I was going to put a Necromancer logo here, but this one came up during my Google Images search, and it’s just so much more badass I had to go with it.

Alright! The trade deadline has come and gone, and this week on the Getting Blanked Podcast it was time to take stock of just what the fuck happened– and that’s exactly what we did, speaking with Twitter’s @McCoveyChron (aka Grant Brisbee of the go-to San Francisco Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles, and SB Nation’s Baseball Nation blog).

Also, we try to figure out what a corpse sounds like. [Note: surprisingly like Geddy Lee. Heyo!]

You can download the podcast right here.

Alternately, you can hit up the Getting Blanked iTunes page, which is finally humming along, and from now on until the end of eternity will have all our podcasts, live stream mp3s– including today’s!– and other goodies posted there in a timely manner.

As always, Mint Musical Interludes courtesy of The Constantines and Arts & Crafts Records. Be sure to check them out and buy everything you hear here.

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  1. Best Rock n Roll Band Hands down

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