So we were hit with a bit of breaking news this afternoon while we were mid-live stream, as word of Brett Cecil’s demotion to Las Vegas came down, and while we managed to ramble something about it, a couple words:

It’s a mildly surprising, but deserved move. According to the Twitter (i.e. five beat writers all saying pretty much the same thing from Alex Anthopoulos’s comments), the team is less concerned with the lack of velocity than the lack of command, and think he needs to work out some things mechanically, which he’s probably better off doing in the minors.

The pitcher’s “angry outbursts in the dugout and sullen mood with the media did not provoke his demotion,” writes John Lott of the National Post in his story on the situation.

The club hasn’t named a starter for his spot in the rotation, which comes up Tuesday. Jesse Litsch would be the logical choice, except that, due to MLB rules, he can’t come back up so quickly after a demotion unless someone goes on the DL. Aaron Hill might be that guy, but apparently he feels better today, and the club isn’t going to put him on the DL unless they absolutely have to.

So, Brad Mills is a possibility for the start, though they haven’t entirely ruled out Charley Wholestaff.

Chris Woodward returns to Toronto as the reciprocal roster move, in part because the team needs some infield backup, and in part, according to AA, because he “knows the AL East.” Yeah, I’m sure his deep knowledge of how to shade Nomar and Jon Lieber’s arsenal of pitches will come in real fucking handy. Still, kinda awesome.

Expanded PLAYOFFS!!!!!1!?

Now, obviously this Cecil development throws a bit of wrench in the plans of anyone planning the World Series victory parade down Yonge St. in late October, but… that was never going to happen anyway. Next year however… there’s a chance. And thanks to some comments today from Bud Selig, there may be an even better chance than we thought.

“I would say we’re moving to expanding the playoffs, but there’s a myriad of details to work out. Ten is a fair number,” the commissioner told the Associated Press. “The more we’ve talked about it, I think we’re moving inexorably to that.”

Now, I always kind of find it to be bullshit when fans want to look to the commissioner’s office to help the Jays find a way around the difficulties of playing in the American League East. And you worry about how long the season is already, and about further watering down the 162 games each team plays– I mean, it’s not just weather-related that there have been so many empty seats at stadiums across baseball this year– but… I think this could be done right.

Personally, I’m partial to the idea of having a short play-in series– say, three games in the home park of the team with the better record– for the Wild Card berth, then keeping the rest of the playoffs as is. Technically you expand the playoffs and keep more clubs in the race down the stretch, and you’re really only trivializing the Wild Card by putting it down to a best two of three.

Of course, I’d rather they do it fucking right and just balance the schedule and do away with divisions, but I’ll take what I can get.

And Now, To The Video Tape

And as promised, here are a couple highlights from today’s live stream at, neither of which include us discussing this playoff expansion thing.

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  1. I think a big part of the problem with bringing up either Thames or Lawrie is that neither are on the 40 man which means you have to drop somebody that they clearly like alright to put them onto it. AA doesn’t want to lose anything that might even causally resemble an asset it seems, and they also don’t want to bring up a rookie (like Thames or Mastroiani) to be bench players (like Nix, Woodward, Patterson, etc.) I don’t think they want Thames to be (principally) the DH. That said, if Rivera doesn’t improve soon, I think it might happen (and then they’ll shift the DH around). Mastroiani is on the 40 man already, but he’s not off to a great start (for the PCL anyways).

  2. Please. The guy is 23. Look at how Delgado started out in his age 22 and 23 seasons:….

    Lets say, worst case scenario, Snider produces about the same offense as last year. We’d be looking at him hitting .250 with around 25 – 30hrs (averaged over a full 162). You’re not going to give up on that from a 23 year old.

  3. This is an auspicious start.

  4. Fucking Fuld is killing us.

  5. There goes the no-hitter.

  6. Yes. And clearly, this Morrow kid is washed up. A walk and a HR in his first inning of the season, off the rehab stint? What is Rogers trying to peddle on us here?

  7. It’s 18C outside. Why in the fuck is the dome closed?

  8. There a K. Hopefully he’ll settle down now.

  9. Two Ks. Come on, Morrow!

  10. Actually Fuld struck out, but the umpire decided he should get to go down to first instead. SQUEEEEEEEEEZE.

  11. Badass!

  12. Sweet! Ks the side!

  13. Shut up, duface. Have some faith.

  14. 4 K’s that inning! Good start Morrow!

