The Doc Halladay Song

Kathy Anderson, who you may remember from her Blue Jays Rap last season, is very obviously not a man—rawwr!—and yet for the first minutes or so of this number I can’t deny being reminded here of the Seinfeld episode with Mel Tormé—the one where Kramer gets mistaken for a retard because of some novocaine and a pair of dumb-looking shoes he bought from Jimmy. Oh, that Kramer is a kook!—when Jerry says, “I can’t watch a man sing a song.”

Fact is, I have a hard time watching anybody sing a song—“they get all emotional, they sway, it’s embarrassing”—but I’m pretty sure that’s some kind of weird problem with me, and not anybody else—and especially not this video, which really starts to bring the funny once it gets going. Which I guess is just an unnecessarily long-winded way of saying, stick with it, it’s pretty good…

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  1. It’s hard to make a listenable parody song that is also funny (or the other way around). This woman has accomplished her goal.

  2. “and I hope Joe Carter ruined all your childhoods”….Golden

  3. Why hasn’t The Score hired her yet?

  4. That is pretty funny…and is BJ Ryan’s picture seriously fucking STILL up there?

  5. This is epic! I’m gonna put this right at the top of Awesome.

  6. Action Makes shitty music. So does she. This shit is too embarrassing to watch.

  7. Is Stoeten trying to get some dink, or what?

  8. P.S., Google “Kathy Anderson.” Heh…

  9. Her nostrils move when she sings.

  10. Both her and Roy give me boners.

  11. I couldn’t agree more Stoeten, singing people make me uncomfortable.

    But yeah, RFK, the BJ Ryan picture is down. It’s been down since like a week after Halladay left (because his picture was taken down too), but it’s still funny.

  12. why do people still make fun of Overbay? He has been awesome the last month, make fun of Hill or Lind’s average, heck even Bautista’s

  13. @StuartBeaudoin:

    The large pictures of BJ, Doc (Rios and Frank Thomas fr that matter) that adorned the exterior of SkyDome were taken down very promptly after each of those players left.

    However, if you take a stroll through the 200 Level Concourse, it’s easy to spot a bunch of players who no longer play for the Jays. On my last trip to the Dome, I counted over a dozen Halladay picutures, a few of Rios, one BJ Ryan… and I even spotted John Gibbons. John freaking Gibbons!

  14. Heres another song featuring Roy Halladay

  15. This is well done. She didn’t even break the 4th wall too many times, which is usually what happens when people try to do the whole parody song schtick.

  16. Because we know that even though he has been good, there’s no way he can keep it up.

  17. we refer to that as breathing in the business

    and why wouldn’t overbay keep it up? are you fucking retarded, the guy is a good career hitter.

  18. great a phils fan and i did ruin my childhood

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