After a week of being far too lazy (as usual), and after having missed the last one, I finally kinda feel like I’ve caught up on most of the stuff going on with the Jays at the moment– so it seems like the right time to dip again into Richard Griffin’s mail bag from over at the Toronto Star.

As always, I have not read any of Griffin’s answers. Also, if there’s a question you’d like me to answer, submit it to Griffin here, and maybe he’ll select it for a future mail bag. Fingers crossed!

Q. Much has been made of the budgetary implications of the Vernon Wells deal for the Jays. However, the Jays have a lot of draft picks this year, and signing them appears to be a priority for A.A. What is the team’s budget for signing its draft picks, and is the team going to use the Wells savings to partially offset the cost of signing its picks? If they plow a ton of money into signing all their picks, then I can tolerate their spending less on the major league club.
John Zingaro,

John, I couldn’t tell you what the specific draft budget is, but you can rest assured that they’re going to do exactly what you suggest here. To give you an oversimplified explanation of what I think we’re witnessing, I expect them to operate like Tampa– which they’ve begun doing over the last year-and-a-half– until the club gets to the point where they feel they can generate enough revenue to sustain moving to a Boston-like model. There is a ceiling to the Tampa market that is far below Boston’s, and far below Toronto’s theoretical ceiling, which forces them to operate on a shoestring budget. Boston is similarly strong when it comes to drafting and developing talent, but the Sox can keep their payroll high, can retain their star players, and can afford to make mistakes with their money. That’s not because a benevolent ownership has been willing to piss away money on a hope and a prayer, but because they squeeze every possible dollar out of their park, because of a wealth of TV revenue, and because they’ve cultivated a strong pipeline of talent to complement their purely financial acquisitions, which ensures they’ll always be competitive or will have the pieces to trade to keep them competitive. The Jays can get there, and with prudent investments– and now a bunch of “team generated” money in the form of the Wells savings– should be able to shortcut the process a little, but I don’t expect Rogers to put the cart before the horse. Didn’t they already try that with the last GM?

Q. Hi Richard Stoeten. What do you think John Farrell is thinking? The team has traded its opening day pitcher and all star centre fielder from last year.
Frank Corea,

Probably something like, “Fucking awesome! This winter we put ourselves in a great position to be much better long-term, my pitching staff probably won’t even be much worse off than last year thanks to the prospects we have coming up, and now I don’t have to worry about upsetting our ‘star’ by having to explain to him why it’s best he doesn’t play CF anymore, and why he has no business being in the middle of our lineup! Tits! Big fucking beautiful tits!”

(Note: I’m working from the assumption that John Farrell really likes tits.)

Q. Hey Richard Stoeten. Does Brett Lawrie actually have a shot of making the team this year? I would imagine a lineup with Lawrie at 2B, Hill at 3B and Bautista in right is better than the alternative which would include Juan Rivera in the OF as an everyday player. Has A.A. hinted at anything?
Cornelius T,


First off, you’ll never convince me that anybody named Cornelius actually lives in Haliburton. Never. Second, I truly don’t understand what everybody’s preoccupation with rushing Brett Lawrie is. I don’t think the Jays are going to hold him back– its not they won’t be able to find a spot for him if he forces their hand– but a lot of people seem to be OK with the notion of just handing him a Major League job right now, before the club has even had a chance to work closely with him. It’s not going to happen. And it probably shouldn’t happen. In fact, it’s probably fucking crazy. Yes, he was one of the best players in the AA Southern League last year, but he was also one of the youngest. Yes, he’s a talent, but… for shit, people, most think Travis Snider was rushed and he didn’t reach the majors until the end of his third season as a pro– Lawrie has only had two. He looks like he’ll be a good one (once he finds a position) and I understand wanting to reap some immediate return on the Marcum deal, but let’s simmer the fuck down a little bit here, OK?

