For those of you who missed it live, here for your viewing and listening enjoyment is today’s edition of Getting Streamed On, which you can see below, you can download in MP3 format right here, and– for those of you without attention spans– you can see a couple highlights of over at’s video page.

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  1. Stoeten new favourite player: Lawrie’s fiancee is a women’s soccer player, and a damn good one, Sydney Leroux (The Girl with the Neck Tattoo):

  2. Scroll down for popped collar, 2011 (June 2nd, 10th photo).

  3. Welp, Jays winning the WS in 1993 was ranked #3 in that book.

  4. McCown said at about 5 today that there is a plan to put a AAA team for the Jays in Montreal.  Said, he’s not sure it’ll happen, but they’re exploring the idea.

    How amazing would that be?

  5. Has Henderson Alvarez passed Zach Stewart on the depth chart?  Stewart has sort of stumbled this year while Alvarez is the rare combination of mid to high 90′s heat and ground ball induction.

  6. Road trips, games on a Jays/MLB channel, new expanded fan base to fund and support big team’s payroll (3 million in Montreal/8 million in Quebec) are all POTENTIAL benefits. All good to me.

    McGill won the national university championship in 2010 and 2006. There is opportunity there.

  7. Bautista OPS+ watch

    With a third of the season in, Bautista 248, only Barry Bonds’ three best years and Babe Ruth in 1920 are better (I am not counting Fred Dunlap in 1884, sorry Dunlap family). So, currently better than Babe Ruth’s other 21 seasons. Unreal.

    And, more get on board:!/Producti

  8. And, here is the OPS+ leader board:….

    Oh, and Fuck Luke Scott

  9. June must be here.  It’s time for the annual series with the lowly O’s where we all want the Jays to win 3 in a row, but for some reason always seem to get swept.  Follow that up with the annual series with the Royals where all we want is the Jays to win 3, but the results are similar to the series with the O’s.

    Also, who’s the min-Parkes clone in the GSO vid?  How soon till he starts wearing blazers, waxing his eyebrows and shaving his armpits?  Also, how come it looks like Stoeten finally took a shower and did some laundry?

  10.  Except last year the Jays swept the O’s for most of the season except for one 3 game series. So there’s that…

  11. There is a new french sports network called TVA sports run by Pelaudeau who owns Quebecor ( Sun Media & TVA network) . Pelaudeau is involved in bringing an NHL team to Quebec City.

    They will be broadcasting blue jays games in french next season. I think they are already doing radio broadcasts of weekend games on CKAC.

    Thus, it would help content for the new sports station if it got rights to broadcast AAA games from Montreal.

    I think they would have to build a new AAA stadium in Montreal.

    The Big O would not be good for a AAA team.

  12. Good news is we get to see Gregg & Accardo. Jays won’t go 15-3 against the O’s this year.

    Hopefully, Lind will be back by Sunday.

  13. The scary thing about that is he’s only hit 2 home runs in his last 10 games, and none in his last 4. Once he starts getting jacks again, it shall increase.

  14. Good God, the only people on the planet dumber than Andrew Krystal are his listeners, his show makes Jays Talk sound like a MENSA convention.

  15. I thought I was the only one who thought that.I haven’t listened that much lately to his show but I found it amazing to hear him on PTS awhile back and have McCowan talk him up like he was throwing him a bone from the big boys table.No ribbing or kidding or sarcasm. It was like McCowan was taking pity on him.
     Almost sounding like”Please guys give him a chance, he’s not that bad,I know he failed at the morning show but try him in the afternoon and listen to him trying to be edgy and controversial”

    The topics he chooses seem to bring out the people whose goal in life is to be on the radio.

    Maybe it’s just me.but I’m not a fan.
    Although Stoeten probably likes Krystal and will be here shortly to defend him,just like Wilner.
    Then Stoeten can threaten to ban me again because I spoke about one of his heros.Sigh.

  16. Can anyone tell me with the DJF Guide to Punching Kitty is the only Guide with a broken link. I remember something about catching a foul and making sure you give it to a nearby kid, don’t take a glove. Nothing really demeaning, was it? Girlfriend complaints or just a technical error?

  17. I know it is Bodymore, but still some cool things about it. Love David Simon, and Toronto boy Clark Johnson pops in with some comments:

  18. It probably got removed because Parkes got a girlfriend or something like that.

  19. Hey I didn’t know that you guys both share the first name “At”

  20. Official…..No Lind or Lawrie tonight

    @BlueJaysBlue Jays-OfficialLineup: escobar 6 patterson 7 bautista 9 rivera 3 arencibia 2 hill 4 encarnacion dh davis 8 nix 5 villanueva

  21. McCowan said Cecil was reaching the MID-90′s last night!

  22. I think it is what Canuckistani said. I remember Stoeten ribbing Parkes about it mysteriously disappearing shortly after Parkes got a gf.

  23. Parkes got a gf?  He looks pretty chummy with Stoten and mini-me.  Stoten must have showered.

  24. Whos the gay 3rd musketeer in this video

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