Layin’ Down The Law

There was no Keith Law chat at ESPN today, but the day wasn’t a total loss for local KLaw fans, as he showed up on Prime Time Sports on the Fan 590 (audio here), and had some things to say about the Jays’ prospects, relating to the recent release of Law’s Top 100.

Because you should listen to the whole thing I’ll spare you the less exciting bits– like how he didn’t like the promotion of Adeiny Hechavarria, and how that he and Anthony Gose are still ridiculously raw at the plate– and skip straight into raging fucking hard-on territory.

On Zach Stewart’s ability to remain a starter:

“I’ve seen him,” Law says. “I’ve seen him pitch as a started with above average velocity. He’s got really good sink on the fastball– it’s not just downward sink too, it’s sink and tail– just a tonne of downward life on the fastball. He’ll show you three other pitches– I think he’s got a knockout slider that’s going to miss bats in the big leagues. I don’t see anything in the delivery that says to me that this guy’s got to go to the bullpen. It’s not like he’s a little guy where I think he might have to go to the bullpen. There’s no obvious red flag here that says to me he’s a bullpen guy. You look for, when you’re trying to figure out if a guy can start, do you have a third pitch? Does the delivery work? Can he hold his velocity deep into games? All the markers on Stewart point to him remaining a starter. So, I know there are a lot of scouts, a lot of… even executives who say he’s going to end up in the bullpen. You know what? He’s not going to end up in the bullpen until he pitches himself there, and right now there’s no evidence he’s going to do that. The evidence says he’s a starter.”

Law then compared Stewart to Roy Halladay– though… simmer down, champ, it was meant in terms of the style of his fastball, not so much results– saying that he can touch 96, he’ll sit at 91-93, and that he’s got great sink on it. The big difference, Law noted– and big can’t be emphasised enough I don’t think– is that he doesn’t have Halladay’s command. So… let’s not go nuts here, but let’s still appreciate the praise. “Stewart is going to get a lot of ground balls off that fastball,” he added. “It’s one of the best moving fastballs of any of the prospects on that Top 100. “

“There’s just too much there to have him only throw 60 innings,” he adds.


On Travis d’Arnaud:

“If they brought him up on Opening Day in 2011 I think he’d struggle badly,” Law said. “That ranking [25 spots above Aaron Cibia] in the Top 100 is about the long-term. I think d’Arnaud has much more upside– almost as much power potential as Aaron Cibia, but a lot more potential to hit for average, and he’s a far, far better defensive catcher. The Blue Jays’ people say he’s the best overall defensive catcher they have in the system, and I would certainly agree with that. And when you’ve got a guy who can contribute defensively behind the plate, but who is also going to be an asset on offence, that’s a potential All-Star. If you look around the big leagues right now at the average catcher, offensively, it’s pretty bad. That’s why the Rays wanted that Robinson Chirinos, who’s only been catching for a year-and-a-half, in the Matt Garza trade, because you can kinda sit him behind the plate, and he can hit. Well, the Blue Jays actually have a guy who suit up behind the plate and help them receiving, throwing, and hitting. That’s a pretty special prospect.”

Layin’ Down the Farrell…

Meanwhile, new Jays manager John Farrell joined Bob McCown and John Shannon on Prime Time Sports on the Fan 590 yesterday (audio here), and there were a few things of he said that are worth mentioning.

He was first asked about potential lineups, and when it was suggested that the roster is 95% set he was quick to clarify that that’s not necessarily the case. He then explained that there are five main questions he feels need to be answered through Spring Training:

Who’ll take the fourth and fifth spots in the rotation, who’s going to hit leadoff, who’s going to hit behind Bautista to provide some protection, who will be the closer, and how they’re going to handle Arencibia and Lind.

Asked specifically about the closer, Farrell made sure to include Jason Frasor in the mix– something that Alex Anthopoulos has yet to do this off-season, at least to my knowledge.

Farrell also spoke about Brett Lawrie, and while it was suggested to me on Twitter that the manager’s comments indicate that the club is OK with Lawrie opening the season with the club, that’s really not sense I got.

