Damien Cox’s latest piece on baseball at his Toronto Star blog brings up an unpopular question.

And for the following unpopular question, blame plagiarism in the mainstream media and all the nonsense it has spewed over the past decade.

Don’t blame me.

When it comes to Damien Cox, how is it that as he approaches his 49th birthday, he’s suddenly become a more prolific writer at The Toronto Star?

Chance? Healthy living? Diet? Better computer? Comfortable office chair?

Anyone reading about the Dave Fuller citation case this week, which of course brings up all of journalism’s tawdry plagiarism history, should at least be willing to wonder about Cox’s sudden transformation into a prolific wordsmith.

This is a writer, don’t forget, who in addition to writing a column for the Toronto Star, also works on a blog at the newspaper’s website and contributes to both ESPN.com and The Hockey News, all while finding time to appear as a regular on TSN’s The Reporters and That’s Hockey.

It’s a wonder that with all of his writing that Cox has the time to go down to the hockey arena or the baseball park and ask the tough questions that inform his tough opnions.

It’s quite a story, huh?

Makes one remember Stephen Glass, who went from a young writer at The New Republic to a rising star of journalism over a three year period.

Things happen in writing, I guess.

The great news for Cox is that the more visible he remains to the public, the better chance he has of publishing another book. That would motivate any writer to find a way to get his name out there.

The newspaper industry, we know, has quietly become known as a bit of a nest for alleged plagiarists over the years. Zachary Kouwe wrote for the New York Times. Gerald Posner has been implicated. Ditto for Mike Barnicle.

And now comes Cox. Toronto Star readers will, of course, angrily respond to the suggestion that everything isn’t on the up-and-up.

Maybe Damien Cox is just one of the great individual stories in journalism this season. This could be his career year, and he could deserve nothing but credit and praise.

But the fact is that the newspaper industry’s history, and the Nixonian way in which publishers have chosen to deal with the issue over the years, should compel any intelligent person to wonder when a writer suddenly starts producing more content than he ever has in his career.

Toronto Star fans won’t like it. But you’ve got to at least ask the question when it comes to Damien Cox.

For the fact that we do, blame newspapers.

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  1. Doesn’t he realize the power of the written word?

  2. Nice.

  3. Clever.

  4. Contract year? Taking writing tips from Murphy and Gaston?

  5. Brilliant post……just excellent. I Doff my cap to you.

  6. Did you see that douchebag Posada tag a dude with an empty glove? Umps love sucking Yankees cock.

  7. i think i love you.

  8. Awesome

  9. I’m not sure what this is all about, but I think Damien Cox takes steroids.

  10. Awesomely done. Note perfect.

    I came to post about another incident calling for video replay. Yankees Mariners, 1-0 Yanks, play at the plate and Posada swings to tag Gutierrez, ump is behind the plate and Posada, he sees Posada’s glove tag Gutierrez and calls him out, EXCEPT Posada had the ball in his throwing hand, clearly seen on the replay. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH, get this fucking cleared up before the playoffs are ruined by bullshit like this

  11. Nice job. You are the weird Al Yankevic of Bloggers.

  12. How bad is that? try to snag a souvenir ball and get beat on by a mob of umbrella wielding new yorkers.

  13. Great post. The only thing worse than his “opinions” on baseball and hockey is when he tackles the Raptors on The Reporters. He’ll just say things like “Brian Colangelo has made some questionable moves” and “There’s no clear starting point guard.” Another memorable performance by Damien Cox!

  14. Where’s Kenny Ken Ken?

  15. Zing!

  16. M’s just walked Teixeira to load the bases and face Cano (1 out). Cano hit a grand slam. I bet if Cito did that Wilner would be screaming he’s the only manager in ALL OF BASEBALL who would do such a thing.

  17. are the jays likely to get the game in?

  18. hardy har har

  19. Without a doubt, the greatest DJF post to date.

    I wanted to throw something at the TV this morning when I heard him make that pathetic non-accusation among his panel of guffawing nitwits.

  20. *cheers and applause*

  21. Damien Cox has a head shaped like a dick

  22. Parkes, your finest work yet. Just brilliant.

  23. Fuck this stupid park. It smells like piss and doubles are singles.

  24. Keep on sucking, Vernon.

  25. Wells has 3 home runs and is barely hitting above .200 since June 30th. Even with that 1 and 1/2 months of lack of production, Cito still trots him out there in the 4 hole, day in, day out.

