“You guys are quite content with mediocrity.. I, on the other hand, like to see more than 80 win seasons.” – Tweetings from the hilariously-misguided high horse of @FarrellBall.

Move over Spencer Kyte (oh, wait, you already did?), because there’s a new fucking moron in town! I kinda hesitate to draw attention to a blog that is so completely out to lunch, or that may just be one giant profanity-laced piss take (homage much?), or to bite down so hard on the bait being offered in the direction of Parkes and I, but… who the fuck is the joker that runs Farrell Ball and what fucking birth defect has made him think he can pull off beating on a straw man in the shape of us, stuffed with misrepresentations, with a turd-stick of his own fucking cluelessness?

Yesterday on Twitter dipshit starts railing against us because he “can’t handle when and start gushing over Thames and Snider only a week after saying they have no future in MLB.”

“You might want to go back and watch your podcast after the Braves game,” suggests this moronic little grammar-wizard over the span of a couple tweets. “All commenters were calling for the young guys…. to be called up.. and yet you two fucking morons called Snider and Thames ‘DONE’ based on there previous stints in the majors.”

Newsflash– as you like to say– champ, we were talking about Thames and Cooper after that game, and we were hardly calling them “DONE,” we were simply not enthused about their prospects of being anything more than fringe-regular Major Leaguers– which is exactly what we agreed on about Thames yesterday, who Parkes pointed out– as he’d written in a post at Getting Blanked earlier– needs to be better at taking pitches.

And, of course, we’ve been unwavering in our lust for Travis Snider, and it’s fucking absurd that shit-for-brains here would actually attempt to get away with suggesting otherwise.

Of course, I wouldn’t put it past dickless Pete to have mistaken my sarcastic comment about Thames giving the Jays spark as “gushing,” after all, he’s one of the astonishing fucking hysterical cretins who rages about Rogers not pissing away money like they’re the New York Mets or Chicago Cubs.

It takes a serious absence of cerebellum to have missed the fact that Rogers paid $11-million to facilitate the Wells and Halladay trades ($16.25-million if you include the sunk cost that was Juan Rivera), that they were the third-highest spending team in the 2010 draft (only barely behind Washington and Pittsburgh, who had picks like Bryce Harper and Jameson Taillon inflating their totals) and will certainly be up there again this year, that they dramatically expanded the scouting department, that they reinvested a lot of their savings on Wells into Bautista, that they’ve been as active as any club with international free agents (committing $10-million to Adeiny Hechavarria alone, signing Adonis Cardona for more than any Venezuelan amateur ever– $2.8-million– and just this week paying the most for any Latin American infielder signed this year– $1.3-million to Dawel Lugo), etc. et-cocksucking-cetera.

Oh, but hang on, apparently you’re just a sheep if you believe “management’s nonsense.” Apparently Rogers won’t have proven their commitment to winning baseball until they go out and start moronically giving $14-million a year to the husk that used to be Adam Dunn, signing Jayson Werth to the exact same contract as Vernon Wells, or whatever other dumbfuckery it takes to make a big enough splash to ease the tiny minds of morons who won’t believe money is being spent until they see some real long term damage being done to the club for the sake of providing some kind of band-aid short-sighted solution that isn’t even going to be enough to help a roster this thin make the playoffs out of the AL East anyway.

Holy shit-covered donkey balls, what a useless excuse for baseball analysis you’ve provided us, FarrellBall fuckhead. If you’re going to try to make the quick jump to the Jays blog big leagues by shitting all over us, could you please at least have the common courtesy not to be dumb as fuck.


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  1. There is a typo in the first line of that blog. Credit: lost.

  2. Law on Posnanski’s podcast was saying that other organizations are nervous or getting pissed off at the amount of money being spent by the Blue Jays on draft picks and on the international market.

    I would really like to know what this dumblefuck would do differently. I guarantee it would look something like the Baltimore Orioles.

  3. Whoo-hoo! Blog war – lookout!

  4. Did he go into any specific detail as to why other organization are taking issue with the Jays spending?

    As for the FarrelBlog…. who gives a fuck.

    Kudos to Parkes and Stoeten for taking their daily rants and fandom and turning it into a career of sorts. Why pay attention to anyone out to hate on you because you have become successful?

