I’ve got nothing. What do you want? It’s Saturday.

Uh… go Jays.

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  1. Tough luck for Snider. I’m surprised Scutaro was playing Lewis as a dead pull hitter.

  2. Pigfucker time. Against the J-Bot.

  3. Bautista needs to go BOOM off this pig fucker.

  4. Everyone on this team is a dead pull hitter.

  5. well meat of the order, jonathan papelbon that twin of the much hated eminem i want to go find and slay that mother some cornbread that’s going to make his fastball hittable!

  6. Those were some grenades right there.

  7. and you can imagine the headline if papelbon BLOWS UP!

  8. Gaston is burning through relievers like nobody’s business, Jansen should probably go two here barring a run from the Jays.

  9. …what?

  10. ASSFACE!

  11. like it or not

  12. similar strategy from wells, trying to find that high fastball away from papelbon

  13. Too bad no massholes got hurt on that one.

  14. He desperately wants to get to Tallet. Cito thinks the kid’s got talent.

  15. Lowrie is the “what me worry” character from Mad Magazine. Buck tooth ginger.

  16. Well, we’re still outscoring them 20-7.

  17. Welp, decent chance that was the Jays game had Cito put the bunt on for Lewis but alas…

  18. bahhhhhh

  19. ……catastrophically bad bullpen management thx to the cito……fucken jansen fucks up another one…..fucken hell…

  20. Hi Jays fans. Cmon over to the SOSH for the afterparty. Your roid monster hasn’t homered in a while. Has he forgot to take his pills?

  21. He homered yesterday. Idiot. When’s the last time Fat Sloppy hit a home run?

  22. Enjoy your tainted world series’!

  23. Overbay wants another contract extension.


  24. “About the best thing you can say about Burnett is he’ll stay out on the mound, for as long as you ask him.”

    My God, the Yankees are paying 16.5M for Brian Tallet!

  25. dumb fuck cito loses another game. leadoff double and no bunt. that is baseball 101.

  26. If Scutaro doesn’t play Lewis dead-pull then that’s a base hit and it’s a moot point, and if Scutaro’s a slightly weaker defensive shortstop then he throws to first. It was a good play by Scutaro, and while the bunt maybe should have been on, the result belies the factors involved.

  27. “You hold on that ball. You don’t go there. He’s the potential winning run. You want to get three shots at it. He just made a mistake. I know he feels as bas as anyone else here tonight. Hopefully he learns from it.” — Gaston

    “I take full responsibility for what happened in that inning. … I was too aggressive. It was a mistake on my part, not being aware of where Scutaro was playing and understanding that’s not a ball you can advance on, especially as well as Freddy hit that. It’s something to put in the memory bank and learn from and hopefully I’ll build off of it.” — Snider


  28. no cito hopefully you’ll learn to bunt. the fact that this is one of the lowest ba teams means it is not likely they get a hit in that situation. that’s why you bunt to make it easier to score since you only needed 1 run. if snider is on 3rd then you have a terrific bunter in escobar up, so you could even try a suicide squeeze, but hey that is way to complicated for cito, much easier to just sit there and hope somebody gets a hit.

  29. i said to my dad “single up the middle here watch” as Lewis stepped up. The ball going where it went was about as predictable as a first pitch changeup to Vernon Wells.

  30. Best Game Threat EVER!

  31. That loss had “Gaston” written all over it. And I dont give a fuck what Wilner thinks, youve got to bunt in that situation. Fucking rookie mistake made by a senile old coot.

  32. …senility would imply doing something out of character, unfortunately, as you say, this loss has Gastonian’s fingerprints all over it, completely in character….it’s these squandered chances to win games that i can’t abide.

    Aside from Butters what are legitimate options for Cit’s successor next season?…anyone?…help a fatguy out here…

  33. I wonder if Ryne Sandberg would be interested, if he doesn’t get the Cubs job.

  34. He’s delusional if he thinks he’ll get it here.

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