“I don’t think you ever look at a player and say ‘he’s too young,’ ” Farrell said. “I think that’s a case by case basis. And are they mentally ready to handle the challenges at the Major League level? Are they ready to handle some of the slumps that they might go through and be able to separate that out? But… he’s currently not on the Major League roster– and he doesn’t need to be on it– but I think he’s going to let us know with his play, in Spring Training and beyond, when he’s ready– and fully ready– to come to the Major Leagues to stay, and not come up to go back.”

The key though, to my mind, was what he said next.

“When you talk about skipping one full level you have to have a true understanding of what that player’s capabilities are from a mental standpoint, as well as from a physical standpoint.”

Now, Farrell suggested that the four-to-six weeks of Spring Training might be enough to make that kind of evaluation, but seeing as those will be the first few weeks anyone in the organization has seen him, I don’t think it’s outlandish to assume it won’t be enough.

He also added this about Lawrie’s position: “We’re going to start him and hold him at third base for the time being. We reserve the right to make some change somewhere down the line– that might be mid-season, that might be the end of the season.”

So… there’s that.

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  1. I like the cut of Skipper’s jib.

  2. Marklar Marklar

  3. If I recall the conversation with Farrell (haven’t had a chance to re-listen), it seemed to me that Frasor’s name was sorta tossed in there at the last second.

  4. Funny how Keith Law has never seen these prospects (sans Adeiny, but barely) play. He doesn’t know prospects as well as the BA/BP guys. He’s a joke. And he’s an rude on twitter.

  5. Wow. So nice to hear you have an edge to your comments. At first I thought it was Spandamoaniumisblackagain. Lol

  6. I think he said he saw stewart pitch didnt he?

  7. so the wallace/gose trade is looking pretty bad right now. same for adeiny. adeiny what to do, adeiny what to say

  8. I’m developing a serious man-crush on John Farrell. . . I hope he’s as good at managing as he is at sounding good at managing.

  9. I know he saw Stewart pitch in the AA playoffs vs Trenton Thunder. I think we got swept in 3 despite 2 great games by Stewart and Drabek. I remember Klaw being quite impressed with Stewart. He either faced Pettitte on a rehab start or Banuelos.

  10. How can you say its looking bad? In either case it is much too early to tell

  11. (Trenton, NJ)—Pitching continues to dominate the Eastern Division series between the New Hampshire Fisher Cats and the Trenton Thunder. On Thursday night on Waterfront Park, a large crowd of 8,072 watched the teams battle through 11 scoreless innings before Rene Rivera hit a walk-off home run in the 12th to give Trenton a 1-0 win.

    Rivera’s home run, his second in two nights off reliever Trystan Magnuson (0-1), gives Trenton a 2-0 lead in the best-of-seven series.

    New Hampshire starter Zach Stewart worked the first seven innings, allowing three hits- all singles. He walked one and struck out a career-high ten batters before turning the game over to Danny Farquhar, who delivered two scoreless innings. Magnuson started the 10th, and worked into the 12th, striking out Marcos Vechionacci before Rivera hit a 1-0 pitch for the game-winning home run.

    The Fisher Cats have failed to score in 21 innings in the series, losing the opener Wednesday night 2-0. Again on Thursday, they left 10 men on base. In the top of the 12th inning, Adam Calderone singled to start the frame before Matt Liuzza struck out. Adam Loewen walked and both runners moved up on pinch-hitter Ricardo Nanita’s ground out. Darin Mastroianni then hit a slow roller to second and was called on a close play at first which would have given New Hampshire a run. Manager Luis Rivera was ejected arguing the call.

    For Trenton, Andy Pettitte, in a Major League rehab assignment, worked the first four innings in the game for the Thunder. He allowed two hits-singles by Adeiny Hechavarria and Liuzza.

    Adam Warren followed Pettitte to the mound, working six innings, allowing three hits, walking two and striking out ten. Wilkins Arias and Josh Schmidt (1-0) worked the final two frames.

    Game three of the Eastern Division Championship Series will be played on Friday night at 6:35pm at Stadium. New Hampshire will start RHP Scott Richmond (0-0, 2.70). Trenton will counter with LHP Manny Banuelos (0-1, 3.52). Radio coverage can be heard on the WGIR Fisher Cats Radio Network with Bob Lipman & Dick Lutsk beginning at 6:15pm.

