Holy shit, we forgot about Henderson Alvarez!

With all the horseshit surrounding the man in white and the Jays being called out as possibly the shittiest cheaters in the history of anything, we kinda didn’t have time to get excited about Henderson motherfucking Alvarez today. The flame-throwing right-hander debuts tonight in front of what should be– but, let’s be serious, won’t be– a sea of white in the outfield stands at Rogers Centre, and… keep an eye on the radar gun, folks, because things could get a little interesting.

But keep an even better eye out for breaking balls, because we’re told that those are going to be the key to his success as a big league starter– and while the pitch has reportedly come along well this year in New Hampshire, it’s by no means a finished product, and may never be. (In which case, oh well, he goes to the bullpen and lights shit the fuck up out there.)


Speaking of things that, like Henderson Alvarez, kinda got forgotten in all of today’s commotion, apparently someone forgot to remind John Farrell that a guy with a .272 OBP is a terrible choice for a leadoff hitter, that Brett Lawrie might be pretty good, and that nobody should be hitting behind Aaron Hill.

John Lott of the National Post learns that Henderson Alvarez set a lofty goal for himself this year: to pitch for the Blue Jays. Can someone tell him next year he should make his goal to pitch in the World Series?

Do yourself a favour and watch the video at Sportsnet of an angry Alex Anthopoulos speaking to reporters this afternoon in his “this whole thing is stupid” press conference regarding the sign stealing allegations.

OK, one more thing on the sign stealing horseshit: Over at Stephen Amell’s Prelude to a Big Break he weighs in, and adds a description of a Sportscenter package that we haven’t been able to see up here in Canada yet– one which Bobby Valentine, on live TV after it aired, supposedly called it “unfair” and “misleading.” I gotta see this shit!

Strange Animal Watch

Dustin Mc-Lawrence-Gowan– the Strange Animal– made his first rehab start today for New Hampshire, getting through four innings on 43 pitches, allowing just one hit and walking two. Could this really be happening???

Shi Davidi tweets: “Blue Jays manager John Farrell says once minor-league games end in early Sept, McGowan ‘could very well be (assigned) right here.’ ”

TV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF

Y. Escobar SS

J. Bautista RF

A. Lind 1B

E. Encarnacion DH

C. Rasmus CF

A. Hill 2B

J. Arencibia C

B. Lawrie 3B

H. Alvarez RHP

Oakland Athletics of Philadelphia Kansas City Oakland

J. Weeks 2B

C. Pennington SS

H. Matsui DH

J. Willingham LF

D. DeJesus RF

C. Jackson 1B

R. Sweeney CF

K. Suzuki C

S. Sizemore 3B

G. Gonzalez LHP

* Note: I’ve adjusted the Jays’ record to reflect the number of games they should have won, based on all the cheating they’ve very obviously been doing.

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  1. So who’s gonna be the first jay to hit the DL after Lawrie demolishes the dugout after a jack?

  2. We should trade the A’s someone like Hill so we can then hit their best player.

  3. Now, if I’m the Oakland A’s (or anyone else for that matter), do I really want to see Brett Lawrie in a brawl?

  4. Is there a chance that was not intentional?  Could this pitcher just be that shitty?

  5. Rauch should bean someone.  Whose gonna charge him? Apollo?

  6. When did he say that?  that’s pretty damning

  7. I heard it too.  He said it today on the Fan..not sure what show but it was after gord stellick


    go to the 5:20 mark.


  9. wow…looks like somebody took AA up on his challenge to research the video and find the white shirt guy stealing signs, and i think they found something here


  10. Happy to see them let Litsch finish off the 9th. The way Farrell has been using the bullpen has been driving me crazy for most of the season.

  11. lmfao

  12. I guess Snider was just lucky to get nothing but changeups and off-speed stuff for the first three weeks he was back, you brainless idiot. 

  13. The Man In White gave us good signals tonight.  Let it always be so.  Amen.

  14.  Cookies in the fuckin mail… who gives a fuck what you’ve been saying? its common fuckin knowledge that you need to able to hit a fastball ..

    he didn’t sound like he was concerned, he basically said he needs to get ready earlier… hmm who the fuck does that sound like?

