OK, the hullabaloo about the Jays being the shittiest cheaters in the history of sports has gotten a little out of control today, so let’s settle things down a bit and get indignant about something that really matters: clothes!

Specifically, what the Jays will be wearing next year, and just what the fuck Mark Zwolinski meant in this morning’s Toronto Star when he wrote that “it’s expected the Blue Jays uniforms will have a new look for the 2012 season, one that will reflect a Canadian theme more than ever,” confirming that “the change has been in the design phase for months and should be ready for unveiling by the beginning of next season.”

Space daddy, no!!! What the fuck are they going to do?

A more Canadian theme? Like, maybe with a lot more red? As in… Rogers red???

I’m wildly speculating, of course, but what jumps out at me is the implication in the “more than ever” bit that they’re not just going to do the right, sensible, easy, fan-friendly, perfect, too-obvious-to-fuck-up thing and just go straight back to classic, World Series-era unis?

Ugh. I mean, that doesn’t rule out something close to the originals, something similar, something at least with the old logo on it. But… they’re totally gonna fuck this up, aren’t they?

I mean… a Canadian theme more than this. Double ugh.

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  1. They are totally going to screw it up!
    I like late 90′s era jersey and logo still classic and with a huge maple leaf on the logo it doesn’t get more canadian than that

  2. Yup.

  3. Anything other than Blue + White unis (classic or tasteful new ones), plus the classic World Series era cap will be a disappointment for me.

    If the Blue Jays are playing in red uniforms next year I will barf.  If they want to put a big Maple Leaf somewhere, fine.

  4. McCown and Scott Carson (who you`d think might be more plugged in since they work for Rogers) have both speculated that it will be more of a retro look more similar to the classic duds.  Hopefully they`re right, and the Canadian stuff is just speculation.

  5. Seriously – is it safe to say at this point that you see more classic WS era caps at Jays games than the current black ones?  Shouldn’t that be a sign for them?

  6. I see what you did there

  7. The jersey right now is good in my opinion, you have a nice big red maple leaf, what more do you want from the blue jays?

  8. Bring back the early 90 uni’s, and maybe a 3rd red one would be fine, but as long as they don’t wear the red one much.

  9. I’m patriotic and all, but if they try and give us red uniforms, ugggh.  Toronto is blue.   I despise it when comedians come here and try and insult the US and compliment Canadians in the same old predictable fashion.    Anything too Canadian would suck.  The more I think about it, the more I want Toronto to separate from the rest of this crappy country.  We have been carrying Canada for too long, I’m going to start the Toronto separatist party next election, our slogan “We’re better than them”

  10. Dirtying up the BLUE Jays uniform makes absolutely no sense. I asked a fashion expert about the new and old uniforms a while back and she thought there was even too much red in the classic unis… http://infieldfly.ca/2011/03/2

  11. Lambchops pitched 4 scoreless innings facing the minimum (12 batters).  Another start, with more strides to a return and no set backs.

    Perhaps, only three more weeks until he gets called-up in September!

  12. I hate those stupid fucking T hats.  

    Please change those!

  13. that last link didn’t work for me… but can I assume it’s the Canada Day jersey?

  14. Well please Blue Jays, go back to some variant of the old logo (time for Angry Birds to be retired). The old Blue Jay logo itself has to be one of the most identifiable in all of baseball. Seriously, look through the list here and imagine an average person being shown them with no “names”: only the Yankees, the crazy Wahoo,  maybe the Orioles and of course, the ludricous two red socks would pass muster:


    Please, please go to a different font. That double lined bullshit font is like watching an 80s movie for technology (Wall Street cell phone as an example) , so dated.  It reminds me of this:


    My suggestion is a uniquely Toronto solution: Toronto Subway font, created in the 1950s (kind of baseball’s heyday. It looks like this, which is kind of like the font they use on the Circle of Excellence I think.  Spacing magazine crowd goes wild. 


