Hell of a game to cap a hell of a day yesterday, wasn’t it? And as much as I’d like to talk about Henderson Alvarez– whose as-advertised high-90s fastball with great movement showed why the Jays have been so eager to get him to the Majors, even if it kinda seemed that the ball sometimes would go right back out twice as hard as it came in– it was Brett Lawrie, his grand slam, and his good goddamn thing there wasn’t a woman in sight or he might have started savaging her right there in the dugout celebration that stole the show.

Speaking of Lawrie and women, I give you the genius of @GourmetSpud, on learning that him and JP Arencibia are roomies: “Wait, Lawrie and Arencibia SHARE an APARTMENT? That place is going to turn over Toronto women like it’s lunchtime at Fresh.”

Hear, hear.

Stream Threat!

That’s right, folks. It’s time to get your Twitter fingers a-twatting, because at the conclusion of today’s game we’ll be reacting, talking, laughing, learning on a spiffy new edition of Getting Streamed On. Send some questions and comments on today’s game, yesterdays game, or the controversy over the Jays being the shittiest cheaters in the history of anything to @DustinParkes, @AndrewStoeten and @DrewGROF. Or participate in the live chat, which I’ll link to somewhere in this area [waves upturned hand across your screen] just as soon as it’s humming along.

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In order to increase his positional flexibility, the Jays are having Edwin Encarnacion shag some flies in left field. Hey, if Manny can do it, and a broken-down Barry Bonds can do it, anybody can. Not that Edwin’s bat is quite so valuable as those guys, but… I’m all for it: if it works, and he stays, and they want him to play a lot, it means they can still go looking for a DH-only bat and not have to worry about finding him a place in the infield– since we can all imagine how well that’d go.

John Lott of the National Post does some tweeting about Travis Snider, who was 6-for-10 with no walks in his first two games back in Vegas, but went 1-for-2 with three walks last night– perhaps a sign that they’ve given him the Lawrie directive?

“If you have stolen signs, you have a dumb catcher,” says White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen [Note: fuckin' eh!], as quoted by Bruce Arthur of the National Post in his column on the sign stealing flap.

TV: Sportsnet One

Ever notice how we haven’t pissed and moaned nearly as much about baseball being exiled to Sportsnet One due to Rogers Cup tennis as we do every year when it happens because of some young boys hockey tournament? I guess that’s because we’re unpatriotic fuckheads, huh?

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS

E. Thames LF

J. Bautista RF

A. Lind DH

E. Encarnacion 1B

C. Rasmus CF

A. Hill 2B

J. Arencibia C

B. Lawrie 3B

B. Mills LHP

Oakland Athletics of Philadelphia Kansas City Oakland

S. Sizemore 3B

C. Pennington SS

H. Matsui DH

J. Willingham LF

C. Jackson 1B

D. DeJesus RF

K. Suzuki C

R. Sweeney CF

A. Rosales 2B

G. Moscoso RHP

Image via @Powder_Blue, Casey Janssen being awesome.

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  1. Front Page of the Toronto Star – Me: 1 Brett Lawrie: 1 – I’m content with that.  http://t.co/z0cpBzj

  2. Alvarez looked like he might turn out to be pretty nasty once he gets the slider (curve?) going. Some filthy movement on the two seamer. His change is harder than Mills’ fastball. Hopefully the A’s have a problem waiting on Mills today or else the slower pitches might end up looking like softballs.  Good start so far.

  3. For some reason, the picture isn’t displaying, and when I try and click through to it, Firefox vomits a ton of XML over my screen. Ick.

  4. Just occurred to me that Edwin is playing against his former team.

  5. I think its time for a new lineup:

    Escobar, Rasmus, Bautista, Encarnacion, Lind, Lawrie, Thames/Snider, Arencibia, Hill

  6. Yeah, it seems to me that the reason his strikeout numbers aren’t through the roof is because he doesn’t have a good breaking ball yet.  So hitters sit fastball and make weak contact, either getting a hit or producing a groundout.  If he can develop an average slider, I think Alvarez will be really good.

  7. Your site “poses a security threat” of some kind, according to the firewall here. FYI.

  8. Zee Americanos are just angry cuz our dollar is worth more now!

  9. ya the picture no work.

  10. that 12 to 6 was filthy

  11. Hmm. Looks like all the sexist remarks are boiling up into a Poor Amy situation.

    I’ll say this: Peter Keating should get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.

  12. Chris – well done on the blog. My friends and I all wore white shirts with different pitches on them in the 500s last night. We all saw you guys out in centre and were killing ourselves laughing. 