  5. You probably already know this, but by responding to this guy you gave him exactly what he wanted.

  6. I need to start using et-cocksucking-cetera as an everyday expression…

  7. Well, well, well, I guess baseball really is not ready for Mark Cuban then. When they start handing out Organizational Congeniality trophies, make sure AA changes strategy. Otherwise, full steam ahead, guns blazing. Quite frankly, aren’t these just the warning shots?

  8. I wish you guys would go off like this more often. It’s a great, entertaining aspect of this blog, reminds me of the Kyte days.

    Two things, though:
    1. I don’t have much problem with calling Cooper a fringe major leaguer (considering his struggles in the minors, his lack of power for the 1B position and his relative inability to play a good defensive 1B), but Thames is an entirely different story. He’s experienced great success at every level he’s been at in his career (.308/.383/.535) and is still quite young (24). Low walk rate or not, there’s really no reason to think that he can’t hit at this level. It remains to be seen whether he’ll be more than a platoon player or whether his defense (which is mediocre to say the least) will allow him to be a full-time contributor, but you can’t help but see a lot of positives there. Adam Lind, after all, had a lower walk rate than Thames in the minors (and still has a pretty low walk rate in the majors), but he’s become a very good hitter. Why couldn’t Thames do the same thing?

    2. Yes, Rogers has done a good job of spending on the draft/international players over the last few years. It’s much needed after the Ricciardi years (when ownership basically told him to go to cheap in the early drafts). They’ll need to continue that if they want to maintain their farm system and contend over the long-term in this division. However, none of it changes the fact that the Jays have had a below-average major league payroll in 10 out of the 11 years of Rogers’ ownership. It’s very hard to justify that for a market as large as Toronto and a corporation as profitable as Rogers.  Yes, Beeston has talked about spending being pushed to $140M as soon as next season but with Rogers’ track record of spending on the major league team, I’ll believe that when I see it.   

  9. Other organizations can fuck off, especially if those other organizations are the Yankees and Red Sox.

  10. I don’t want to come across as stroking… well anything of yours to be honest… but I just checked out this guys Twitter page and saw this…

    “@dustinparkes You build a baseball team in the AL East by spending money. Unfortunatley that’s something Rogers has no interest in doing”

    … can someone buy him “The Extra 2%”, or hell, just give him a link to the MLB Standings and payrolls over the past few seasons…

  11. Holy shit! Parkes on DJF!

  12. I do know that. But fuck, it was fun.

  13. More hating on the Red Sox. A psychologist might say you were obsessed.

  14. “It takes a serious absence of cerebellum to have missed the fact that Rogers paid $11-million to facilitate the Wells and Halladay trades ($16.25-million if you include the sunk cost that was Juan Rivera)”

    No, it takes a serious absence of cerebellum to have missed the fact that Rogers SAVED money in each of those deals. It’s hilarious spin when you make it sound like they spent money in the deals – they didn’t, they merely saved less.

    As Fullmer_Fan has pointed out, it’s all nice and well that the Blue Jays are active in the amateur talent markets, but it’s certainly not an excuse to be running a 65m payroll this year while continuing to raise ticket prices. Increased attention to amateur spending should be occurring in unison with respectable spending at the professional level. It’s also silly to shit on the Dunn and Werth deals – you’re cherry picking. I could just as easily say that the Blue Jays should have signed Adrian Beltre and Cliff Lee and they’d be fucking awesome right now.

  15. hahahah i love when people get told off

    as for farrellball, i just checked out the twitter feed, no way is that person over 15 years old.

    i enjoyed this non the less

  16. Not only giving this guy what he wanted, but encouraging other numbskulls to take this route, too.

  17. Posting in response to a non-Sox related post, two hours before game time, on a non-Sox blog. But we’re obsessed, yeah.

  18. Clarke MacArthur contract? Stick to baseball, you stupid fuck. Bautista wasn’t worth that contract too, remember?

  19. I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys ran  @FarrellBall

  20. “It takes a serious absence of cerebellum”

    Come on guys.  The cerebellum’s primary functions are balance/proprioreception/hearing.  It is not involved to any significant degree in reasoning or higher functions.   You could have a complete abscence of cerebellum and still draw better conclusions than FarrellBall.

    I just could not allow this miseducation to go uncorrected.

  21. Yes, Rogers saved money in those deals, but– at least with the Halladay deal– if they were taking the cheap route they surely could have taken a different, lesser package from either the Phillies or someone else without giving up the money to make it happen. They put up money to get the GM what he felt was the best deal possible.

