OK, so I’m super late with this, so I made it its own post. I got a little sidetracked because of all of the Damien Cox-sparked talk of PEDs out there on the interwebs today—which the slice of radio magic between Keith Law and John Shannon this afternoon on the Fan 590’s Prime Time Sports (audio here) relates to—and I wanted to look over a bunch of stuff relating to last year’s Jerod Morris-Ken Rosenthal-Raul Ibanez incident, because… frankly, we’ve kinda been cunts to tiny little Kenny ever since then, and I wanted to make sure I can navigate this one without being too much of a monumental hypocrite. (Also, because I was looking for a wicked-awesome picture of Cox with hair that I know I saw a while back in an amazing Zambonic Youth post, which—along with the entire blog, it seems—has disaperated.) (UPDATE: Found! Thanks, Godd Till!)

So, I’ve re-read what Jerod wrote about Raul Ibanez last year, as well as how we reacted—calm, rational and level headed, as always—and the Cox piece once again.

Fortunately for my conscience, Jerod’s piece proved to be mostly an analysis of possible reasons for Ibanez’s incredibly hot start (park factors, competition) that concluded with a lament about the inevitable PED speculation that would come. Cox, on the other hand, offered up counter-theories only in the most sarcastic, piece-of-shit-like way. So, while there may be a tinge of hypocrisy in my defending Morris and not Cox, I really do think that, if you actually read what Jerod wrote—which, if I recall correctly, was kind of the major fucking problem with how the media treated the Ibanez situation in the first place—he’s hardly being accusatory, if at all. Cox totally is.

Maybe that’s some serious pro-blogger bias shining through—and maybe it’s exposed by the fact that I’m completely with Law here in his exchange with Shannon and Rob Faulds this afternoon (and wasn’t with Kenny Ken Ken last year). But I’m especially down with the first bit, before he has to defend himself from Shannon’s incredible admission that he’s just fine with being a cheerleader for the NHL, and his baseless accusation that Law is probably the same same kind of complete fucking hack when it comes to MLB.

Here’s the exchange:

LAW: I think if you know anything about the science of Performance Enhancing Drugs, which is to say that there is not a whole lot of science on it, it’s just totally inappropriate to offer that kind of speculation. I expected it, I think I predicted it either in a chat or on Twitter, I said somebody in the media is going to do this—is going to ask this question—rather than just recognizing that this is the nature of baseball. We have these crazy, one year random outliers throughout history. Davey Johnson is the one I keep going back to—I think it was 1973. Guy had never hit 20 home runs in any big league season and he hit 43 that one year. Was he on something? No. This is just how baseball works, you’re going to get these crazy one year outliers. It’s just randomness, and people can’t accept that as randomness—they’re always looking for some kind of explanation, that’s human nature. Unfortunately, in baseball now we have this steroid conversation which combines, in my view, scientific ignorance with statistical ignorance, so you sort of get this perfect storm of bad conversation.

SHANNON: To continue the bad conversation, just for a little bit longer, does this mean that if he did it again next year and the year after that we have more of an opportunity to ask the question? To bring up, as Damien Cox did in the Star, that you have to wonder about the situation of Performance Enhancing Drugs?

LAW: This is the thing that I keep coming back to: you don’t have to wonder, in fact, you probably shouldn’t wonder, because we do not know that steroids take you from a 15 home run a year guy to a 40 home run a year guy. In fact, they almost certainly do not, because we’ve seen long lists of guys who’ve failed tests who were not 40 home run a year guys, who did not suddenly go from, essentially extra guys on big league rosters, which is what Bautista was, to a guy who, at least for one year, is—I don’t know—one of the ten most valuable hitters in the American League? I don’t think that’s a stretch to say that that’s where he is right now. There’s no drug in the world that’s going to do that—or, at least, if there is, nobody’s found it yet. So, to me, I just find the speculation to be completely inappropriate—because, again, the science doesn’t support it, and the statistics we have do not support it. So, why are we going there, except to create controversy?

