This morning Bluebird Banter wrote of the danger to bloggers of sleeping on a topic when it’s really fresh, because so often you’ll wake up to find that a bunch of other people have already said exactly what you’d hoped to– and when you’re me, usually better. I feel a bit like I’m doing that perpetually lately, so… yeah, rather than having a shit-tonne to say about it myself, here are some links.

Smart People Think Getting Michael Young Is A Stupid Idea

Not that I think this whiny little bitch would ever come to the Jays anyway, it’s comforting to know that Drew over at Ghostrunner on First, and Parkes over at Getting Blanked have us all covered when it comes to calling out TSN’s Daan “Dutch unclutch” de Kerpel for actually suggesting it’s not fucking preposterous for the Jays to look into acquiring the Rangers overrated, expensive, worse-defensively-than-Edwin-Encarnacion infielder.

This was also the column that provoked Dakers’ lament.

Today (OK, Two Days Ago) In Completely Unsur-fucking-prising News

According to Kenny Ken Ken of Fox Sports, the Jays would like to trade Juan Rivera. Get in a time machine, go back to two days ago when this was relevant, and stop the fucking presses!

Yeah, it’s almost like the Jays were willing to take whatever shit Anaheim was offering in order to get the Vernon Wells contract off the books. So, as with Napoli, now their task is to move Rivera for something they might actually want. As the spring moves along, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

The bigger thing, I think– which Rosenthal’s suggestion that Rivera is slated as the fourth outfielder right now compounds– is that it kinda makes you think that they’re definitely going to put Bautista in right. I’ve continued to say that it’s fucking crazy to think they’d jump Brett Lawrie straight to the majors, but shit, maybe I’m wrong.

Of course, you’d think that if they did so– given their reluctance to let Edwin Encarnacion throw to Adam Lind, and given that he’s never been a third baseman before– he’d probably play second, with Aaron Hill moving to third. However, John Farrell said last week that they’re going to put Lawrie at third this spring. So… unless they think he’ll be able to step right in and be able to handle the position– something they seem afraid of when it comes to Adam Lind, who has more experience at his new position, whose position is easier, and who they’ve actually worked with up close– I still don’t really see it.

On The Other Hand (Regarding Lawrie)…

Here’s what we find at the end of Robert MacLeod’s latest piece on Alex Anthopoulos from the Globe and Mail:

As for Lawrie, who is still a year or two away from cracking the major-league lineup in the opinion of many, Anthopoulos did allow that the Blue Jays are going to see if third base might be a fit.

“We know he’s athletic enough and he has the positional flexibility,” Anthopoulos said about Lawrie, who has primarily played second base in the minors. “He’s told me he’ll play anywhere, he doesn’t care. We also think he’s athletic enough to play the outfield.”


Brett’s Ascent Hitting the Wall(ace)?

Interesting stuff yesterday from Sports and the City, who took a look at Keith Law’s analysis of “graduated prospects”– guys who were ineligible for his Top 100– and specifically focussed on Brett Wallace.

“The new consensus is that Wallace can’t cover the inner half because he doesn’t fully rotate his back side through his swing, ceding the inside part of the plate to the pitcher, and that it’s not fixable,” Law writes. Kinda sounds like the whole giant legs thing really is an issue.

Morosi on Bautista

A couple of items from Jon Morosi of Fox Sports on Jose Bautista: first, Morosi tells us today that Monday is D-Day for the Jays and Bautista, as they’ll have their arbitration hearing that day in Arizona. Should be interesting…

The second thing, which is a little older, is the fact that the Red Sox pushed hard to trade for Bautista this winter, before they made their free agent splash on Carl Crawford.

It’s significant that the Jays decided not to trade him to their division rival (rival, of course, being a loose term at this point), but as Morosi points out, what may be more important is that Boston’s aggressive pursuit suggests that baseball people think he’s not a fluke.

If that turns out to be the case, I wouldn’t be fucking happier to have been wrong all last summer about it. Then again, it might not all be great news: FanGraphs suggests a repeat season might put Bautista among the next crop of $100-million players.

Yeah, there’s probably a full post’s worth of stuff to talk about with Jose, huh?


