You can hear us on the podcast– or check our various Twitter feeds– for all the ranting about last night’s tribute to mismanagement and bad processes producing good results you’ll need, which I might have otherwise done here. I’ll spare you, and myself, from rehashing it, especially after a great win over the first-place Yankees in the Bronx, except to say that, I’m sorry, it continues to be insane that John Farrell made Yunel Escobar– the one decent threat on the team to get on base for Bautista– the cleanup hitter, then asked him to completely not act like one.

Know what’s insaner? What…? No! Not intentionally walking Juan Rivera! Hahahahahahaha! Come on, nobody’s fucking clueless enough to do a thing like that.

No, I mean The fact that it was actually Cito fucking Gaston managing the last time a Blue Jays cleanup hitter laid down a sacrifice bunt, when .377 OBP slugger Dave Winfield sacrificed himself following a Joe Carter lead-off single up 5-3 in the eighth inning against Milwaukee’s Darren Holmes on August 30, 1992. The tactic, you may not at all be surprised to learn, did shit all. John Olerud was intentionally walked, then Candy Maldonado was hit by a pitch to load the bases, only to have Kelly Gruber strike out, and Pat Borders ground out to end the inning.

News and Notes

Sanity returns to the lineup tonight, with Yunel Escobar back in the lead-off spot, the fearsome Juan Rivera cleaning up, with JP Arencibia deservedly hitting fifth, and Rajai Davis hitting eighth.

According to John Lott, “reading between the lines, Farrell may want to keep Davis away from JoBau in the lineup so Davis won’t try to steal, open a base and set up an intentional walk.” Shi Davidi puts it differently, saying that the move has been made “to avoid complicating decision when to run with Bautista up.” Either way, if I never have to see Davis caught stealing with the bat in Bautista’s hands again, I’ll be a lot less likely to shoot myself in the fucking face for it.

Davidi also reports that John Farrell has said Carlos Villanueva will get a much-deserved second start in place of Jesse Litsch, which will be on May 28th against the White Sox. No other way to put it: he’s been great.

Lott has a nifty story at the National Post about the Jays’ “spy,” former New Hampshire manager Luis Rivera.

Some folks noticed last night that Travis Snider was removed from the game in Las Vegas (or wherever the 51s were), but there’s nothing amiss: he fouled a ball off his foot and was removed as a precaution. Hey, at least he made contact!

Speaking of Snider, we got John Sickels to weigh in a little on what he saw from him when we spoke to him earlier today for the Getting Blanked podcast. Combined with the awesome Brett Lawrie ball-washing, it’s totally worth a listen for Sickels alone.

TV: Sportsnet One. (Apparently some boys hockey tournament is on the main RSN network. Who watches that shit?)

And now the lineups, by way of

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
C. Patterson LF
J. Bautista RF
J. Rivera 1B
J. Arencibia C
A. Hill 2B
E. Encarnacion DH
R. Davis CF
J. McDonald 3B

R. Romero LHP

Poo Yuck Skankees of Poo Yuck

D. Jeter DH
C. Granderson CF
M. Teixeira 1B
A. Rodriguez 3B
R. Cano 2B
R. Martin C
N. Swisher RF
B. Gardner LF
E. Nunez SS

C. Sabathia RHP

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  1. I wouldn’t mind going back to jason frasor and I can’t believe I just said that.  But he seems improved and more confident now.

  2. Nice silver lining.

    Hey – random thought – anyone heard any updates on our favourite rehabber, Dustin McGowan?

  3. I hope anybody regretting the Napoli for Francisco trade realizes that Napoli is hitting .185 right now.

    I’m hoping Janssen gets a shot at closing.  Or even Frasor.

  4. They close out games against Al East rivals all the time!  Like…uh…last night.  Jesus!

  5. If I couldn’t laugh at it, I’d blow a nut and likely take it out on my family for the next 21 hours. Give me a break.

  6. haha Wilner sounds so different after a loss, it’s like a “just give me a reason to go to town on you” vibe.

  7. as crap as the ninth inning was, the game was lost in the 8th because Farrells a fuckin idiot

    u bring in jansen to face a lefty a switch and a righty, then bring in rzep to face a lefty who hits lefties and a righty with power..

    like fucktard, look at some fucking charts or something first. like fucksakes..

    and if bautista gets infront of the posada hit, jeters grounder is a double play.. so francisco didn’t help, but he wasnt exactly to blame.

