I had completely intended to get up and do a proper Game Threat for this afternoon’s Jays-Yankees game in the Bronx, maybe rant a little about last night’s bullpen disaster, and definitely make sure you all know that after the game Parkes and I will be discussing the goings on and taking your questions via Twitter (@DustinParkes and @AndrewStoeten) with another edition of Getting Streamed On for theScore.com.

Yet… it’s just about game time, and here we are.

I dunno, I”m sure this will do. And at the very least I can let you know that, when the game is over, you can launch the stream right here.

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  1. Thank fuck I had class until 10 last night and missed the bullpen blowup.

  2. Other than Stoeten, who’s got a stream to stream on everyone?

  3. Nice. First-pitch Escobar triple to start this shit off right.

  4. Freddy Garcia sucks right?
    We actually have the match up advantage on the mound today right? 

  5. Escobar just tripled on the first pitch.

  6. Escobar hit that esco-far. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  7. Good start, now how about a little situational hitting for once, assholes…

  8. This is part of why we suck — can’t even get a run in from third with 0 out.


  10. …and Patterson and J-Bau couldn’t get him home so it’s all down to Rivera.  Who couldn’t get him home either.  Waste of a good lead-off.

  11. Fucking shit, damn it, pricks dink.


  12. Well Jo-Jo, good luck to you Sir. 
    You’re not getting fuck all for run support. 

  13. rooting on you guys hard today! please, please, please win…

  14. ok, i’ve decided I’m not going to watch this shit. Jays, punish me for my disloyalty with a win. Bye.

  15. Leadoff triple stranded.  Awesome.

  16. I love Bautista but he’s had some terrible at bats the last couple of games.

  17. Here we go again

  18. I’m sorry but that’s just terrible, not even a sac fly. Patience please?

  19. Of course, the Yanks score Jeter with ease.

  20. Everything is shitty.

  21. Jo Jo punishes the shitty Jays by intending to give up a three spot this bottom half.


  23. Nice play by Hill.

  24. Is it too early to start drinking?

  25. Common BIG MONEY NOW!! …. oh wait thats roulette…  hopefully there are better odds on the Jays getting a win for Jo-Jo 

  26. Alright I’m going to clean the storage room. 

  27. What the fuck do we have to do to win a day game? Or even play well in a day game?

  28. Just forfeit already. 

  29. Sweet Jesus. . .Jo Jo’s at it again. . .

  30. Hmmm, could have been a lot worse.

  31. Well, Bautista had to catch something eventually. 

  32. Alright, lets just forget that whole first inning ever happened and move on from there.

  33. Um, no. JoJo Reyes sucks.

  34. I’ll be honest here.  I’ll be SHOCKED if the Jays somehow win today.

    I mean, look at everything against them:

    -day game
    -Jo-jo pitching
    -not the first game of a series
    -rubber match in NY

    thing is, if they had won last night, I wouldn’t feel that bad about it.  Pretty much expect the loss today.  But now they’ll lose the series and it’ll suck because they were 1 bloody out from winning it.

  35. Hmmm, get away day at Yankee Stadium… Prepared to get squeezed with the strike zone folks.

  36. Watching Molina’s belly jiggling as he strikes out is strangely hypnotic.

  37. Defence is going to get a workout today. . .

  38. Andruw ‘Mendoza Line’ Jones hits a homer. . .Wonderful. . .

  39. I’m confident that Cleveland can come back from this.

  40. That does it.  DFA Encarnacion right now.

  41. Looks like Reyes will set consecutive winless streak in a Jays uniform. When we look back we’ll be saying why did we even give him the chance. I have to keep telling myself this is a building year.


  43. We can probably get rid of Reyes just about any time now.

  44.  Jones with a 2 run shot.
    Jeter leading off with a double and run scored.
    Garcia throwing a shutout over 8 innings.

    Did we go back to 2001?

