In case you missed it, Alex Anthopoulos sat down with Mike Wilner last night to discuss the Jays’ ongoing managerial search, and a couple of other off-season-y things.

You can listen to the audio here, but I can save you some time and tell you that, true to the style we’ve come to expect from AA, there weren’t any major revelations or anything, though there were a couple of interesting things that came out of it.

Anthopoulos and Wilner spent most of the time discussing the managerial search, which Anthopoulos says he feels good about, as far as how far along they are in the process, though he couldn’t say when to expect an announcement to be made. Again, as we’ve come to expect, he’s obviously being ridiculously thorough– though he did say that the number of candidates they’ve spoken to “isn’t as vast or as large as has been reported.”

He downplayed– thankfully, I’d– some previous comments about wanting to find “a leader of men,” which Wilner noted is a phrase Anthopoulos has used on more than one occasion, and which led him to believe that this was a quality he was looking for first and foremost, more than finding someone who would be more of a pure tactician.

“Maybe the way I characterized it, maybe it seemed like I weighted it more than I truly do,” Anthopoulos said.

He also said something that Wilner took note of over at his blog, which was that “some [candidates] may not be ready for the opportunity, and we may have to say ‘This guy has a chance to be a star’. Maybe we would hire him on even if he needs a little bit more time.”

“Sal Fasano, anyone?” Wilner asks. (UPDATE: Everyone seems to think this better describes Sandy Alomar Jr., who the power of Kenny Ken Ken’s tweets today suggested was “among finalists” for the gig, given that he was due to have his third interview. I’ll buy that.)

Sure, that could describe ol’ Sally Boy. And even though I don’t actually know anything about how he runs a team, I can’t help but kinda hope that maybe it is– though I do recognize that, obviously, such sentimentality is kind of stupid. In fact, I don’t really understand how anyone can have a person in mind who they’d like to see the Jays hire– we just don’t know enough about any of them, beyond a few myths about what they might be like in the clubhouse.

Lastly, switching topics, Wilner asked about “certain players” who are reportedly being shopped– very obviously referring to St. Louis OF Colby Rasmus, who has an even greater chance of being moved today, now that it’s been confirmed that Tony La Russa will return as Cardinals manager– and whether Anthopoulos has been able to stay plugged in when it comes to trade talks, or if the managerial search has been all-consuming. Anthopoulos said that he’d been in conversations with GMs, and that the front office is keeping tabs on who may or may not be available– though, of course, he didn’t get specific any players.

And The Crumbs…

According to the offical Mets Twitter, the Jays have granted them permission to speak with Assistant GM Dana Brown about the vacancy in Flushing. However, since Brown was a disciple of the last guy, Omar Minaya, I don’t think there’s any chance that flies.

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe (via MLBTR), the Jays are one of the teams who might be part of the developing market for 35-year-old switch-hitting ex-Astro and current Yankee, Lance Berkman. Berkman has a $15-million team option for 2011, and that sound you just heard was Brian Cashman laughing his fucking face off at the possibility that I might even suggest he might still be wearing pinstripes next year. This has been Berkman’s worst season in the majors, but he’s still hit righties to the tune of an .847 OPS. (His .517 OPS from the other side of the plate pretty much suggests that his days as anything more than a platoon guy are through, though.)

Bruce Dowbiggin of the Globe and Mail looks at Gregg Zaun and his burgeoning career as an analyst. Zaun in the booth next year– make this happen people!

Hmmm… yeah, that’s about all I’ve got. Enjoy the game tonight. GO RANGERS.

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  1. Marcum, Gose and D’Arnaud for Colby Rasmus. Move Wells to LF.

  2. My comment in the last thread got lost in the shuffle…

    Sources: Sandy Alomar Jr. among finalists for #BlueJays. Hale also in mix. Alomar going for 3rd interview. Number of finalists unclear. #MLB – Rosenthal

    I haven’t heard that name yet. Very intriguing with Robbie in the front office too. I think I like it. Discuss.

  3. I’ll add a crazy one to the rumor mill. Today I saw Manny Ramirez at the Eaton Centre.

  4. I get the sense from AA that he doesn’t have a set definition of what he’s looking for. After all, he isn’t just trying to find a manager; he’s trying to find a partner, someone who will work with him to implement his vision going forward. So he talks to a bunch of people, and if something clicks, hey, what the hell, right? Can’t be any worse than Cito.

  5. Sandy Alomar eh? Hm.. Very interesting. I didn’t even know he was coaching.

    Even if it doesn’t make all that much sense, I would totally love it if the Jays signed Manny to DH.

  6. Was Manny buying baggy pance?

  7. I think Sandy Alomar is the future star in need of seasoning they’re referring too.

  8. The fact that he’s a former catcher (and a good one) should work in his favour considering the young average age of the pitching staff next year and Aaron Cibia. He could maybe do for the battery what Butterfield did for infielders. Cool, I like it.