  13. Or… Escobar, Rasmus, Lawrie, Baustista, Encarnacion, Lind, Thames, Arencibia, Hill

  14. Yeah.  Fuck.  The point isn’t the (out of bounds) behavior of the respondents, the point is that you’re going to get criticized if you publish a shitty piece.  Can’t I just say she’s terrible at her job without other journos turning her into a matryr?

  15. Lind has been making better contact lately. Hopefully he’s emerging from his slump.

  16. Buck Martinez just said that Ryan Sweeney (6’4″) is 6 inches taller than Josh Willingham (6’2″).

  17. Oh come on, a walk to Rosales?

  18. Thames is a terrible outfielder.

  19. Encarnacion catches that

  20. Brad Mills fucking sucks.

  21. If Brad Mills was right-handed, he’d be playing Intercounty ball for the (not those) Leafs.

  22. Looks like Litsch will be back in the rotation in no time…

  23. Shit, they used up Litsch last night.

  24. And this is why Mills spent most of the season in LV.

  25. Mills is a gas can. Meatballs up in the zone at 85 do not cut it at this level. 

  26. how is 93 a high 90′s fastball????

  27. I assume this is a repeat of this morning’s BP session.

  28. The high socks make him look like Josh Towers.

  29. A control type pitcher is shit when he has no control.

  30. That Vernon Wells promo is fucking terrible.

  31. Aaron Hill ..hitting a popup??? NAWWWWWWW.

  32. ShiDavidi Shi Davidi
    After giving up 6 runs, Brad Mills gets 3 straight outs to end 3rd. Each batter retired just missed a homer foul before sitting. A’s up 6-0

  33. Sportsnet’s Vernon Wells commercial is really pissing me off.

  34. Encarnacion, Lind, Hill, Thames, Arencibia, Lawrie, Escobar, Bautista, Rasmus.

  35. funny thing is, the A’s could have easily had 5 homers that inning.

    two hit the wall and three went just foul.

  36. Have we seen enough of Brad Mills yet?

    Time to get another starter up here.  Maybe Litsch can return to starting?

    Or do we have to stick with Mills until McGowan returns?

  37. Also, is Wells gonna get booed?

    I really hope he doesn’t.

  38. Lets hope Camp can go 3 perfect innings, and help get Type-B status back.

  39. Mills has no future with this team. 

  40. That’s what these starts are about.  To give him one last look see to make sure we dont bail on a potential assett

  41. another day game loss

    why is it no matter how many players we add, we always play .500 ball?

  42. really? that’s pretty effed considering its a blogger site like this one 

  43. Do you think the White Sox will like my penis guitar next season?  Don’t have to worry about wearing white, if you know what I mean!

  44. Brett Lawrie is actually engaged.  I know, i was surprised too.

    Let’s hope there’s no tabloid-fodder domestic issues down the road.

  45. The jays are really good at scoring runs when the other team makes errors.

  46. I agree.  I have no problem with Overbay/Rios boos, however.

    Speaking of booing, I think it’s time to start with Hill. He’s been given far too much rope where this is concerned.

  47. How fucking embarassing is it to see 3 oakland a’s all running in tandem trying to score because none of our outfielders can catch the ball

  48. Lawrie has a small mitt. It’s the only small thing about him.

  49. This team is so over matched by MLB pitching a guy like this scrub can even put up zeros unless his team makes errors.

  50. Buck: On base percentage doesn’t mean anything if you can’t steal.

  51. Any reason why the stream links to soccer commentary?

  52. Watching Edwin play left field would be a f-ing nightmare.

  53. At least arm accuracy isn’t as important in LF.

  54. Compared to 3B that is.

  55. Fuck Buck watch the fucking game your calling. If you were actually paying attention you’d see that Arencibia told Rivera to go to 1st.

  56. They do the live stream after the game. Click on it then.

  57. Another shitball team comes in and takes two out of three.

    We’re never going to go anywhere until we can curbstomp these beleaguered teams.

    Showed a little of that last season and the one before when the sad sack teams from the AL Central would get their asses handed to them in short measure, but there’s not been much of that this season.

  58. I like Edwin and do hope he has some role on this team next year, as long as he’s not wearing leather.

  59. Rasmus blows, hope he ain’t another bust like Snider.

  60. The only thing we haven’t seen out of Lawrie yet is a SB.  Now is probably not the best time.

  61. You know they’ve said a couple of things the past two innings that have made a small blood vessel in my eye burst…

    They are so bad that they make Brad “Slow and Straight Down the Pipe” Mills look like Cy Fucking Young…

  62. Do you think using Rauch here means he is being taken off closer duty?  Or is this a case of “getting an inning in”?

  63. Oooh, some intrigue here.  Will Teahen get a hit?

  64. People could do studies on the fickleness of fans and their perceptions of players and team reading the comments on this board on a daily basis.