Speaking of FanGraphs, I’m not going to claim that I really understand what the fuck they’re getting at, but in trying to figure out values of scouts, they show Travis Snider to be one of the ten most “valuable” prospects of the last five years.

Mop Up Duty notices that, in the 2011 Pecota Projections, JP Arencibia gets a Johnny Bench comp! Crazy. Of course, heading into his age 25 season Bench had already led the NL in home runs twice, won two MVPs and made five All-Star teams. So… yeah, let’s not go nuts.

Gregor Chisholm of has a nice piece on Jays’ special assistant Dana Brown, who interviewed for the Mets top job this winter, and who– it says here– is black! Sure. Next you’re gonna tell me Travis Snider and Curtis Thigpen are white.

The super cool dude who does 1 Blue Jays Way calls Parkes a douche bag. Hahahaha. (Well, actually he misspelled it– two words, friend!– but, really, it’s the thought that counts.)

Jeremy Sandler of the National Post catches up with the Jays draftees who infamously didn’t sign with the club in the summer of 2009, to much gnashing of teeth from a bunch of fucking morons. Note to guys who get drafted: you probably want to take the guaranteed money you’re offered.

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  1. For lack of anything better? Parkes manages to crank out content at Getting Blanked…

  2. What, dude doesn’t have a right to earn beer money?

  3. There will be a blog war between Bluejaysway/Snidersweb and DJF.

  4. Three cheers for italics!

  5. Here’s an interview I did with former Blue Jay Bob File.

    Wanted to throw my two cents in on the link fest.

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  7. I dare you to try and argue that Parkes isn’t a douchebag

  8. I think I heard somewhere that douchebag is two words.

  9. oh yeah, I play poker. LOL Btw, gotta update that stuff.

    $2550 Live bankroll
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    and my vegas change basked is almost full

    btw, I made a delicious chili this evening!

  10. Pitchers and Catchers!!!!Pitchers and Catchers!!!Pitchers and Catchers!!! The countdown is on.
    On a side note not sure how comfortable I’d be with 100M to Bautista even if he manages another 50+HR season, though I guess the market is what the market is. I would have to think that a repeat performance would earn either an extension or a trade by mid-season.

  11. hey hey hey, why am I getting thrown in there?

    I just like to spread the wealth . . . and drink Bautista Bombs!

  12. Right on man. It’s so nice that you chose to come by and drop some class on this place.

  13. Next time you come here, just try and ease up on the Axe body spray. You smell like the interior of a 1985 mustang 5.0

  14. you know what I think of Parkes? He’s one tall fucker!

    kind of like I’m Jason Frasor and he’s Jon Rauch. LOL

  15. What you talking about? I haven’t been in school for years! LOL

  16. fuck, is there a video camera in my bathroom?
    How do you guys know this shit?

  17. What the fuck ever happened to Agony Buffalo? Best handle on the site. Ever.

  18. Holy shit. You do kind of look like Boner Stabone!

  19. Somebody said that you looked like Boner Stabone.

  20. If anybody is interested in reading an interview and story on Voros McCracken, check my blog. Sort of a follow up to Passan’s great piece on yahoo. Also a couple V-Dubb stories, oh, and why GSP will dominate Anderson Silva!


  21. Id rather look like Otis Nixon than Boner Stabone.

  22. FML! WTF?

    I guess I’m changing my twitter profile pic then.

  23. How many times do you need to be told that pimping your blog here is not cool. Fuck off!

  24. < /i>
    Just a thought.

  25. As per Keith Laws comments on “Trunks” Wallace: I DO think that a hitter can learn to hit the inside pitch. Law said because he isn’t properly rotating that he can turn on anything on the inner half and its not fixable? Bullshit, there’s no way a guy can hit .400 plus at college and be a .300 plus hitter in the minors without being able to turn on an inside fastball. He would have been eaten up otherwise and ever pitcher he ever faced would have pitched him inside.

  26. Everyone who knows how to close an italics tag, raise your hand! Stoeten, not so fast…

  27. Sorry, I’m new to this. How do you Voros your crack in?

  28. Stop posting!
    All of a sudden, I’m cooking pasta. Thanks!

  29. Shhhhiiiiiitt. Good ole’ Otis. That cat looked like a crack whore who lit his face on fire and someone tried to put it out with a pickaxe. Don’t worry Stabone, no comparison.