  45. We’re in shitshow territory today. And, gee, it’s not like you could have predicted it or anything, not with Suck-Suck on the bump…

  46. You know, at this point, with Boston slowing creeping up in the standings, New York still having a formidable line up by today’s impotent hitting era, and Tampa having the best pitching staff in the AL….

    I wonder if it would be best for the Jays to just lose 10 or 12 in a row, and end the pain that it has become watching these games, since we are sucked into caring.
    We get rid of this notion from the front office that this teams needs to field a line up that can compete and just worry about tomorrow and be ridiculed for trotting out certain players if they are 10 games under .500

  47. You guys thought I was cheesy.  So far John Sterling in the Yankees radio booth has said:

    Andruw Jones is “Keeping up with Joneses!!!!”
    Called Curtis Granderson “the Grandy-man”
    Mark Teixeira is “On the MARK!!!”

  48.  Jo Jo really has not been that bad lately.
    But the way he approaches a game, he can only succeed vs the TB and HOU line ups.

    He will always get murdered when facing BOS, NYY, TEX, etc….

    Which hastens my confusion even further as to his employment on this team since AA has always eluded to building a team specifically desgined to win the AL East.

  49. Look at that.  11 at bats.  2 hits.  This was the year they wanted to see what they had.  Well they don’t have much.  AA’s banking on the prospects working out and taking the team to the next level and I hope to God it works.  Because this bunch of has-beens isn’t doing much of anything and I’m beginning to resent deeply all that money I spent on season tix to watch E5 and his pals make a shambles of any game they come into.  J-Bau can’t carry the whole team and it’s beginning to tell on him.

  50. Is no one else totally cheesed that our 4-5 hitters are Rivera and Molina?  Their combined career averages may be less than their combined weight.

  51. watching the jays is as frustrating as watching edited lesbo porn. 

  52. The Yankees picked up Garcia and Colon for nothing and they’ve been great. All AA could find was this loser Jo Jo Reyes. I don’t even think AA wants to win everyone he picked up is complete garbage he’s just another on in the long line of Rogers puppets. We’ll spend when it’s time AA is going to make sure it’s never time so therefore they will never have to spend money.

  53. If Garcia & Colon were pitching for us and our record was the same, people would complain about the signings and compare them to Okha & Zambrano.

  54. Holy crap they scored a run!

  55. Only puppet here is you.

  56. Who mails in more game days? The Blue Jays or Stoeten?

  57. heyoooooooooo

  58. Here’s my top ten hitters in baseball:

    10. Russell Martin

    9.  Nick Swisher

    8. Andruw Jones

    7. Eduardo Nunez

    6. Jorge Posada

    5. Robbie Cano

    4. Alex Rodriquez

    3. Derek Jeter

    2. Mark Teixeira

    1. Curtis Granderson

    I didn’t put Jose Bautista on the list because he’s a cheater.

  59. Nice Thames

  60. Yay, New Guy!

  61. Rally??

  62. Rally.

  63. No rally. Poop.

  64. Rally postponed due to shittiness.

  65. I hate taking Escobar out during a rally inning, it feels like were conceding defeat. That’s Farrellball for you. 

  66. Is Farrel keeping Perez out there until his arm falls off?

  67. http://www.twitvid.com/JWZTC
    Give that video a watch.  A-Rod is the douchiest player of all time.

  68. Best picture of Joba.


  69. I’m looking forward to listening to the post game just so I can hear Stoten and Parkes talk about Molina hitting fifth. Uggggh Farrellball.

    You want another reason to hate the Yanks? Read this article about the game last night.


  70. Few things in this world are less inspiring than an Aaron Hill AB. 

  71. “Tomorrow…is Brandon Morrow” – Jamie Campbell.

    You can’t make this shit up.

  72. Zack Grienke has more home runs then Hill and E5 combined. Tell me that doesn’t sound sad.

  73.  I dont care that its been only 1 week.
    As far as I am concerned Thames has earned the right to bat higher int he order, and would rather see him in front of Bautista than Patterson.