Q. In light of the recent Frank Francisco deal, can you shed some light on who goes where in the Jays bullpen. This acquisition coupled with the signings of Octavio Dotel and Jon Rauch really look like A.A. has no confidence in some of the cheaper, younger Jays (Casey Janssen, David Purcey, Zach Stewart, Shawn Camp, and even Jason Frasor) stepping up and grabbing the ninth inning role.
Jason Sinnarajah,
San Francisco

Jason, yeah, probably, but I don’t think that assessment is quite right. For one, part of the appeal of guys like Rauch, Dotel and Francisco is that they each have solid chances to bring the Jays compensation picks if they leave the club at the end of the season having declined the Jays’ offer of arbitration. Anthopoulos has been keen to exploit MLB’s compensation rules, and while all three guys might not turn into picks, I understand the thinking there, and I don’t think it’s necessarily a reflection of the club’s opinion of the other relievers. For two, it’s not like these guys are Mariano Rivera. I mean, if a Janssen or a Purcey is lights out and deserves the opportunity to move up the pecking order, I don’t think the Jays are beholden so much to Octavio effing Dotel that they can’t let it happen.

Q. Hi Richard Stoeten. I’m sure you’ll have lots of questions or comments about Vernon Wells this week, but I’ll add one more, just for fun. I have a sneaking suspicion that Vernon will have an enormous year for the Angels, and that may reflect playing the season on grass rather than turf. My question: How do you think the artificial turf at SkyDome (ok, Rogers Centre) has affected Vernon over the past couple of years, and will it make a difference?
Bryan Willis,

I don’t think it makes a difference, and I know there’s no possible way we could say it did anyway. I mean, Vernon went from being one of the absolute worst regular players in baseball in 2009 (7th lowest WAR among all 154 qualified) to being one of the best CFs in the game in 2010 (9th by WAR among CFs), and he spent both those years playing on the same turf. So… if anything changes, I don’t see any reason to think the turf makes a difference.

I should add, I truly hope Vernon has a monster year this year– that would change nothing about how fantastic this trade has been for the club, and I hope (though I don’t exactly expect) most fans would understand that.

Q. Two Questions:
1. With the Napoli trade how would you handle the catching position for 2011?
2. I thought Chad Jenkins was being groomed for the closer position, am I wrong or have they changed their minds?
Marc Oliver,

Two Answers:
1. JP Arencibia and Jose Molina will be the club’s catchers, and that’s fine. It might be nice if they had a third option somewhere, which was why Napoli seemed a fit for the brief moment he was here, but this is also the PCL MVP we’re talk about, and a season in which the club is willing to experience some ups and downs. They might as well give him a shot.
2. You’re probably thinking of Zach Stewart, but in either case, the prevailing philosophy seems to be that if a guy can potentially start, keep him as a starter until he proves he can’t do it (see: Purcey, David). Makes sense, no?

Q. Griff Stote – what a trade!!
AA is the toast of the town and must be building quite the reputation. While I applaud the move, what is concerning is the potential for a porous defense this year. Is Rajai the answer in CF or is AA going to tinker some more?
Mauro Cavazzon,

Mauro, I hate to single you out for this, because you’re hardly the only one who does it, but… holy fuck, why does it matter??? Rajai Davis is neither “the answer” in CF, nor is Anthopoulos necessarily going to tinker, because… Davis should be fine until they either find someone better or some of their prospects develop. “Fine” is all they’re really looking for. Davis is a stopgap– albeit one with a very intriguing upside in the form of the 91 bases he’s stolen over the last two years, and the very solid .305/.360/.423/.784 line he put up in 2009. Maybe he becomes the leadoff threat and centrefielder they’re looking for, but if he doesn’t, it’s not like they’ve invested so much in him that they can’t easily go another way.

Q. Hey Richard Stoeten,
Is there a lesson to be learned regarding Lawrie’s introduction to the Blue Jays from the time past Expos’ decision on then prospect Michael Barrett? The Expos had a decision to make with Jose Vidro, keep him at second or move him to third. Barrett would assume the open spot. The Expos kept Vidro at second and sent Barrett to third, where Barrett failed defensively. Would it be safer to play Lawrie at second instead of third?
Marcus Heinrichs,

I’m not sure I exactly follow. Yes, Barrett failed at third and ultimately became a catcher, but… did that destroy his career or something? I know he had some awful years in Montreal as a young player, but are you suggesting the positional uncertainty had something to do with it? I just don’t buy it. No, it’s probably not the best idea to constantly be moving a player around the diamond, but the Jays need to play Lawrie in the spot where he’s got the best chance to succeed– they can’t be afraid to move him to a position where he better serves the club. Many think his future is ultimately going to be in the outfield, and I don’t expect a transition like that will be an issue– and don’t forget, he came up as a catcher and was moved to second at the start of 2009, so… I completely don’t see the worry here.