  12. what I’m saying is that they dont seem like they are going to help any time in the near future. ie 2-3 years. at least adeiny he said has a quick bat and some power, but gose seems like he has no clue at the plate and he has no power.

  13. I see what you are saying. But what AA did was trade a player (Wallace) who had a chance to be an average player for (Gose) Who has a chance to be an All-Star. So the timetable got pushed back on that. Wallace is in the majors, while Gose is in A league ball.

  14. I guess that guy can now delete his account.

  15. but wallace was supposed to be this high end player as well before he became average. I guess it’s a wash

  16. Well something gives off a foul stench when he is on his already on his 4th team.

  17. We should be comparing what we have (Gose) to what we traded originally (Micheal Taylor).

  18. Did you miss when Farrell said that AA is splitting time with Molina initially? You’re okay with Molina starting 3/4 times a week?

  19. As of right now, the Astros won the trade because Wallace is producing for the MLB right now, albeit poorly. If Gose can pan out, then the Jays win hands down. It’s one of those trades where you really can’t tell until you have the final products.

    It’s like comparing a flower to a seed.

  20. Very well put.

  21. It’s all gambling in the end. Though we hope its educated and researched gambling (Iwill trade you $2 for the chance to win $4)

  22. flower to a seed. thanks. my name is not isabella you know?

  23. Is that $4 USD for my Canadian toonie?

  24. so beeston was asked by blair to confirm the 5 mil and he refused to answer. why the big fucking secret? obviously this means yes. maybe it was more than 5 mil, who knows?

  25. I tried to come up with something relevant to booze.. Canadian to Michelobs?

  26. In 2013 we’ll be in the post season. Thats not bad.

  27. Except at least the flower knows how to get on base!

  28. Word just came in……… Rance Mulliniks is in competition for a comeback between Garth Iorg, Ed Sprague and Danny Ainge for 3rd base. So far Mulliniks looks like the frontrunner because he’s been on P90X this winter.

  29. The Canadian beer has 5-tools though.

  30. Wait, wait, wait. Do these “FIVE main questions” not sound like massive issues? Or, are there actually some concrete options here that will make for an interesting pre-season?

    Who’ll take the fourth and fifth spots in the rotation?
    Who’s going to hit leadoff?
    Who’s going to hit behind Bautista to provide some protection?
    Who will be the closer?
    How they’re going to handle Arencibia and Lind?

  31. Jesus – these are 20 year olds for fucks sake. RELAX!!!

  32. He saw him earlier in the season too. I think the kid could make the team later in the season but he needs to get stretched out in AAA.
    Love that his got a slider working…

  33. Lawrie should be sent to AAA (AA if it’s more difficult to hit there) just to fine tune his game, and get much needed experience at 3B. Let him be the first choice to be called up if there’s an injury, and wait until he either pushes the envelope, or September if he’s having another great year. No need to rush the kid.

  34. Not really….I think we have a pretty good indication of whats going to be happening. Nothing set in stone obviously since we;re still 10 days away from pitchers and catchers reporting, but heres the impression that i have so far.

    1) Drabek as the 4th with Litsch and Rzep fighting it out for the 5th spot, with Stewart as a long shot. McGowan as an even longer shot?
    2) Davis leads off. I suppose you could make the argument for Escobar, but Davis’ speed makes him a much more likely candidate, in spite of his low OBP
    3) Batting behind JBau….definitely a question mark right now. Id put my money on Lind, But I could definitely see E5, or maybe even Snider getting ABs there.
    4) Again kind of a toss up. I’d probably go with Francisco, but I think they will most likely head into the season with an open mind and no concretely defined roles among him, dotel and rauch. See how they do in spring training and April and go with the hot hand. Doubtful that any one guy gets 25+ saves. Doesnt really matter though when youve got arguably 4 guys who could be legit closers.
    5) JPA will be the starting catcher and Lind the starting 1B. Molina will probably take 30-40% of the starts at catcher, at least in the beginning while JP eases into the role. Who knows what will happen with Lind really. Could be a total shit show and we have a new 1B by June…but hes gonna be the guy for now.

