An impressive bit of detective work has been done by Chris St. John of Steal Of Home, who has used clues from today’s ridiculous ESPN The Magazine article to pinpoint the game from the spring of 2010 in which a team’s relievers spotted “the man in white” and accused Jose Bautista of stealing signs.

Not only that, but he believes he’s spotted the man himself from the TV broadcast– who, based on the fact that he left his seat late in the game, as the anonymously-quoted relievers claimed, would be the middle man of the three circled in the picture above (click to enlarge it, and check Steal Of Home for more images– like one of the empty seat, in case you haven’t got your fill of seeing those at Rogers Centre over the last 18 goddamn years).

More impressive about the detective work is that it was completed before Jose Bautista spoke to the media this afternoon– and as John Lott of the National Post tweets, Bautista confirms that the White Sox were indeed the team who made the accusation.

So… who is this man? Is it you? Were you at the Rogers Centre on April 13th of last year for a Jays 4-2 win over Chicago? Is the article maybe less horseshit than we’d like to think? Would a Blue Jays fan actually dare leave the ballpark before the conclusion of the game? Could the Jays possibly be the shittiest cheaters in the history of baseball?


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  1. It was probably Joe Cowley. Didn’t he bitch and complain after that series last year about how much he hated Canada?

  2. what’s better than one man in white relaying signals? Three men in white relaying signals.

  3. Next order of business, get someone out there to sit at home and determine whether or not you can tell what that guy would be doing. Also, to see if guy in stands could make out signs.

    Alternate idea: punch all White Sox relievers in their baby makers.

  4. I’m gonna say this:  There’s no way that ANY of those guys are “just to the right of the camera bay” or are “right over the pitcher’s head”.

  5. SNIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Now… Who was in the White Sox pen that day?

  7. Exactly. It’s one thing if this article was just straight up conjecture, but it makes an attempt at establishing facts that are simply impossible. “From the batter’s box, it was clear the man in white had been perfectly positioned just above the pitcher’s head so that the batter would not need to move his own head, or even alter his gaze, in order to see his signal.”

  8. How shocking is it that someone might wear white to a Jays game? It’s not like they have any top-selling white jerseys or anything like that, after all.

  9. So if we’ve confirmed this is the White Sox, someone should talk to Alex Rios about this…seems to be the only real connection between the teams from April 2010

  10. I would just love to see the outfield seats filled with people in white, raising their arms above their heads, whenever the Sox and/or Yankees come around next. I’d do it, but can only afford seats in the 500s. 

    I’m happy they still haven’t noticed that the way our batters actually steal signs is by the reflections in the windows at Windows. Keep that hush hush.

  11. Rios wouldn’t know, he can’t hit if the pitcher yelled his pitch from the mound

  12. If I had media access I would be searching for Mark Teahen right about now.

    Also looking at the Sox bullpen that day and Bautista doesn’t far well in the Home run department.

    However, Joebats DOES hit .500 against garcia with 2 home runs. And he also plays with the Yankees. But not in the bullpen for the Sox. In fact Freddy Garcia would be the only White Sox pitcher ever to have given up more then 1 home run to Jose and wouldn’t it take more then 1 home run to get a pitcher pissed about this?

  13. It’s too bad there isn’t a guy in Centrefield with season tickets dressed as Jesus… sign-stealing Jesus would be pretty awesome.

  14. This bob crap on the fan590 is much worse than the article..bob Mckowan and i dont know who this other guy is..but they are making things worse.

  15. Wilnerness590
    Mike Wilner:

    Just spoke to Mark Teahen, said knew nothing of last year’s incident, recalled the Danks thing with Bautista this year. #bluejays #jays

    Teahen added that #bluejays had reputation as sign-stealers, but nothing off the field. #jays

    Teahen also said he could really have used white-shirt-guy in the one AB he has had so far as a #bluejays at RC. #jays

  16. Seriously are these people retarded or something?  If they really wanted  to steal signs wouldn’t they just have somebody off field like, you know, just watching fucking TV,  instead of sending Lion-o and his amazing vision out into right centre??

  17. funny, but McCown never really sounds to me like he quite knows what he’s talking about … if they’re talking about anything from today’s era, anyway. It was obvious, listening earlier, that he hadn’t even read the ESPN article that he was going on about. 

  18. every fuckin team steals signs.

    Whats next, this just in Barcelona players caught diving in soccer game.

  19. Did you see what Richard Griffen did there?  What a guy.  He asks Alex if maybe the opponents are in HIS head!  How clever Richard.  You ARE the story.

  20. Rivera has gone nuts since he left the jays..

    perhaps he took the white shirt guy to LA? he didnt use him here much

  21. two things.

    First is a conversation between Tom Collins and Bob McCowan:

    Tom – “hey bob, we’re thinking about having Peter Keating on tonight to talk about this stealing signs shit”

    Bob – “right on, I’m gunna tear this story apart, I can’t fucking wait”

    Tom – “well you can’t do that, bob”

    Bob - “what???!!!  Why the fuck not?”

