If I know anything about Torontonians, it’s that they notice when their shit gets noticed in the United States. So… it’s probably got people excited that Travis Snider made Deadspin, albeit in shittily– yet hilariously-drawn– form.

If you haven’t been following their site, I should point out that the reason for the MS Paint job is that they’re angry with MLB for their ridiculous policy of not letting sites embed MLB-owned videos. It is, of course, a completely moronic policy that only serves to punish fans who don’t like the clunky MLB.com family of sites (read: everybody), and that essentially serves as a really expensive (surely there are teams of people constantly sweeping YouTube for MLB-owned content, and writing cease-and-desist letters) way of shutting down a shitload of free promotion.

Bravo, MLB. Bravo.

News and Notes

Clearly the most important news of the day is that, even though tomorrow is an off-day, Parkes and I will be on the air with another live stream for theScore.com. This one will start at 2 PM, so get following us on Twitter (@AndrewStoeten and @DustinParkes) and thinking about some questions for us to awkwardly answer.

As you can see in the lineups below, Aaron Hill won’t be in the lineup tonight after tweaking his wonky hamstring stealing a base last night. However, according to @ShiDavidi, the club won’t put him on the DL until absolutely necessary. He’s listed as day-to-day, and saw a doctor this afternoon, apparently.

Hill’s status, and the fact that the Jays are carrying a bajillion pitchers, means that they only have two players on the bench tonight. Fortunately, one of them is Juan Rivera. As much as I’m willing to shit on John Farrell for some of the peculiar moves he’s made, when it comes to not subjecting me to watching Juan Rivera… uh… thanks.

Speaking of, @GregorMLB tells us that John Farrell has confirmed that Edwin Encarnacion will be the club’s regular DH going forward, meaning Juan Rivera is now a bench guy, I guess– though Mike Wilner adds that Farrell said they would avoid long periods of inactivity for Gone Juan.

Wonder if this all means we’ll see Brett Lawrie sooner than– holy shit, Bartolo Colon is still alive???

Lots of people wondering if the Jays will have interest in Brandon Wood, the one-time hot prospect who was designated for assignment today by the Angels. Sure, why not? But I wouldn’t expect much.

No, seriously, Bartolo Colon is actually still alive, and I think he’s pitching for the Yankees tonight!

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of theScore.com

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
C. Patterson CF
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
J. Arencibia C
T. Snider LF
J. Nix 2B
J. McDonald 3B

B. Cecil LHP

New York Yankees of New York

D. Jeter SS
N. Swisher RF
M. Teixeira 1B
A. Rodriguez 3B
R. Cano 2B
A. Jones LF
J. Posada DH
R. Martin C
C. Granderson CF

B. Colon RHP

(Image courtesy stealing images from Deadspin)

Comments (257)

  1. It was also supposed to be a year to ready the players that are going to be part of the team going forward into the so called “competing” years. I don’t believe Reyes will be here when or if that happens.

  2. http://www.fangraphs.com/pitch

    Cecil was drafted as a closer, I think everyone knew his arm wouldn’t last long.

  3. I bet snider is thinking of food right now.

  4. Well fuck, his name is Grouchy

  5. I’m not saying sign colon, I’m saying pitching is available that you don’t need to hide shitty pitchers on your roster. jojo has NEVER been good. to think that suddenly he’s going to become a star is ridiculous. send him to the minors to let him develop not the majors. if some other stupid team wants to claim him then who cares? let them have a shitty pitcher.

  6. True. But it’s a bit much.

  7. Anyone else remember that old Dead Kennedy’s song “Sit on my face Stevie Nix”? or maybe that was just the lyric in one of their songs

  8. 12 retired in a row. 7 Ks for Bartolo Colon. Wow.

  9. he should have had both of those. the hard part of the first play was the stop, which he made. Then he looked like sonic the hedge hog on the throw.

    the second one, he over dove for the ball. he had time to fucking tap his glove.

    they were certainly not easy plays, but if he is “the best defender the jays have ever had” as several people in the know have claimed, he should be making those plays at least one out of two times.

  10. Stoeten, good job on the site, you red-green look-a-like

    But seriously. Why no Bautista on the Strombolopious (spelling?) show.
    Lebron James has been on the show, Chris Bosh…lots of wrestlers..We need Jose to be on it…he’s the face of the Franchise.