  74. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t bat him any higher than 9th for the next 3 years…

  75. Another year of getting fucked up the ass by the Yanks and Sox, I’m so exited.

  76. A game like this is worse than finding your mom on chatroulette.

  77. It’s beyond obvious that Farrell sets the line-up with dice and a Yahtzee cup.  Is there any fucking logic to Farrellball? Wtf?

  78. “The Reds acquired righty Brandon Hynick from the White Sox and the Philliesacquired Niuman Romero from the Blue Jays, according to Eddy (on Twitter). The White Sox and Blue Jays obtained cash considerations in return for their respective prospects.”

    For those wondering, Niuman Romero’s first position on baseball-reference is “pinch runner”.

  79. So let’s recap.  We need upgrades at 1st, 2nd and 3rd bases.  We need better defence and better production from Left Field and Centre Field.  We need three more starters and we need a closer.  We need a reliable lead-off who can get on base and we need at least two more power hitters including a legitimate dh who can crush the ball.  In other words, we got J-Bau, Escobar, Arencibia and sometimes Patterson and Davis.  And that’s about it.  Among the pitchers we have Romero and Morrow.  Villanueva and Janssen in the ‘pen with occasional flashes of ability from Frasor, Camp and Scrabble.  We have a manager who must know all the inner workings of the Sox and probably of the Yankees as well.  But seems to have neither smarts nor baseball instincts and thinks that it’s all about the steal.  

    It’s not really enough to get us to the playoffs any time soon, is it? 

  80. When did Drabek and Lind die? Also, did our entire farm system spontaneously combust?

  81. Can we release Jo-Jo Reyes now?

  82. Here are the bright stars of the future for the jays. 
    d’arnauld (have you seen his fucking numbers recently?)

    when was the last time we had this much depth in terms of star potential in the minor leagues?  We had all those years where our top prospects were washout players from LSU drafted because they could supposedly get here quick.

    Now look.  There is enough depth here to deal for a younger type veteran who can be part of the core going forward.  There is not enough room for all these guys…deal some of these fucks and give some poorer teams the contract relief they seek.  But only do it for guys who are this side of 30. 

  83. Jo Jo sucks.  His best games are those against teams with no punch.  I know record doesn’t mean much in terms of a pitchers worth, but for fucking christs sake, if you dont suck, at least once in 28 starts you would actually pitch a decent game when your offense scores some runs.  Its just impossible for those two events to not coincide EVER unless you are so fucking bad.

  84.  anyone ever tell you that you almost (but not quite) look  like a chick?

  85. All the time.

    The prospects are lovely and I forgot about Drabek.  I’ve accepted the ‘rebuilding’ idea.  But I was at the RC for the Detroit mess, the T-Bay debacle and a couple of other disastrous games.  When they play well they’re fun to watch but this bunch aren’t playing well all that much.  When I have to pay $$$$$$$ to watch the likes of E5 it pisses me off something fierce.

  86. I think this team looks farther away this year than it did last.

    Last year was a fun team to watch every night. This one, no.

    Sad to pine over an 85-77 team, but there you have it.

  87. So, what are our thoughts on a guy like jose Reyes?

    “In Spring Training, the Blue Jays contacted the Mets to find out their plans about several players, including Jose Reyes, according to David Waldstein of the New York Times. GM Alex Anthopoulos did not make any firm proposals in the discussions, but the Blue Jays are monitoring Reyes’ progress. Yunel Escobar is playing well and under team control through 2013, so the Blue Jays don’t have a pressing need for a shortstop.”


    Send them Hill (and his expiring contract – valuable to the Mets) + some other stuff, shift him or Escobar to second?  Or are we too afraid of the injury history?

  88. This year is no different to last, to me.  The Jays had a period last year where they lost 12 of 15 and dropped 2 games below .500. No reason why this team can’t rally.

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