    I dont know….sounds pretty good?

  35. Actually the flowers ability to get on base is greatly exaggerated, and it is one of the only 2 skills he is capable of providing.

  36. Good point, Indestructible.

    It’s WAY too early to judge if Wallace for Gose is a bust (particularly since Wallace has not exactly been lighting it up). Someone wrote on here the other day that Marcum for Lawrie is a bust. Crazy. Lets see what they do in the major leagues before writing them off.

    Ricky Romero was a ‘bust’ until he became a stud MLB pitcher.

  37. Stoeten

    Just to clarify. AA phoned both Frasor and Dotel before the signing to advise them the closing role would be a 3 man race in ST. He mentioned it in an interview on the Fan just after the signing.I’m almost positive it was on PTS.

  38. I wouldn’t call romero a stud, not even close

  39. Yeah, no pitcher who puts up a 4 WAR season as a sophomore effort while raising his K/9, dropping his BB/9, and knocking a quarter run off his xFIP and over half a run off of both his FIP and ERA against the best fucking teams and hitters in the game could possibly be called a stud.

  40. For everyone that questions what a good prospect is worth, John Sickels has posted his lists of top 50 hitting and pitching prospects from 2006 to see how they panned out.

    From my count, 20 of 50 pitchers panned out, with 9 great starters (Verlander, Liriano, Cain, Billingsley, Lester, Weaver, Hughes, Danks, Hamels), 8 quality starters (Baker, Pelfrey, Sanchez, Volquez, Garza, Gio Gonzalez, Romero, Davis) and 3 very good closers (Papelbon, Broxton, Jenks)

    26 of 50 hitting prospects panned out, with 8 superstars (Zimmerman, Fielder, J. Upton, Braun, Tulowitski, CarGo, McCutchen, and Pedroia), 12 very good players (D. Young, Quentin, S. Drew, Kendrick, Markakis, Barton, Morales, Adam Jones, Butler, Pence, Rasmus, and Willingham) and 8 acceptable starters who could still develop further (Tabata, DeWitt, E. Aybar, Pie, Martin, I. Stewart, C. Young, A. Gordon).

    This gives me more hope than I previously had for our stockpiled prospects. Nice to see what Lawrie, Drabek, Stewart, etc, could turn into.

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  42. funny how trolls dont post for weeks then show up to reply to my posts

    you are right he had one of the best whips and era. oops that was marcum

    marcum war 3.1, romero war 3.4, big fucking difference

    yeah 14 wins and a career whip of 1.40, that’s real stud material

    and yeah against the best teams, like the yanks, red sox and rays, he got BOMBED on a regular basis. ace in the making there

  43. We probably won’t be able to properly evaluate the Wallace/Gose deal for another 5 years.

    As for Lawrie, has he ever played 3b before? If not, there’s no chance he makes the MLB team straight out of the gate. He’ll need at least half a season of learning the position before he gets the call to the bigs.

  44. I’m confused Bubbles. Are you a self-hating Jays fan or just a complete douche?
    RickRo has developed into one of the better young starters in all of baseball. I loved Marcum, for all the right reasons, WHIP and WAR, and all the wrong reasons too, LEADERSHIP, TENACITY and BULLDOGISHNESS but essentially we had seen his ceiling. We also know that he is somewhat injury-prone and has a delivery that may lead to more issues down the line.
    The team is looking to truly compete and be elite in 2-3 years to do that they are stockpiling elite talent and hoping that some of it pans out. Not every prospect is going to be a star but if you have a good scouting department and manage to even get 25% of these guys to hit it big then you truly have something going forward.
    It’s called progress and yes it means taking a lump or two now, but seriously just sit back take your fucking ritalin and enjoy the ride.

  45. In response to Garagrax and Bubbles, since when are we so quick to accept Wallace’s ceiling as “average”? Simply because he was slow out of the gate in limited action in his first taste of big league pitching? Just a year ago he was our top rated prospect.

    Not sure if flower/seed is the best analogy. I’d call Wallace the seed. Gose is whatever becomes before that. He’s a sperm in AA’s nutsack.