FAULDS: And also it’s a great opportunity as he gets ready to renegotiate his contract. So… if you’re gonna do it, this is the time to do it! Right? You always have your career year in a contract negotiation year. [Yes, please, kill this actually interesting discussion with pointless sports cliches, Rob. Seriously, what the fuck?]

SHANNON: “No, actually, Keith, I understand what you’re saying, would probably protect the game of hockey in the way that you protect the game of baseball, in your own way, because baseball has been very, very good to you,” [Wait, what? Holy shit, this is completely making me regret all the times I have not bothered to point out what a completely useless twat I think John Shannon is.]

LAW: Well, I’m about as big a critic of the industry as you will find. I mean, I’ve been killing Major League Baseball on how they underpay amateur players coming out of the draft. I think if you call the Commissioner’s office and say, “Is Keith Law really protecting the game of baseball?” there’d be some unprintable words coming back from them. I feel like that’s a really unfair accusation.

SHANNON: OK, fair enough. But my point is I don’t think that it’s beyond reproach of someone in the journalistic world to ask the question [No, that wasn’t your point at all!]

LAW: If Bautista had failed a test this would be a different conversation, but he hasn’t. This is like Raul Ibanez last year—gets off to a hot start for the first two months, and a blogger raised the question, “well, should we be talking about Performance Enhancing Drugs? Why aren’t we asking this question?” Jerrod Morris was the poor kid’s name, and then he’s getting blasted on national television by mainstream media guys. Now we have a mainstream media guy doing exactly the same thing: offering completely unfounded speculation on a player who has never failed a test.

SHANNON: I didn’t view it as speculation, I viewed it as—I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking questions.

LAW: That’s totally semantic. Completely semantic. You know what? I heard—I’m asking the question—is it possible that you’re just a terrible racist? Is it possible?

SHANNON: But I can shoot it down as quickly as that, and we can move on, right?

LAW: Jose Bautista can shoot down this speculation just the same.

SHANNON: As he should. As he should.

LAW: But the problem is, you’ve already planted the seed out there. That’s the thing. This is the Donald Regan line—he was an American politician—“Where do I go to get my reputation back?”

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  1. John Shannon is a blubbering twat.

  2. What law just did to those tools harkens back to an LLcool J classic

    “pass me that sissy soft sucka ill slay him”

    It read like (and Im sure sounded like) a college professor explaining something to an 8 year old

  3. I fucking LOVE KLaw in this!

    To John Shannon: “I’m asking the question, is it possible that you’re just a terrible racist? Is it possible?”

  4. anyone want to start a “how many at bats will hill have gone before he gets another hit” pool?

  5. I’ll say 4….he’s due….REALLY due

  6. Cox’s article has elicited considerable consternation among Jays fans over the past few days. I understand what he’s getting at, but I don’t think his article is a particularly effective piece of writing. It doesn’t make the reader sit back and say “Boy, that Damien Cox is a brave journalist who asks the tough questions” in the way that he seems to want it to. This is because it doesn’t take a lot of courage to make accusations directed at somebody who (as a hockey writer) he doesn’t need to deal with on a day-to-day basis. It takes even less to write such an article based on nothing more than speculation.

    Steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs are certainly one possible explanation for Bautista’s incredible run this season, but there are others. To ignore the possibility that steroids are THE explanation would be foolish which I think is all that Cox is saying, but he does so in such a lazy, half-assed way that it puts the attention on what a terrible writer he is rather than the possibility that what he’s saying could be right. Whether or not Jose tests positive for steroid use (which he apparently hasn’t to this point, for the record) I give Cox no credit whatsoever for writing such a terribly thought-out article and attempting to pass it off as brave, compelling journalism. It strikes me as a rather transparent way of baiting a player and a fan base and putting the attention on a hack at one of the worst rags I have ever had the displeasure of reading rather than on a team and a player that are exceeding most peoples’ expectations. Disgraceful.

