Yes, yes, we’ve been a little bit completely fucking lazy this week. (Or, actually, Parkes and I have been busy as beavers over at The Score, running Getting Blanked and the Buzz respectively, but go ahead and call us lazy if you really want.)

Part of that, of course, has been that there really is shit all happening with the Jays right now—unless you count every name in baseball being linked with their open managerial position. (Though, actually I guess we could have gone to the trouble of pointing out names being crossed off the list, like Tim Wallach earlier in the week, and Eric Wedge today.)

But fear not! (You were never feared, were you?) All the while I’ve been collecting various links and things, in the hope that one day I’d manage to suck it up (and/or feel guilty about the neglect of this site) long enough to share them with you. And unless I give up halfway through this exercise and decide to totally mail it in (that is, mail it in more than I’m already mailing it in), today is that day!

So, without further ado…

Mind Aslplode…

Holy fucking shitting fuck! Business Insider’s new Sports Page (new home by former Deadspinner Dashiell Bennett, and, in the case of this piece, Cork Gaines of Rays Index) has listed baseball’s 20 Most Expensive Busts in 2010 and… wait for it… Vernon Wells didn’t make the list!

Basically, what they’ve done is compared the difference between players’ WAR Dollars (via Fangraphs) and their actual salaries.

The list is headed by the Astros’ Carlos Lee, who you’ll probably recall is always mentioned, along with Vernon, when the topic of the worst contracts imaginable comes up. In 2010 Lee and his –0.8 fWAR were worth a $3-million loss to the Astros using the vaguely-scientific WAR Dollars formula. For an asset of such incredible value, Drayton McLane dished out $18.5-million, making for a total shit flushing of $21.5-million.

Alex Rodriguez was next, with his $32-million salary far outstripping his $15.4-million “value.”

Vernon, you may be surprised to know (y’know, given that he was pretty much fucking useless for a solid three-and-a-half months during the season), put up the second best fWAR of his career, 4.0, making him “worth” $15.9-million—and making the difference between his salary and his “value” far too small for him to make the list (which also included Manny Ramirez, Derek Jeter, and Ryan Howard.)

Bud Wants Playoff Changes?

Walkoff Walk had an interesting piece this week about possible playoff format changes, including this snippet from Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune:

Commissioner Bud Selig has confirmed baseball is studying possibilities to expand the postseason field. Eight teams currently go, but there is strong consideration being given to increasing that number to 10, beginning as soon as 2011. The new games would provide programming for the MLB Network and allow fringe teams to remain competitive deeper into September.

They also add this nugget from Walk Like A Sabermetrician:

In the 32-league seasons since the wildcard was implemented (1995-2010), the average W% for the best team in the league is .620. The second-best division winner averages .583, the third-best .556. The wildcard team is .573 on average, while the team that would be the second wildcard averages .548.

This, of course, should make Jays fans rejoice. You know, seeing as, under a 10-team format, the Jays would have made the playoffs a whole one times—the 1998 Tim Johnson season—since the Wild Card was introduced in 1994.


Layin’ Down The Law

It’s a week old, but in case you missed it like I did, here are the Jays-related nuggets from our friend Keith Law’s most recent (i.e. October 7th) chat at ESPN.

Cody (STL)
If the Cards are seriously stupid enough to trade Rasmus, what is a realistic haul for him.
If they are that stupid, they shouldn’t deal him without getting one major-league ready impact prospect in return. For example, if the Blue Jays call, it’s “Kyle Drabek or GTHO.”

Peter (Toronto)
The Jays would be crazy to sign Bautista to a long term deal this off season coming off 54 homers, right?
Yes. I hate the idea of signing a player long-term off one good anomalous year. Doing that helped sink Josh Byrnes here in Arizona between his brother* Eric and Mark “3TO” Reynolds. (*not actually his brother.)

Grant (Wpg)
Isn’t the wisdom of a long-term deal on Bautista a function of price? You’ve called his HR over under for next year about 28, if he signs 3 years at $8-9M per, that’s not bad for an athletic OF with decent OBP and power. Just don’t pay him as though he’ll hit 50 again.
I’m assuming that he wouldn’t sign for that; his agent would discourage it, the union would have a coronary, and he’s got an awesome arbitration case for 2011 that will ensure he gets plenty of money either way.

Grant (Wpg)
Anthopolous said something to the effect that Zach Stewart was right there with Drabek as a prospect. I seem to recall you being impressed by Stewart in his AA playoff start, but also by Drabek’s. Big difference between the two?
Different styles. Not a huge difference in potential. Drabek’s a shade better.

Chris (Park Ridge)
Travis Snider or Colby Rasmus long-term?

Grant (Wpg)
Do you think Yunel Escobar for Rasmus is a reasonable offer?