  46. Don’t think so. Wasn’t in NH, and Stewart wasn’t in the AFL

  47. From BTB:

    “Romero is one of the unheralded great pitchers in the game; his ability to miss bats while keeping the ball on the ground is pretty unique and his change-up is one of the very best in the game”


  48. Also, I think everyone knew eventually that the team would have to start dealing their surplus of pitching to make up for positional talent.

  49. more Cito bashing please.

  50. Hi JB! <3 <3 <3

  51. Bah stop the whining over who is a ‘stud’ and who isn’t, it’s probably more useful to just argue about who you’d rather bone. Who defines these terms anyway? Regardless, you can’t actually be citing Wins in a single season as a stat that lowers Romero’s value…

    As for Wallace and Gose – somewhere along the line Wallace’s stock fell. That’s not to say he probably won’t wind up being a very good hitter, he’ll just be less value than Gose by a long shot IF Gose pans out. A five tool player in CF is more valuable every goddamn day than a great hitting first baseman, we’re giving up two tools for five. I can’t say it any better than it’s already been said, ‘sit back and enjoy the ride’.

  52. He saw Stewart pitch in Trenton during the playoffs. Drabek, too. He raved about both.

  53. That’s right, I was actually there as well because of my Fisher Cats ties. but not game 2

  54. I mean this respectfully – because you’re a good writer and pretty insightful – but can you try and do an article/comment without name dropping or bringing up your ties, or who you recently talked to, or which fisher cat is your best friend? It just seems like you’re desperate to be taken seriously and its fairly cringeworthy, and you’re too good of a writer for me to want to ignore your stuff.

  55. Thank you and you got it.

    Just like painting a picture for my readers.

  56. I don’t have any problem with what you just wrote. you aren’t name dropping, just telling a story. the losers on this blog are just jealous and trying to attack you for miniscule reasons. you don’t have to listen to anyone, post whatever you want, like I do. If they don’t like it too bad.

  57. Backhanded compliment if there ever was one.

  58. It’s not a backhanded compliment. It’s cool story bro territory.

    Nothing prevented him from saying “I was at that game and…”. However, there was a mention of his ties, which doesn’t exactly paint a picture other than that of the poster mentioning his ties for no reason. It’s fine if there’s a reason for the ties to be specifically mentioned, like a free ticket, or a meet and greet with Stewart, or anything, but there wasn’t. It was basically “I went to X game, oh and I know people”.

    (not trying to be a jerk, as insightful as Span’s posts normally are, I’m inclined to skip them for this exact reason)

  59. Thanks for the support and feedback, its perfectly fine though. I’ve known pastlives for a while from MLBTR.

  60. Agreed re: Romero. He was as “busty” as Morganna during his age 22 and 23 seasons. He really wasn’t any great shakes for his whole minor league career: 16-23, 4.42, over a hit an inning, nearly 4 BB/9 and a WHIP of close to 1.5. Blech! Since arriving in the big leagues however, his WHIP, H/9, BB/9, K/9, and K/BB are all better than they were in the minors and his HR/9 is the same, and he’s 27-18, with a 3.99 ERA. Let’s not go writing off Hechavarria (22), Gose (20), and Lawrie (21) just yet people. This is not hockey.

    Speaking of hockey, the whole why is d’Arnaud ranked higher than Aaron Cibia on your top 100 list question was raised by John Shannon. Again this is not hockey. The best players (especially if they come from college) don’t necessarily make it to the show at age 19, 20, and 21. Ugh.

  61. I use extremely complex mathematics to evaluate prospects and young mlbers. However, for the lay person. (IE all of you) I put them in one of two simple categories. Stud and Not Stud.

  62. can we try a different headline instead of layin down the law?

    keith law and order, special victims unit

    keith above the law

    keith lawman

  63. Wait..why is the manager talking about “protecting” Baustista and who the “closer” will be? I thought there was no such thing as protection and that the concept of a “proven closer” was antiquated? I though the new manger was above all this banality? Could it be that he starts talking like Cito soon and brings up concepts of gritty and gruttiness…and god forbid “veteran proven guy” verbiage?