  15. As sad as it sounds, against David Price, that blown strike three call might have cost us the game.

  16. Can we please get a hitting coach who preaches patience to these fucktards

  17. Let’s hope Price is off today. Sorry, let’s pray Price is off today.

  18. YES! J-BAU! AGAIN!

  19. #6 for Bautista in April. I think he had 4 last year at this time.

  20. haha eat a dick Price

  21. Well, this Bautista fellow seems to have some pop.

  22. What’s Joey Bats doing? Doesn’t he know that last year was a fluke?

  23. Who’s Dick Price? ;)

  24. Why does everyone get a giant boner about Escobar leading off? Don’t get me wrong I love him and think he’s one of our best players. But don’t you want guys at the top of the order who are gonna look at a couple pitches? It seems he’s swinging first 2 pitches every time up.

  25. basically if, other than the rare off homer from someone like j mac, seems like the only way the jays can score is if bautista is involved.

    having a player like bautista and surrounding him with such shitty bats is like having a Mercedes S65 amg and putting firestone tires on it.

  26. Last night the only offence was Bautista, Encarnacion and Lind, then PMOD late. Then they lose the second hottest hitter in EE, so BauWow just knows to do it on his own. Just fantastic hitter to watch now.

  27. HAH!

  28. FY Molina

  29. Morrow’s dealin’ now.

  30. For the love of god why is Molina batting 5th?

  31. So that shit ass pitch was a strike to rivera but that curve ball by morrow that split the middle of the plate to fulds was a fucking ball? what an asshole.

  32. so we have no hill, no encarnacion available but they are not disabled….so who is available on our bench?
    JP and who else?

  33. This ump is a fucktard.

  34. You know, I really wish you could see E5 smile more on the field.

  35. Snider with the bat off the shoulder today. Must have been a one-day trial yesterday?

  36. Not as if that’s relevant to anything.

  37. I think they’ve got Woodward too.

  38. Oh they got Woodward?! Playoffs!

  39. Johnny Damon: Looks like Jesus, acts like Judas, throws like Mary.

  40. Well, it means they’ve got a pinch hitter (Arencibia) and a defensive replacement (Woodward). But it’s a thin bench for sure. It appears, however, they don’t have a whole lot of options at the moment.

  41. im not quite sure where the runs are going to come from with this lineup..

  42. Nah, man, don’t have to explain. Just being a dick.

  43. how very Easter weekend of you.

  44. Price’s reaction to JBau’s second homer: “You gotta shitting me!”

  45. Bautista is absolutely filthy right now. they’re TRYING to pitch him away and he’s just like “um…no”.

  46. At this point, the only goal AA should have is to find AT LEAST ONE MOTHERFUCKER WITH A VERY VERY HIGH OBP. And just stick him in front of Bautista. All these solo HRs are a waste of our time. Now if AA can find 2 guys to stick in front of him, perhaps we really can challenge for the playoffs next year.

  47. You picked up on that! Game T(h)reat up by the way.

  48. Did you not listen to what I said? ‘July’ is what I said. I’m not looking for miracles, just a more consistent bat out of a guy who may be only 23 but who has spent some time in the majors now. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable expectation.

  49. see, you cant make legit criticisms of snider on here. He has an almost religious like following that think he is the second coming. I think he might be the second coming, the second coming of brad fullmer if he’s lucky.

  50. there will come a day when we will beat price. perhaps not in this lifetime. but im thinking maybe i can arrange such an event on the hollideck.

  51. Snider is going to come through right here. i can feel it.

  52. well, he did his best…ill give him credit. just got robbed.

  53. At least no one can accuse Bautista of not living up to expectations…

  54. Stoeton. Is that your Fidel-Castro-baseball look in the video? At least it’s not like Parkes “Night At the Roxbury” getup.

    *What is love… don’t leave me, don’t leave me no more…*

  55. Man, you guys were way more interesting without the video clips. You’ve just completely embarrassed yourselves with your awful appearance and sleep inducing drivel.

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