Apparently Alex Anthopoulos made a rather interesting remark (note the singular: there was probably just the one) during last week’s State Of The French Fries event, and while I’m not sure why it’s only just now being written about by new scribe Gregor Chisholm (*cough*), I think it’s worth a couple words.

When John Buck was signed to a one-year deal, the promise was made to him that he was going to be an everyday player from start to finish,” Anthopoulos said in the report. “When we were competing to sign him, there were a few other teams that wanted to sign him. That was really what separated us from some of the other teams.”

When we give our word to someone … that’s part of our brand,” he added. “When I’m negotiating with an agent or I’m trying to recruit a player, and we have to tell them something, whether it’s good or bad news, they know that we’re going to honour our word and we’re going to be straight shooters.

People in the game are starting to realize that the way the Toronto Blue Jays operate, they’re men of their word and they keep to their commitment.”

Now, that’s a perfectly nice spin to put on it, but… fucking seriously?

So, if the club makes a promise to a shitbag that he’s going to play, they’re going to keep running him out there come hell or high water or Vernon Wells’ 2009 season? And we’re supposed to be OK with that? And we’re supposed to believe that the theoretical benefit to the brand outweighs the tangible negative effect on either the current team or the club’s ability to make critical evaluations of young players going forward? That players don’t understand the nature of the business and are going to be petulant little fucking children about it? (Y’know, Frank Thomas not withstanding.)

Bulllllllllllll shittttt.

And for two, if this was always the case, why the fuck do they wait until now to say it? Why let Fuckface McSenile prattle on about wanting to get John Buck to 20 home runs and a fat free agent contract?

It makes absolutely no sense. And while I understand not wanting to get into a discussion of his complicated relationship with Cito, and why it was probably the better PR move to just let this one go– especially at the State of the French Fries, among a sea of season ticket holders, many of whom still probably believe that Cito walks on water– but… man… what a giant fucking load.

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  1. Dude chill. This shit is already being fixed.

  2. Make a useful post.

  3. It’s a free country asshole, make me.

  4. Haven’t heard that one since grade school either.

  5. JPA had almost 500 plate appearances last year, and played in around a 115 games. THAT IS PLENTY FOR A CATCHER!!! unless your joe mauer or victor martinez who gets at bats at dh/1b this would rank him at the top of mlb catcher playing time.

    So the guy got his work in for the year as mentioned above. he got a taste of how to be a major leaguer ( to prep for a western road trip, how to make a dinner reservation with an alias, etc.). he got to watch the mlb games from the dugout sitting next to the sage that is jose molina and learn and discuss the game (remember that being a catcher is a between the ears thing, not like being an outfielder where you just gotta shag fly balls and get a feel). i’m sure he caught and got a feel in bullpen sessions with all the starters and relievers. he got to face the toughest pitching competition available when he was in there so he now knows what the gold standard is.

    to me, that a fucking great/responsible way to get your young catcher broken in.


  6. Pardon me, but that’s bullshit. You see, I am just disagreeing with you! In North America, we have the freedom of speech, the right to disagree!

  7. If you want useful posts, then lead by example. Internet boy is correct, he has the right to come off like a complete dink and no one can take that away from him.

  8. You’re really going to bring up North American rights and freedoms? On DJF? After I said your jokes suck? Grow the fuck up child.

  9. Thanks internet girl!

  10. No I brought them up after you told me what to do asshole! Now stop crying already, it’s making me nauseous.

  11. If you’ll re-read my posts, I never once said he couldn’t make the lame jokes (one would never want to come between a hockey hoser and his North American freedom of speech). Just don’t expect nobody to point out the fact that you’re clogging up the comment area with useless childish nonsense that reflects poorly on the entire blog. I’m here to read from a handful of smart commentators, when morons like this bring the discussion down to the lowest common denominator, I’m gonna tell him to grow up. I’m sorry if I offended your role as superhero for those too stupid to defend themselves.