Q. Is there any truth to the Jays seeking Vlad Guerrero for DH this year? Or even Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder for next season? It is sounding like a Paul Molitor type of signing when the Jays were going for it in the early ’90s. Thanks for all your insight.
Phil McCloskey,


The Jays don’t appear to be in the market for Guererro, half because of his cost, half because they seem content with giving Edwin Encarnacion a try, and half because they want a DH who can spell Adam Lind at first base if necessary. As for Pujols or Fielder, it’s a nice fantasy, and it doesn’t hurt that typical suitors like the Yankees and Red Sox are already set at the position. Buuuuuut, being set at short didn’t stop the Yankees from getting A-Rod, and I’d be fucking stunned if St. Louis somehow fucks it up with Pujols– and I’d be triply stunned if there was the slightest chance he’d come to Canada.

Fielder makes a little more sense, but since they say he’ll be looking for a deal in the $200-million neighbourhood, I don’t fucking see it. That’s a lot of money over a long time for a guy with a body that you can’t possibly expect to age well. He’s a great fucking hitter– the kind of hitter you need if you’re going to compete with the Yankees and the Red Sox– and an AL team will have the advantage of being able to stick him at DH, but… jesus, that’s a lot of money. A lot can change from now until he hits free agency (if he even does), but I certainly wouldn’t be betting on it.

Also let’s not forget that the Jays had started getting good in 1983, and it wasn’t until 1992 that they really started bolstering their their largely home-grown and traded-for club with elite free agents like Jack Morris and Dave Winfield. Of course, that was a vastly different era of free agency, and I’m not saying I expect it to be nine years before the team signs a truly elite free agent again, but as easy as it is to point to a move like the acquisition of Molitor as setting up the team’s early-90s success, a less flashy but hugely important ingredient was Beeston and Gillick’s ability to build from within throughout the mid-80s. I wouldn’t be so quick to overlook that aspect of the club’s original run of success, or how the current front office may be looking to it for inspiration.

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  1. Anyone who has seen Ferrel’s wife Peg knows he’s a leg man. Let’s just hope he doesn’t freak out when he misses his daughter’s first birthday. “Maybe you do have the most to lose, but that’s only because you’ve got the most!” -Hotlips.

    This IS the M*A*S*H fansite, right?

  2. Adam Lind on Mlb radio right now

  3. Fucking retards called him Adam Dunn. No respect.

  4. People want to rush Lawrie because their major maple boners are overruling their higher thought processes.

  5. Ugh. Just fucking ugh.

  6. Fantastic job as always. Some of those questions are fucking stupid though. I don’t get either why people expect Lawrie to be an impact player this year. He’s fucking 20 with two years of pro ball under his belt. Like you say, if he forces the Jays’ hand and plays his ass off, that’s one thing, but they sure as fuck aren’t going to rush it.

    If he takes a couple more years, fans will be calling to trade him like they are with Snider; be patient god damn it.

  7. If you go to xm radio canada you can get a free 14 day trial, and it gives you access to mlb radio. I liked it and ended up subscribing.

  8. The fake Farrell quote had me ROFL.

  9. Excellent as usual, particularly the final paragraph, with which I couldn’t agree more. A lot of fans of this team like to skim over the broccoli and lima beans phase of this team’s construction (1976 Expansion Draft until the White and Alomar/Carter trades) and head straight for the dessert phase (Winfield, Morris, Molitor, Stewart signings, Cone, Henderson deadline acquisitions and the back to back championships that followed). A helluva lot of arduous scouting and preparation went into the construction of this team to get it to the point where it was one or two pieces away, but it just gets brushed aside by our selective memories. A lot of work needs to be put into this team to get it to a similar stage. Fortunately it won’t take anywhere near as long because the condition of the team at the two starting points is miles apart.

  10. I think the Jays should just trade, like, Drabek and Lawrie for Prince Fielder and make a playoff run. Seriously sick of waiting for the Jays to rebuild and they should have kept Wells for his glove and solid bat.