    And… um… you’d have felt better about those ticket prices you piss and moan over if they’d pissed away money just for the sake of it? Because that’s basically what you’re asking. I bring up the examples of Dunn and Werth because those were the kind of big ticket free agents the Jays could have realistically been in on– a positionless guy due for a breakdown at some point (though I don’t think anyone figured this soon) and a guy who was overpaid astronomically. Lee wasn’t coming here.

    It’s not being cheap that they didn’t jump to give the Wells deal to Werth, and even if Dunn hadn’t fallen off a cliff this year, they still would have ended up paying him in (theoretical) contending years for contributions mostly made this year and next, when it doesn’t really matter. Same goes for Crawford or any of the big free agents– it just wasn’t smart business to be in on those guys at those prices for those years.

    Oh, and with a .669 OPS out of the bandbox in Texas and an OPS+ (home and away) nine points below Yunel Escobar’s, I wouldn’t say $80-million over five years to Beltre has exactly been a raging success.

  22. Haters gonna hate.

    What else is there to do in Canada.

  23. Hahaha. You got me. I actually looked that up, to be sure I wasn’t misusing it, saw that I was, then decided, fuck it, I’ll go with it anyway. Rolls of the mind’s tongue too nicely.

  24. I had started a #FarrellBall tumblr page and deleted within minutes of realizing what this assclown was doing. Too bad, could have been a good bit.

  25. Good stuff.

    But I don’t think Thames will be a fringe MLB player, I can see him being an everyday player.  I know you want a lot from corner infielders, but I like Thames.

    Cooper is a fringe player.

  26. Haha, I love how spending wins this division in that guys little peanut. A few items he is missing:

    1.  The Yankees and Red Sox are still in a position to out-bid for players

    2.  You can’t restock a whole roster with FA’s. You need to develop the tree and hang the decorations on it.

    3. Tampa Bay

    4.  Sustained contention can’t be had with continual 32 yr old free agent band-aids.

    I mean, what the fuck! I don’t get how this guy can sustain frustration from blown leads for soooo long. I get RIGHT pissy, but it passes after 30 minutes. Move on.

    I’d hazard a guess that this guy is such a numbskull that he also believes the bible is a real historical account.

  27. I’d feel better about an increase in ticket prices if the team was doing all it can to win games at the major league level. Until then, I would have preferred if they didn’t have the chutzpah to raise my prices while the Canadian dollar went up and the team payroll went down.

    You can come up with every excuse in the book why it wouldn’t make sense to add talent. I’m already starting to read and hear the reasons why Prince Fielder wouldn’t be a good idea. The fact is that no FA is ever actually worth his contract, because in theory he’s taking his best offer which is above what other teams were offering, and therefore once signed he should have a negative trade value. So while it’s easy to sit back and take your position and pretend the Jays should just twiddle their thumbs until they stumble their way into contention via the acquisition of amateur talent, some of us would actually like to see them make an effort to win THIS year, and next year, and the year after that. You talk about worrying about having to pay Adam Dunn in contending years as if they are written in stone, that they will inevitably come. Well, they might not. Jose Bautista might not be incredible forever, Adam Lind may revert to 2010 form, Travis Snider may never develop into anything more than a league average OF, Brandon Morrow may stay AJ Burnett forever…

    And um (see, I can be a douche bag too)…Beltre has a 2.9 WAR, good for the 2nd best 3B total in MLB behind ARod. He’s pretty fucking good, regardless of his road OPS.

  28. Why does spending money always have to be linked to Vernon Wells? First off, Im not saying he was worth that money and term but he won gold gloves, he produced when healthy, he was a team leader and a huge contributor to the community. Not all that money went to waste. I do however see your point. But how many players have been paid huge money over time and followed through with big production?

    You two do also understand that for a player to play in Canada and in the most competitive division in baseball its going to take cash right? And Im sorry but this team has never and will never compete in this division with only home grown players.

    Back in the days of Blue Jay world series titles, the Jays were kind of like the Yankees in the sense that there was a lot of non home grown big names being paid good money to be in the Blue Jay uniform.