    Tom – “Bob, you know we’re THIS FUCKIN CLOSE to losing ESPN altogether to TSN 1050.  We really don’t want to piss them off in any way”

    Bob – “so nothing but softball questions, then?”

    Tom – “yup”

    Bob – “ok”

    what a joke of an interview.

    Second thing I want to say is that it’s pretty fuckin obvious what’s going on here.  Peter Keating even stated today in that exact McCowan interview that Bud Selig didn’t give a fuck about the philly/colorado sign stealing shit from last year, and said it had been going on years.  Apperantly Selig said last year that he remembers the Milwaukee Braves being a huge sign stealing team back in the day.

    Well hey shit, wasnt Cito Gaston on some of those Milwaukee Braves teams?  Isnt Cito Gaston widely known as an expert sign stealer?  Maybe Cito tried to teach Alex Rios about stealing signs before he was put on waivers?  I’m pretty confident in thinking that Cito Gaston has some role in the blue jays stealing signs in the last few years, and think the stories are more than likely true.  Except maybe that man in the white shirt BS.  Why would any team have a guy standing in the outfield giving away signs?  You’re just begging to get caught if that’s the case. 

    I think that Cito Gaston and the blue jays most likely steal signs, but the question then becomes: WHO GIVES A FUCK?!?!?!?!  Teams have been stealing signs for 100+ years ffs, who really cares??  I’t part of the game in my opinion.  I just think it’s lame that Joe Girardi ran like a little girl to ESPN and got them to print this.

  22. As per MLB Gameday, the White Sox bullpen for that game appears to have consisted of:

    Bobby Jenks

    Tony Pena

    J.J. Putz

    Matt Thorton

    Scott Linebrink

    Randy Williams

    Sergio Santos
    Track these fuckers down.

  23. There is a usually a slight delay in signal on TV (try watching with the radio), unless they are getting a direct feed. 

    For stat guys, they sure seem to be dumb and allow a very small sample size influence their opinion, make a lot of assumptions. 

    First of all, the ESPN article cites BABIP, which is more a stat for pitchers than hitters (due to the very, very small sample size issues). But, more importantly, BABIP is HR neutral (HRs don’t count in the numerator or the denominator) so what is the fucking point of the citing it. It is used to measure defense/luck and whether you are hitting (but really, whether the pitcher is getting hit) where they ain’t or where they are, when the ball is hit it in the field of play.  All of this, including swinging at pitches, is the grip and rip philosophy. No hidden agenda by the Jays here. 

    And, there “park factor” equation is probably very flawed by small sample size. Don’t you really need to see how pitchers with low HR rates on some type of moving average came into Rogers Centre and faired against the Blue Jays. What is for some reason the Jays got lucky and faced a higher number of HR pitchers at home in 2010 and a higher number of low HR rate pitchers on the road. SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FLAWED BULLSHIT IN THIS GUY’S PARK FACTOR. You can get away with this type of shit at ESPN because the stakes are so low, but come on, submit that shit to a panel of stats and science types and it would be laughed away. 

    1. Can someone please now put a camera at home plate to see whether you can really even see someone put there arm up that far away. 

    As Curtis Granderson said: ”From where I was sitting in the dugout, 300, 400 feet away, I couldn’t see anything”

    2. Please tell me the time between sign and ball to plate (ball to plate is usually, what less than a second so are we talking 4 or 5 seconds.  Is that possible for a hitter who is supposed to be zoning in . Knowing what pitch is coming is helpful, but isn’t location just as important. Is that four or five seconds enough time to risk taking your eyes off the pitcher and stay in your own head gearing yourself up for the pitch. 

    3. Maybe the person in the stands was some kind of Asperger’s sufferer who throws his arms up involuntarily (look it up). And, we are trusting the word of the anonymous bullpen players that for a couple of innings at one game they are positive THEY had cracked the code of the “white shirt” (arms up, off speed). 100% or just enough confirmation bias needed for lunkheads like Bobby Jenks. 


  25. As anyone in politics will tell you, it doesn’t matter whether or not the accusation is true. What matters is that the accusation was made, and that’s all anyone will remember. The Jays’ reputation as sign-stealers will just be that much more ingrained in people’s minds, and there’s nothing the club can do about it.  The problem is that people tend to want to believe the worst of others, and are happy to do so in the face of overwhelming evidence.  There are still Americans who believe Obama was born in Kenya.

  26. does anyone else hate sportsnet 1???  I mean what a shitty three games in a row to have on sportsnet 1.  Yes, I know, I know, it’s because the tennis is on sportsnet ontario, just like it was because the memorial cup was on a couple months ago when they went four or five games in a row where the games were only available on sportsnet 1.  but i mean seriously, who the fuck cares about that lame shit, put THAT on sportsnet 1, and have all 162 blue jays games on sportsnet ontario.  it’s just a rogers cashgrab trying to force blue jays fan to subscribe to their shitty new channel, which makes me sick.  same as leafs tv. ugh

  27. it would make me less sick if rogers’ cashgrab turned into a higher payroll for the team.  so far, though, hasnt happened.

  28. maybe it was Frasor?

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