  11. I think the reason people are asking about Lawrie stems from his comments about how he expects to make the team and he’s done everything he could do in the minors. Of course they forget he’s your typical arrogant 20-year-old athlete so they think he must be right

  12. Regarding to your first ‘answer’ Stoeten, I believe the Jays will be built and run more like the Phillies than the Sox. Boston always seems to have a self-imposed ceiling and they always surpass it. The Phillies at least try to stick to it..

    Now that I have that written out, I realize that comparison is almost fucking stupid. Red Sox have a $180mil payroll for 2011, Phillies last I saw had $161.2mil guarenteed to 19 players. Perhaps the Giants are the best comparison.

  13. My guess is it’s dumbfucks who want to see Lawrie up because he’s Canadian. Wooooooo..

  14. Re: Answer #1, Boston’s market: Yes, and, New England has such a long, deep baseball history that makes a rabid fan base. Shit, the Sox FO could sign nine DJF monkeys and Fenway would still be packed, night after night:

    JB SS
    Randle McMurtry 1B
    Garafraxaguy 2B
    Tech Guy DH
    BrentinKorea RF
    Radar 3B
    Douchencrantz C
    OCD Guy LF

    Isabellareyes LFP

  15. Well you’re definitely right about one thing…they’re dumbfucks

  16. C’mon man. Anyone with the name ‘Radar’ is destined for CF.

  17. Let’s not forget this is Canada, and everything is equated to hockey. Most big time rookies in hockey make it to the NHL at 20 or 21. This type of thinking gets carried over to baseball, and if a guy like Snider hasn’t made it in the bigs at 22, guys like John Shannon, who only knows hockey, shit all over him on the radio, which only furthers this line of thinking.

    Just my opinion on that, though.

  18. Is anyone else out there scared right-the-fuck out at Lind playing first base this year? I sure as hell am…..scared like Kelly Gruber would be without his Vidal Sassoon hairconditioner on a 3 week roadtrip.

    He handled the ball last year like it was a gaddamn live handgrenade. Remember when he ran PAST the ball on a routine pop-up in foul territory!? Less Nessman with the leather. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  19. Ian……..crack kills. Stay away from it.

  20. Don’t forget mother fucking Dave Righetti closing out that shit.

  21. It’s funny – now that he plays for the Jays, I never think of him as a Canadian prospect anymore. Unlike, say, Phillippe Aumont or Kellin Deglan.

  22. I really want to call you a complete idiot and say that Canadian sports fans know more than just hockey…but sadly you’re probably onto something. And I’ll blame TSN’s Sports(but really only hockey)centre.

  23. Dave Winfield, Joe Carter, and David Wells all spoke the truth. Baseball doesnt live here. Its just us baseball sluts that carry the torch.

    Still a hell of a lot better than Tampa but. What a bunch of wrinkled bags of bandwagoning leather. Hey what am I talking about!! Yo u can’t even call them bandwagoners when they dont even sell out in the playoffs. That was sad like Mike Wilners gynocomastia.

  24. When I was young I went to a game with a bunch of friends who weren’t really big baseball fans. They all got dressed up and acted like fuck clowns trying to get on the jumbotron. At one point one of them turned to me – as I was sitting there watching a fucking beauty of a game (Jays and Twins, down to the wire and I think Billy Koch fucked the dog at the end to give Minnesota the win) – and told me I wasn’t a real fan because I’m not painted in blue doing a bunch of stupid dances. I asked him what the score was and he had no idea, and couldn’t even figure out where in the stadium to look and find out. Not sure if there was any purpose to his story, but it’s always pissed me off.

  25. Um, got any more of that stuff your smokin’ for me? Wow.

  26. He played how many games at first? He scares you more than E5 does? (I guess I’d scare easy too if Gruber was my dad….)

  27. How many E’s did Eddy have last year? I am curious to know, I’ll leave that to the stat whore to bring up. Everyone acts like Encarn-actione’ was Jack-Fucking-Kevorkian with his hands. I really dont remember him being that bad. Lind, you watch, he’ll partake in so much fuckery at first that Farrell’s temper will flare like a pack of nasty hemmoriods.

    By the way, my daddy share’s his hoes with me, so life is swell.

