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In a curious bit of news yesterday the Blue Jays promoted the Human Aroldis Chapman Consolation Prize, New Hampshire shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria, to Las Vegas.

Um… hhhhhWhat?

I’ll admit that Hechavarria is maybe a difficult prospect to deal with: his glove, they say, could play in the Majors right now, while his bat still kinda has a looooooong way to go– as in, like, you know how “they” also say that Anthony Gose has a long way to go? Um… Gose has a .766 OPS and .360 wOBA at New Hampshire this year, while Hechavarria has a .622 OPS and a .272 wOBA.

Keith Law has been quick to point out the fact that New Hampshire has a good park for left-handed hitters in his analysis of Gose and Eric Thames, and maybe the fact that Hechavarria is a right-hander makes up for some of the gap between them. It may also be the case that the Jays really like the job that Chad Mottola has done with hitters at Las Vegas [Travis Snider: Now With 300% More Walks!], or that the good strides Hechavarria’s been making with the bat aren’t being reflected in the stats, or that they’re super impressed by his 29 hits in the last 24 games, or that they really think he needs a shot of confidence… but none of that actually really makes sense, does it???

Personally, I’m with @AndyMc9293, who wonders if maybe somewhere in that fat $10-million Major League contract Hechavarria signed last spring there’s a stipulation that he needs to be promoted by certain dates. Maybe that’s giving far too much benefit of the doubt to the Jays, but… fuck

So maybe John Farrell actually doesn’t need to shut his filthy mouth when he says, acording to Mike Wilner, that the club “had always planned to have Hechavarria in AAA at some point this year.” Maybe it’s because they knew he’d have to be here. I just don’t know, and maybe I’m giving the club far too much benefit of the doubt on that, but… fuck… I just completely don’t get it otherwise. I mean, we’ve been talking these past couple weeks about how Travis Snider was rushed and he could hit. This guy can’t! What gives?

*Confusion over the picture caption via you not knowing enough Le Tigre… you fucking sexist!

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  1. meh, he’ll probably be a september call up

  2. And Hill can sit his ass on the bench!!!

  3. thank virgin mary’s bloody pussy itself!

  4. Hech has been batting better recently and he has shown some power. His start to this season was brutally bad and weighs all his numbers down. Clearly, though, his bat is  still a work in progress.  But coaches in New Hampshire say his defense is so amazing he could step in tomorrow for the Jays and play SS at an elite level. I’m wondering if they are caught in a bind with Aaron Hill. Their long term plan could be to release Hill, move Escobar to 2nd and put Hech at SS. But if Hech’s bat isn’t ready next season that leaves a hole in the infield  and they likely don’t want to sign  a free agent second baseman long term. Maybe they are rushing Hech to have him ready to be a strong glove-weak bat SS (remember there used to be a lot of shortstops like that?) in the 9 spot next year and hope his bat develops at the big league level. Just speculating….

  5. He put up much better numbers in New Hampshire than in Dunedin after he was moved up last year. Worth a shot again, I guess?

  6. a major thought and a minor caveat:

    Major: my estimation is that this is nothing more than a “look see” cup of coffee. Getr a little data on how he hits the re-treads and junk-ballers sure, but more importantly keep an eye on the off-field stuff about how he deals with the promotion, does he keep working hard, does he have a sense of entitlement, is there any “culture shock” (obviously Vegas is not Manchester), and so forth. there’s also a real possibility they think a different set of coaches might add to his foundation. I do not think that something that happens as mid-August is approaching with 3 weeks left in the season should be over-thunk. It need not be “earned” in the statistical sense.

    I think there’s every likelihood Hech could even return to AA to begin 2012 and i don’t think there’s any reason to project him being a full-time major leaguer before the second half of 2013, if not 2014.

    Caveat: the counter argument, I suppose, would be that the Jays look at Hill and say “if we’re going to carry an empty bat anyway, we might as well get a supernatural glove in the bargain” and be contemplating moving Esco over and just living with the lack of offense (not unlike the Rangers living with Andrus or the Brewers living with Alcies Escobar). To me, this only happens if you have concluded that no amount of development is going to make Hech a passable hitter – otherwise you realize he can grow better in the minors than in the majors.

  7. who’s the better defender esco or hech? and i’m pretty positive that hech can put up a better slash line then hill

  8. Well, his K% is well within reason, so a big part of his struggles has been babip-related (.267 on the season).  Babip for hitters is skill-related, and I would expect more so in the minors.  Still, that is a better problem to have than poor contact skills or a lack of extra-base ability.  His walk rate has been improving over this season, so that is a positive indicator as well.  Altogether, I think this is clearly a bit of a change-of-scenery type move, but I’ll trust the guys on the ground to do the right thing for Hech.

  9. it’s entirely possible hill gets waived this month and they throw hech into the fire and see if he sticks. if he can hold his own with the bat then maybe you go with him in 2012

  10. Le Tigre?  I’ve always been more of a Scissor Sisters man myself.

  11. You’ve probably read elsewhere by now that his contract status requires him to be on 40 man and the 25 man after 2012.

  12. “What’s your take on Cassavettes, what’s your take on Cassavettes?”
    (there’s the Le Tigre reference for ya)

  13. Im really more of a rebel girl myself.

  14. Many prospect hounds talk about kids whose bats are more advanced than their gloves. That’s why you have guys like Bryce Harper and Wil Myers giving up the tools of ignorance to play in the outfield at a  young age. 
    The flip side to that are prospects whose defensive games are more advanced than their hitting abilities. In those cases, you hope the players in question play on the left side of the defensive spectrum, either behind the plate, or at shortstop. So Hech is a SS and, by all accounts, a fucking good one. I have to think that, contractual stipulations aside, his promotional timetable is not set by his hitting numbers but by a more scouty account of his defensive fundamentals (as opposed to his defensive instincts.
    My guess is that by the second half of 2012, Escobar is playing 2B in Toronto and Hechevarria is the shortstop.

  15. With the lack of good SS in the majors, the jays would be getting pennies on the dollar by moving esco or hech to 2B…

    Given Escobars contract and skill set at a premium position, he probably has one of the top trade values on the team.  If the decision is to move forward with Hech, then Esco’s best value would be through trade not a position change.. That being said, maybe the belief is that Esco will be the SS moving forward, and moving Hech to AAA would be a means of increasing is trade value.

  16. Cool picture there.  If only he wasn’t wearing the toothpaste T hat.

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