  30. I agree that a drafted player should probably take the money in front of him and continue his career. $500,000 – $1,000,000 is a lot of money. And it’s absolutely fucking huge when you’re 18 or 22. Besides, these kids need to remember the ‘real’ money will come after they make the major leagues, not before.

  31. Phase 1: Get Drafted
    Phase 2: ?
    Phase 3: Profit

  32. You really are a pathetic shit-gimp. Hilarious how you throw your buddy @1bluejaysway under the bus. “It’s not me” it’s him. That’s what coward fucks say when their big-mouthed buddies get chipped up, and they are too scared and weak to help them, and try to buddy up to his friend’s enemies. A sign of a truly pathetic individual.

    You come on here, and try to defend your honour, by posting a bunch of rubbish, hoping people will forget how useless you are. Go back to writing that ridiculous “blog” Sniders [sic] Web. You don’t know shit, and you are the epitome of a clown that thinks he knows baseball that clearly has no business writing out his own name, never mind stringing a few sentences together regarding a complex sport.

    You offer nothing but a good laugh, bud.So please, get the fuck on, “GC”.

  33. Ya, you, shit bag.

  34. You know what’s awesome? Guelph.

  35. Wouldn’t matter in College because those cocksuckers get aluminum bats. Makes me so mad when you bust a guy on the hands and he still hits it in the gap.

  36. Thats a rock solid point about aluminum. But still ………………………how the hell can a guy spend 3 years in pro ball and not be able to turn on the inside shit? He would have been chopped liver. I look at it this way, it was his first year in the bigs, he was obviously trying to not shit the bed too bad, and wasn’t swinging the bat the way he usually does.

  37. Hahaha. Yeah, I kinda left quick after this one. Should be fixed.

  38. If they want to pay me as a full time job to crank out content here, I’m game. Until then, I’m going to crank out content for where they actually do pay me.

    Appreciated that you’d read whatever I shat out, though.

  39. That war is about as likely as the “war” between the cool kids and the fucking losers in your high school. We have better things to do.

  40. You got me on that one.

  41. Y’know, unless his trunks grew to a preposterous size.

    It’s not about learning.

  42. It’s easy to be confident that they’ll improve their draft position– their confidence probably helped them get as far as they did– but… yeah… guaranteed money is guaranteed. It’s amazing to me that people convince themselves they’ll do better later when there are just so many variables that could fuck it up. If you’re that great, take the money now, and work your way up to a bigger payday with it already in your pocket.

  43. The games also about making adjustments. If a guys pitching you inside throughout a game, you look inside, get your hands through tight and open up. The best hitters can do it, Im sure Tree Trunks will adjust too.

  44. I’d agree, but not if the guy was physically unable to turn quickly enough to do so– which is what I’ve heard rumbled, and what seems to be corroborated by Law’s comments.

    I’m not saying he’s necessarily hopeless or that those rumblings are right, just that they make sense, and that my impression is that it honestly is physical. Maybe people are way wrong on this, but personally, based on what I’ve heard, I can’t assume it’s as simple as an adjustment thing. At the very least, I can’t write it off in my own mind as a small hurdle for him to overcome the way you seem to be willing to do. Maybe he’ll adjust– hopefully he will (I harbour no ill will)– but I don’t know how you can so casually dismiss the question marks.

  45. Here is an interview I did with former Blue Jay Bob File.

    I just wanted to get in on the link-a-thon.

  46. Here is an interview I did with former Blue Jay Bob File.

    I just wanted to get in on the Link-a-thon

  47. Here is an interview I did with former Blue Jay Bob File.

    I just wanted to get in on the Link-a-thon

  48. Here is an interview I did with former Blue Jay Bob File.

    I just wanted to get in on the Link-a-thon


  49. Here is an interview I did with former Blue Jay Bob File.

    I just wanted to get in on the Link-a-thon

  50. Here is an interview I did with former Blue Jay Bob File.

    I just wanted to get in on this link-a-thon as well.