  28. Yup, whenever I tell people I am a baseball slut they say, “wow, thats a really boring game”

    Then I just casually tell them to go fuck their hat. And Canadians dont finds curling boring!?

    Weird like a third nipple.

  29. Hey now…curling’s pretty fucking awesome…but I also come from a town that boasts like 6 world champion curlers, so I’m a tad biased. I can’t believe the football fucks who say baseball is boring. I watched a game once and timed it. For every 2 seconds of play there was something like 45 seconds of nothing…and that doesn’t count halftime or time in between quarters.

  30. For every 2 seconds of play there was something like 45 seconds of nothing

    Sounds like when Jason fucking Frasor is pitching.

  31. haha…touche

  32. I love the fact that so many of these questions are posed alongside a premise that is factually ridiculous. Griffen never points them out, but many of them really are silly.

  33. I’d probably get into more arguments over the merit of baseball versus other major sports if I had friends that followed any sports passionately but it’s not really the case, most of them catch a game once in a blue moon.

    The only person I can have in depth baseball discussions with is my dad.

  34. Hey bastard….”How many E’s did Eddy have last year? I am curious to know, I’ll leave that to the stat whore to bring up. Everyone acts like Encarn-actione’ was Jack-Fucking-Kevorkian with his hands. “

    you serious? well, there are so many things to say here that would make you look stupid…errr God already beat me to that…..but any way…

    1. He had 19 errors, in only 95 games..not good..and a 93 percent fielding percentage….not that fielding percentage is the end all be all..but it gives yo usomething.

    2. You must not have watched him, because there were COUNTLESS horrid throws he made to second that either nearly ended aaron hills life (despite not counting as an error) or were so bad as to make a double play impossible…..or BOTH.

    so yes…he is that bad defensively..and no it is not his hands…it is his throws

  35. Baseball is like a good foreign film, with nuance, dialogue, and scenery..all coming together in forming a great story for those with patience and intellect.

    Football, hockey, basketball….they are like Hollywood blockbuster films like TRANSFORMERS where there are big explosions and car chases…people getting impaled…..things that entertain a two year old….

    now go and try to explain to the two year old why the foreign film is better? good luck.. this is why I dont waste my time trying to convert the masses.

  36. does anyone remember seeing adam lind run? he runs like isabella with his hands flapping like a stork on takeoff. the guy is the most uncoordinated guy I’ve seen. can’t wait to see him chase a foul ball down the line. he lasts a week tops.

  37. Gosh Bubbles, I can’t believe you said that. Not after that lovely convo we had on the treadmills yesterday when you talked to me confidentially about what a horribly diminishing effect those super-weightlifting pills had had on your…er…prospects.

  38. Nice lineup. I like Tech Guy batting cleanup

  39. Took Delgado a while, but e got the hang of it

  40. Harrigan go fuck yourself, you elitist self serving prick. Ohhhh baseball is soo much more cultured than those big bad other sports. Have you ever even been to a baseball game when, after 2 beers, the average fan becomes a mono syllabic drooling neanderthal. Nuance, dialogue and scenery. What a fucking tool you are.

    It just kills you, doesn’t it, the hockey is what defines this country. It always has been and it always will be. Nobody goes to Blue Jays games, they are a joke around your town. There is an entire generation of fans who haven’t seen this team succeed in 18 years, and guess what fuckhead, they’ve tuned you out. They don’t care and they don’t remember.

    Oh but the TV ratings are solid? Yeah when the only competition in the summer is darts and dogshows. When Rogers starting putting the games over to SN1 last summer who was the most vocal? It was elderly people, mostly in retirement homes, who were so used to watching Blue Jays games every night at 7:00pm.

    Harrigan, you’re blogging on a site called DRUNK JAYS FANS, but I guess that elicits all kinds of patience, intellect and imagery, fucking tool.

  41. Ok i’m sick and tired of waiting and thinking of the season. I need the season to start. I need to draft my fantasy team. I sure as fuck need to watch some baseball. Like, right fuck’n now.

  42. I could be wrong but the title Drunk Jays Fans is just that, a title. Most of the discussion (at least by the quality posters) is of a high-ish degree of intellect, accuracy and rationale. Couple that with a laid back approach to language and the occasional dispute/ridicule of the less developed fans and boom, you have DJF. I don’t think the title of the blog dictates that all members should in fact be drunk, mouths full of tim hortons, throwing haymakers across the room every time someone wants to knock hoserism.