    I listened to this conversation on fan590.com today live (or as live as the internet stream can be I suppose) and was basically cheering on Keith through the whole discussion. He is an intelligent observer of the game and a great writer and I wholeheartedly agree with his point-of-view in this particular case. I don’t always agree with him, but that’s fine. People online often seem to forget that it’s perfectly fine to agree with people sometimes and disagree with them on other occasions. They think that agreeing in some cases and disagreeing in others is somehow hypocritical as if every writer is either universally brilliant or a complete hack all of the time. Anyway, my point is that I like Keith’s writing and in this case I agree with his argument.

  7. John Shannon is the epitome of an ignorant talking head. It was only a few weeks ago, I believe, that Shannon asked Keith Law if Travis Snider should be traded because he’d turned out to be a “disappointment” for the Jays. That was some ridiculously uninformed shit, but this interview takes the cake.

    I’m not even sure if he even understands what Law is trying get at when explaining the inexact science and lack of understanding about PEDs in the first bit there (thus, making any speculative column like Cox’s both useless and incredibly poor journalism).

    There are a ton of people out there that still need to educate themselves on this topic instead of relying on myths predominantly spread by the MSM.

  8. one of the biggest mistakes AA has made was locking up lind. He has no speed, cant play defense, was already under control. How much more money was he going to make as a dh? dh types are available all the time like matsui for the same price. you see tonight how much of a liability it is when you have a guy who cant do anything else. now what do you do with him, you cant trade him, you have to play him to justify the contract

  9. Cox thinks steroids works like spinach did for Popeye.

  10. Law handled Shannon so well, I’m beginning to think that Shannon may be a racist. We have to ask these questions.

  11. lind is a beast and he’ll bounce back.

  12. This is Bill James’ answer to a 2008 question:

    Q: Using various statistics over a player’s lifetime, and comparing them to “league norms,” is it possible to determine which players may have used steroids?

    A: Absolutely not, no. The problem is that many different causes can have the same effects. If a player used steroids, this could cause his home run total to explode at an advanced age — but so could weight training, Lasix surgery, better bats, playing in a different park, a great hitting coach, or a good divorce. It is almost always impossible to infer specific causes from general effects.

  13. It’s pretty shocking and irresponsible the way so many people simply accept “STEROIDS MAKE THE BALL GO OVER FENCE” with nothing more than anecdotal evidence. Like there are no other factors.

    I think it’s a credit to McCowan that he can survive and thrive for so long without actually knowing anything. Don’t get caught too deep, just keep the conversation going while you dance between raindrops.

  14. just to show how useless obp can be. all the walks jbau get dont mean much when you have 1st pitch wells hacking away. it only works if all 9 guys take pitches

  15. has anyone mentioned the fact that bautista doesn’t exactly look bigger than he did a couple years ago? i mean all those guys on steroids, like bonds and clemens, their heads actually grew, and not in the figurative ego sense

  16. That’s dumb. It isn’t his fault the guy behind him makes a lot of outs. He can only control his at bats. And reaching first base safely means he did his job well.

  17. It would seem so. But he should stick to writing uninformed columns about hockey so I don’t have to read them.

  18. The 5 best teams in OBP this year (Twins, Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, Rangers) are all going to make the playoffs this season.

  19. Not to accuse Bautista of anything, but that’s one of the myths I’m talking about. Not every steroid user ends up looking like a Bonds or Clemens. Plenty of guys that have been named/caught had no significant changes to their bodies at all.

  20. I think Shawn Green was roiding huge. Would explain alot. And he wasnt big

  21. Cox is getting killed on Twitter. And, like Mike Wilner this season, Cox has become the story. haha, what is it with the jays and media-related controversy this year?

  22. The 5 best teams in OBP this year in the AL are Twins-Yankees-Red Sox-Rangers-Tigers. 3/5 of those are going to the playoffs. The Rays are a much surer bet than the Red Sox.