  51. Here is an interview I did with former Blue Jay Bob File.

    I just wanted to get in on this link-a-thon as well

  52. I want to get in on the link-a-thon. Here is an interview I did with former Blue Jay Bob File:


  53. I’m just throwing this out there and I’m no expert on minor league pitching but, could it be possible that minor league pitchers simply aren’t as effective on the inner half as major leaguers? Obviously major leaguers are more effective at just about everything than those in the minors but in general I would assume that if Wallace had faced quality pitches on the inner half early on in his pro career, the scouts would have seen his struggles in that area earlier. Also, I would assume that if pitchers ARE dominant enough on the inner half, they’d likely be in the majors a lot quicker. I’d imagine that in most cases these guys simply aren’t confident/strong enough to deal on the inner half with consistency and not get punished.

  54. That’s a pretty good point, I think.

  55. Are Bautista Bombs actual drinks? Because they should be.

  56. It may be said with a degree of assurance that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears.

  57. That’s another good point. As is the comment above yours.

  58. Is this what you call rolling with GC?

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  60. Do you hold Parkes dick when he needs to piss as well?
    Holy shit man. People come here BECAUSE you guys are douchebags. That’s your thing, right?
    Now I know you are just sticking up for your boy, which is commendable.
    As a point of clarity: I didn’t start a blog because DJF was so “popular” as you put it in the comment thread. Check it:

  61. Bring on the Blog Wars!!!!!!!

  62. God damnit guys! We’re all huge fans of a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in nearly two decades. Its not even like parkes is some fucking assclown like bubbles…

    so just simmer the fuck down… don’t let this petty crap come between us

  63. You’re washed up, finished! We the baddest in the world!

  64. So, I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I think I’ve come to a very serious and important conclusion.

    Bautista Bombs should be like Jaeger Bombs, replacing the Jaeger with Dominican Rum. And we shall consume them with every bomb that Bautista blasts.

  65. looks like griff loves him some michael young

    Q. Good afternoon Richard. What do you think about Michael Young for one or two years at 3rd base for the Jays pending Brett Lawrie’s arrival? Maybe he wouldn’t agree to a short term deal, but 91 RBIs would be nice from that position for the Jays. Is .950 FPCT too low for a 3rd baseman? Encarnacion was .932 in 2010. I can’t figure who they could offer in trade, a reliever perhaps plus Encarnacion (?), however, spring training hasn’t started so how do you decide who are the keepers? Thanks for a great column. Look forward to it every week.

    D’Arcy Draper

    A. I do like Young as the short-term answer at third base. No fan should be looking at the $48 million for three years left on his contract because it’s not our money so why should we care.

    The fact is the Jays are one of the few teams that can afford the contract and with a 20-year-old Brett Lawrie set to inherit the position when he’s ready, Young would help the Jays to compete better right now. When Lawrie is ready and the Jays can compete without Young, they can move him and help pay the rest of the contract.

    Remember, Paul Beeston said the Jays’ franchise can support $140-150 million per year. As for Young’s defence, third base is his third position in the majors and mechanically there was a lot of room for improvement given some one-on-one work and a willingness by Young to get better. Hand him over to Brian Butterfield for a spring and see what happens. Young is an infielder and an athlete.

  66. its funny

  67. Im not from canada..can someone please educate me on who this frank calendo guy is and why people hate him so much?

  68. No, it’s not our money douchefuck, but it is our team and if they piss their money down the drain on overrated shitsacks like Michael Young, we’re not exactly going to be too happy are we? As I’ve said before Juan Rivera and Michael Young have the exact same career OPS+ and it’s debatable as to which of them is a “better” defensive player. Career road splits:

    Young: .279/.322/.411/.733

    Rivera: .284/.329/.472/.802

    Rivera’s basically Michael Young with power, yet Dick’s getting wet dreams over Young and believes Rivera’s not long for this team. Have another fucking drink Dick.

  69. Of course he does. He never lets facts get in the way of liking a potential deal.

  70. I’m pretty sure he’s the guy that does the skits for the football games on fox sunday

  71. During the playoffs, Griffin referred to Young as a “future Hall of Famer”. He’s been big on him for a while it seems, and I don’t quite see why.

