Dude like totally lost his head over Bautista’s 50th.

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  1. lemme guess. that one’s parkes, stoeten was his buddy who cleared the fence to pick his ass up

  2. impressive rack on the fan in the 3rd row

  3. haha what a dumbass

    anyone want a pair of tickets to tomorrows game for 50 bucks? sec 119 row 12, just behind visitors on -deck circle, tickets are 70 each at the box office.

  4. The one in the pink? Dude, she’s like 5.

  5. I think he was referring to the 300-pound crushinator.

    I got a laugh out of how Saunders just watches.

  6. pastlives, flip me a message ( I might be interested, but I gotta check with someone. Do you have any tickets for the Yankees series?

  7. k sent you an email parkes

  8. They kicked them out a few minutes after that happened. So stupid.

  9. Pay me for the 29th before you spend more dough, Parkes!

  10. Parkes… are you gonna profile Rob Thomson for manager? Just curious…

  11. Definitely. I’m just far too hungover today, and the first post on the new blog at The Score went up today.

    We’ll launch it for reals on Monday.

  12. Haha. I’ll flip you an email. We should grab drinks this weekend.

  13. Seriously?

    Because if they did, that is yet more evidence for the anti-fun fascism that prevails under the RogerSky. There should be a sustained, organized protest, or boycott, or well-considered measure, to inform the stadium staff of our displeasure. I am sure many who read this blog have witnessed such things. Now we should act.

  14. Nude protest? Everyone remove your clothes for the 7th inning stretch.

  15. If you disagree, bucko, tell me why. I’m fucking serious.

  16. Its well known that if you enter the field of play for any reason in any park in the MLB you get the boot. Not that I disagree about your anti-fun Rogers sentiment but this would have been the case anywhere.

  17. still selling those tickets if anyone wants em, someone save me a trip to the rogers centre in the morning to get ripped off by a scalper!

  18. I think you think I was mocking you. I was not.

  19. Calm down Churrasquiera, there’s a good chance Argos WAS FUCKING KIDDING. Take your meds, throw out the meth or speeders or whatever the fuck is making you act like an asshole, and take it easy.

    Also, unlike Matt_CC, I’am mocking you.

  20. Yeah, I’m sure your sustained organized boycott consisting of 7 people living on bloggs for their entire existence will force Rogers to take action.

  21. Then that makes your response unnecessary, don’t it?

  22. Cool article on if Bautista’s sick 2010 is the best season for a Jay ever?

  23. I was at the game, moved up and was sitting maybe 6 rows to the right of them by the foul pole. I’m just outside the pitcher.

    The initial security on site let them stay but come next half inning, 3 security guys came down and told them they had to leave. They didn’t want to, but they escorted them out.

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