Quick Blue Jays Draft Recap

Baseball America has produced a tight little review chart from the 2010 First Year’s Player Draft.

Here’s what you need to know about the Blue Jays:

The Jays’ 14 signed picks from the first 10 rounds of the draft were the most of any team in baseball.

While Toronto spent more than any other team in signing bonuses through the first 10 rounds, their average payout was only 125% of what MLB recommended, making them 10th in overpaying for draft picks. In comparison, the LA Dodgers spent 224% of what their picks were slotted at, while the Milwaukee Brewers paid only 52% of their slot.

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  1. so is that a good or bad thing that the jays spent ‘only’ 125% of recommended slot?

  2. % over slot isn’t that reliable. It can be skewed by a couple picks getting way over slot like with the Dodgers paying Zach Lee. What’s important is that we signed 14/16 in the first 10 rounds and and I think we had the most over slot signings of any team.

  3. So far Rogers/AA is two for two when it comes to preseason promises to go over slot and source Latin America. I don’t see how anyone can spin this into a negative.

  4. the only things one can spin as a negative for the jays this year are Adam Lind, Aaron “infield pop up followed by feigned disgusted bat throw” Hill, and Cito Gaston.

    The starting pitching has been exceptional, and should get better.
    The acquisition of a core player like Escobar for essentially tim collins.
    Getting a decent major leaguer in Freddie Lewis for free.
    One more off the Wells contract.
    Jo Bau’s insane homerun totals.
    Buck and Greg, great production from veterans on the cheap.
    Solid work out of the penn from frasor and downs.

    I cant even count tallet as a negative. who really expected him to much better than he has done?

  5. The slot price should have zero impact on what they spend in the draft (except maybe how other teams respecting it effect the market)

    I want them to sign the best player available at their time of pick for a price that provides good value. Unfortunately there isn’t really any way for me to evaluate it fairly, so I try not to spend a lot of time thinking about these moves.

  6. JP drafted wilner under slut

  7. Who is?

  8. I definately expected a better performance out of Tallet but I also expected the Jays to need him more so it balances out. The young starting pitching has held up so well that the impact of having a lousy performance from of the long man/spot starter has been negligable.

  9. No one (bubbles isn’t around yet).

  10. was jesus montero available in the rule-5 draft last year?

  11. Griffin ripped off Parkes today in his blog.

  12. Most certainly not. Top 10 prospects never are.

  13. No, actually they are both ripping on Damien Cox. They used the retarded format Cox used in order to make their jabs direct and obvious.

    So technically both Parkes and Griff plagiarized Cox, but you can’t say that Griff ripped of Parkes.

  14. No one plagiarized Cox. Parkes satirized his reach of an article. Griffin ripped off Parkes’ shtick. It’s hackish and lazy on Griff’s part, but not as bad as plagiarism.

  15. Interesting that the mlb average was in fact 125% of slot, which as you pointed out, is what the Jays paid.

  16. And you can’t call him out on it because he moderates comments.

  17. It looks like it’s turned into an office politics pissing contest. Cox has come back with deflection Vesa Toskala could only dream of.

  18. My OPS is .723 in Japan.

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