If I know anything about Torontonians, it’s that they notice when their shit gets noticed in the United States. So… it’s probably got people excited that Travis Snider made Deadspin, albeit in shittily– yet hilariously-drawn– form.

If you haven’t been following their site, I should point out that the reason for the MS Paint job is that they’re angry with MLB for their ridiculous policy of not letting sites embed MLB-owned videos. It is, of course, a completely moronic policy that only serves to punish fans who don’t like the clunky MLB.com family of sites (read: everybody), and that essentially serves as a really expensive (surely there are teams of people constantly sweeping YouTube for MLB-owned content, and writing cease-and-desist letters) way of shutting down a shitload of free promotion.

Bravo, MLB. Bravo.

News and Notes

Clearly the most important news of the day is that, even though tomorrow is an off-day, Parkes and I will be on the air with another live stream for theScore.com. This one will start at 2 PM, so get following us on Twitter (@AndrewStoeten and @DustinParkes) and thinking about some questions for us to awkwardly answer.

As you can see in the lineups below, Aaron Hill won’t be in the lineup tonight after tweaking his wonky hamstring stealing a base last night. However, according to @ShiDavidi, the club won’t put him on the DL until absolutely necessary. He’s listed as day-to-day, and saw a doctor this afternoon, apparently.

Hill’s status, and the fact that the Jays are carrying a bajillion pitchers, means that they only have two players on the bench tonight. Fortunately, one of them is Juan Rivera. As much as I’m willing to shit on John Farrell for some of the peculiar moves he’s made, when it comes to not subjecting me to watching Juan Rivera… uh… thanks.

Speaking of, @GregorMLB tells us that John Farrell has confirmed that Edwin Encarnacion will be the club’s regular DH going forward, meaning Juan Rivera is now a bench guy, I guess– though Mike Wilner adds that Farrell said they would avoid long periods of inactivity for Gone Juan.

Wonder if this all means we’ll see Brett Lawrie sooner than– holy shit, Bartolo Colon is still alive???

Lots of people wondering if the Jays will have interest in Brandon Wood, the one-time hot prospect who was designated for assignment today by the Angels. Sure, why not? But I wouldn’t expect much.

No, seriously, Bartolo Colon is actually still alive, and I think he’s pitching for the Yankees tonight!

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of theScore.com

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
C. Patterson CF
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
J. Arencibia C
T. Snider LF
J. Nix 2B
J. McDonald 3B

B. Cecil LHP

New York Yankees of New York

D. Jeter SS
N. Swisher RF
M. Teixeira 1B
A. Rodriguez 3B
R. Cano 2B
A. Jones LF
J. Posada DH
R. Martin C
C. Granderson CF

B. Colon RHP

(Image courtesy stealing images from Deadspin)

Comments (257)

  1. Can you turn the DH rule off in that game? If you can I would wipe that fucking smirk off pixel punk Josh Beckett’s face every single time he comes to the plate, even if the bases are loaded, even if it cost me the game.

  2. i googled beckett douche and this is what came up

  3. hahah, I’ll check.

    I’d hit Matt Garza.

  4. Now it’s up to E5, JP, and Snider

  5. The last time these three were involved in a play together it wasn’t pretty

  6. There sure is. But Greg Maddux had filthy, filthy stuff. Look up the scouting report from the 80s that’s out there on him. His stuff was always great, and you don’t become Greg F-ing Maddux without great stuff.

  7. Welcome back Frankie

  8. welcome to canada

  9. Man, Granderson is rad! We need one of those.

  10. Gay!

  11. Okay, radio off. Back to work.

  12. TB is winning tonight. I wonder how we’ll do this weekend?

  13. parkes just turned to an agreeing stoeten to say “well, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. i do not begrudge him the home run. someone pass the wine”

  14. really makes you glad we traded napoli

  15. Fucking shit. Frankie has roid eyes also

  16. Right in that fucking mouth that sticks out its tongue and spits 10,000 times a game. Either that or try to shave that fucking chin hair off with the ball.

  17. was it hamlet? BOO yeah!

  18. imagine having to pull jp aside and say you know when you take off to a base you really have to make sure there isnt somebody from your team already there and oh, if you decide to go look up for maybe a split second to confirm it

    imagine an mlb coach wasting his time saying that shitthit and trying not to crack up

  19. I was worried it might have been a circle jerk

  20. Fuck Escobar has god ugly teeth. Reminds me of Jaws from James Bond.

  21. not looking good

  22. Why don’t you call a strike like a normal umpire you douche?

  23. Wasn’t looking good four batters in.

  24. ball 4

  25. Good for Snider. I hope he starts to get hot now.

  26. God damn, Travis Snider must have 80 raw power, he just flicked that thing.

  27. Here comes roid eyes. If I were batting I would be thinking walk first, swing second. Last night he had control issues.

  28. Think small ball here boys

  29. I really like Johny Mac but we don’t have much of a bench for this scenario

  30. That right there is why you can’t have a fucking 2 man bench. JMac up as the tying run in the 9th?! Really?!

  31. Buck said fisted. Drown your sorrows

  32. See you dudes on Friday. Until then we shall sit in 4th place.

  33. …And as we sit in 4th place, we shall run Jo-Jo “Great Stuff That Does Not Miss Bats” Reyes out to the mound to face Jeremy “The Phenom” Hellickson. I was considering going, but I refuse to be a party to that shit show.