  26. Excellent post.

  27. Forgive my ingorance…did he plagiarise a DJF article?

  28. isnt this type of speculative shit the exact same type of piece that rosenthal went ape shit over when that blogger was bringing up the question about ibanez?

  29. Is it just me, or have the jays hit into a ton of bad luck the past two games?

  30. John McDonald hitting 7th isn’t bad luck. It’s stupidity.

  31. Snider looks totally lost at the plate.

  32. nice job travis. 9 k’s now in 14 ab’s by fat boy vs clay

  33. A+ crotch grab by the home plate ump.

  34. Is there anyone who realistically thought Lewis wasn’t going to strike out there? Didn’t think so. At least he made Buchholz throw a few extra pitches.

  35. well, i didnt think there was a realistic chance molina was going to get a hit either, but it happened. lewis is actually one of the better hitters on the team as pathetic as that sounds.

  36. Was that a grin by Marcum after the Lowell strikeout?

  37. Time to raise the VW Hatred Advisory to Elevated (at least Navin finally put it up to Guarded). It’s a real testament to the shittiness of that contract that we couldn’t unload him at the deadline, even with his halfway decent first half stats.

  38. Fatboy? Are you for real?

  39. Dallas Braden vs Matt Garza, thank you but i’d rather claw my eyes out.

  40. Battle of the ill-conceived facial hair. Fuck those douches.

  41. Jesus fuck Wilner pauses a lot for extremely long moments on his show. I don’t know why, but dead-air cuts me like a fucking knife.

  42. At least the rain delay ends the slobbery blow job Buck and Pat were giving Bucholz. I have to turn to NESN to get a break. The Boston guys aren’t even sucking his joint that hard. Enough already, I know he’s pretty good and he’s basically Toronto’s landlord, but give it a fucking rest.

  43. Game, set, match, Parkes. Fucking nails, guy.

  44. Can you imagine if someone who actually covered the Blue Jays (Bastian, Lott, Griffin) wrote what Damien Cox did? It’s easy to accuse someone of juicing when you don’t have to face them in the clubhouse to get an interview the very next day.

  45. Great point

  46. The timing of the column is funny too. I was thinking, “Why not write this column in April or May? Or June or July?” Then I figured it out — Everyone has just been waiting for Bautista to return to his old self, but he hasn’t. It’s almost September and he’s still hitting like a monster. And since Cox can’t explain it, he’s accusing Bautista of taking steroids. It almost sounds like he thinks he’s the first to bring this up, like he’s doing the world a favour by asking the BIG question. His headline is so self-serving; “Gotta At Least Ask the Question.” Except it’s August. The question has been asked a million times already.

  47. Well done.

    I guess he had no other Kabby trade’s and leaf talk to make up so he switched to the Jays.

  48. Cox is getting ripped in the comments section on that post.

  49. Funny how Cox didn’t question Aaron Hill last year. That screamed PED’s much louder to me.

  50. Funny thing over looked is the lack of home runs to opposite field for Jose, an increase in power to the opposite field might, might raise an eyebrow but dude is a fastball, mistake hitting machine this year.

  51. He’s basically just loading up and waiting on his pitch. It really isn’t mysterious. He’s got a pretty good eye and doesn’t take too many bad hacks. Even his outs are loud usually.

  52. Some fucking 11-year old keeps yelling “this pitcher has a no hitter going — ruin it!”.

  53. Anyone here still watching? There’s a douchy fat kid behind the plate that is killing the audio for me.

  54. Yeah, what the fuck? It doesn’t bother me that they’re saying “no-hitter”, he/she is just unbelievably annoying.

  55. Haha – his halftard dad behind him is laughing. Is that Prince Fielders kid?

  56. If this is annoying the fuck out of me on a tv broadcast, I can only imagine how badly the fans around him want to pop this kid in the fucking mouth.

  57. Bucholz needs to get a big boy haircut

  58. for a “fast” guy, escobar sure hits into alot of double plays.

