Whaaaaaaat? That’s crazy stuff. Evidently either AA didn’t bother to tell Cito about the DFA, or he did tell him and Cito just didn’t understand (probably more likely). In any case, that’s some serious clusterfuckage right there.

    What I’ll take out of this is that obviously Cito isn’t really highly involved in that kind of roster management, which is comforting, at least.

  57. Maybe more interesting: will any reporters ask him to clarify those comments? Seems like the kind of thing Wilner would be on top of normally, but at this point, who knows.

  58. It’s a nothing issue, though.

  59. Yes of course, everyone knoews that e5 had legs problems….like the fact that they dont move.

  60. Landry was all over him actually. He went back and specifically asked if the injured legs were an issue and not effort. Cito said yes, effort wasn’t an issue. And they also made him verify the non-DFA. They did way better than I was expecting when I first heard the Manager mumble.

  61. You don’t think that it speaks volumes about Cito’s engagement, involvment, attention to important details or the respect he might lose with the players for not knowing this shit? He even mentioned Cecil slicing his thumb while cutting veggies…small detail, but wasn’t it chicken? If we’re interested enough in this team to know that, shouldn’t he be as well? When my staff are away from work for any length of time, I sure as hell make it a point to find out why and have genuine enough concern that I don’t mix up details…and I manage more than twice as many people as Cito.

  62. How is it a nothing issue that the manager thinks a guy is being sent down for some routine injury rehab, while in reality there’s a pretty good chance that he might get claimed off waivers and never play for the Jays again? Or that anyone with a Twitter account or a copy of this morning’s newspaper is already more up-to-date on this than the manager is? I don’t think it’s a huge deal, but it’s certainly not a “nothing issue” either.

  63. Nothing is a sure thing, but I wouldnt say that there is a real possibility that this year is as close as they wil get for many years to come.
    I would say that its more likely that they do better in the next couple years then they are right now.
    The way i read the article was…the team is doing suprisingly well this year, they might as well go for it this year because who knows what the future holds. This is probably the closest they will get for a while, so might as well go for it.
    I am starting to resign myself to the fact that this season is done, i hope they can keep it interesting, but i am really looking forward to the next couple years with great optimism.

  64. We all know Cito is a joke. We just need to wait for this year to be over to be rid of him.

  65. Sure, it’s disappointing and ridiculous that he doesn’t know exactly what they plan on doing with EE, but neither Cito nor EE is in the long-term plans. That’s why it’s a nothing issue.

  66. Cito is the guy that confused Jeremy Accardo for Casey Janssen…nobody should be surprised.

  67. Enjoy the development of great young pitching talent with this organization for once, these guys are blossoming before your eyes and some of you knobs can’t even appreciate that.

  68. Do you drive a Dodge Stratus as well?

  69. I enjoyed the fuck out of that Encarnacion YouTube video too! That honestly made me fucking laugh. I must have viewed it a hundred times which probably speaks more to my pathetic existence than to my sense of humour. That was funny fucking shit though!

  70. Funnny story from JBau’s Pirates days:

    “After the MLB draft, I began interning in the video room & helped with video scouting. The video room was connected to the clubhouse & I interacted with the players on a daily basis – which was USUALLY pretty fucking sweet. My unpaid job, for approximately 10 hours a day, was to watch game film and enter info for each pitch (pitcher, hitter, pitch type, location, result, etc..) into a huge database.

    “Superstar” Jose Bautista was hitting a robust .220ish – slumping all the way down from about .300ish in the beginning of the year. He came into the video room and was watching film of his previous ABs against whomever the pitcher was. He noticed a pitch was labeled a slider when it was, in fact, a change up. Bautista became convinced this was the reason for his prolonged slump. He began screaming at me about how this one mislabeled pitch was ruining his chances of baseball immortality. Meanwhile, this same pitch was being looped on the TVs and showed Bautista missing the pitch by a solid two feet and damn near falling over. I found this funny. Bautista became more enraged and continued berating me about how bad I was at MY job. So an unpaid intern got chewed out by a career .239 hitter for doing what he has earned millions of dollars doing – having a shitty batting average.”

    Full article:

  71. Only shitty thing about moving Bautista back to third is he is a great outfielder and has the best arm on the team

  72. By all accounts Bautista was a complete idiot when he was younger, which probably has a lot to do with his late bloomer status. I read a while ago that he broke his hand punching a wall after a bad strikeout or something back then, too.

  73. First good thing that idiot in the White House has done. People who vote conservative/republican and are working class or poor aren’t voting against their interest. They just understand how government and economics works. You can’t keep printing money and spending it on bullshit. You eventually run out or you devaluate your economy and currency so much that your economy collapses. If only the conservative/republican politicians realized that concept as well.

  74. Nothing like going to a Jays/Cards game to watch Poo-holes work a stick.

  75. Cecil gonna make Pujols look like a chump. at least I hope he will.

  76. Thats why we watch baseball and talk about baseball, so we dont have to talk about shit like that.

  77. Agreed, I’m sure even the soccer-haters around here can agree that at least the World Cup is more relevant/less retarded than some asshole randomly trying to discuss American politics for some reason.

  78. And he’s not even discussing them properly. I have no idea what he just wrote and I live with a political correspondent.

  79. Then you are retarded. Stoeten posts that anyone who isn’t rich should vote democrat or liberal/ndp. WorkingClass sellout explains why they shouldn’t. It is simple economics. A little over your head apparently though.

  80. I missed the first part of that conversation. You can still go fuck yourself though.

  81. For those of you who are going to Philly and want to try to coordinate some tailgating and stuff, I created an email address:

    If you so desire, email and let me know what game(s) you’re attending and I will try to coordinate something … probably via SMS so leave a cell number if you’ve got one. If you have been there before and know where the best tailgating spots and/or bars are, please suggest something. The last time I went to a game in Philly was when it was the old Veterans Stadium.

  82. Obama! Nice.

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