  23. Good night dudes. Better luck next time

  24. And to add to this 5/8 of the top OBP teams are going to make the playoffs. 5/8 of the top SLG teams will also be making the playoffs. The better hitting teams will make the playoffs because the better teams will make the playoffs. This is not a surprise at all.

  25. Holy hell…I find Law petulant and defensive in many of the exchanges posted here, but that interview was just embarassing on Faulds/Shannon. Really seems like a lot of the PTS guys just like to sound out on shit they know absolutely NOTHING about. It’s like if I watched the gold medal speedskating match last Olympics and then went on the radio and tried to break down amateur athletics in Canada.

  26. Shannon is also a guy who, back when he started co-hosting with McCown said that PEDs would not be effective at enhancing performance in hockey. Nevermind the whole recovery from workouts/injury thing, or hockey people’s focus on being big and strong (such as, say, oh I don’t know, Dustin Byfuglien).

    I wasn’t a big fan of Jim Kelley, he often used old cliches when talking about sports, but at least he wasn’t closed minded. It’s a shame a buffoon took over for him.

  27. Interesting article on the mechanics behind Buatista’s success this year…found the link on Bastian’s twitter…


  28. PTS goes down hill when its being hosted by anyone other than McCowan (at least he’s smart enough to ask legit questions even if his depth of knowledge isn’t there for every sport), Brunt and Arthur. Blair and Grange aren’t bad but when two of the three aforementioned are on it’s probably one of the smartest and best sports talk shows in North America.

    Mind you, is there anything Faulds is good at? I’ve yet to see it.

  29. Bautista is not on steroids. He is on ritalin. Enables him to see the ball. Watch him in the box.

  30. No, no, that’s not it at all.

    Motherfucker’s on BOOSTER JUICE!

  31. Stoeten, I think you’re being overly cautious in your re-reading with Morris’ blog. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what he wrote, either at the time or looking back at it now.

    Law was great here, by the way. (Wait, what did I just say?)

  32. That isn’t far fetched. Tons of players are on Ritalin or Adderal for so-called ADHD

    It’s just kosher greenies

  33. It’s great to see the morons gets owned on this stuff. Bautista doesn’t deserve to be dragged through the mud for having a great season. In fact, a large contribution to the Jays this year from him has been off the field, particularly with younger players and Yunel Escobar. A guy I thought we should have moved for prospects just a month ago is now seeming like an ingrained part of our team.

    Will he continue this pace for the rest of his career? Of course not. I loved the point brought up on this site earlier today, about Jays fans being cautious in blowing up for him, because one year wonders and serial disappointments have been the flavour of the team in recent years. I loved the article about his new mechanics. It’s possible his success will continue, if it does it’s because of his numbers in categories like OBP. It’s also possible some of the reason for his success is he’s just been getting a lot of fastballs and he feasts on them.

    Until we find out the truth, I’m going to enjoy watching the season this athlete is having and take pride that he plays for my team. I hope the rest of our fans do the same.

  34. Also, anyone else watching the Phillies game? Ryan Howard just got thrown out, Phillies bench is depleted, so they’ve got Roy Oswalt in left field.

    This is just too good.

  35. Wow, great article and thankyou for posting this. I was so mad when i heard about this and Law really laid down the law to the point where they had to change the conversation. No wonder Cox didn’t defend his article, a guy like Law would have torn him to shreds. And wow, Shannon really sounds like a fool.

  36. Prime Time is usually awesome with McCowan and any combination of Brunt, Blair, Arthur or Grange. But Shannon really takes it down a notch. And it’s totally unlistenable when Faulds hosts. It reminds me of when Mike Toth used to fill in. Ugh.

    This aside, I’m kind of enjoying the other new shows at the Fan. Krystal is an asshole but sort of entertaining. And Brady is great.