  11. Only the 6th, but this officially feels like a loss. : (

  12. For those of you that believed Snider’s big game winning hit last night was going to carry momentum over to today, ummmmm. no

    what did carry over was his miserable first 5 plate appearances.

    but hes young.

  13. what’s your point?

  14. Would have liked to have seen Brett Cecil get one more inning

  15. Good to see Cecil have a fine outing and the Jays batters are just grinding Colon so it’s only a mattaalsdkfjqawneoainf.


  16. Listening to McCown’s show today?

  17. escobar with a little “catch da taste” flair

  18. Good news, gents. The Toronto Rock are in the playoffs….

  19. just sayin. a roster spot and the league minimum is a small price to pay. no one wants to give away the winning lottery ticket for a bag of balls. plenty of examples — santana, bautista, or whatever.

  20. I’m amazed that multi gold glove Jeter couldn’t get Escobar there.

  21. #2 just dropped a #2 on the field

  22. Was it just me, or did Jeter look 50 trying to throw that ball?

  23. fuck corey

  24. I’ve seen baseball in Cuba so I know they know how to run the bases there. Escobar? I dunno…

  25. Fuck me they sure are making this as easy as possible for Colon.

  26. Data, Question. Is it true that you are a Toronto Maple Leaf fan?

  27. bautista was good as soon as he got here and he was here as a utility player. santana was never a shitty pitcher.

    jojo has been shitty his whole career. by your logic we should have kept purcey and just hoped he becomes good.

    you don’t seem to understand, the majors are not a place to learn, that’s what the minors are for. there aren’t plenty of examples of shitty pitchers becoming good.

  28. Colon is flat dealing, he might be in line for another Cy Young this year. There are only so many times that Farrell can tip the cap to the pitcher instead of admitting that his team can’t hit.

  29. Remember when Barfield barfed in right field?

  30. I honestly think pat hentgen should unretire because colon is pitching to A ballers. pat must be thinking, is it this easy to get guys out?

  31. If he becomes an above average player you have a chance to move him for something of value, which you will need when you’re competing. You gotta think 2 steps ahead not just now now now.

  32. Is it just me, or is this team really bad.

  33. juan rivera is the second highest paid player on the team. that might tell us something…

  34. No they’re pretty bad.

  35. I just tuned in: What the fuck is this shit? Again?! Fucking Again!?! You have got to be shitting me….
    1 run against Colon? Cecil gives us fuckall once again?!
    I hope the aura around AA and Ferrell is starting to wear off

  36. All it tells me is that it was the price the Jays had to pay to get rid of Wells. HAHAHAHAHA LMAO that trade is still funny.

  37. I… did not know that.

  38. if if if, he sucks don’t you get it? do you not realize the league is littered with jojo types? heard of a guy named dana eveland? what did the jays get for him? garbage.

    hey by your logic we should make rivera a starter cuz maybe we can get something for him?

  39. How is it that this old amorphous blob of shit Colon is holding us to one run? He should have died of a heart attack just by lifting the baseball off the ground.

  40. AA got rid of wells. for that i am eternally grateful and in turn give him a pass on the entire season

  41. Have you seen his slider? u think you know more than players/ scouts/management which by itself makes you look foolish. Oh well guys like you think you know more than everybody else actually know nothing so I’m done here.

  42. Here’s the funny thing: I remember Farrell saying the Blue Jays were easy to prepare against facing because they were such a one dimensional team. So far, what I’ve seen is:

    - No hitting;
    - If they miraculously get on base, run into outs;
    - Abysmal pitching.

  43. Must be frustrating for Farrell as a pitching coach to keep wearing down the bullpen. He really has no choice though our starting five have all been terrible. The free passes they give out is just not going to work in this division.

    I never liked AA what’s the point everyone that comes here is under the corporate pocket.

  44. Cito must feel like a fucking G right now.

  45. Well, we’ll probably get Lance McCullers Jr next year if they really tank, if that’s any consolation…

  46. FFS lose the homerun mentality. Just try to get on base,. Walk, single, double. Fuck the homerun until you have baserunners.

  47. If you don’t at least like AA for getting Wells off the books then you’re a pretty dumb dude.

  48. No way. Closed Dome. Grip and Rip(tm)

  49. Rios is hittnig .186. At least that makes me happy

  50. Thats it JP, thats the shit im talking about!

  51. Looks like Rios is taking an off year. He always likes to do that on year off year thing.

  52. WTF was that?

  53. ugggh more base running errors. Fuck me.