  34. It sure felt like fisted was the right way to describe the whole game. Good job Buck. What a fucking disgrace to play like that against the Yankees. Think Aaron Cibia will look at Butterfield more often now?

  35. I often like to prance around in my frilly finest, a stick horse between my legs. Yeeeeeee-haw, baby! Whoa, there!

    Of course there’s never anyone else around, so it’s OK.

  36. I expected this to year to have its aches and pains, but I never thought somebody like Colon would stick the bats up our asses.

  37. Wow, was there a single insipid thought that entered your mind that you didn’t bother posting in the thread last night? They could reconstruct your brain, ganglion by ganglion , by everything you posted here, fuckface.

  38. OK I get it. We’re finding out what works and what doesn’t. This doesn’t work.

  39. Holy fuck Jonsey. You think people enjoy your comments? 80% of the time you just piss and moan and insult people. You either like trolling or are socially retarded, congratulations…

  40. Who are you supposed to be?

  41. JPA’s running blunder was aggravating but it happens occasionally (even in the big leagues). What I don’t understand is why did he continue to barrel toward third even when he was more than halfway there? (he must have seen EE at that point, standing right on the goddam base).

    Why not head back to second and hope the Yanks screw up the throw?

  42. he has his head down

  43. Looking forward to seeing Morrow throw. If he’s in form we’ll be able to trade a great arm for a bit of the deadwood we have in there now.

    I’m more ok with our starters getting lit up a little – but those god damn walks have to stop (especially to start the inning off).

  44. I’m not sure I feel ok with Cecil on the mound. They seem to be hitting everything (not just his mistakes). Hopefully he turns it around.

  45. God it’s funny reading these comments the day after. Such panic. So JPA makes a running mistake. Vernon Wells started jogging off the field with 2 out a couple of weeks ago. Shit happens and I don’t think JPA will ever do it again.
    This team, with a few exceptions, is merely a collection of temporary players that will be gone mid season. Grin and bear it.

  46. I’m the unsilent majority, bigmouth.

  47. Cecil sent down…

  48. Unbelievable that Cecil is demoted and Jo-Jo Shitball just keeps walking through the raindrops.

  49. apparently brett was mixing it up with a few fans on his twitter page

  50. Jo Jo has no options to be demoted.

  51. I am just floating this. Anyone like the idea of spending BIG MONEY on Jose Reyes as the second baseman (and leadoff hitter) for the next 7 years? He wants at least $100 million. Does that screw things up too much (ie. Reyes’ attitude/clubhouse presence) or is it a good investment? Worth a try? (and I don’t think it is any question that Escobar at short is better than Reyes, but I don’t really care, both up the middle is what I envision, with whatever the best defensive combination is).

  52. Then expose him to waivers. I don’t want to see another outing from him. Get rid of him and don’t send down one of the young pitchers we’re counting on to be part of this thing

  53. Cecil doesn’t deserve to be in the starting 5 right now. No fastball? No chance. Hope he comes back to form, the rotation needs him.

  54. Some people need to chill. The Jays are 8 – 10 to start the year. Clearly, that’s not a great start. But it’s not 4 -14 either. We’ve got Morrow coming back who (hopefully) emerges as a number 1-like starter this year. (Not many pitchers have the upside potential to throw a game like he did last year. If you disagree, check out the other names on his Bill James Game Score.) Our offence hasn’t gotten going yet. Hopefully it will. (Big fucking hope there.) This is a .500 team (I think). What we should be looking for (I think) is the young members of “the core” to take a step forward. I like watching the running game (although I agree with Stoeten that Patterson trying to steal third the other day when down by multiple runs late in the game was really dumb and a bit scary as a modus operandi). I do agree, however, with the idea that a good running game takes pitchers out of their comfort zone. I say this as a former high school pitcher (an obvious authority) but also someone who has watched us play the Rays rather shittily the past few years and remembers Ricky Henderson fucking us up badly in that ’91 series. The only thing that I really hate (so far) was sending down Litsch instead of moving Reyes to the long man in the pen role that he seems destined for (if not his outright release). It’s not that I wouldn’t rather be watching Zach Stewart in the 5 spot than Litsch, but I think they’ll be able to get something for Litsch at the deadline. I mean shit, look what we gave up for Estoban Loaiza (sp?) when we thought we were in a “race”. Snider is having a slow start, same as last year, same as the year before that in AA, but his history (I think) points to better things ahead. At least we’re not paying him 20 million like Crawford. Basically, I think this team needs a number 1 starter and a rain or shine, middle of the order left handed bat to be a contender going forward. (Maybe that’s Morrow and Snider?) On the plus side, Bautista is looking relatively for real in his post “outlier” season. (Only four and 9/10 seasons to go on that contract!) Just for fun, remember how many people on this board were shitting all over the fact that he was our starting right fielder last year? So many people (including our kind hosts I believe) were shitting on that. One guy said that he had the worst swing of anyone he’d ever seen hit in the big leagues. It’s funny how things can change over the course of 162 games.

  55. I don’t like Reyes health issues at all.

  56. I know, leg issues for a speed guy very concerning. This will be an interesting year for him. I am just curious about responses and issues raised.

  57. http://twitter.com/#!/JuLiaNs_

    This is the jagoff who was getting into with Cecil the other day, read some of the tweets from fairweather piece of shit…unbelievable

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