Predicting Bautista

Tim Dierkes of the great MLB Trade Rumors, over in his side gig at Roto Authority, asked a bunch of the best-known baseball writers out there to try and predict the number of home runs Jose Bautista will hit next year.

The lowest guess, submitted by Ken Davidoff of Newsday, was 27, while the highest , 36, was from ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick.

Obviously these guys don’t think Bautista’s out-of-nowhere value will completely fall off a cliff. Even on the absolute low end of that spectrum, he’d be a pretty valuable player, given everything else he brings to the table. Still… will the Jays regret not moving him if he falls back to earth like that? Maybe, maybe…

So I guess there’s only one thing for Jose to do: prove ‘em all wrong.


Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun lists every single person the Jays have interviewed for their manager.

Elliott also has a nifty preview of Jays prospect Kellen Sweeney, from Wednesday’s Sun.

Sticking with prospects, Batters Box takes a detailed look at their version of the Jays’ top ten.

Meanwhile, Mop Up Duty looks at the baseball cards of the players just drafted by the Jays this June—most notable for the fact that it proves, once and for all, that they actually still make baseball cards.

Jordan Bastian of chats with Lyle Overbay, as he prepares to hit free agency for the first time after ten seasons (though the first three were only partial—very partial in some cases) in the majors.

Bastian also takes questions from fans in his latest mail bag at Richard Griffin does the same at the Toronto Star.

Ghostrunner On First, who I should note is also a contributer at Getting Blanked, meaning that there’s a least one person on there who isn’t hatable, feels lost in the same kind of malaise we do as the Jays front office lays low during the playoffs.

Lastly, it’s old, but if you haven’t read it, this Tao of Stieb FJMing of Brue Dowbiggin is a beautiful thing.

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  1. In regards to the expanded playoff format…I don’t really think it’s all that useful to say a 5th playoff team would have only netted the Jays one playoff in ’98…using this year as an example, the Jays could have made a big push for 5th (i.e. Boston) and used Brett Wallace as the centrepiece to acquire Cliff Lee…or they could have traded for Sabathia in ’08…the basic point is that a 5th playoff team would completely alter the trade deadline for the Jays…espescially since it appears that Tampa and Boston are a little more within reach going forward…

  2. Griffin’s answer about the pitchers and Doc was very interesting. It’s been a running theme all season with some pretty revealing quotes from Marcum, Cecil and Romero.

  3. I want a balanced schedule, that will go a long way in preventing teams like the Twins and other AL Central teams from looking better than the Jays. Basically the 4 best teams in the AL were in the AL East this year, just look how no one in the AL West and Central had a winning record agains the AL East.

    And for those that are counting the Twins are now 38 – 65 against the AL East over the last 3 years

  4. Wow, ALCS isn’t on HD tonight. Good thing we finally have a 2nd Sportsnet HD channel. Pool in HD is scintillating.

  5. Of course they still make cards shit for brains!

  6. game is on ch 74 in case you cant find it, like I almost didn’t

  7. Go Rangers

  8. Fuck Yeah! Death to the Yankees. And ya gotta love the music from the Natural there.

  9. hee hee cunt cunt sabathia

  10. go rangers, light up that fat bitch

  11. Poker in HD is where it’s at. I really need to see every pore on Doyle Brunson’s face.

  12. Pussada has a camel toe

  13. Rangers are really taking it to them.

  14. You must be a riot at parties.

  15. Bases juiced. I like CC, but I hate the fucking Yanks.

  16. Gotta give CC credit there. For a fat pitcher he moves fairly well.

  17. Can someone help me out with this story. I seem to recall that when the Yanks won the world series the players had a certain amount of playoff bonuses to be shared amongst themselves. Some of the greedier players didnt want to share the money with some of the bench players who they felt hadnt contributed enough to the team winning. Sabathia manned up and gave his share to the bench players that were being shut out of the bonuses. Is this how it went down?

  18. stoeten, who do you think will be the next manager?

  19. Isn’t the answer obvious?

  20. On the one hand, the Twins are “perennial contenders” in the AL Central. On the other hand, Gardenhire can’t seem to win in the playoffs…probably because Kansas City is nowhere to be found. Fuck you Minnesota.

    It’s the same in the NL. The NL Central was a fucking joke this year…the Reds? Fuck, the Blue Jays were better than the Reds this year, they just didn’t have 5 teams with shitty pythag records proping them up.

    Enough of this lovefest with middle America and two of their shitty teams being awarded playoff spot…what is this, fucking playoff welfare?

    Split up the central divisions and give half the teams to the AL/NL East and the other half to the AL/NL West…let those fuckers battle against the real teams on the coasts and see how many times they make the playoffs.

    Let the division winners get a bye to the “2nd” round and have 4 wildcards (12 playoff teams in total). Fucking MLB…learn from the NFL…they have just the right amount of playoff teams.