  8. I take it out on my family. Whats your point?

  9. this is why I hate saves. they give the impression that the closer is doing well when he’s not. not one of his saves were 1 run. now he’s blow 2 one run games.

  10. Obviously fucking not enough, or they would have maybe played a meaningful game in August in the past 15 years.

  11. I agree – my wife and kids locked themselves in the bathroom as soon as they tied it.

  12. Fire John Farrell.

  13. how are you listening to wilner, I thought memorial cup is on fan590

  14. Channel 904 on Rogers TV.

  15. me also


  17. Tigers just went ahead of Rays, but Red Sox won (shaky save for Paps, gave up a solo hr)

  18. you guys are all missing the point.  The game was not lost in the 8th.  The game was not lost in the 9th.  The game was lost in the fucking fourth when CC was on the ropes and the yankees were trying to give the fucking game away..and fucking esobar lays down a fucking bunt

  19. shiiitttt… 

    rzep has been dominant most of the year, he gets lit up. farrell could have stuck with janssen i guess, but its tough to fault him for going to his dominant, high-leverage situation lefty over janssen whos basically one step above mop-up guy.

    francisco… i dont know what to say. he has closer stuff, but hes really struggling to pitch… went 2-0 on both granderson and texeira, always a bad idea. hes either throwing meatballs or missing the zone and falling behind… someones gotta teach him how to spot his fastball, cause when he falls behind he doesnt get the opportunity to use his offspeed stuff… has to go with the get-me-over fastball and the hitters are just sitting there waiting for it. typical guy with good stuff who cant pitch. 

  20. both rauch and ff have 4 losses of the jays 24. totally ridiculous

    the sad thing is we are going to have to put up farrell’s ridiculous bonehead decisions for the next 5 years cuz he will never get fired.

  21. Alex has been  quiet of late. Gotta wonder if any trades are coming, been real quiet on the trade front this season.

  22. Fucking depressing that Gibbers was the best Jays’ manager of the last decade.  

  23. Did Wilner just call Paps a “CHEESE BAG?” Paps must have turned down 1 too many interview requests.

  24. Did I just hear Wilner call Papelbon a cheesebag?

  25. I would still take Tim Johnson over the last 5

  26. He meant “greasy fag” but had to clean it up for the radio.

  27. How about a meaningful game in July?
    This would have been a good year to be decent with the rest of the division faltering. 
    I can just see it now, Jays get better but so do the other teams.
    Last years team would have been more competitive then this years shit show circus.
    I dont get it, i really dont, its almost like they want the team to get so far out of it and have no chance before they call up Lawrie andmake the moves that will make them a good team. then in august they will be playing great but it wont matter because the season will have all ready been written off. fucking pointless in my opinion.

  28. I dont give a fuck if our manager claims he fought in the Martian war. Outside of Pat Hentgen, nobody really had a problem with Johnson.

  29. No doubt. He even asked if you would like to have to look at Paps face every save op. His hatred must run deep. Paps must have sniped him on the winning bid for the ebay mail order bride.

  30. Not making fat CC throw any pitches after the 4th inning didn’t help much either.

    What bothers me is the Yankees running around like a bunch of assholes like they just won game 7 of the World Series.  Let’s keep some perspective.  It’s 1 of 162.  I know all teams do it, but it’s a modern trend that needs curtailed.  I remember professionalism.

    Cano, Granderson and Gardner scare me more than all the rest on the Yankees roster.

  31. He was a hell of a man.

  32. Well, one was, Against the Rays last week.

  33. so he’s 1-2 in 1 run saves still not good, for his career he saves 66% success rate. how does that justify him being the closer

  34. I live in Missouri and see Gibbons all the time on Royals games.  It always looks like he’s sitting in the dugout trying to figure who he’s gonna tune up next.  Someone need their ass kicked in here!

  35. The most frustrating part of this loss is they were an out away from winning
    the series and now have the worst pitcher on the staff
    going tmw and will result in a likely series loss

  36. 2frank is 2fucked.

  37. sorry to tell you this but jojo has the second best era on the staff.

  38. Doesn’t matter he still sucks and his last start
    Was more hou than him. A good hitting team like nyy
    will wear him out

  39. In the ’92 World Series Winfield also had a bunt.  That one worked out though as it set up the winning run.

  40. hopefully they will play better in interleague play this year. Cito was completely unprepared for the NL

  41. I’m not entirely opposed to well timed management-on-employee violence to “fire the boys up”.

  42. i think the jays have a good chance of winning tomorrow, Reyes is pitching better. bautista is mad.