    Im not saying go out and give just anyone big cash however at the end of this season, It sure as shit wouldnt hurt to be a major player in the Pujols sweepstakes and I think that even after the Dice-K fiasco, I believe the Jays should pursue Yu Darvish. Im not high on Prince Fielder and I wouldnt give him Pujols or Teixeira type money (which he will want and likely get somewhere else) but I sure wouldnt hate seeing him as the Blue Jay DH. Hows about maybe adding Edwin Jackson or CJ Wilson to the starting rotation.

    Bottom line is, its the same thing with you two, you help with the overhyping of prospects and then you join in on shitting all over them when they dont live up to the hype but at the same time youre preaching that a team with A TONNE of money to spend shouldnt spend it even though theyre in a division where the two top teams have purchased (not grown) the majority of their success.

    The jays have some amazing pieces in play right now but imagine for a second that they added a starter like Darvish or Jackson, imagine they signed Pujols or Fielder and perhaps look around at the other set up/closer combos in the division, follow suit and do up a Broxton/Bell or some other variation of such. They have the money to make that happen and that line up would make for a lot less empty blue seats.

    So… how exactly would that be bad because they could make it happen.

  29. I know someone who works for an insurance company, and they have the Rogers account.  He was at Rogers today, and told me that they are planning on replacing the big screen to a brand new HD big screen (I thought they just recently replaced it?), as well as replacing all the seats (first in the 100′s, but eventually all of them) as well as getting a brand new roof.

    He was also told they have lots of money to burn, and they want to invest it in the Rogers Centre.

  30. “A girl to touch me.” – Parkes 2011

    lol Parkes.

    I would kind of expect drunk jays fans to sound off on retards around the web. Good stuff.

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  32. So you’d rather them be the Baltimore Orioles? Ugh.

    Or even if they sign a higher calibre of free agent than the O’s, it’s still a much better way to ensure contending years won’t come when you start pissing away money and getting locked into playing guys like Adam Dunn at the expense of actually building a deep, talent-rich system.

    You’re right, Bautista and Lind and Snider and Morrow may not be good forever, that’s actually exactly why the Jays have focused on building a pipeline of talent that will be able to provide cheap replacements for them if they falter, rather than going all-in hoping a couple big free agent contracts don’t work out too horribly and playing the “if everything breaks right and we stay totally healthy we might have a small shot” game. They tried that through a number of years at the end of Ricciardi’s tenure, and it’s crazy to me that fans want to keep trying it. It doesn’t work. Tampa has shown what does work in this division, and it’s all about hoarding young, cheap, controllable assets, and spinning them off into more assets when the time is right. Taking money out of that pursuit and putting it into the chance on a couple or more years of good production from a free agent before they start to decline and become wildly overpaid just isn’t something fans should pine for, as nice as it might be to think of some big names in Jays uniforms.

    Fact is, it’s a fools game to try and paper over a weak roster with free agents– especially in this division– unless you can afford to make mistakes like the Red Sox and Yankees can. As much as everyone wants to point out how rich Rogers is, they’re not going to piss away money because they like baseball– they’re going to tighten the purse strings if they see it as a bad investment. That’s why Anthopoulos and Beeston have to be extra-careful in asking for money from Rogers– that’s why they’re going to, and why they should, wait until they can swing and miss before really going all-in on an expensive free agent. Carrying big contracts– even ones that aren’t worth the production the player gives– aren’t a problem if the team is winning, but if you try to use them to take a shortcut to winning and you fuck it up, pretty soon you’re going to be out of the job and the club is going to be back at square one. And when ownership and the market are so strong and not going anywhere, why not take the conservative approach and do it right? Why not have a little damn patience? Anthopoulos has been afforded that, why the fuck should anyone urge him to blow it?

  33. “And Im sorry but this team has never and will never compete in this division with only home grown players.”

    Sure… except for 1984, 1985, 1987, 1989 and 1991.

    (Note: Carter and Alomar aren’t exactly homegrown, but were acquired for homegrown guys, so that totally counts.)

  34. Serious question. I am going to be in the GTA area for a week starting July 20th. I’ve never been to the GTA before and I really want to catch a Jays game. I’m staying somewhere in Oakville. Is it feasible to get from there to the dome in a timely manner?

  35. I’d have a lot less problems with the direction if Beeston hadn’t cut payroll in 2010 promising to increase it in 2011 and if they didn’t raise my ticket prices while they beg for my patience. That’s the crux of the issue you’ve ignored while building your straw men about the Baltimore Orioles.

  36. Weekend games = QEW/Gardiner should be fine to drive.
    Weeknight games = GO transit to Union Station and a 8 minute walk is your best bet.

