The Jays, still without Brett Lawrie, are in tough versus David Price as they begin a three game set tonight at the Trop against the Rays. Especially so because… what the deuce? No Jose Bautista? Rajai Davis in right field???

The fucking fuck? I feel a Dear John letter coming on…

… to myself. Holy fuck, what am I saying about no Bautista? Good lord. Sorry, I spent the weekend moving and obviously my mind has turned to mush. BLARGH.


Tonight’s scuttlebutt brought to you by @GregorMLB (aka Gregor Chisholm of, who points out that MLBTR has updated their Elias Rankings, and gives a sneak preview of a post I’ll write tomorrow, noting how Shawn Camp is no longer even projected as a Type-B– he was a Type-A two months ago.

Gregor also notes that Dustin McGowan will make one more start for Dunedin before moving up to Double-A New Hampshire. Get your casual fan moron fantasy engines running!

On Jesse Litsch, he quotes John Farrell as saying “I think, right now, we want to take a good long look at the role he is in currently.” I won’t lie, I won’t complain if they take another look or three at Brad Mills. (No, really.)

Farrell also says that the club hasn’t pinpointed when they’ll bring up Brett Lawrie, but the plan is to get him regular work at the Major League level before September. Earlier Gregor said that his best guess was that he’d get the call to be with the team Friday, when they start their weekend series against Baltimore.

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista 3B
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
T. Snider LF
A. Hill 2B
R. Davis RF
J. Arencibia C

R. Romero LHP

Tampa Bay Billy Rays

D. Jennings LF
J. Damon DH
E. Longoria 3B
B. Zobrist 2B
C. Kotchman 1B
B. Upton CF
M. Joyce RF
K. Shoppach C
S. Rodriguez SS

D. Price LHP

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  1. Thank God!

  2. ahhh hells bells

  3. Jesus, Ricky was dialed in after that first inning. And hey, thanks Jon Rauch, for significantly shortening my already significantly shortened lifespan!


    Rauch at least didn’t walk the entire team and pitched okay, it’s just that Crotch-man hit took him off a good vibe.  Jays finally put an L on David “cheat-code” aka “iddqd” Price.

  5. I couldn’t watch the ninth inning.

  6. Jebus this team needs a closer. Who among us wasn’t seeing a three-run Tampa homer there? I actually like a lot of the moves made with the offense but now AA’s gotta do something about the pitching.

  7. After Ricky’s last start, DJF posted a clip of JPA and RR doing a jump after a ground ball was hit.  Looked hilarious but not sure if it was real.   Did anyone notice if  they did it again tonight ?

  8. It was real.  They were both reacting to a play on the field.

  9. If two-Franks was pitching for the save and was in that same situation with M. Joyce hitting, I’d call my Tampa Bay sniper to shoot him off the mound.  I felt more comfortable with Rauch trying to close it, it’s just a double-standard that I came up with since July.   With no relief pitcher candidate with a 95+ mph fastball, an a-hole slider, good command, a bastard sinker/splitter, or a Mariano-cutter for this year, we just have to rely on the Rauch-Frankx2 platoon and increase our chances of a heart attack.

  10. Either he is lucky or he just knows how to track balls down so well, Rasmus has the legs and IQ to track down fly balls to ease his pitcher.  As long as Coery Patterson got the fuck out of our roster. 

    So in about 200-250 days past the Vernon Wells trade, AA turned $23+million dollars a year into an
    $11 million/year, 0.325-HR leader-cannon-arm…and a $1-2 million/year high potential CF that can make balls hit to CF look easy to catch.

  11. Why the fuck is debuting on the road an institutional thing with this general manager? It’s not like baseball in Toronto is such a pressure cooker. It’s a little bothersome that people would want to share in the moment of a native son, and Anthopoulos would throw cold water on that. An exciting thing for baseball in this city — oh, no, we can’t be having that.

  12. Easily.

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