  54. IT’S A REBUILDING YEAR! Say that 20 times real fast and you might feel some semblance of comfort.


  56. ok. what was that.


  58. wtf

  59. Know what really pisses me off about that? Swisher was laughing at us.

  60. This dumb shit should be ironed out before you leave A ball. Cripes…

  61. Jesus christ Arencibia, it wasn’t a gapper, you can’t just fucking assume that third base is going to be open.

  62. someone explain what happened. whatever it was just broke gameday.

  63. Sad part is….JP was right, he would have been safe at 3rd, and e5 would have scored at home.

  64. I know all you stat geeks think that situational hitting is just luck and all, but Snider’s been pretty good in those situations.

  65. clearly a rookie mistake there by JP …because of course noone learns that you make sure the runner ahead of you clears until you get to the big leagues.

    clearly it takes years to learn this type of shit.

    the culture of taking the “extra base” rears its ugly head when the extra base is actually another runners

  66. Probably but it doesn’t excuse that bullshit base running.

  67. yeah you’re right there were 30 teams all clamouring to sign jojo? if he’s so valuable as you say then let’s trade him for some high value prospects. oh wait I forgot he sucks.

  68. would have enjoyed a robertson-snider rematch.

  69. keep hearing them call this shit by jP a rookie mistake. that is a rookie mistake in fucking t ball. by the time you get to the bigs, would have figured that shit would have been figured out by even the most feeble minded of players.

  70. i like to remind myself (willfully suspending any actual credulity in the process) that rogers is committed to doubling the payroll

  71. jpa runs it to 3rd base. He wasn’t paying attention because E5 was already there

  72. ok if baseball was a special olympics sport, then jp’s baserunning would make ahim an all olympian

    this guy is a fucking retard with all his lazy passed balls and who the fuck over the age of 12 runs the bases like that??

  73. Just think what could have been

  74. how is it that scoring a run somehow feels like salt in a wound?

  75. Oh what could have been….

  76. I’m surprised there weren’t three blue jays standing on third. 3 stooges. who’s on first, what’s on second, 3 jays on third.

  77. i think that at the end of just about every season

  78. That was abbott and Costello

  79. It sucks and all, and I’m sure he’s embarrassed by it, but chill. It’s a long season, and we’re not likely to contend. If and when they do, JPA will be a big part of that. Just like Snider.

  80. yeah, when snider and jp are fighting it out for DH

  81. Snider has had 20 ab’s this year with RISP and is hitting .200. You might just be remembering the last couple of games. He’s a career .252 hitter with RISP.

  82. EE at 2nd, JPA at first. Snider hits a hard single to right, and EE stops at 3rd since Swisher gets the ball in quickly. JPA doesn’t realize EE’s held up at 3rd and keeps sprinting ahead… and ends up standing on 3rd together with EE.

  83. I cant in good conscience get mad at JP for running his ass off, when I get mad at Escobar, or Rivera for giving up on what could be infield singles.

  84. Don’t forget that EE was yelling and gesticulating wildly for JPA to turn around.

  85. yah, but that’s probably the best on the team!

  86. wow farrell actually brought in dotel to face a rightie

  87. I agree

  88. If i were pitcher I would drill Swisher in the fucking back for laughing at our base running blunder.

  89. Team pride bitches

  90. Farrell bringing in Dotel to face a left handed heavy lineup.

  91. Yankees are 0 for 7 runners in scoring position. Have five runs.

  92. no you can get mad at stupid senseless idiotic baserunning

    get really really fucking mad at it

  93. lol “gesticulating”

  94. if i were pitcher i would drill rodriguez. just because

  95. Dustin Pedroia is a sure HB whenever I’m playing MLB The Show.

  96. It’s like this new balls out running game has the Jays constantly thinking about putting their heads down and going 1st to 3rd, regardless of whether or not 3rd base is actually open. You can’t always think dead red. Sometimes you’ve gotta adjust to the situation. I don’t fucking ever want to see that again. Fuck! #Running Game With No Brains = FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Frankie Fran coming up

  98. my balls are getting itchy

  99. Fucking J-Bau…All he does is get on base. LOve it

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