    Please do not go with what 80% of the teams seem to do, which is slightly upward cursive writing of the city or team name (depending on home or away). I actually think Cleveland’s redo of their uniform (unfortunately only used on occasion) is not a bad way to go - 


    The Jays should have 2 versions of hats: a logo and one with just a T, and then alternate like they do know with the logo and the toothpaste hat (almost every team uses the letters of their city on the cap and only the Rangers would also have a T (I know TB for the Rays and TC for the Twins, but not counting those – lots of Cs in baseball.  A Toronto T hat in Subway Font would appeal to almost any person wanting to identify affiliation with the city, it is easy for casual fans. 

    And, finally OWN the colour blue. Use two different shades for all different types of logo clothing. The Canucks have mastered this with their blue and green and white.  A real blue jay has two blues, white and black so use all of those and then mix in the red every so often, because those would look good with a good logo. 

  15. Chris, you might like this logo better (or at least your fashionista might). Old design jazzed up, but no red. I like it.



  17. What you want is so terrible that I’m not even afraid it will happen.  If that logo wasn’t so terrible, I’d be afraid they were going to bring it back.

  18. I’m 99% sure they’ll go back to the classic logo.  They’ve already used it in most of the marketing surrounding Alomar’s HoF induction and if you make a big deal about a player going in with a Blue Jays cap, it would make sense for it to be the same one that your team currently wears.  Maybe it’s a bit of a blessing in disguise that they haven’t made the playoffs since changing the logo.  A new banner up with the old ones with a new logo would look pretty stupid and jarring.

    (Sort of on-topic, but I always assumed they’d wear some kind of cap with the old logo and new colours during games, I’m pretty sure they already exist in some form).The ‘patriotic theme’ stuff scares me a bit, though.

  19. The have a huge opportunity here to reallly fuck things uppp

  20. Let’s end this branding nightmare, this 15-year Blue Jays identity crisis by reinstating the original logo.  A decade-and-a-half of revolving logos has shrunken the Blue Jays’ “brand equity”.

    We won 5 pennants and 2 World Series with the beautiful original logo and effectively built a strong Blue Jays identity with it.  Should never have discarded that logo, but now’s the chance to right a wrong.

    I TOTALLY agree with Stoeten that it would be the “right, sensible, easy, fan-friendly, perfect, too-obvious-to-fuck-up” thing to do if they bring back the 1989-1996 (World Series era) uniforms.  But failing that, a new uniform using the old logo and the color BLUE would still be an improvement.

  21. If they do try and fuck it up maybe fans can stand up and demand changes.  I hate to bring hockey to the thread but the NHL’s Lightning got new jerseys and when they were unveiled fans didn’t like them and made them go back and tweak the design.  So maybe it could be done here too.  I still think it should be a modernized version of the classic uniforms and logo, just changing up the font to something more non-70s with a killer blue alternate.  After all, Toronto’s official sporting colours are traditionally blue and white (someone tell the Raptors that lol)

  22. Sadly the corporate colour tie-in is hardly unprecedented – as a Sabres fan I went through 2 horrible “re-brandings” before they finally saw the light and came back to (almost) the originals last year after being stuck with the slugs for ~4 years; the first change in 1996 being the “angry goat head” which was Adelphia Cable colours (thanks John Rigas). 

    I do like to think that the fan outrage got the change we wanted, eventually.

    Red is terrible, and simply not the Blue Jays.  Team colour changes make no sense at all.  I personally have a weird predilection for powder blue uniforms and am pining for a return to the originals.   I’d settle for the original logo superimposed over a mugshot of The Shaker. 

  23. I love the Jays but even as a proud Canadian, I’m not crazy about the maple leaf on the shoulder. We don’t need more Canadiana on the jerseys. We need cool jerseys. The current road uniform is fine. I say keep it. Bringing back the classic home uniform would be awesome.

  24. I  used to think it was just the nostalgia talking, but now I’m not so sure. I’m no graphic artist, but I really do think our old logo was classy, and more importantly, classic looking. Not sure why they changed it in the first place. I absolutely love it.

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