You can hear us on the podcast– or check our various Twitter feeds– for all the ranting about last night’s tribute to mismanagement and bad processes producing good results you’ll need, which I might have otherwise done here. I’ll spare you, and myself, from rehashing it, especially after a great win over the first-place Yankees in the Bronx, except to say that, I’m sorry, it continues to be insane that John Farrell made Yunel Escobar– the one decent threat on the team to get on base for Bautista– the cleanup hitter, then asked him to completely not act like one.

Know what’s insaner? What…? No! Not intentionally walking Juan Rivera! Hahahahahahaha! Come on, nobody’s fucking clueless enough to do a thing like that.

No, I mean The fact that it was actually Cito fucking Gaston managing the last time a Blue Jays cleanup hitter laid down a sacrifice bunt, when .377 OBP slugger Dave Winfield sacrificed himself following a Joe Carter lead-off single up 5-3 in the eighth inning against Milwaukee’s Darren Holmes on August 30, 1992. The tactic, you may not at all be surprised to learn, did shit all. John Olerud was intentionally walked, then Candy Maldonado was hit by a pitch to load the bases, only to have Kelly Gruber strike out, and Pat Borders ground out to end the inning.

News and Notes

Sanity returns to the lineup tonight, with Yunel Escobar back in the lead-off spot, the fearsome Juan Rivera cleaning up, with JP Arencibia deservedly hitting fifth, and Rajai Davis hitting eighth.

According to John Lott, “reading between the lines, Farrell may want to keep Davis away from JoBau in the lineup so Davis won’t try to steal, open a base and set up an intentional walk.” Shi Davidi puts it differently, saying that the move has been made “to avoid complicating decision when to run with Bautista up.” Either way, if I never have to see Davis caught stealing with the bat in Bautista’s hands again, I’ll be a lot less likely to shoot myself in the fucking face for it.

Davidi also reports that John Farrell has said Carlos Villanueva will get a much-deserved second start in place of Jesse Litsch, which will be on May 28th against the White Sox. No other way to put it: he’s been great.

Lott has a nifty story at the National Post about the Jays’ “spy,” former New Hampshire manager Luis Rivera.

Some folks noticed last night that Travis Snider was removed from the game in Las Vegas (or wherever the 51s were), but there’s nothing amiss: he fouled a ball off his foot and was removed as a precaution. Hey, at least he made contact!

Speaking of Snider, we got John Sickels to weigh in a little on what he saw from him when we spoke to him earlier today for the Getting Blanked podcast. Combined with the awesome Brett Lawrie ball-washing, it’s totally worth a listen for Sickels alone.

TV: Sportsnet One. (Apparently some boys hockey tournament is on the main RSN network. Who watches that shit?)

And now the lineups, by way of

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
C. Patterson LF
J. Bautista RF
J. Rivera 1B
J. Arencibia C
A. Hill 2B
E. Encarnacion DH
R. Davis CF
J. McDonald 3B

R. Romero LHP

Poo Yuck Skankees of Poo Yuck

D. Jeter DH
C. Granderson CF
M. Teixeira 1B
A. Rodriguez 3B
R. Cano 2B
R. Martin C
N. Swisher RF
B. Gardner LF
E. Nunez SS

C. Sabathia RHP

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  1. I hope everyone here is paying attention to A Rod fall off, and comes to the realization giving any player, especially an obese 1st baseman a 100 million dollar contract or more, will always end poorly

  2. WTF Zep?!

  3. ugh

  4. cano hits lefties better than righties.  does farrell even look at stats?

  5. Any chance Thames pinch hits?

  6. Janssen got screwed there.  Should have had the chance to finish off the inning.

  7. Id hit Thames for J Mac, then put Nix in at 3rd

  8. I know you hate Gaston and all his works, but Winfield was bunting on his own. I remember the game. Gaston was as surprised as everyone else.

  9.  1 extra run in the 9th would be nice.
    I have no faith in Francisco.
    Even though Nunez and Jeter are due up.