  12. You made me do this.

    It’s a free country asshole, make me stop crying.

  13. Petite is retiring. Love it!

    The Yankees could be a little fucked here. I don’t believe it looks like there will be any big ticket FA pitchers after this season.. Except maybe for CC!

  14. They’ll find a way I’m sure. I still believe in Phil Hughes and Joba to a certain degree. Plus that Banuelos kid is supposed to be something too…they could still pull off a big trade with their depth if need be.

  15. The guy who writes this blog is a real fucking asshole. Major assshole. Admit you were wrong fuckface, maybe even apologize for it.

  16. There’s a big difference between disagreeing and arguing that the move made no sense beyond increased evidence of Gaston’s senility or whatever the current wank it. It’s not how I would have handled the situation if fate suddenly bestowed the team on to me either. But the point of the post is that AA is just covering up for Gaston’s missteps, and I think that doesn’t take into account all of the factors involved in that decision, and how it very much fits into the mindset behind a lot of the moves made by AA since taking over as GM. Personally, I think they said ‘fuck it, it’s the last month of the season, we’re no where near the playoffs and we couldn’t give two tugs of a dead dog’s cock what Cito does on the field so long as he doesn’t blow anyone up. Let’s be classy by letting him manage his way until retirement, let’s let him Buck as much as he wants because it costs us nothing to say we stood by our word. Lind, well, he’s going to need a lot of practice at first over the winter but he’ll do it. Arencibia is our guy in 2011 unless the market gifts us a better option, so if he struggles in April, we expect it. It’s not worth pushing everything right now.’

  17. Am I the only one that can’t wait for O-Fens and D-Fens to cocksmack either other off this thread?

    As for the Cito thing with JPA, yes it was irritating at the time to see that old fuck play Buck, and even Molina when Buck was hurt. But it’s not like he lost a great deal of PA’s. Even if he got them, I doubt it would have contributed much to the learning curve that looms in 2011. However, it really does sound like Anthopoulos is defending Gaston. I mean, it doesn’t sound very good from a GM to say “yeah our manager was a cumdumpster who did nothing for what we’re trying to achieve.” It’s just not good business for trying to attract future managers, or even players for that matter.

    Having that said, I didn’t agree with the decision to play Molina over JPA, but in hindsight I didn’t really mind Buck playing since he was having a career year. For all we know those PA’s Buck got is what enabled AA to obtain that supplimental pick.

  18. Let’s make beautiful memes together!

  19. I’m pretty sure Buck was a Type B with or without his September at-bats…I could be wrong, he did have a strong month but I wasn’t tracking his Elias status at the time. Anyone have the details on that? As for Molina, he only played in 7 games in Sept. so I don’t know if we can fault anyone for giving him playing time…

    Stoeten is probably a bit off-base with regards to this one particular Cito issue but I can hardly blame him for being frustrated with the way he manhandled this team during his victory lap here. I get the argument for being classy, and I get that AA is putting a positive spin on things, but at the end of the day Cito didn’t do a whole lot to give his predecessor even a hint of what Snider could do given full playing time, what Lind might be able to do at 1st base, or what JPA can do against pitchers who aren’t the absolute cream of the goddamn crop. Personally I think those things are more important than being classy, maybe I’m just not classy…

  20. Oh he would have been a type-B regardless, but some GM’s really love those counting stats. I wasn’t referring to his elias rankings status, but rather to if a GM would have actually signed him to a major league deal. I don’t know if he would have been inked so quickly to that 3-year deal if he sat most of September for JPA.

    Just to follow up on that point, Buck had a slash of 287/.330/.517 with 6 home runs in September/October. If you take those numbers out of the equation, I doubt he would have been signed to a major league deal.