    Harrigan’s analogy is actually interesting, not everyone’s gonna agree with the wording but it’s got some merit. I see it as this – if you want to see what man is bigger, stronger, tougher, more reckless, has higher testosterone levels, who can talk trash to the media better, who can rack up the most violence or gun related charges – watch hockey and american football, or mixed martial arts for that matter. If you want to see which man has more raw skill, talent, class and pedigree – watch baseball and english football.

  43. Wow. Epic.

    Not only did you miss the point of Harrigan’s post, but you made yourself out to be an ignorant jackass with your wild assumptions and pious self-righteousness.

    Settle down, pay attention and contribute, or shut the fuck up.

  44. But the Leafs haven’t won the cup in 60+ years. Pushing closer to 70. It’s more saddening for me to watch the Leafs. I think he’s just trying to say that most people don’t understand or know how to appreciate the beauty of the game of baseball.

  45. I could be wrong but the title Drunk Jays Fans is just that, a title. Most of the discussion (at least by the quality posters) is of a high-ish degree of intellect, accuracy and rationale.


  46. Read: quality posters

  47. I just love watching dog shows

  48. isn’t it hilarious that fucker james paxton 2 years later still hasn’t signed? that greedy cocksucker turned down 1 million, now he’s a 4th rounder and is begging for the million. wasn’t boras his so called agent? great advice scott! do these guys not realize that if you dont sign, next year you will drop like a stone because no team will want to risk their high pick on greedy fucks like you. guy is probably working at a car wash right now. ha ha ha

  49. So you basically wrote 4 paragraphs to just say “shut the fuck up Harrigan.” My, aren’t you one little determined dipshit.

  50. Holy macaroni are the baseball snobs ever coming out of the woodwork now!

  51. Radar is too old to play 3B, or CF. And Randle…you know who that is, right? He’ll spend hours checking the peripherals on his cleats before he even puts his glove on.

  52. Law ranks Drabek and JPA as the #3 & 5 impact rookies in the MLB this year. I don’t know if that means much more than what we already know, but its something.

  53. James Paxton = Canada’s Matt Harrington. (potentially)

    Have fun working at Costco Jimmy, where Matt’s making $11.50 an hour these days after turning down the Rockies (1st round 2000), the Padres (2nd round 2001), the D-Rays (13th round 2002), the Reds (24th round 2003), the Yankees (36th round 2004), going undrafted in 2005, signing a minor league deal with the Cubs in October, 2006 and being released during Spring Training, 2007. Sometimes it’s a good idea to accept that your market value is not necessarily what you and your agent think it is, but what teams are offering and sign the damn bonus and get going on your pro career. I guess some folks have greater difficulty learning from their own experiences and history though. Harrington’s agent was Tommy Tanzer, whereas Paxton’s is Scott Boras like you said Bubbles. Stupid, stupid, stupid. What a waste of talent.

  54. How many innings can we expect out of Drabek this year? I would assume the rotation is gonna be Romero, Morrow, Cecil, Drabek and whoever wins the fifth spot. He pitched 162 innings last year in AA. I know you really don’t want these guys pitching more than 30 innings a year, but I don’t know if a minor-league inning is considered “equal” to a MLB one or not. Anyone?

  55. Whatever number of innings they assign as Drabek’s maximum, it will be for minor league and major league innings combined.

  56. boo hoo

  57. I watch just about every Jays game that is available on TV but hockey still owns a lot.

  58. I didn’t mind when they moved me from CF to 3B, but for fuck sakes I’m now batting 7th?Okay my slugging stats are down over the last couple of years but I’m due for a comeback year.One more good contract and I can buy that fry truck at city hall and retire.

    7th?Just look at my OBP, JB said I should be in the two hole ( no pun intended). Sure Randle McMurtry may be younger, faster,better looking and smell better than me but that son of a bitch doesn’t have 52 years experience like I do.And he’s cocky and I don’t mean his attitude. I think he’s roiding.
    And what’s with Douchey hitting after me. Before every at bat saying to me ” you’re gonna strike out, you’re gonna strike out” and stuff like “we’re gonna lose this game” ” the world is gonna end tonight”"someone stole my pickup, my wife left me and the dog ran away” and other upliftting positive reinforcement comments.