  10. I would’ve kept Janssen in there.

  11. Uh, huge difference between an aging star, and a 27 yr old entering his prime with a career .982 OPS.

  12. Davis needs to shorten his swing and use his legs – maybe time to watch some Otis Nixon video.

  13. I say Ripper to face Gardner, then Dotel to finish off Nunez/Jeter

  14. Frankie F makes me have heart palpitations. Might go for a walk and check box score later.

  15. I have this awful, awful, awful feeling the Jays are going to lose. I never felt comfortable. 

  16. The one where he’s snorting blow off a strippers titty?

  17.  Yes. But I am willing to bet he will get at least 8 years.
    So how will years 33-36 look like at 20 million or more?

  18.  The age of bloated contracts emerged during the steroid era. Teams could give a player 20 million and generally expect his stats to remain consistent, but more importantly, figured he could play well into his 40s.
    Its apparent baseball players simply run out of gas by their mid 30s, as they always have.

  19. if anyone gets on there could be trouble

  20. Guy that constantly draws walks vs. guy that constantly issues walks. I like where this is headed. 

  21. I sure can’t wait for Captain Jeter to foul off 75 close pitches then take ball 4 in an at-bat that should last 45 minutes

  22. Rivera is a gold glove compared to EE

  23. Nice play Rivera.

  24. Rivera beating out Gardiner at 1st base!

  25. Not. Good.

  26. I wonder if that could possibly be as much fun as it sounds?

  27. Oh woooooooooooooooooooow.
    Jose I fucking love you , but holy shit was that ever unnecessary. Fuck

  28. If we lose with Jeter cashing Posada I am going to hang myself.

  29. I have faith the captain will come through for us.

  30. At this stage in my mind, I’m assuming they’ll tie it. I’m just praying they won’t win it here.

  31. I’d love to see Drew at GROF give us a Pitch F/X expose on FF.  Just seems like his balls are travelling so so straight.

  32. Canuck tradition, started by then-coach Roger Neilson in the 1982 playoffs. After several consecutive borderline penalties against the Canucks, Neilson took a towel, tied it to the end of a hockey stick, and waved it at the referee in gesture of mock surrender. Nux went on to win the series but lose to the Islanders in the Stanley Cup final. The white towel thing became a Canuck fixture in playoff games, with management sometimes giving them out for free.

    Back to baseball. 

  33. Nice play Escobar. 

  34. Now it gets interesting. Do you walk Granderson? I might.

  35. FUCK NO!!!!!

  36. If Granderson hits a homer, I’m gonna kill someone.

  37. no way – not in a 1 run game.

  38. Oh god, my balls are so sweaty

  39. without the error that could have been the game.

  40. Fuck. I knew it

  41. Goddamn it.

  42. Frank Fuckcisco.

  43. Fuck francisco

  44. look at all the smiling, clapping yankee fucks

  45. Granderson Voodoo doll?

  46. fuck this shit

  47.  Why the fuck do they keep panning to Yankee fans?

  48. JP should have threw it!

  49. I thought Parkes and Stoeten told us that closers don’t matter.

  50. Seriously though – enough of FF closing.  Don’t want to see it anymore.

    Lets try Jannsen or someone.

  51. Pull the fucking plug on Frank!!!!!!

  52. FUCK!!!!!!


  54.  Im sorry, but this isnt all on him
    This game is probably over on a Jeter double play if Jose doesnt lose his mind

  55. Looked like he did’t have a good grip on the ball.  That’s on a single viewing, though.

    And Francisco officially sucks.



  58. wtf?
    really wtf?
    come on Rogers do something, i can keep watching this shit.
    fucking losers.

  59. Fuck this shit.

  60. And with that I offer a brief moment of silence out of respect for Overbay…maybe a good defensive 1st baseman isn’t the worst thing in the world. 

  61. game was lost in the 8th

  62. Have I said FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fucking francisco!!!!  Cut his ass!  Make anyone else the new closer but him!

  63. Christ, Francisco makes me wistful for the salad days of Billy Koch

  64. Fuck the Yanks just never give up…

  65. that was a great trade napoli for francisco

  66. Nice game Romero.  

  67. Ive said it all year, Francisco is worse than Kevin Gregg, he is useless. 

  68. maybe franscisco should try holding the winning run at first next time

  69. Farrell needs to get his head out of his ass and realize Francisco and Rauch can not be brought into ball games in the 9th anymore.