  21. Oh for sure, he would have definitely sat on the market a bit longer if he didn’t finish strong the way he did. There’s no question he would have signed a major league deal somewhere though, especially given the thin catching crop of late. I was basically refuting your last point that, ‘for all we know those PA’s Buck got is what enabled AA to obtain that pick’, they were getting a pick out of Buck no matter what. My issue is still with Cito’s choice of having JPA face none other than CC,Haren,King Felix,Lester when there must have been more opportune times to play him, why not let your all-star face those elite starters and give the rookie a break, see if he can carry some of that AAA MVP success into the majors against less-than-epic starters…

  22. The Greek Geek is a smart guy. Kids got a lot of game. From what I have deduced so far of his overall gameplan:

    1. Take Latinos because they like Toronto’s multiculturalism and arent wowed by the United States as much, and dont have to go home for grits and and tailgate parties.

    2. Spend alot of Cake on recruitment/scouting and signing youngsters.

    3. Don’t blow your load on free agents….ie. Manny and The Man Who Sold His Hair and his Soul to The Evil Empire.

    4. Quietly create a culture in Toronto that might not have the wow-ness of Beantown or The Rotten Apple, but they know how to create a winner and are upfront about the players role and playing time when coming to Toronto.

    PS. Sorry about the Cito joke…………………..I was DRUNK. But I will say this with no guilt:

    Mike Wilner squats to pee.

  23. I get what you’re saying, but, I think that if a free agent was actually playing terribly and there was someone in the wings who could do a better job, then that person would get the shot. The player, and agent, would have to understand that, promise or no. I really don’t think that comment is such a huge deal…

  24. Ahh I was basing my now apparent(ly) useless fringe argument on the comparison of Rod barajas’ 2009 season and BARELY! getting a major league contract. He hit 19 homers that year, but I didn’t realize that his slash of .226/.258/.403 was.. well.. fucking disgusting.

  25. Manny is a terrible example, he’s exactly the kind of free agent that Anthopolous has targeted since taking the reigns. Low cost one year deal that should yield either a pick or a young player at the deadline.


  27. I’ve got to side with AA on this one. If Cito had played JPA we might know a bit about him, but one September is not enough to judge. So JPA could have been good for that month, torn it up. So what, history is littered with guys who got off to great starts (especially in September) and who were shit after. And vice versa. I believe AA told Buck he would be the starter from Day 1 to the end. Actually, it makes more sense – if AA is lying, all it would take is now for Buck to say, “No, he never told me that,” and AA is exposed. Do you think he actually called up Buck and said, “Hey, I am going to make something up to the press, just go with it.” It’s possible, but I think that is less likely than the fact that he actually did promise. And hey, it is good to have a good rep around the league, and if it only costs a month of meaningless baseball for one catcher (who still is learning on the bench from Buck and Molina), so be it.

  28. It’s worth noting that no other teams were seemingly interested in Manny and he ended up signing as somewhat of a ‘throw-in’ with Johnny freaking Damon. There was also a real lack of reaction regarding his salary, I would have thought the pundits would be out calling Manny the biggest bargain of the offseason hands down, but I’ve not heard much at all. Me thinks there is more to Manny than meets the eye…

  29. *reeks

    Seriously, look it up and tell me I’m wrong.

  30. I think by letting Buck play everyday to ensure some nice looking numbers it helped him to get the contract that he did which gave the Jays the draft pick they wanted. If buck lost his job to JP then it wouldn’t have looked good on him and he might not have been condident in getting a multi-year deal somewhere and he would have taken arbitration. Also maybe he might not have reached type B (not sure, just throwing it out there). A good season by Buck helped to ensure a draft pick for the Jays. They didn’t need to see JP play, they knew what they were getting. They knew after the first game that he was their catcher for 2011 so letting him sit wasn’t going to hurt things. Cito was a bad manager though, no argument there. Edwin will hit 30 homers this year ( if he’s healthy). Remember he had two burst of power last year where he hit 5 or so homers in 3 days. He’s got great hands for first base. Vlad and Manny can’t play first and that’s exactly why AA didn’t sign one of them.