    Like Dwayne said he’s still 23 and just needs to make some adjustments.

  15. EE really has been looking good lately. I wonder if he deserves a shot at batting second or third in the line-up? Bautista should be batting clean-up. And Lind has been looking like a middle-to-bottom of the order kind of guy lately. EE gets on base better than Lind, and strikes out less. Might as well put him in a spot where he has a better chance of scoring runs after getting on base.

  16. Of course the Blue Jays are stealing signs, but it is not their fault, it is in their genetic makeup, ask any ornithologist – they are the Bill Belichick of the Avian World. Here is the video proof.




    Keith Law, on today’s Baseball Today, gave a lot of the background to these accusations saying it seemingly is attributed to Cito, who apparently has a long rep for “stationing someone in the hotel” back to the 90s. Law claims he has heard the Jays had an intern whose job was to signal pitches to the batter that may have been relayed to him from somewhere else. These two hosts are definitely taking it at face value, and Law claims to know a lot more than was actually written in the article. Just spill it, Shorty.

    And, Stoeten – photo shop idea for you for some post about AA’s press conference: Do something with Angry Birds.

  17. Brett Lawrie’s BABIP is unsustainable. He will regress.

  18. I was at the game. When Lawrie came up I decided to take a video just in case. Then he hit a grand slam:


    Also got to meet Henderson Alvarez after the game (while at the SkyDome hotel bar with George Bell and some family). Alvarez was nice enough to shake everybody’s hand even though he really just came to talk to George briefly.

  19. ‘Keith Law, on today’s Baseball Today, gave a lot of the background to these accusations saying it seemingly is attributed to Cito, who apparently has a long rep for “stationing someone in the hotel” back to the 90s.’

    Right, I said that in another thread here earlier.  It goes back much further than just the 90′s though.  Cito Gaston has been known as an expert at finding tells on pitchers and stealing signs since his playing days.  He has had a bad reputation for that for a long time.  I just can’t believe those four relievers were so asshurt by always getting thumped by the jays bats that they ran to ESPN, that’s a low thing to do.  No wonder they didn’t want their names used.  Fuckin cowards.

    Lol BTW when was Cito Gaston interviewed by the Chicago White Sox organization??  What like 2004?  I can Just see it now, his expert sign stealing abilities would have been one of the top things on his resume after the world series’ or what not.  I’m sure the chicago’s are very very familiar with what Cito is all about.

  20. Why was Anthopoulos the one who had to address it publicly, and not Paul Beeston? I guess it doesn’t matter, but I thought it was strange that the GM of the team was the one who did it and not the President.

  21. Shit I wish I’d stayed up and watched that but I was jet-lagged as hell.

    I’m thrilled about Lawrie but I’m not gonna crown him king until he’s been around long enough for pitchers to make adjustments and see how he handles them.  That having been said, I don’t see too many people wishing Marcum was still here.

    As for stealing signs, Cito was great at it and so was Alomar.  They picked up the tells and the hand signs and used them well.  But as for having a guy in the outfield relaying the pitch…how would you do that exactly?  With all the other fans around there holding up signs and waving their arms and so on?  Maybe it only works when there aren’t many people out there because you’ve got a shitty team coming in whose fan base is already disenchanted and is not real interested in making a very long trip to watch them play on the road and who doesn’t rate as a big draw for us Jays fans to watch.

    Kind of like the White Sox.

    (By the way, I wonder what Alex Rios had to do with all of this…)


  23. Hello Everyone!  I’m on business in antarctica!  Just came back from hunting baby seals.  I clubbed one!  Tomorrow we’re going for a polar bear ride.  They’re so cute.  OMG! I almost floated off on an iceberg!

  24. Hilarious.

  25. Good point.  I’ll keep my world-travelling ways off the board in future.

  26. Dwayne Murphy is a simpleton who believes that pitchers ONLY throw fastballs.  Fuck that guy.  Snider was fine the last three years against fastballs, nothing great, but fine, like the rest of his production. 

    Hey Murph, how about you learn to develop and SUSTAIN the talents of a big league hitter not named Bautista for once?

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