  37. The Fan has been a tremendous disappointment the past 12 months. Toronto media in general has been so hockey-centric that it makes most Blue Jays discussions on the radio or TV completely asinine. Cox is a hockey writer who wrote a ridiculous column in order to garner attention in the hockey off-season when no one gives a fuck what he has to say. John Shannon is equally as useless. And now Bautista has to field these questions for the rest of his career. Because Canadian sports journalists are so wrapped up in the NHL that they wander into MLB conversations like Donny from the Big Lebowski with no frame of reference!!!!!

    I’m going to enjoy Jerry, Alan and Wilner while I can before the hockey season starts and I have to hear the fucktards from Hockeycentral which is on about 8 hours a day during every fucking meaningless day of the NHL season. At least they won’t provide their meaningless insights to baseball…. hopefully.

  38. I don’t get why Rob Faulds is allowed to host PTS when Bobcat is gone.

  39. Oh yes, by all means, its hockey’s fault that the Blue Jays haven’t been in the playoffs for 17 years. It’s hockey’s fault that Howarth has to gargle out “and the Blue Jays take flight with a 1-0 lead. It’s hockey’s fault that we have to listen to Wilner bitch about his mentor Tom Cheek not making it to the HOF every year, like the guy was Vin Scullly or something.

    What were you doing during the Olympics this past February when Canada won the gold medal, sitting in your basement pulling one off to fangraphs? It must have just killed you watching Yonge Street being shut down by fans pouring out into the streets. Do you wait with breathless anticipation everyear for those NY and Boston Series at the RC when half of the paid attendance are NY and Boston fans. What about the 12k that come out to a White Sox game to be told by ushers to be quiet and not bother the other team.

    Why must it always be a choice between hockey and baseball? Is it impossible to enjoy both sports without being an elitist asshole (Wilner) in a country that is, and always will be, defined by the sport of hockey.

  40. What? You have to play him to justify his contract? For the remainder of his entire contract he is owed significantly less than Vernon Wells will make next year alone. Stop being so reactionary.

  41. Oh yes, by all means, over react to a simple comment that he made. It’s his fault that you have to gargle out “lol don’t insult hockey”. It’s his fault we have to listen to you bitch about people making perfectly reasonable comments about the Toronto media being much more focused on hockey than baseball, like hockey somehow has a higher intrinsic value than baseball.

    What were you doing during the Olympics this past February when Canada won the gold medal, complaining about rational arguments? It must have killed you seeing fans running around without a care for whether what they said made sense or not. Do you wait with breathless anticipation every year for a comment you can misinterpret even when it was actually perfectly rational. What about the actually irrational comments about baseball, like when the 12K hockey journalists make uninformed statements about baseball?

    Why must it be an over reaction? Is it impossible to accept that something someone else said that wasn’t glowingly complimentary of hockey wasn’t actually offensive without being a raging asshole (you) in a country that is, and always will be, defined by rational thinking?

  42. Lol That’s a pretty sick reply Theo

  43. I heard the K-Law/Shannon exchange and just didn’t get what the fuck Shannon was on about. ‘You defend the sport of baseball’…? What in hell has that got to do with Bautista juicing or non-juicing? But more interestingly even than that K-Law-delivered smack-down was the continuing absence of one Damien Cox. He’s happy to write this shit but he doesn’t appear to be interested in coming onto a sports show and defending it. Has he appeared anywhere to defend his groundless allegations? Maybe he’s just too much of a coward. Maybe he just makes things up in order to get attention. Maybe he is simply jealous of Bautista because Bautista is in better shape and more attractive. I don’t know the answers to all these points, but I think we should be asking the questions…

    And by the way, where was Fearless Damien Cox during the first part of the 2009 campaign? Why wasn’t he asking the tough question of BJ Ryan? There’s a guy who lost maybe a third of his upper-body muscle before the opening of that season. And I don’t think it had much to do with his Tommy John surgery, because if I remember correctly he came back pretty well from that. I suspect he came off some kind of juice and that was the end of him as a pitcher.

  44. I think we should all email Shannon and tell him that we are not listening to him anymore because he is a racist. maybe he’ll then get the point.