  31. Yeah…

    The more I think about it, the more I just think AA is being smart in trying to set TO apart as a FA destination. Let’s be honest: Toronto is NEVER going to be as attractive as playing in Boston, NY, Chicago or LA. It’s just pedigree.

    I think we’d all agree that *if they wanted* Toronto has the financial might to match dollar-for-dollar for any FA they wanted to get. What they don’t have is the cache of some of those teams above, so they have to try and create a differentiation. They’re doing that on the field by drafting and developing well, and trying to create a perennial contender… that “conveyor belt” AA talks about. And perhaps theyre trying to create a sense amongst players and agents that the Jays are a class organization that stands by its word.

    Again, only my opinion on that. I could be completely off base.

  32. I know what you’re saying, but I’m not sure you can say Toronto is NEVER going to be as attractive as playing in Boston, NY, Chicago or LA – when that was pretty much the exact case 15+ years ago.

    If the team wins, it’ll be attractive again.

    But I get what you’re saying, and I like how AA is going about things too.

  33. More like less to Manny than meets the eye…
    Hes been pretty much awful the last couple years. I know most people are remembering Boston Manny because thats the guy we got to see here on TV, but how many of you actually watched him play while he was in LA (or chicago for that matter)? I watch a lot of dodger games, and I can tell you that he has looked overmatched at the plate and indifferent to contributing to his team since coming back from his suspension for his use of female fertility drugs.

    Now some of you may argue that he just became depressed when he realized he wouldnt be able to bear children, but Im not buying it. The guy is in decline and not only is he a liability in the field, he just isnt a valuable hitter anymore either….I dont care how many walks the guy takes.

    Its no surprise to me that EVERYONE in baseball appears to see this too, as evidenced by the fact that he was forced to take a 17 Million dollar pay cut.

  34. I think I should have said “all things being equal”. In the 90s, being a winning team was part of what set them apart… and the $$.

    I think what I’m trying to say is that Toronto isn’t one of the MLB’s “glamour franchises”… like the Lakers, Celtics, Packers or Habs.

    And yes, I do think that if they start to win again, it’ll be an attractive market again.

  35. 15 years ago the Jays had the “greatest entertainment centre in the world” and the best team. I really dont think it will ever be back there though, sadly enough. But if it happens, you can feel free to kick me square in the balls.

    “Thats Rick James, BITCH”

  36. One year contracts are how the game should be played by teams not named Yankees, Red Sox, and now, apparently, Phillies. Buck didn’t really merit more than a year; imagine the outcry if he’d had a brutal first year on a mulit-year deal. As it is, the club gets yet another pick.
    As for AA taking the blame, that appears to be the kind of guy he is. We know Cito hates young players. AA took the rap to deflect the blame.

  37. Well I meant ‘more to Manny than meets the eye’ as in there’s probably some negatives that we’re not seeing. Hell, you might even be right in your scouting efforts – that Manny ‘looked’ overmatched at the plate and uninterested in competing, fair enough. But for a guy who is overmatched, he still found a way to get on base and OPS over .900 aside from his pretty poor 69 PA’s with CHW.

    It’s great that you don’t care about walks but it’s something virtually nobody on this Jays team can do with any regularity so it would have made sense for him to be a target. We all know he’s a liability in the field, no one in their right mind would consider Manny’s defense when exploring signing him. If your eye test and his lousy 24 games in Chicago make him no longer a valuable hitter, that’s your prerogative. While it’s equally as irrational to think that you’re getting Manny in his Boston prime days, somewhere in between is probably what you could expect – frankly if a guy ‘looks’ overmatched and uninterested to the lay fan but he’s putting up numbers like he did in a Dodgers uniform while not setting foot on the field, that’s a very valuable player no question about it.

  38. Are you seriously getting pissed off about what someone is posting from an account that is obviously meant to be a platform for parody, as it references one of the best characters Hollywood ever came up with? Who needs to grow up?

  39. What a fucking stupid post. Sounds like it was written by an illigitimate 3 year old. He is someone elses problem now, try focusing on something that matters.

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