  59. I’ve never wanted to see a no-hitter more in my life.

  60. That is just fucking embarrassing.

  61. Wtf? I go to take a piss and this shit happens.

  62. how does ortiz hit a triple while molina cant get to second on a well placed ball in the corner?

  63. the jays have had the fucking leadoff guy on every inning. the sox have had base runners in one inning. guess who is ahead?

  64. wells’ circus show in CF today is pretty solid proof that the guy doesn’t belong there anymore…let’s not even get started on his hitting

  65. Fuck Bill Hall

  66. well id say 5 hours of rain delay crap and watching the jays flail at buccholz is enough for one day

  67. Fatty is back. His chanting in between bites must have caused the Marcum blowup.

  68. Sad thing is that Marcum has pitched a better game than Assholz.

  69. Why I love Alan Ashby: he just called Vernon a sacred cow. Could be wrong, but I can’t imagine Buck saying a thing like that.

  70. Watching Ortiz continue to succeed makes me feel dead inside.

  71. Molina also has trouble getting to second on a ball that’s over the fence so…

  72. wells contract=sunk cost

    the fact that he’s penciled in to the cleanup spot because he is paid this much does not make his contract any cheaper. in fact, having him bat 4th just makes his contract more and more costly

  73. that’s about the only way vernon can get on

  74. Are runs too much to ask for with 2 on and none out?

  75. Vernon OPS by month update:

    Apr – 1.113
    May – .822
    Jun – .781
    Jul – .637
    Aug – .692

  76. Yes.

  77. Yes. Yes they are.

  78. Fer fuck’s sake..5 out of 6 innings getting the lead off hitter on and no runs..

  79. two on in first.
    two on in third
    two on in sixth.

    total runs: zero.

    sox none on in 1st, none on in 2nd, none on in 3rd, none on in 4th, three on in 5th.

    total runs: three.

  80. Yup, stupid question really.

  81. kursk, you are wrong, it was 6 out of 6 innings getting leadoff hitter on

  82. Thats a kid? I was picturing a fat drunk Boston lesbian…..

  83. FUCK this stupid kid. JD flied one foul to LF and the kid’s reaction? “YAAAAAAAAHH~~!!!!!!!”

  84. I must have missed an inning whilst drinking my laudanum to deal with the pain..

    The point being that the Jay’s execution today is atrocious.

  85. Retarded Tabler Comment of the Day

    “JD Drew has a career 390 obp coming into this year. He also draws alot of walks”

    you fucking moron. you think the guy’s career batting average is 370 or something?

    the reason his obp is 390 is because he walks. wtf. this is a professional?

  86. That is no kid behind the plate, its fat rich garces.


  87. They didn’t get anyone on in the 4th. Overbay struck out to lead it off.

  88. WOW, kid or not, someone shut that mic off, even the home fans must be getting a little tired of listening to him yap.

    Secondly, why is it, whenever the Jays play the Cash Sox, Tabler feels the need to gobble the knob of every Boston starter in the series? OK OK he’s good, please, we dont need to know every stat and fact.

    Buchholz out, Bard in,, lol life aint getting easier today for the jays.

  89. I’m hearing that turd’s heckling as well. He’s got a speech impediment that’s common among retards, so I’ll assume he is one, and give him a pass.

  90. whose fatter, that kid or the continuously mouth stuffing woman in the action seats

  91. It gets old losing on a consistent basis to these guys..even with a few of their top players out, the Sox still seem to have just enough of an edge to match up well against the Jays..

  92. Home crowd or not, if I was sitting near that kid Id tell him to shut the fuck up.

  93. Tabler, there were two on no out last inning, and they couldn’t get a thing going. So shut the fuck up.

  94. This retarded heckler makes me yearn for the days of the Hinske Heckler.

  95. According to Bastian they can’t hear him from the box.

    Hey kid why don’t you go back to minor league heckling school you suck!

  96. We’ll get our revenge on the kid in 20 years when he dies of obesity.

  97. That kid told lewis he was the worst hitter in the majors right when he struck out

  98. Okay, enough of Tabler’s homoerotic fantasies with “big tall lean pitchers”.

  99. if the game was in TO and the kid was a jays fans going ape shit on the sox, the faggy ushers would be rushing to stifle his mouth

  100. reminds me of kids in the hall’s brain candy a bit… ‘looong muscles, haaard muscles,,,’

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