  64. How about trading six pack of Sleeman Honey Lager for the slim chance of a case of these –

  65. I really didn’t mean for it to come off insultingly, even though I knew it kind of would. I really did mean that I enjoy your writing Dave. You completed converted me from thinking you were an annoying kid. Now i think you’re a great writer since you’ve taken up residence at BTBS. I just find that you bring up connections a lottttt more than necessary, and though some of them really are interesting, I think it holds back your writing. It’s just an opinion though from a single person so you’re free to totally ignore it, but it’s just my one feedback on what is becoming really great work.


  67. Hey, I definitely want your feedback. And you gave me great advice today! I think its great that you helped me out! And I’m glad that you enjoy my work. Glad to be able to help out some of the most loyal fans in the game, Jays fans.

  68. pastlives is an angry, unfunny douchefuck, you’re best off ignoring him

  69. have i ever even talked to you?

  70. Who ever said Farrell was above a closer? He is a major league manager and sadly as per his breed he will have a closer. Name me 5 ML managers who do not use one. No one has the balls to buck the fucking trend. It really pisses me off but I am not going to right off our guy because he does what every other dipshit manager in baseball is doing. Granted they all probably no a lot of shit I do not, but God help me, why do we not see the guy in the 8th who is smoking hitters take it into the 9th?

    Maybe this is just the Gregg hangover talking.

  71. I’d trade the whole fucking Sleeman Brewery for a six pack of that shit. Dogfish is a wicked beer. Sleeman is owned by Sapporo anyway.

  72. Well, at least I get to see Vladdy a lot more this year, albeit in an Orioles uni.

  73. No doubt. But to keep the analogy going, there is nothing wrong with a six pack of Sleeman, but a case of that Bitches Brew from Dog Head would blow your mind.

  74. This is too funny . . . and sad., a DJF fan favourite, that provided access to live tv has been seized by “ICE – Homeland Security Investigations”. Sounds like a good new show, hot shot detectives cracking down on the new age Napsters. I am assuming this has something to do with the Superbowl. A shame if they don’t pop up somewhere else. In the meantime, anyone have good links for feeds for sports. I was going to watch the Texas – Texas Tech basketball game tomorrow but now I can’t. RIP

  75. I’m sure it would. The 60 Min IPA was a regular in my fridge.

  76. Hopefully the long arm of the law won’t hone in on these guys:

    Doesn’t homeland security have anything better to do?

  77. Caribbean Series: Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic right now. No sign of sticky Homeland Security fingers yet. Then again this isn’t Bud the Slug’s property. He has a lot of friends in Washington after all.

  78. Chavez to the Yanks. Meh… He’ll probably not make it out of ST.

    Anything that would make watching the Jays vs. Orioles palatable is a good thing. I’m glad they have Vlad.

  79. Big surprise, the same guys that get all wooded up when Rogers saves a few bucks are the same tight asses who steal games off the internet.

  80. I’m the troll now? Oh, the irony.

    You’re right; Marcum’s 3.64 ERA is much more impressive than Romero’s 3.73. In fact, he’s very close to Marcum in many respects, a pitcher we’re all too happy to call a stud; you especially, after he was traded. I imagine you’re aware of how irrelevant pitcher wins are, and if you’re not, then we shouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    Convenient, of you, as well, to remember some of his more memorable starts, including a complete game two-hitter… against the Yankees. At Yankee Stadium.

    Wanna try again?

  81. You’ll find Texas vs Texas Tech in this mishmash of wall to wall college hoops:

    As for your comment Scott, nobody’s carrying this game in Canada despite the fact that we all pay a lot for cable (some more than others), so if you can find it online, which you’re also paying a lot for, what’s the harm?

  82. Also, ATDHE is not dead, it’s just been re-located:

  83. Thanks Tom. I will try it. I also found that ATDHE moved the host site to montenegro, the home of internet freedom/piracy.

  84. Yes indeed freedom…Freedom from the 95% hockeyhockeyhockeyhockeyhockeyhockey inflicted upon us daily by our beloved sports networks. Hockey’s a good sport, but there are other sports out there eh?

  85. I wish the jays had done this.

  86. Rob Neyer had a little game going tonight on Twitter. You needed to create an acronym from a baseball surname. I submitted Bautista (Belted-Almost-Umpteen-Taters-In-Stadiums-Throughout-America.
    I guess he didnt like it, he picked some lame ass shit instead.