  65. I preferred “It’s called hitting, don’t worry about this on-base percentage stuff.”

  66. No shit.  Yesterday it was all love and rainbows in here.  The Jays were the next big thing in MLB, entering into an era akin to the mid 80′s when the jays began to rule the roost.

    Now one day later and an abortion of a game in which a pitcher that wont even be here next year results in a pummelling by an OK a’s team and you would think the Jays suck large balls.

    Which is it folks?

  67. BlueJays prospect Adeiny Hechavarria called up to Triple-A Las Vegas. Flying out this afternoon.


  68. Hill hit the ball into the RF gap.  How long before Tabler talks about how he’s turning it around?

  69. He has a .924 OPS in August!  #verysmallsamplesize

  70. And as I type that, Mr. Small Sample Size Mike Wilner tweets:

     Reports out of New Hampshire say that Adeiny Hechavarria has been called up to AAA (.324/.395/.924 in Aug.) #Bluejays #jays 

    I mean, he has to know those #s don’t mean a whole lot.

  71. What is the point of that?  So he can get artificially elevated hitting stats and be used in a trade?

  72. I wonder if he’s going to play 2nd base.

  73. I don’t know why you’d ever move him off SS. 

  74. Someone blocking him at MLB level. You’d probably want to move Y.E. unless that would cause problems.  They’ve got control of Escobar for longer than Hech.

  75. Huh?  Adeiny hasn’t played a single big league game.  The Jays still have him for six full big league seasons.

  76. I was wrong.  I thought there were different rules for int’l free agents.

  77. Something tells me the Jays will finish at 82-82 this year.

  78. Oh wait how bout 81-81

  79. Not much help from the man in white today.  He must have a day job cause he usually doesn’t show for these games.

  80. What impact (if any) does the fact that Hechavarria’s contract is a major league contract that’s up after 2013 have on his service time? He’s been on the 40-man roster each of the last two years, but I assume his “clock” and options don’t kick in until he’s called up.

  81. According to Wilner, since Hech has been on the 40 man since he signed (part of his agreement) he’s already blown 2 options.

    he only has 1 left.

  82. Yet, Snider was on the 40-man last year and didn’t burn an option because he was only down in the minors for injury rehab.  #SometimesMLBRulesConfuseTheFuckOutOfMe

  83. This is not even a decent A’s team.

    This is a team that packed it in two months ago. Did you not see their Keystone Kops infield error last week?

  84. Still sore from last night, huh?

  85. Yeah… there’s some sort of rule that if you’re down for less than 20 days per year you don’t blow an option.

    Or something.  Whatever.

    Wilner could be totally wrong too.

  86. T’would be the first time in MW’s mind that he has ever been wrong…So to that I say…Unpossible.  ;)

  87. I’m not an A’s fan, chief.

    Who is?

  88. I’m pretty sure that AA confirmed that Snider still has an option year.  It does have to do with DL assignments…

  89. Heres something on Options:

    Player Options

    Whether minor-league players are added to the 40-man roster to be protected during the Rule 5 draft or as an injury replacement or callup during the season, they often need to be sent back to the minor leagues. In order send a player back to the minors while retaining him on the 40-man roster, a team can send him down on an optional assignment (option for short). In general, a player has three options – this means he can be optioned down in three different years. If a player is optioned down twice in one year, it only counts for one option. After a player has used up all his options, he must be kept on the 25-man roster or passed through waivers.


    An option is not used when a player spends less than 20 days on an optional assignment in the entire season. So if a player spends only a few days down on the farm, it does not burn one of his three options.

    When a player is optioned down, he can’t be recalled until 10 days have passed. However, he can be recalled sooner than that if a player on the major league roster is placed on the disabled list. The major leaguer does not have to correspond positionally to the minor leaguer (for example, if an outfielder was injured, you could call up a recently-optioned pitcher). A player can also be recalled prior to the 10-day minimum if he is traded or if the minor league season ends.

    In certain cases, players are granted four options. This is only the case if a player has (a)used all three options already and (b)does not have five full seasons of professional experience. Note that only full-season leagues count for a “season of professional experience” because short-season leagues aren’t 90 days (the minimum) long. Also, DL time does not count. This rule protects players added to the 40-man roster long before they were eligible for the Rule 5 draft – they are not punished with less development time because their organization started their “clock” too soon. This rule applies toAbe Alvarez. A confusing aspect of this rule is that the rules for determining a year of service for a fourth option are different from the rule determining the number of years necessary for Rule 5 eligbility.

    If a player has accrued five years of Major League service time, he has the right to refuse an optional assignment and elect free agency.

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