    That was a brilliant line by Law “I’m asking the question, is it possible that you’re just a terrible racist? Is it possible?”

  45. LOL! I’m glad Keith Law is the defender of all geeks. My thoughts on the situation include:
    - McCowan and Brunt are my favourite tandem hosts, but it has never quite been the same since Brunt left the FAN for that short lived other sports radio channel.
    - I thought the entire conversation between Shannon, Cox and Law was a total embarrassment, no one came off sounding intelligent.
    - I’ve never liked Damien Cox, what he should really be writing about is the fact that there is likely extreme steroid use in hockey yet the league is putting their heads in the sand hoping no one figures this out.
    - I agree, Shannon isn’t very good either
    - As for Bautista using steroids? Who knows, definitely not any of us. However it’s probably realistic that performance enhancing drugs is still a problem in baseball. Just look at the Olympics where they have a much better drug testing program and the majority of athletes are still getting away with cheating.

  46. If I have to hear one more sentence about this Hockey conference going on downtown, I am going to cough up a turd.
    It’s summer I want to hear about baseball.
    If I have to hear another word about Thomas Kaberle I am going to defacate.

    Every time I hear Bryan Burke talk I thank god for AA

  47. I worked for John Shannon once upon a time. It was as horrible as you would imagine.

  48. The only problem I have with Law and other steroid shooter-downers is that there IS tremendous evidence that performance-enhancing drugs, well, enhance performance. I mean, when a 36 year old hits 73 home runs with a 1.379 (!) OPS in an extreme pitcher’s park (and one that is hell for left-handed hitters), doesn’t that fly in the face of every age trend that sabermetrics preaches?

    Other than that, he laid the smackdown on those monkey asses.

  49. someone should call or email Shannon’s boss at Sportsnet and ask for a comment on the the recent reports that Shannon is a racist.

  50. A Canadian hockey guy being a racist. I am STUNNED, I tell ya.

  51. Faulds is good at writing columns no one reads.

  52. someone should email McCown the Faulds segment from monday and the Law/Shannon segment from yesterday and ask him if this is how he wants his show run when he’s on vacation*.

    *off sharing his hockey expertise** with the world.
    ** hockey expertise not included

  53. Transcript from the interview:

    LAW: we do not know that steroids take you from a 15 home run a year guy to a 40 home run a year guy. In fact, they almost certainly do not

    I’m paraphrasing a little bit, but it shuts down the argument that Bonds hit 73. Bonds was already a future hall-of-famer before he started heavily juicing, a great, naturally gifted player. Steroids aren’t talent pills, if I started juicing I wouldn’t be in the MLB in 3 years hitting 50 jacks/season. It’d be 60. I just wish one of these stat-heads could find a formula to explain away steroids effects, so we could put this ridiculous bullshit behind us.

    BTW, Damien Cox is spending the week at his cottage, to get away from all the “haters.” I feel like this was a suggested vacation from the Star to stop him from making them look any worse. Anybody agree with me?

  54. I kinda want to see someone who was never really known as a great base stealer steal 40 in a season and get blasted with steroid accusations. but I guess that will never happen.

  55. that’s especially funny because roids would probably help more with running than hitting

  56. I can see why the author has this man-love for Law. He’s like a man talking to boys.

  57. Easy to say in retrospect. The guy is the defending American League silver slugger at his position. He’s showed flashes of that this season, he just needs to develop consistency. Don’t close the book on Lind yet.

  58. “…or a good divorce.” Hilarious!

  59. Why do you say that? Green was the epitome of lean. He was a top prospect and hit well almost immdiately after becoming a full-time major leaguer.

  60. Becoming the story is the cardinal sin of journalism. But that’s what Cox wanted, I guess.

  61. you know what this really looks like if you step back and look at it, a whole bunch of people sitting in a vat of shit they willingly climbed into, flinging it at each other, and nobody realizing that it’s shit. Everybody here is wrong, and they are all just loading up the vat, and throwing it around.