    P.S. Fuck you Chris Carpenter for acting like the motherfucking St Louis Cardinals are a better organization than the Toronto Blue Jays…stick your fucking 83-81 World Series ring up ur fucking ass.

  21. Off topic, but Mike Komisarek is a fucking china doll, weak ass pussy.

  22. And Sean Avery is a fucking asshole

  23. fuck you posada, you chinless POS

  24. Off topic, but shouldn’t @damospin be doing a driveby smear on Clarke MacArthur by now?

  25. That Dowbiggin column was abysmal.
    The game has never been healthier in the last 25 years.

  26. What the fuck you talking bout Lando? Go suck Chewies dick and lick C3Po’s golden ass.

  27. Fuck Yeah. Go Rangers

  28. It is worth noting that the ubiquitous Leaf media channels have been graced with player-to-player comparisons between Bautista, Arencibia and MacArthur. Haha… indeed, these Leafs have been compared favourably with the Jays.

    Fuck all you hockey-haters, fuck Wilner, and fuck anyone who feels that Toronto fans do not appreciate the various sports.

    Oh, and fuck the Yankees. Ahahahhaahaha…

  29. Seriously, why wasn’t AJ Burnett on that list? HOW was he not on that list?

  30. This baseball game -> so many boners.

  31. Some folk’ll never eat a skunk but then again some folk’ll, like Greg Zaun the slack jawed yokel.

  32. If you were a porn star, what would your name be?

  33. As Blue Jay catchers go he’s got nothing on Pat Borders. Now that’s a fucking Yokel.

  34. The Yankees are being taken to the woodshed by a chicken-winged lefthander who is a devout practitioner of Taoism, a coke addicted manager and a bankrupt organization.
    If the bugs came back out again and started biting, it would be complete.

  35. Pat Borders was cool cause he wore wife beater shirts

  36. and slappy mcbluelips makes an error at third

  37. God damn, this shit is whiter than the Lawrence Welk show.

  38. It’s night’s like these that make reading the River Ave Blues blog a fucking joy.
    So many tears.


  40. Shut up Gaymie

  41. What was that thing they used to say in little league…oh yeah


  42. Christ this sucks.

  43. either this is an epic pants shitting or the yankees are the far superior team that just had a bad first seven innings

  44. Many on this blog opined that the Rays would not have defeated the Yankees in this series, and actually favoured the Rangers. I deemed this madness; the Rangers do not have the pedigree (even compared to the Rays!) and do not resemble a confident team. They’ve the aspect of a good team, yes, and Ron Washington has taught the franchise new tricks, but truly… I felt the Yankees would snack on them. I am not convinced of any result yet, but I must note with amusement that putting the Jays in the Rangers’ position would have been interesting, because the Jays’ offensive style combines some good and bad features from both Texas and TB. The advantage the Jays would have enjoyed, which Texas cannot, is intimate familiarity with AL East-style ball. I do not like the Rangers’ chances.

  45. Rangers’ bullpen was exposed a bit by the Rays, and revealed to be fraudulent tonight. What is Clay Rapada, who had 13 appearances in the regular season, doing pitching at the tipping point of Game 1?

  46. you have to blame washington on this one. this is the same oliver that blew it against tampa and he’s your first option? and why take cj out in the 8th? he only gave up 1 hard hit ball to jeter that inning.

  47. Divine punishment for pulling two consecutive relievers after a single bloody throw each. Hahaha… would Cito have done that? No, that kind of twitchiness is not going to serve during the playoffs. The Yankees had their momentum and the Rangers looked like deer (heh) in the headlights. If you’re going to take a beating, don’t spread the damage through so shallow a bullpen.

    Now that Texas has actually showed in the playoffs, I have to ask: can the fucking Rangers decide whether their fucking heraldry is gonna be red or blue? Who the fuck tries to switch so dramatically between primary colours like that? Even the Habs’ gaudy road rags are better coordinated. And as for their “beautiful ballpark”, that big ugliness out beyond centre field looks like a verdammte parking garage.

  48. To me, it’s one of those cases where you have to throw the book in the shitter and just put your best reliever out there, which would be Perez. Or at least fucking consider it. Better your fireballing relief ace than an ancient LOOGy.

  49. Still… will the Jays regret not moving him if he falls back to earth like that?

    If you think 27 homers and similar avg and obp counts as falling back to earth, then I don’t think so. I doubt the other GMs in the league were shitting their pants in effort to trade anything equal to that value at the deadline for such an unproven player.