    But if it means staying in the Show rather than AAA,I ‘m very happy hitting seventh.I just want to help the club anyway I can.
    I hope Isabellareyes has that “inverted W” thing worked out.


    wow that make 2 boras clients that he fucked up.

    I dont know what the going rate was back in 2000 but he was offered 2.2 mil and turned it down. seems like a decent offer

    how does that saying go, a bird in the hand is worth more than 2 in the bush?

  60. Great math there, champ.

  61. Fuck off Stoten.

  62. Legendary.

  63. Im calling you out son: I’ll bet you tickets to the Yankees in late summer, your pick on the date(2tickets), that Eddy makes less than 13 errors this year if he gets 90 games at third.

    So he shit the bed on his throwing, why dont your burn his house down while your at it. Having goods hands comes natural, throwing can be worked on and improved.

    Seriously, the bet stands……………..are you man enough to step up to the bet?

    “H-A-Double R-I-G-A-N…… HARRIGAN’S a douche “

  64. I haven’t, I’m sorry. I’m sure it’s hilarious. Whatever little I know about baseball I taught myself. So please explain. However if any of you want to know all about soccer–including the offside rule–that I can tell you. My dad and my older brother frogmarched me to the game every Saturday from when I was about 3 and spent half-time drilling me on every club in the league’s home ground, nickname and colours as well as difficult points in the rule book and how to spot a dive…

    And, yes, I throw like a girl.

  65. No, I don’t hate Dick Griffin. I pity the fool.

  66. He does run like a Stork flappin’ his wings!! Haha. Hey, dont get me wrong I still love the kid, he got a great stick, but he is going to cause serious Rec league style mayhem at first. Seriously, Mike Wilner could field better than him.

  67. Stoten should have people like the Blue Jays Drummer, the Aramark Ice Cold Beer guy, and me, Kelly Grubers Illigitmate Son on for live Q&A. But everyone has to be severely drunk including the Ice Cold Beer guy. Now that would spice up this site a dfw notches! ANd i can share how my dad passed on his techniques for styling hair and picking up chicks.

  68. I totally forgot about this, but I dug it up from a DJF article back on June 29th:

    Oh, and hey, in other news that we didn’t bother to address when it first broke, last week the written word’s best friend, rumour-monger and inexplicable hater of rumour-mongering, Kenny Ken Ken of FOX Sports claimed that the Jays and Brewers could be a potential match in the Brewers search for pitching, throwing out the possibility of Milwaukee considering moving Canadian second baseman Brett Lawrie for someone like Brett Cecil (pass) or Shaun Marcum (hmmm…).

    Guess 3Ken was right after all, and 6 months in advance. Impressive.

  69. Also, probably the best name Stoeten has ever come up with:

    Jason “Should I throw the ball yet? Should I throw the ball yet? Hmmm… maybe I should throw the ball. OK… OK… I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna throw the ball—no, wait, let me walk around the mound a little bit first. Gotta collect myself. OK, I’m gonna do it now. I’m gonna throw it. I’m gonna throw the ball. Here we gooooo….. FUCK! Another meatball right down the fucking middle!” Frasor.


    Hopefully this doesn’t effect the Jays games when fucking SN1 is broadcasting a game. ATDHE.ME seems to work for now though.

  71. Get in there brother, shut that mother fucker down!

  72. Haha! Mike Lowell and A-Rod played 3B after hip replacement surgery, so I figure we throw Radar in there and see what happens.

  73. Well, I figured we put you at third so you can get a good look at the road crowd, let us know if there are any beavers worth shooting! But let me think about the order…

  74. I’d love to spend half time drilling you too isa. and maybe you can teach me about this frogmarching business. sounds sexy.

  75. the only thing wilner is good at is catching cum shots!

  76. and how the fuck did you find this? and why would you be looking for it?

  77. no way man, isabella is definitely worth more in the bush

  78. I don’t know about others, but I think the Blue Jays are a better club with Bautista at 3rd base rather than in right field. I’m just glad though to see Escobar, Aaron Cibia, Snider, Davis (and Rivera!?!) making the games more entertaining.

