I have no idea why he’s wearing a jersey with a name that starts with “M” on it in this photo day picture from Spring Training, but that most definitely is Josh Roenicke, who is now a member of the Colorado Rockies system, according to MLB Trade Rumors.

In and of itself, that’s not exactly the most interesting news you’ll have heard today– Roenicke is an almost-29-year-old reliever in Triple-A with an ERA over 6 and a WHIP of 1.79 in an organization with more right-handed relievers than it knows what to do with.

The major thing about it, of course, is that this is the corresponding move to the call-up of Brett Lawrie, who the Jays needed to make room for on the 40-man before he could join the club.

Nothing official on Lawrie has been confirmed yet, but… the Jays really don’t need to. It’s happening. Like… nowish.

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  1. I guess he’s the obvious choice.

    How Zach Stewart doing?  I miss Scott Rolen.

  2. Leftover Marcum jersey?


  4. Hmm. Given Stoeten’s last retweet about Stewart wanting a call up, this opens a spot in Las Vegas.

  5. Maybe Adam Loewen is getting the call!!!  He has played great of late.

    Get your Maple Booners ready!

  6. I’m just joking.  Though, I wont mind seeing him as a September call-up.

  7. Why are my comments not showing up?  Is that Stoeten censoring my comments?  Who does he think he is?  Wilner?

  8. Jesus fuck, people. I don’t censor comments unless someone is a piece of shit troll. You’re safe.

  9. Unless I’m missing something, if a player is DFA’d and placed on irrevocable waivers doesn’t that period last 72 hours? Meaning wouldn’t he have been put on waivers on Monday, making this all kind of a moot point since it was pre-Lawrie’s HBP? I’m sure Lawrie is coming up when he’s cleared, but I don’t really think this tells us anything we don’t know already.
    EDIT: 48 hours apparently, which would still put it at bare minimum a few hours before Lawrie got hit.

  10. It wasn’t that long ago that Stoeten and the other Ricciardifans were claiming that Roenicke was a great acquisition for Scott Rolen. 

  11. It was a good arm to have got back for the guy, knowing full well that it was possible Roenicke might never figure out his command. Not every prospect works out, you fucking idiot.

  12. stoeten i dont get the tweet about Stewart? Can you elaborate at all?

  13. Nope. Just RTing what a New Hampshire season ticket holder says. Not sure where he gets his info, if he completely makes it up or what. It is what it is.

  14. That’s Mr. Roenicke to you, sir.

  15. Could also be making room to activate McGowan from 60-day DL

  16. no need yet

    apparently they put him on waivers for the Lawrie Friday call up before he got hurt

  17. Stoeten, invite Marcellus Wiley on the podcast. He is a friend of TO, having played for the Bills, spent some time up here and here he is at Real Sports. I like Wiley. Then you can talk to him and shame his co-host:


  18. So all this news I have read is just a tease, he won’t be up for the weekend? :(
    In other news…apparently Kyle Drabek isn’t Stephen Strasburg.

  19.  roy halladay was pretty crap his first year too.  many pitchers r  .

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