Interesting stuff from Tuesday’s Dan Le Batard Show on Miami’s 790 The Ticket, as Le Batard– who is also a columnist for the Miami Herald– and his co-hosts spent a segment musing on the notion of a Hanley Ramirez trade, during which the host claimed that “the Toronto Blue Jays were trying very hard this last week to trade for Hanley Ramirez.”

“The Blue Jays general manager has had a series of good moves, and he does not care about some of that nonsense with, y’know, clubhouse guy. He traded for Rasmus, he traded for Yunel Escobar… and he was trying very hard to trade for Hanley.” (The segment starts around the 119 minute mark, if you’re listening to the web-based player, or around 20 minutes in, if you download the absurdly large mp3 file of the show.)

Obviously part of Alex’s m.o. is to push hard for any kind of elite-talen player who he might be able to pry loose– and with his relationship with the Marlins strained to say the least, Hanley fits the bill– so it’s hard to get too worked up about the possibility here. Except… this is awesome.

No, not the notion of Hanley coming here– as long as Alex Anthopoulos is in charge, I can’t say it will never happen, but it remains highly unlikely– but that the Jays, as they demonstrated with the Rasmus deal (and as I mentioned on this week’s Getting Blanked podcast), are not just hoarding draft picks, fishing for Type-B’s, expanding their scouting department and going over-slot on draft picks for the sake of drafting and developing players for their own club; they’re creating a different kind of capital– a kind of capital with which they can acquire players with favourable contracts, rather than going out and overpaying massively on the back end of free agent contracts in order to get a few early years of an elite player at market value.

I guess we already sorta knew that. And I suppose there’s no reason they couldn’t both play the big-time free agent game as well as this one. But, the more we hear about what Alex may have been up to leading to the deadline, the more I think it makes it completely clear which he prefers– and the more it seems odd how fans some media members want to be so quick to heap this expectation on the club that they start pissing money away.

Given the division they’re in, the Jays need miracles not to lose any pissing contest involving cash, but it seems like Alex can out-work anybody in the game, and is well on his way to having a system bursting with talent that will make putting together heists like the Rasmus acquisition all the easier. If he sticks with it, and doesn’t jump to saddle himself with contracts that are destined to be bloated, I think he’ll be just fine.

(Crotch grab to @TerryDeeAD for the heads up.)

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  1. Remember this offseason when Anthopoulos tried really hard to trade for Colby Rasmus, but had no luck… and then like six months later got him for three relievers, Zach Stewart and Corey Patterson (still LOL!)

    And remember last offseason when the Jays finished second in the Dan Uggla “hunt” with an offer of Danny Farquhar, Josh Roenicke and Darin Mastroianni?

    I know, I know – the Marlins are holding their players for their new stadium. But, you know, maybe, there’s another fleece job around the corner.

  2. NorthYorkJays   So which undervalued stud does AA steal next? I hear #Marlins relationship with Hanley Ramirez is souring…4:11 PM Jul 27th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Love to hear things like this. AA is always on the move.

  3. My only question is: who would you rather shift to 2B, YEscobar or Ramirez?

  4. Le Batard and his crew were suggesting it would be Escobar and prospects going the other way. Of course, they’re just making that up.

  5. has to be ramirez. he’s an awful fielder

  6. Oh if that’s the deal then no thanks. I’d much rather stick with the YEsco-kid then Hanley.

  7. I think Snider going the other way with pitching prospects and moving Hanley to CF (if the talks were pre-Rasmus) or LF (post-Rasmus) makes some sense. Or maybe he had the balls to be dangling Lawrie with the intention of moving Hanley to 3B?

    I doubt Yunel was ever offered, Hanley is a downgrade defensively. Could have been the hold up though.

  8. Ramirez to 3B, Lawrie to Corner OF. 

  9. Hanley is a superstar offensive talent. 

  10. Sounds made up, if only because Hanley fits the profile of Rasmus and Yunel a little too well (tremendously talented but disgruntled), and because LeBatard is a fucking stooge.

    But…it moved.

  11. I would not want to compete with AA in a fantasy baseball league. Hands down he would whoop anyone’s arse. He is the ultimate fantasy GM with his moves.

  12. Beanfest is generally a pretty good GM. He’d want a king’s ransom for him, hence no deal I bet. The values have to line up, as GM AA says.

  13. I would be surprised if the Jays haven’t inquired on Hanley.  He fits AA’s m.o. like a glove.

  14. I wouldn’t want him if Escobar, Lawrie, Snider, or any top level prospect was wanted (Gose, Drabek, etc.) 

    I know Escobar and Rasmus had problems before, but that was due to a fuckfaced managers.  I think Hanley has series problems.  Like AA said, he doesn’t mind guys that have had problems, but he doesn’t want bad guys, and I think Hanley is a bad guy.

    But who knows, he is spanish, and maybe Jose can take him under his other wing (with Escobar under the other).

  15. I think the idea that any player is inherently a ‘bad guy’ is a bit vacuous, but I don’t exactly think Fredi, Edwin Rodriguez, or now McKeon are doing Hanley any favors either.

  16. I’m sorry, you wouldn’t trade Gose, a AA CF who hasn’t shown any real ability to hit, in a package for Hanley Ramirez?! 