  50. Fucking embarrassing that Texas didn’t use Neftali to stop the bleeding.

  51. The Braves pull that same shit too, only their blue is so drab you’d think they were playing for Folsam.

  52. All right, Rangers, let’s do this.

  53. Hustle play.

  54. Well, the Jays have time on their side with Bautista. All offseason, mid-season and at worst he leaves for draft picks. There is no risk for the team (he was picked up for nothing) unless they sign him to a big contract. I feel confident in GM AA. I think he learned a lot from JP’s mistakes, so it must have been good training for him ^^
    -don’t fall in love with players
    -learn opportunity cost
    -deal with the media (to your advantage)
    -try to acquire elite talent
    -build from within
    -get into the latin market
    -find where you can get a competitive advantage (GM AA went with scouting and front office)

  55. Fuck Yeah. Go Giants

  56. I hope Halladay doesn’t hear the Philly fans boo him.

  57. You are not looking forward to watching Halladay defeat the Yankees (at least once)? Or even the upstart Parking Lot Rangers?

  58. Nope. Not in the least.

  59. Well, I must admit that one highlight of a Giants-Rangers Series would be San Francisco’s first visit to Arlington. With El Presidente II in the park, they may arrest Wilson on suspicion of being a Muslim. I don’t think Lincecum would fare so well either.

  60. Phillies fans chirping “steroids” at Cody Ross. What are they going to say when Brian Wilson pitches?

  61. Fuck. I never knew Greg Zaun was such a genius. Asshole!

  62. Ryan Howard has got to be one of the most overrated players.

  63. I am east Indian. At least I think I am.

  64. Im lying in bed, just like Brian Wilson did.

  65. Wilson must be using the Grecian formula on that beard, it is sick!

  66. Cody Ross spelled backwards is Ssory Doc

  67. Far out, man, far out

  68. MLBTR suggests the Jays might have interest in Lance Berkman this offseason. I guesss.. if they need a DH.

  69. Tell Berkman to get rid of the spare tire and take a pay cut and he can play for us

  70. Hey Boobs….any relation to Tits?

  71. The corporeal manifestation of a Yankees postseason.


  72. Is it just me or is Evanka looking even more awesome than usual lately? I think she did something different with her hair.

  73. No relation. By the way, does anyone else cringe whenever Tim slack-jawed-hick McCarver speaks? Damn, that guy is annoying. According to him, it seems as if there is nothing that is not THE MOST or THE BEST or THE HIGHEST…EVER. You talk about…hyperbole.

  74. Is it me, or does Evanka not look like she has big ass breast feeding titties all of a sudden?

  75. Was yelling at him through the TV earlier (yeah, I need help, lol) when he called a brushback pitch NL baseball. I thought they didn’t brushback in the NL because pitchers have to hit. Whatever revisionist shit you need to try and pretend the NL is better I guess.

  76. Take a sip each time McCarver says “remarkable” or “outstanding.” You’ll be hammered in no time.

  77. Fuck. Cody Ross really hates the Phillies.

  78. ‘T’s or ‘B’s, makes no difference to me.

    So… would McCarver cry “remarkable” if he saw you Tits?

  79. update this site. We read it because it’s a fans perspective. Not interested in shiny new pro blogs…

  80. Sources: Sandy Alomar Jr. among finalists for #BlueJays. Hale also in mix. Alomar going for 3rd interview. Number of finalists unclear. #MLB – Rosenthal

    I haven’t heard that name yet. Very intriguing with Robbie in the front office too. I think I like it.

  81. Honestly, fuck off.

  82. watch the public image son

  83. Good work guys at least presenting the case that Wells this year did not lose the most money in terms of saber-values. Then even better at kind of putting them aside and tell us in a Cito-like way how his performance ‘felt’ the last three months of the season which therefore should mean more. While it is stupid to defend the contract in terms of the economic climate now [and I would never say it was a smart deal - that is just stupid], at the time, Wells did get at least what he would have gotten on the open market – and at least he wasn’t as bad this year as it may have ‘felt’. Hey, how were his defensive stats too? I haven’t heard too much bandying on about his declining defense so I must assume the numbers people use to ‘objectively examine defence’ went up this year or else they would be smeared everywhere and everyone would be talking about [what, his UZR improved by threefold you say?]. How come when Wells played last year everyone bemoaned about his ‘obviously’ declining defence but now no one is using the same statistics to suggest he is somehow making improvements? Oh, thats because some sabermaticians generally hide their subjective opinions within the guise of ‘objective standards’. Bautista may not hit 50 HRs again but don’t try to latch it on to some seemingly objective standards to prove your point. Baseball is still full of unpredictability and because Bautista’s breakout wasn’t predicted, anywhere, it must therefore be an anomaly. I long for the day that we use statistics and sabermetrics as the guides they should be and not the be all and end all of every conversation because they only generally get waved about when they confirm a subjective opinion or some event has happened that wasn’t predicted and the past statistics are used to support the subjective belief that it is an outlier and not likely to happen again.

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