  70. I want Napoli back. Perhaps he can a pitch a fucking baseball.  Holy piece of shit.

  71. Once the Yankees made it 4-3, you kind of knew…

  72. I want Overbay back!

    Screw Rivera!  Two plays Overbay would have got one of.

  73. LOL

    And that, my friends, is the difference between a contender and a pretender.

    Francisco has sucked, but once the offense scored their 4th run they just rolled over and produced about 20 horrible at bats in a row. CC is on the ropes early yet gets the complete game on 103 fucking pitches.

    Someday we’ll look back on this and chuckle I hope, but I think this team is a long way away yet.

  74. That was a shitshow.

  75. Who do you guys want to see as closer?  I’d be OK with going back to Rauch.  Seriously though – NO MORE FF CLOSING.  Has he had one smooth outing yet this year?  Fuck this guy.

  76. I feel really pissed for Ricky. Dude pitched his ass off. Can we get a real 1st baseman please?

  77. I wanted to sweep the fucking yanks so fucking bad.  now i will have to settle for a fucking 2 out of 3.

  78. Alright, Jo Jo, up to you to absolutely torch these fucks tomorrow. Nice story for Reyes to win it in Stankee Stadium.

  79. Rauch > Fat Franky.

  80. Fucking crap

  81. Good night dudes!

  82. this game is on farrell, jansen was pitching fine and for no reason takes him out. overmanaging

    how many fucking games has farell lost for us.  it ‘s unfuckingbelievable

  83. Jannsen or Rzep

  84. The idea that contending teams don’t blow games in the 9th is pretty dumb.  The Red Sox blew a game against the Cubs (who suck) in the 8th two nights ago. It happens to every team, contender or not..  It still blows, but it’s not proof of anything other than Francisco sucks right now.

  85. All I have to say is thsat I’m glad I’m not a GM in sports. 

    I’d make SO MANY absolutely rash decisions.

  86. Hitting has been alright, starting pitching has started to come along. Now the bullpen is shit. Fucking Blue Jays. 

  87. losing to the yankees is not an LOL moment.  Go blow A-Rod

  88. Why does Sportsnet continue the shitshow by interviewing Yankee players. like WTF?

  89. Goodnight Champ

  90. I hate them both.  Give the job to Carlos V.  I know he is long term relief, but he is our best option.  I wont mind seeing Zep there either, but again he is long relief and our lefty specialist.  Maybe Janssen?

  91. I can’t believe that happened.  Fuck Francisco.  Farrell should’ve left Janssen in there.  Completely unacceptable.

  92. I wouldn’t mind trying Jannsen.  Back in 08 (?) he was fantastic in the setup role.  He’s not ideal, but better than Francisco or Rauch probably.

    Fuck at this point, I’d rather have Gregg back than either FF or Rauch.  Fuckkkkkk.  What a fucking game.

  93. It hurts. Now I have to listen to those two fucking idiots Lang and Brady talk about Luongos pubic hair tommorow because the Jays lost.

  94. If anyone is now turned over the 51s game, i can’t tell whether the centerfield camera is from the 1970s, is being recorded by someone on their tv in Des Moines or is being shot with a webcam.

  95. The Yanks got all 4 of those 8th and 9th inning runs with 2 outs didn’t they?  UghhhhhHH!!!

  96. Yankees are now 2-18 when trailing after 8 innings.

  97. At least nothing will ever be as bad as that Seattle game where they blew a 7 run lead.  Nothing.

  98. Bullshit. that is unacceptable.
    jays are shit. wont contend with this lineup. u see some glimmers of h

  99. I agree – as long as we don’t walk the batters to 1st I’m ok with the odd blown save.   Of course that’s only if they aren’t against the Red Sox or Yankees….

  100. This is typical Blue Jay baseball circa 1994-2011. Sure, as a single game it means nothing, but when we’ve been watching it for 17 years…

    At some point they have to close games like this out vs. AL East Rivals or we’ll always be looking up.

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