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Hot Links!

Speaking of Craig from Flip Flop Fly Ball, he’s got a new infographic on the Beatles’ and baseball stadiums.

Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com profiles the Strange Animal, Dustin Mc-Lawrence-Gowan, who is finally seeing the light at the end of the ol’ rehab-tunnel.

According to the Toronto Star, Rogers is getting set to launch a bi-weekly Canadian sports magazine. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! [Deep breath] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! No, really. Like… in the year 2011. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Also at the Star, Mark Zwolinski looks at the perils of hype from a Jays perspective– and somewhat unfairly puts Kyle Drabek on a long list of young Jays who haven’t lived up to it. Um… a little quick, much? Though Drabek really, really fucking does need to start throwing strikes.

Speaking of Drabek, John Lott of the National Post checks in with Drabek, who’s searching for silver linings.

And speaking of unfair– and absurd levels of hype– over at the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott jumps straight into the Lawrie mythologizing, with a nice little scout drinking buddy circle jerk that fawns over the Jays’ best ever Canadian prospect.

MLBTR reports that Colby Rasmus has switched agents– he’s now represented by Beverly Hills Sports Council, the same firm as Aaron Hill and Jesse Litsch. Rasmus hits arbitration for the first time this winter, and Ben Nicholson-Smith figures he’s in line for a salary comparable to BJ Upton and Adam Jones when they were in the same situation– about $3-million.

MLBTR also examines whether the Jays might offer Brandon Morrow a multi-year extension this winter, guessing that “a fair number would be a three-year deal worth $19MM, broken down as $4MM in 2012, $6MM in 2013 and $9MM to cover Morrow’s first free agent year in 2014,” and figuring on Anthopoulos going for team options after that. I’d do it.

C. Trent Rosecrans (no, really) of CBS Sports relays the “report” that claimed the Jays and Reds talked five years of Bautista for two years of Votto before the trade deadline, suggesting that it shows how much the Reds value Yonder Alonso. Uh… no, I think it probably better shows how gullible some people can be.

As if there hasn’t been more swooning over the Jays getting noticed by a national publication in the States. Even if it’s just USA Today, who use Brett Lawrie’s debut to look at the Jays’ national strategy Canada.

JaysJournal rips off my ripping off of Keith Law chats for content and provides “all the Jays-related tidbits” [Note: where the fuck have I heard that before?] from Jonah Keri’s last chat at FanGraphs.

The Montreal Gazette checks in with– and looks back on the career of– the recently-retired Matt Stairs, who says this about his philosophy as a hitter: “I always went up there thinking I wouldn’t get a hit.”

“Here’s why some July shoppers prefer to wait until August to make their moves,” writes ESPN’s Jayson Stark in his latest Rumblings and Grumblings column. ” When the Padres talked to St. Louis about Bell before the deadline, their No. 1 target was Colby Rasmus. If those talks get rekindled this month, they would figure to get a lot less in return, just because the Padres would seem to have so much less leverage now than they had a week and a half ago.”

A few people noticed some congratulations headed in the direction of New Hampshire’s Mike McDade this afternoon– like from Chase d’Arnaud, Pirates infielder and brother of Jays’ prospect Travis– a switch-hitting 1B with a .290/.331/.480/.811 line and 14 homers for the Fisher Cats this season. I said on Twitter that there appeared to be rumblings of a promotion, but since McDade’s own @MacDizzleMan feed has his location as Las Vegas says he’s still in New Hampshire and is just coming off the DL today, I don’t think we have to worry about the Jays rushing yet another youngster to the bigs. [Note: I thought maybe the Vegas thing was an indication he was headed there, but it's just his actual hometown.]

Lastly, over at Ghostrunner on First, Drew wonders whether “Brandon Morrow hits the wall, or the wall hits Brandon Morrow.”

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  1. Inning Ending Overbay was released.

    I assume we will see a much too late surge to 85 wins. Next year. Damn. And Christmas comes every October for those Brotherly Lovers in Philly.

  2. From that fangraph chat:

    Q: If you had to guess, where does Fielder land next off season?JK: I think the Jays are real sleepers for his services.

  3. So is Henderson Alvarez the closer-in-development?

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