  37. Agreed. The team has decided to invest in international prospects & home grown prospects through the draft. It will take a few years to assess whether or not this strategy will be successful. 

    Rogers was frustrated with JP Riccardi  spending money on middle of the road free agents, who did not perform to expectations.

    It will be very interesting to see what AA does in the offseason . if there is an extra playoff spot in 2012 & a more balanced schedule, I would expect him to acquire higher quality stop gaps in order to field a team that can win 90 games on paper.

  38. I really think the thing that people who complain about the Jays salary right now don’t take into consideration is the fact that all the young cheap talent they love on this team is going to need to get paid in the next 2 or 3 years.

    If the Jays “spend” right now, they’re going to have trouble keeping all of those guys.  They’ve already admitted they aren’t the Yankees.

    Build from within, pay what you develop,  develop other tradeable assets and supplement via free agency.  That’s how you do it.  Now isn’t the time to supplement.

  39. Also, on the perils of Free Agency:  http://www.weei.com/sports/bos

  40. That is a good defense of the current stategy, but wouldn’t you be suspicious if the jays let Aaron Hill walk next year & replace him with mike Mccoy.?

    At some point the fans expect the team to be able to win 90 games a year on paper in spring training.

    Hopefully Snider & Thames work out for the Jays, & this will encourage them to play the kids.

    i don’t want to see E5 or Corey patterson on the team next year.

  41. Yes. You can take the GO train from Oakville & be at the Dome in 30 -45 minutes depending on which train you take.

    there is GO train service every hour from oakville.

    You can walk from Union station indoors to the Rogers centre in 5 minutes.


  42. Good point. Beeston concede in an interview that they were better off from a cash flow perspective cutting the payroll to 60 million even if attendance dropped 20%. Gate revenue per Forbes magazines ias about 37 million USA. Pretty low if you consider how much they charge for beer at rogers centre:))

    IMHO, the jays need to freeze prices for another year.

  43. Fair point, but you must admit that the jays would be better off with a DH from the prospects pool or a veteran proven performer similar to guerrrero rather than E5.

  44. If the Jays “spend” right now, they’re going to have trouble keeping all of those guys.

    It’s cool though, we’ve been assured the money “will be there” when we need it. 


  45. Anyone else think that was Definitely an error on Mccoy…he tried to field that ball with his shoe. Buck never ever thinks a Jay should get an error “I dunno Pat I dont think thats an error”

  46. Thanks for the help. Gonna buy some tickets.

  47. Well I don’t think you can have it both ways.

    What do you want?  A veteran DH guy or a guy from the young talent pool? Both guys serve different purposes.

    I didn’t disagree with the E5 signing at the time, as he’s still young-ish and had power potential.  Now might be a different story, but the thought process at the start of the year was solid.

    Also – how’s the “proven performer” Guerrero doing this year?  that .689 OPS doesn’t look a whole lot different to Edwin’s .680.

  48. You lost all credibility when you suggested signing Jackson.

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  50. Edwin Jackson was an example, I basically meant adding a good capable arm to the rotation.


  51. Here’s your fucking REBUTTAL Stoetes..


    Next time, just think twice before bashing a guy with little to no MLB experience who has raked at every level he’s played at..

    And BTW.. TbayTee is bang on here with analysis..

    “Bottom line is, its the same thing with you two, you help with the
    overhyping of prospects and then you join in on shitting all over them
    when they dont live up to the hype but at the same time youre preaching
    that a team with A TONNE of money to spend shouldnt spend it even though
    theyre in a division where the two top teams have purchased (not grown)
    the majority of their success.”

    At least someone can see the light.

  52. “theyre in a division where the two top teams have purchased (not grown)
    the majority of their success.”"

    Even the Yankees and Sox have a core of players who are home grown and those are the players that lead them to much of their succcess. They purchased missing pieces when they needed them… they just have a greater ability to do that than anyone else in baseball…


    Youk (I fucking hate that guy)

    Fuck it… I hate all fo those red sox. But my point stands.