  17. Isn’t Gose OPSDing over 1.1?  I’m not saying he’s untouchable, but I would think his hitting is developing pretty nicely.  It’s harder to hit in New Hampshire than Las Vegas…

  18. OPSing*

  19. He has a .763 ops, .957 in his last 10, and has plus-plus all-round defense as a 21-year old in a league where the average age is 24. I wouldn’t trade him either.

  20. makes perfect sense to me. han-ram is only 27, ops’d 950, 940, 950, 850 the last 4 years. the marlins are tight-fisted and have a couple of exciting *coughcheapcough* young talents in morrison and stanton to take over as the faces of the french fries.

  21. Interesting note to this: Links to a Miami Herald article which references an interview on the LeBatard show where Jeff Conine (special assistant to the team president) rips Hanley and says he would trade him. Just a few days from the deadline, could this be where LeBatard is getting his information? (whether legitimately acquired or just inferred from Conine’s statements and AA’s crush on troubled-yet-talented players)

  22. Just to further the point you raise:

    Eastern League Avg slash line through yesterday’s games:   .260/.331/.397/.727

    Anthony Gose’s slash line through yesterday’s games:   .257/.357/.406/.763

    All this while playing spectacular defense to go with 48 SB and 15 CS. The gap between his batting average and his OBP to go with his blazing speed screams future lead off hitter (start of to mid-2013?), at least to this observer. All this at the tender age of 20 (OK 21 next week, sue me) in a league where (as Indestructible pointed out) the average age is 24. Would I trade him as part of a deal to get Hanley Ramirez? Depends on what other pieces Michael Hill (not Larry Beinfest anymore, although I’m sure Mr. Beinfest has a say in the day to day baseball operations in his role as President of Baseball Operations) would want as part of the deal.

    As for those that would not hesitate to include Gose in a deal, it’s not really AA’s style to trade away guys like Gose especially when he buys very good players at the lowest ebb of their value. If you look at the trades for the other three “malcontents and ne’er do wells” (Bautista, Escobar, and Rasmus) you’ll see that he didn’t get rid of big organizational building blocks in those deals. Lots of useful players, but nobody you can say “Geez, I don’t know, I think that one’s gonna come back to bite him in the ass”.

    Robinzon Diaz for Bautista. Tyler Pastornicky, Tim Collins, and Alex Gonzalez for Yunel Escobar and Jo-Jo Reyes (who has thankfully moved on since – who’s up for a little batting practice in Baltimore this weekend – Heyo!). Jason Frasor, Zach Stewart, Marc Rzepczynski, Octavio Dotel, Corey Patterson and three PTBNL for Rasmus and Mark Teahen (who will hopefully be on the move soon). Useful players (some), but no back breakers in those deals in return for one elite player, one player who has gotten back on track again this year and is looking like an elite player, and one player who hopefully by next year will be back on track and moving towards his elite potential. I’d be tempted, but I don’t think AA will be.

  23. wasn’t it JP that traded for bautista?

  24. Oops. You’re right. I remembered the story about AA seeing Joey Bats name come up on the waiver wire, and going to JP and telling him the Jays should take a flier on him because of his power potential, and unfortunately I made the leap to “AA acquired Bautista”. My mistake.

    One of the cool things about JP is that he basically told Alex to go ahead and try to put a deal together, and get back to him when it reached the stage where the GMs would have to sign off on it. Love JP or hate him (and there are a lot of things to hate about him), he did hire AA and gave him all kinds of different jobs, titles and responsibilities, so that by the time he was fired, after AA had been around for 6+ seasons, AA was (unbeknownst to you, me, and most Jays fans) more than ready to assume the mantle. It turned out that they have completely different philosophies when it comes to talent acquisition, but he allowed AA to flourish anyway and to develop into a GM that I have a lot of hope for. I’ll always be grateful to JP for that.

  25. All of you seem to think I’m implying that Gose is some non-prospect.  He’s not, but he’s DEFINITELY by no means a can’t-miss guy.  There’s still tons of projection needed with him and more importantly, this is HANLEY FREAKING RAMIREZ!

  26. I’d love to have Hanley Ramirez here too. I’m just looking at the way AA makes deals, and he doesn’t tend to include middle of the diamond stud prospects like Gose. I’m sure he’d try every single permutation and combination before resorting to that and it might be a deal breaker for him. It might not be for you and I, but we’re not in the big chair. I’m just going off his trade history, small as it may be, and I’m betting that he’d be really leery of trading Gose.

  27. This is Hanley Freaking Ramirez people. No one in baseball like Gose, as much as Jays Fans.

  28. Please read this again because evidently you missed the part where I said that Gose wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for myself and others, but that based on AA’s trade history, it probably would be for him.:

    “I’d love to have Hanley Ramirez here too. I’m just looking at the way AA
    makes deals, and he doesn’t tend to include middle of the diamond stud
    prospects like Gose. I’m sure he’d try every single permutation and
    combination before resorting to that and it might be a deal breaker for
    him. It might not be for you and I, but we’re not in the big chair. I’m
    just going off his trade history, small as it may be, and I’m betting
    that he’d be really leery of trading Gose.”

  29. Hanley won’t stick at SS long term, when you move him to a corner position or as a corner outfielder his numbers drastically take a hit in comparison 

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