That’s right, it’s time once again for your bit of Tuesday-brightening radio magic from Parkes, Drew of Ghostrunner on First, and myself: yes, it’s a brand new edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast (aka Getting Pod On?)– which at some point recently was apparently the top sports podcast on iTunes in Canada, according to whatever the hell nonsense the iTunes robot uses when it decides to put a podcast in its top spot.

Nails much? Also: yes, you can now find Getting Blanked on iTunes. (Note: today’s episode should be up sometime shortly, but I have no idea when– it’s out of my hands.)

This week we’ve got a pair of guests for your listening pleasure:

First up, Ken Davidoff, the terrific reporter for Newsday, who covers the Mets and Yankees, and who’s tweets via @KenDavidoff quite often point to his paper’s non-paywalled mobile site. *COUGH*. We chatted about the ongoing Jays-Yankees series, as well as the mess that continues to be the New York Mets.

Next it was John Sickels of, who just posted a must-read scouting report on Brett Lawrie that will definitely get all of you salivating for his promotion. Well… more so.

You can download the podcast right here

Mint Musical Interludes courtesy of The Constantines and Arts & Crafts Records. You can celebrate homonyms and buy everything you hear here.

Some Mint Musical Interludes going on for way longer than usual courtesy my lack of time management skills, and the fact that we break up the show into two 22-minute segments so it can air on theScore Satellite Radio, Sirius 158– listen for it!

Mint Musical Interludes:

And don’t forget to follow Getting Blanked on Facebook (and while you’re at it, DJF), to find our “Extra Innings” video segment, in which we basically just discuss a subject that we didn’t have time for during the podcast proper. This week: Derek Jeter’s legacy.

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