  53. WRONG!!!! wow dude you should really look up the meaning of the word majority and you also should have thought before you decided to type that. I said THE MAJORITY of their success, you named FOUR PLAYERS per team and last I checked there’s another 21 players on that 25 man roster per team. I wasnt only talking about this season because we could go on an on here but lets just talk this season…


    Red Sox:

    WOWWWW thats a whole hell of a lot of homegrown talent right there, sheesh you really told me. If you were smart which clearly youre not at all, you would and could have brought up the Tampa Bay Rays success a few years back with a lot of homegrown talent. I would have said “touche sir” but nope, youre a retard.

  54. loving Farrell Ball. Fuck stoeten’s punk bullshit deserves to be called.

    thanks for tip.

  55. If the team wants to save money at the DH position, why not use one of the talented hitters in AAA?

    If the team wanted to compete, why not get a proven veteran DH like Guerrero, Matsui etc..

    The team ends up signing a player who they DFA’d, & dumped in the offseason. An alarm bell should have gone off when he was dumped by the offence starved Oakland A’s.

    AA lied to the fans when he promised that E5 would be used as a DH only then gets put in at 3B 3 days before the season begins. E5 had no practice at 3B in spring training & was a disaster in the field.

    The jays have used very young guys as a DH as they did with Adam lind.

    Guerrero is a much better hitter than E5 & likely to be in the HOF.

    E5 will get 10 HR’s in 2 series per year. He goes long stretches without any HR’s or hits with RISP. he makes many unproductive outs.

    Guerrero hits the ball all over the field.

    E5 leads the MLB in errors per innings in the field . he is a very poor defender & can’t even play 1B

    E5 was a horrible signing. His numbers were very deceiving.

    It’s telling that no one else wanted E5 even at a 50% discount to last year except the jays.

  56. So it seems that this is the beginning of a blog war between the two sites.

    Wasn’t there another blog that went after Stoeten & Parkes last year.?

    I do agree that it is illogical for the jays to advocate developing home grown talent & building the scouting systen so they can get good prospects in future, yet give full time at bats to veterana like patterson,.Rivera, Nix etc…

    You can’t have it both ways.

    The argument that Rivera or patterson will make good trade bait has been refuted. 

    patterson is 32 years old. He should not try to steal 3B with 2 outs. He is 0 for 3 in this category.

    his fear of walls was again in evidence yesterday at fenway.

  57. I agree that the yanks & red sox have some home grown talent. All teams need this. The jays have to show that they are trying to compete in 2012 with an additional playoff spot.

  58. It’s battle of the blogs.

    it would be interesting if Farrell ball was allowed to debate Stoten & Parkes on a getting streamed.

    It would rival the lincoln & douglas debates of the 19th century.

  59. The battle of the blogs has started, whether or not they’ll actually continue is the question. Doubt it.. There to much above me to continue on.. Bunch of fucking snussies.. For me its not about getting any publicity or anything (don’t even have any ads on the damn blog), it’s all about putting these fucking morons in their places… They need to get off their high-horses…

  60. I think we’re on the same page essentially… and I do agree that Guerrero is a better hitter… historically.  This year – not so much.  I was onside with E5′s initial signing – no fielding, strict DH role, he was cheap had some potential.

    That’s pretty much all but washed away now in my mind, and it was disappointing when they did the 3B experiment again, but at the time I thought the decision making was sound.

  61. Liked this blog alot more when you didnt use it to hash out personal vendettas.

  62. I commend you on starting your own blog. i have been following this blog for over a year and have noticed that Parkes & Stoeten are more supportive of Rogers & AA. I don’t like being told in March that the jays won’t compete this year & wait till next year etc….. I wonder if they were told by the Score that they have to be more supportive of the jays phiolosophy? perhaps they are trying to get media accreditation from Rogers in order to interview players etc….

    Overall, they do a good job & I prefer them to the corporate tools at Rogers like jamie campbell & Mike Wilner.

    As for classifying players like Thames as marginal is ridiculous after 40AB. he needs at least 500AB before you can even discuss his abilities.

    this is a big frustration with Snider. The jays never give him a chance to improve. Last year he started slow, heated up in late may then got hurt. He got back in july & improved. then Cito benched him a few times and he lost his timing.

    I hope they give him full time at bats till the end of 2012 before they make a decision on him. It;s the least he deserves.

  63. That is a fair point. AA tried to fix the problem with Rivera in RF by making him DH, which created a mess at 3B. Rivera started off very slow. i am glad Rivera is gone & I hope he finds a spot somewhere.

  64. I have to sterilize my computer now..I made the mistake of looking at FarrelBall. There’s one minute I’ll never get back….

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