  87. can ou buy Sportsnet One on its own or do you have to buy a fuck-you package of shitty channels including Sportsnet One?

  88. My guess would be the fuck-you package.

  89. they’re such assholes. thats even an extra gear of assholeicity than they usually do. i bet you someone there is ashamed of doing that. what a slap in the face. thats up there with making Leaf ticket holders buy Raptors tickets. They’re all the same, MLSE, Rogers. greedy bithces

  90. Rogers – if you’re reading this, we know what you’re doing, we dont like it, and we will bail on you guys as soon as we have an alternative, which is just a matter of time.

  91. Can somebody please explain to me how the fuck Vladimir Guerrero got an $8 mil deal, while Thome got $3mil and Ramirez got $2 mil? If I’m a ballplayer my agent is toast and I’m going with SFX, unless they represent me already. Holy fuck. That’s quite an overpay by Baltimore given what Vlad’s comparables signed for.

  92. Thats just the price of having to wear an Orioles Jersey. I wonder what the extra freight of having to wear a Jays jersey is?

  93. How many wives would be cool celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary in Dunedin? Apparently not mine.

  94. Good article by Rob Neyer and a solid comments section on some out of the box market inefficiencies that AA should be working on, if he isn’t already:

    You don’t have to spend much money (relative to the big contracts handed out every offseason) to get a top notch medical and training staff (AA’s already built a huge scouting staff), as well as feeding and housing your minor league players properly. A relatively small amount of money in those areas should go a long way, one would think.

  95. Oops. Well, perhaps if it were to be rephrased as “on the beach in Clearwater, FLA, where it will be 25 degrees”, well, then you might have a chance!

  96. Just make a pitch similar to that Jerry Howarth “…25 miles of white sand” ad that those of us that listen to the radio (and really with the TV guys, why wouldn’t you listen to the radio?) hear about 900 times a season. It might be too late now, but it’s worth a shot. ;)

  97. Jays site:
    Which Blue Jays players are out of options?
    – Joel M., Moncton, New Brunswick

    The Blue Jays have seven players who are out of options: Davis, John McDonald, Molina, Dotel, Dustin McGowan, Shawn Camp and David Purcey. Those players must be placed on the 25-man active roster — if healthy — or the club risks losing them to another team.

    There appears to be very little doubt that Davis, McDonald, Molina, Camp and Purcey will all be on the Opening Day roster. McGowan, who is coming off shoulder surgery, is expected to begin the season on the disabled list, which buys the team more time before it is forced to make a decision on his future.

    That leaves Reyes as the only pitcher in jeopardy of losing his spot in Toronto’s organization. Reyes will enter Spring Training with a chance to compete for a job in the ‘pen, where he will face stiff competition from right-handers Casey Janssen, Carlos Villanueva and Josh Roenicke and left-hander Jesse Carlson.

    Umm… did I read that wrong or was Reyes name not among the seven at the beginning? Should it read Reyes instead of Dotel? I think it makes sense to carry two lefties unless one of them sucks so bad they can’t take them. Otherwise, Purcey is going to appear in 100 games (@1-2batters) this season which would probably not be good.

  98. Wow, you really showed him huh Theo? Playing the I’m so much smarter than everyone else because I look at advanced metrics and not wins card. But please don’t stop there, enlighten us with your tales of UZR, WAR , ISO, WOBA. We the unwashed masses will be forever in your debt messiah.

  99. Ok, I’m not sure if this is just the beer but isn’t this answer a little asinine? i mean Molina, Dotel and Mcdonald all signed major league contracts. All have 8-10 years tenure so, having signed major league contracts, they cant be sent down without their permission.

    Re-reading the article, its more idiotic. Clearly, he’s talking about Reyes (lhp) when he says Dotel (rhp) in the opening paragraph.

    No wonder I don’t even bother going to the jays site anymore.

  100. Or, maybe, I’m smarter than you (because, really, anyone who decries logic and rational thinking cannot be anything but an idiot) because I’m not an irrational nay-sayer who sees doom and gloom for the team at every turn, despite the future being brighter than it has been for a long, long time.

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