  43. Sounds like someone who’s bitter over their team not making the playoffs in about 15 years.

  44. Most useless stat ever.

  45. I don’t know the odds, but Reyes is due. And if the rotten son of a bitch is going to win a game for us, it might as well be the Yankees.

  46. Anybody here like NBA? Want to talk about the game tonight? Really awesome game tonight.

  47. No.

  48. The weird thing with Francisco is not being able to hold runners. How the fuck can you be a closer if you can’t do such a simple thing?! aren’t bullpen guys supposed to have a slide step for this exact reason? You are going to have to face teams like the Yanks, Rays, and Sox a bunch of times this year. These teams have plenty of speedy contact hitters, even if a slower guy gets on base they could just pinch run for a good baserunner.

    He is not a lockdown closer so baserunners are going to be commonplace when he doesn’t strikeout everyone. In one run games I don’t think he can be trusted with the lead because of this flaw. When he’s hot it might work, but when he’s pitching to contact or struggling eventually hitters are going to find a hole…then the fun begins. 

    Couple this with the fact that he throws a splitter, a pitch meant to be thrown in the dirt to be effective and you’re pretty much relying on Arencibia to block it (which he has done well so far). He also doesn’t look good on back-to-backs from what I have seen so far. I just hope we don’t have to give him the Gregg treatment ffs.

    /end rant

  49. Id I recall correctly, Winfield also bunted in that WS game where they should have had the triple play.  I can’t remember if Cito Gaston gave him the sign or he did it on his own.

  50. How does this fucking team blow that? What more do they fucking want?  A two run lead against a team you’re only one game back of for first and Francisco shits the bed?  If not him then it’s Rauch or fucking Aaron Hill who can’t hit a fucking beachball.  What does this team need to get the job fucking done and hold onto the fucking lead and the win??? I mean, what more do you fucking chance than that do they want?  The closers are all a bunch of fucking looooooosers on this team.  Fuck them. 

  51. Give me fucking break with all the “blue jays closers suck” routine.  The last thing this team was expecting to do this year was contend and hence the last thing these fuckers needed to blow money and/or prospects on was a fucking “closer” of which there are like five of in the world. 

    Once again I will say the game was fucking lost in the FOURTH when pea brain Farrell and/or pea brain Escobar decide it time to lay a bunt down to the pitcher and give the yankees a free fucking out when the jays were about to blow the game wide open.  CC would have been taken out.  All would be well in the world.

  52. Fuck the fourth.  They still had the lead.  They didn’t need no more runs if somebody could do their job for once instead of shaking at the fucking knees everytime there’s a save on the line.  And fuck right off with this built in excuse rationale “the last thing they were expected to do was contend.”  It was there for the taking, expectations or no expectations. The last thing I expect them to do is win a close game, or close a game, with first place within grasp.  That’ll fucking happen maybe when Butch Goring decides to join the bullpen.

  53. Im saying it now, Janssen should get a chance to close. I’d suggest Frasor getting a chance but we all know thats usually a short lived experience so I say give Janssen a shot to close and see what happens.

  54. They needed all the runs they could get.  The Yankees can score runs in bunches especially @ Yankee Stadium.  That bunt was a bone-head move and I’m tired of them.  I understand Farrell is a first-year manager and has to learn on the job but that was the move that lost them the game.  I get that he’s trying to put his stamp on the team and be different to his predecessor etc etc but enough is enough.  Escobar can hit the ball so let him hit for God’s sake!

  55.  You are 100% right… but the Jays also followed the same old routine of looking disinterested at the plate after the 4th inning. Either they figured RR would coast until the 9th or their lights out bullpen would seal the deal.

  56. I got a good feeling about today folks.
    And 2 of 3 in Yankee stadium aint half bad.

  57. New threat, please, so we don’t have to refresh a 250-post one that effectively kills the site…

  58. Freddy Garcia sucks right?
    We actually have the match up advantage on the mound today right?

  59. I try to understand Farrell, and I just..  can’t.  The point of baseball is to win as many games as possible, so why are we playing our entire shortened bench?  I don’t know if I’d play E5′s lethargic ass over Nix’s, but for fuck sake, enough of running Molina out there 2 of every 5 games.  On that note, enough of Molina being Morrow’s personal catcher.

  60. Devil’s Advocate:

    Do we know that the bunt was a called play and not Yunel doing it on his own?

  61. Cito called that one in front of Maldonado.  Maldonado hit an 0-2 pitch for the winning run.  I don’t know which game it was.

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