  72. Bwahahahahaha! I guess he must have got to know Michael when he was a farmhand over the course of a couple of spring trainings and the bromance blossomed from there. Ugh.

  73. Joe (Chicago)

    Does the departure of Vernon Wells mean Bautista goes back to LF and A. Hill moves to third to make room for Brett Lawrie? If not then replaces Wells in the starting Toronto outfield?
    Klaw (1:31 PM)

    I get variations of this question quite often, and I don’t get it. One, Lawrie ain’t ready, and why rush him? Two, Hill’s an outstanding defensive 2b; why move him for Lawrie, who might be an average defender there?

    Hill to third for Lawrie seems a bit of a straw man which hasn’t gained much popularity as a legitimate possibility but it’s nice to have Keith remind people that moving Aaron Hill off of second base except in very special circumstances is fucking dumb. Same goes for people wanting Brett Lawrie in the majors to start the year, if he destroyed Double A, it would be a different story.

  74. and the obvious defensive reasoning like he needs to learn how to play his position before stepping into the majors.

  75. I play Rec Baseball, and pitchers even there can work the corners, and not all, but most can work you inside with command. Yeah, I know its 70-85 MPH, but you see my point.

    Johnny Damon lives and dies on the inner half . But he’s not that great on the outer half. That hasn’t held him back throughout his career. Im not trying to get into a pissing match about it, but fuck that, pro hitters can adjust and so can Wallace. You cant tell me Brett Wallace is more physically abound to turn on the inner half than say, David Ortiz. I really believe Law is trying to sound technically savy here about this, but its more a matter of a rookie player transitioning to the Show.

    PS Trucks, see you at the All-Star game in 2013

  76. While we’re on the subject of how good Hill is defensively, can we just go ahead and exercise all 3 of those options now and get either a) insanely good value out of them when he rebounds offensively and becomes a top 3 2b again, or b) decent value when he rebounds slightly offensively to an average 2b?

  77. Meh I don’t even think Hill’s defense was that good last year.

  78. I don’t know, the advanced metrics put him between 3rd and 8th in the ML last year at second. That’s above average defensive value by most definitions, and a number of sources call him “elite”, like:….

  79. Congrats to Shaun Marcum, he and the Brewers split the difference before arbitration and North of Steeles will be drawing $3.95 million next year. Pitch Like a Man.

  80. Hill cost Morrow the no hitter, true story.

  81. Douchebag two words? I dont think so. Unless you’re referring to the actual female hygiene device. “Douche bag” looks like it’s written by some slow sound-it-out dimwitted speller who also goes around calling people “shit heads” and “fart knockers”

    I think i am douchebag for writing this comment

  82. wow, I guess you don’t realize I don’t take sides.

    “Golden arm” is still my buddy, and I have no issues with Parkes. So why do I need to take sides on this matter? Personally, I love being the subject of a good ribbing, if there’s some tasteful wit involved. You gotta take it to dish it, right?

    and you’re entitled to your opinion, it’s too bad your mom dropped you on your head a few too many times when she was smoking her crack that it caused you to have an inferiority complex and feel the need to put down other people.

  83. dunk a shot of Bacardi 151 in red bull sir and enjoy!

  84. I think this should be settled with a Bautista Bomb drinking competition.

    Can I join in the competition as a pacer?

  85. you’ve got it. The idea was initially thought up by Ian at BJH. But he went a step further on the rum and suggested you use Bacardi 151 (which is almost 75% alcohol, in case you’re counting).

    I just popularized actually drinking it.

    The staff at Loose Moose think I’m nuts. They keep a bottle on hand just for me, because I’m the only one dumb enough to drink that shit.

    and yes, after every Bautista homer.

  86. Agreed.
    If the Jays are able to unload Rivera, they could move Bautista to RF and put McCoy at 3B who has a +5 TZ there (in both minors and majors), and his OBP has been around 90 points higher than his BA in both the minors and limited major league time. The question is whether he can hit a lick over .200 with regular playing time.
    He could be the surprise leadoff hitter with a solid spring, bumping Davis to the 9 hole where he belongs.
    I’d be happy if he hits .250 with a .345 OBP, still better than Davis.

    I’m gonna get blasted in 3 . . 2 . . 1 . .

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