  79. Lind wasn’t THAT bad at first, so I don’t 100% agree with the Less Nessman comparison. And at least Nessman made the big play when he had to. And I don’t care how bad a throw he made, how the hell is it Lind’s fault that Purcey hurt his ankle? If pitchers spent 45 minutes a day in the gym getting in shape, rather than sleeping until 2 pm in their Harborfront condos, they’d be at first waiting for the toss instead of playing footsy with the base while on the run.

    The addition by subtraction gained (lost?) by not having Overbay in there day in and day out is going to be the most under-played story of the year.

    That’s worth 3-4 wins by itself, not having that pooch playing dead and trying to draw walks 4 times a night.

  80. Ever wonder why they don’t just call the “inverted W” the “M”?

  81. If an ugly chick is disgusting is a hot chick gusting?

  82. Flip Lopez may sign a minor league deal with Tampa… = no comp pick for Boston. Sweet after all that theo epstein dick sucking about how smart he was and how he would get a supp pick.

  83. Hopefully, they do shut it down if for no other reasons then my sports threads will no longer be cluttered with. “Anyone got a link to the game?” Followed by some asshole posting the obligatory link.

  84. Klaw said that even though Lopez was a minor league sign, if he makes roster out of st the Red Sox get a comp pick.

  85. Probably yes RT @evanbrunell: @keithlaw Felipe Lopez to sign minor-lg deal w/ Rays. If he makes Opening Day team, would Sox get supp. first?

  86. If it’s not a snow day tomorrow……it’s my 2 boys fault. They didn’t bother to do their homework because they are so sure buses will be cancelled.

  87. Looks like that free streaming site we all know and love may now be in the hands of the American Gestapo…

  88. Regardless if it does get shut down, people will still ask. It’s become one of those constants in the universe, because people like isabellasdaddy have never heard of a little thing called Google.

  89. Nessman made the big catch, yeah you gotta give him that for sure. And to give him credit, Herb Tarlic might have been heckling him with the ball all the way to his glove.

    Lets put it this way, Adam Lind is the most scared looking fielder I have ever seen. Serious. George Bell was bad, but at least he didnt look scared. Look into his eyes next the camera pans on him. Its got ” awe fuuuck, please dont hit it to me baby!”

    Your right, the subtraction of Inning-Ending-Overbays defence at first is going to be a story allright.

    Did anyone remember the play where the ball popped out of his mitt with a straight throw from short… was like Friday night Rec Ball when the guys drank beers BEFORE the game.

  90. does this inspire confidence?

  91. wow 2 jays made the worst players in baseball

  92. A lot of people have wondered ( myself included ), My best guess is because the elbow position.Maybe because the ” inverted W” sounds more scientific than the M.

    It’s like if you were having sex with your lady and she whispered in your ear.

    Hey babe let’s get kinky and try the inverted W.


    Hey babe let’s get kinky and try the M.

    Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    Dunno about you but I’m all over that inverted W stuff with a five gallon pail of baby oil.Yeah baby yeah. oooooooh yeah. That’s the spot.

    Oops sorry. Got a bit distracted with the mental image.

    Interesting that Villanueva isn’t even on the depth chart. He’s scheduled to make 1.4 million this year.
    Stoeten, do you know which bullpen pitchers still have options available?

  94. Wow. You quoted Bleacher Report.

    That kinda thing should get you IP banned.

  95. According to this:

    They won’t.

  96. Yeah I saw that this morning. Thats good news.

  97. it’s really pathetic if you have to worry about the sox getting a #60 pick

  98. Yea because the Red Sox are so terrible at drafting and developing talent…pathetic.

  99. Any of the members of monkey army interested in a browser based BASEBALL mmorpg?

    It’s a fairly in-depth game statistically, it follows the normal tropes of sports mmorpg’s and like most it doesn’t

    cost anything to play.

    Build your character, have him get drafted, improve his skills as you level up, ect.

    The second season of beta testing is almost over, hurry get your character in and have him make it to the advanced

    leagues before he’s blocked by long time players.

    Here’s a referral link if you’d be so kind:

    Mindless Asshole Who Co-opts Comment Sections

  100. I just Willian SHATnered my pants after looking at that picture. When I went to change my shorts, I found Mike Wilner in them.

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