  9. Alomar, sure, sounds alright, knowing nothing about him and all. Or, at least very little.

    It’s weird, there’s just not much to really say about any of this at this point, especially because there are so many candidates floating out there. It’ll be interesting, once we know who it is, to read into what his selection means, but with all these damn names, who knows?

  10. Out of all the names that have been mentioned, Dave Martinez would still be my first pick.


  12. Avacados? Really?

  13. Fuck Im sooooooo stoned.

  14. Fuck, I’d rather have Zaun behind the plate.

  15. If AA wants a strong personality and leader, and a Spanish speaker, then Sandy Alomar Jr. is the man. Maybe his lack of experience works in his favor with AA.

  16. Manny would be a tremendous asset to add to make the next rebuilding season enjoyable.
    Tim Bogar is off the list. I’m just waiting to hear Baylor off the list.

  17. Oh poop. I just lifted my right leg to let out a little toot, and id so swear that a cherry flavoured condom came out. Is that bad?

  18. Like id want a guy named boogar to coach my team.

  19. Damn. I really thought Hamilton nailed that one.

  20. Like id want this guy to be our manager

  21. Take a seat Jeter

    And I’d rather floss my teeth with my dirty undies than see Manny as a Jay.

  23. Who should we despise more: the fucking loot suits in the first 20 rows at the ACC, or the hand-sitting douche-dollared fucks in the good seats at new Yanker Stadium who couldn’t be bothered to raise a rally cry?

  24. Yes, you Yankee peacock assfans, fold up! Beat the traffic! Go scurry back to Fishfuck Connecticut while you tell the whole fucking world how little faith you have in your comeback-spirited team, the team that has too many over-salaried, over-engineered weapons to fail! Treat the playoffs you fucking bought as the joke it has become, while the Parking Lot Rangers school you in the sport of childhood you corrupted… FTY!

  25. Yankee Stadium — absolutely fucking empty.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, motherfuckers.

  26. Hubris is a very dangerous thing people. When AJ pitches his no hitter tomorrow night, we’ll all rue the day we made fun of the Bronx Bombers.

  27. Yeah, but the nine walks that tend to tag-along with his no-hitters will still be hilarious.

  28. You don’t get three interviews deep with anyone unless you’re close to sure they’re the guy. I LOVE the fact that Alomar has had three interviews already and nobody was talking about him until after the third one. I think it speaks volumes about the way AA is going to continue to do business. I have a feeling that he’s already got deals for Cliff Lee and Colby Rasmus locked up without taking away anything from the big club, losing any of the top 10 prospects or adding more than $2million in payroll for next year. That may be hyperbole…but you get the picture.

  29. Would Carl Crawford ever consider Toronto?

  30. I fucking hope so. Hopefully he’ll consider the Jays as a young, promising rebuilding team, much like the Rays were. His would be the first Jays jersey I’ve ever bought.

  31. Guess the ratings of the game were lower than that of Titans/Jags, which was unwatchable. Good – it really seems the only way Selig would ever get motivated to get off his wrinkled balls and bust up the stupid advantages the Yanks have is if people stop tuning in.

  32. One more interesting name that might get thrown in the mix now is Ryne Sandberg. The Cubbies signed Mike Quade to a two year deal and by the sounds of it Ryno isn’t too pleased considering most thought he’d get the gig.

    This is what I love about AA, the fact that he isn’t just rushing into shit, and leaving all of his options open. Do you think the Mariners might be interested in Ryno – maybe, but they already made their decision.

  33. For the past couple of years Crawford has sat out a game or two every time the Rays play in Toronto because of the turf – given the opportunity to finally play on real grass every day, I can’t imagine he’d sign on with the only other team in the league who still has an artificial playing surface given that it evidently bothered him in Tampa.

  34. But then payroll will still be low, and people will bitch about it. Right?

  35. No, what he’s doing is waiting so long that the only available candidates will be Butterfield and Leyva. Major fail if either of those two get the job. The media in Toronto would love to see it go to Butterfield because he’s their darling, and Wilner would be doing cartwheels.

    I’m just hoping this gets done before the winter meetings.

  36. “No, what he’s doing is waiting so long that the only available candidates will be Butterfield and Leyva.”

    That’s retarded.

  37. Just me or does Barry look smaller?

  38. so im just thinking something after reading all these posts

    manny and sandy played together in cleveland when they were a powerhouse

    sandy is here to help sign manny who idolized george bell and the jays when he was a kid

    and robbie alomar has aids

  39. 1. Yunel
    2. Colby Rasmus
    3. Jose Bautista
    4. Manny
    5. Vernon wells
    6. Adam Lind
    7. Travis
    8. Hill
    9. Albert Pujols

  40. Manny has more HR’s in the skyRCdome than any other park (except of course the parks he spent substantial time in, I.e. Boston and Cleveland)

  41. I get it, enough with the clapping schtick.

  42. Hah, fuck you.

  43. I just have a feeling he’s going to sign with a sleeper. MLBTR had an item the other day about the link between Crawford and the city of Houston. It’s not going to be the Stankees.

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