    Before i type anything more just let me say that i could care less about professional athletes taking performance enhancing drugs. Kids under the age of consent is a different issue, but once you are an adult it’s up to you. (not that people should be able to sell/administer shit that is unsafe etc etc, but again a different discussion)

    I’m sorry but no ballplayer has any right to get upset that people are questioning him on this. There’s a proven history of it, and several players have been less than forthcoming on the issue and then proven to be liars. To his credit it doesn’t seem like bautista is upset by this whole thing personally, but no player ever should expect to be believed on this topic for a very long time. And they did it to themselves.

    The cox/griffin tussle and all this crap yesterday on PTS is just complete bullshit. These fuckers just keep trotting out the same old dog and pony shows so they can avoid having to really do any kind of analysis or reporting or god forbid shine a light on their part in the whole mess. Is somebody calling somebody out this week about ped’s? great next week let’s reverse the roles on some other topic and manufacture another outrage we can all blabber about endlessly so nobody takes a look at the fact we had our heads up our asses from the late 80s to the early 2000′s. The sports media is just covering themselves with this shit and they can’t drown in it soon enough.

    And fans who get all up in arms about all this need to grow up. Ballplayers, fuck every professional athlete, does whatever they can to get ahead. very significant numbers do what people like to call “cheating”. a whole lot of times (like peds in baseball until recently) it isn’t even cheating, it just breaks their stupid bubble of ignorance. Since i was a little kid i could not see why i shouldn’t assume that every pitcher was scuffing balls, and every hitter was corking his bat. later on i learned to assume that they were all taking amphetamines, if not worse. why shouldn’t i assume they were taking steroids or hgh? hell, for a long time you could pickup magazines where companies were selling the goods mail order and the prescriptions to make it all nice and legal. do you think they were selling it to only pro athletes like this?

    everybody is wrong here, and the sooner everybody looks at each other and can admit it the better. i doubt it will ever happen though.

  62. ——————————————————————————–

    From Mike Komisarek’s twitter this morning:


    mkomisarek: First person I spot tonight with a Leafs jersey on at the Jays/Yanks game will get 2 tix to our home opener at ACC Oct 7. See you tonight!”

    I will be there will Bushkorn bells on!

  63. haha wow easy there soapbox, hope you gave yourself a nice pat on the back for that one

  64. Great, that’s all we need, more Leaf Jersey’s at the Jays game.

  65. actually it was all summarized very nicely by a poster at lawyers, guns and money – “I just wish somebody would catch jeter, so all this can go away”, i’m paraphrasing but that was basically it.

  66. U are the worst rapper ever!


  67. that was my joke.

  68. yet another excellent point to add to my rants about ped’s

  69. Can you guess which young pitcher is more hyped?

    Pitcher A: 24 Years Old, 23 G, 3.90 ERA, 140.2 IP, 1.21 WHIP, 132 H, 7.4 K/9, 2.4 BB/9, 18 HR, 103 ERA+

    Pitcher B: 23 Years Old, 21 G, 3.90 ERA, 131.2 IP, 1.24 WHIP, 121 H, 6.5 K/9, 2.9 BB/9, 13 HR, 104 ERA+

  70. can you tell which team plays for a team with maybe, i don’t know, 50 million fans, and which one doesn’t?

  71. I’m pretty sure that was my point.

  72. really? i thought you were asking a question? i answered a question with a question, which is of course dickish, but it seemed more like you were asking a question not making a point. hence the “?” in what you wrote. i thought you wanted an answer.

  73. Ha, no worries. These internets can be tough sometimes without the inflection of voice, which I obviously heard in my own pea-brain.

  74. How would steroids explain Shawn Green’s career path? His career path was almost exactly what one would expect from a baseball player. Incremental improvement, peak performance at about the age of 30 followed by decline. How is that suspicious?

  75. well if you believe that the only good players are ones who dominate the league in their rookie league and everybody else who just improves through their first few years in the league is suspect, then i guess it makes sense. think of all the people who are already writing off snider…

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